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Deep Freeze
by Rod Nichols
For Sale
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The sun glistened off the pristine snowfield, as Paleoclimatologist Aleksandr Petrov walked from the Vostok base camp to the drilling area above Lake Vostok. He was known as Sasha by his co-workers. Summer had finally arrived in Antarctica and the sun was a welcome sight, after a long cold winter. Sasha’s thoughts drifted to memories of the three years in the Vostok Research Station near the South Pole. It was the most remote place in the entire world, receiving contact from the outside world only once a year, in the form of supplies and oil. A part of him missed the craziness of the outside world, but a bigger part liked the serenity and peace of Antarctica.

Arriving at the drilling station, Sasha began his daily measurements. For three years he had studied climatic conditions and ice flow changes. Lake Vostok, one of seventy-six subglacial lakes discovered in the area, had opened up a world of new research. It was during the summer months of November through February when Sasha was able to do his outside research. He loved this time of year. However, this year it seemed to be different than year’s past.

Sasha had graduated with honors from Nizhny Novgorod University ten years earlier and secured an excellent job with a Russian research company. It was shortly after that when he met, Anka. She worked for the same company and flirted with him every chance she got. Although they did not work in the same department, Anka made sure there were plenty of opportunities for them to meet. The first time he saw Anka, he was strongly attracted to the thin, brunette with the sexy smile. They began to date and six months later were married.

At first, things were amazing. Sasha loved everything about Anka and she seemed to feel the same about him. They talked for hours about their future plans. Only a month after their wedding, Anka arrived home a little late and flew into Sasha arms. “I have great news for my wonderful husband,” she exclaimed with the biggest smile Sasha had ever seen. “I’m pregnant!” They were both so happy and excited about the new arrival. Everything went perfect for the first five months, but then Anka began experiencing some physical problems. When the doctor examined her, he discovered that the baby was stillborn. The news devastated both of them, but particularly Anka. That was followed by even worse news; that Anka wasn’t capable of carrying a baby to full-term.

Despite the loving attention from Sasha, Anka dove into a deep depression. She stayed in their apartment, with the blinds closed and drank. By the time Sasha arrived home from work, she would be passed out on the couch. He would clean her up and put her to bed for the night and the whole thing started over again the next day. Sasha loved Anka, but was having a difficult time with the situation. He had never really dealt with the pain of the loss of the baby and now had to deal with losing his wife.

It wasn’t long before Sasha was stopping for a few drinks after work. He knew that Anka would be in the same condition whether he was home right after work or a few hours later. Soon, those few hours turned into many hours and Sasha wasn’t even going home. It was then that God intervened in his life. A close friend invited him to church. Sasha was so empty that he was willing to try anything to get rid of the ache that he felt twenty four hours a day.

He was surprised to find that the friend was not taking him to the Russian Orthodox Church, but rather to a small church that had been planted by American missionaries. He had attended church many times in the past, although it had been a few years, but there was something distinctly different about the feel of this church. Within moments of entering the church he felt warm all over. People were friendly and greeted him, as if he were a relative. Sasha felt like he was home.

After that service, Sasha stopped drinking and did everything he could to help Anka recover. Unfortunately, she seemed to be happy in the mire of her life and was not willing to do anything to get out of it, including go to church. Sasha knew that God wanted him to take care of Anka, so he stayed with her and tried to nurse her back to health.

One evening, he arrived home and even before he put the key in the door, he knew that something was wrong. He opened the door and found Anka lying on the floor with a half-empty bottle of pills strewn all around her. He rushed over and felt for vital signs, but there were none; she was gone.

Sasha couldn’t deal with the pain. He felt the need to get out of there, so he signed on with a scientific project in Antarctica. Sasha couldn’t think of a better place to get away from the world and be alone.

A tone on his lap top computer indicted that his readings were complete, but when he examined them, he knew that something wasn’t working right. Sasha re-ran the tests and as he looked at the identical results, his stomach lurched and he suddenly felt dizzy.

“Sasha, you all right?”

Sasha's world went black.

“Sasha! Sasha!”

Sasha opened his eyes and when they finally focused he saw his friend and fellow scientist, Anton Petrenko and realized that he was draped in Anton’s big arms.

“You all right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You scared the you know what out of me, collapsing like that.”

“One minute I was looking and the data and the next . . . the data . . . where’s my laptop?”

“Hey, easy there Sasha, it’s right here and seems to be fine.”

“Let me see.”

Sasha scooped up the laptop and scanned the page. The data was just as he remembered.

“Look at this data.”

Wide-eyed, it appeared Anton might be the next one on the ground.

“This can’t be,” he said.

“I ran it twice . . . same results.”

“Kuzmin needs to see this right away.

Sasha nodded and the headed back toward the camp to find station manager, Vladimer Kuzmin.

Moments later, a small group of scientists, including Sasha, Anton, and Vladimir, huddled around the laptop computer in the station manager’s office, peering at the data from Sasha’s earlier tests. They were shocked at what they saw. It appeared that, even though it was summer, the subglacial lake was freezing for the first time in perhaps 400,000 years. The station manager called for additional tests and within days, the original results were confirmed. Not only were the lakes freezing, but the ice mass of Antarctica was growing, when it should have been diminishing. The question wasn’t whether it was happening, but why?

Thousands of miles away, at the BYU Center for Remote Sensing (CERS), Harlan Perkins was running through the daily QSCAT images of Antarctica, which he had done daily for the last five years. Today, however, was different than any other, because the images showed an increase in the size of the Antarctic ice mass.

Considering it was the beginning of the summer months, when the ice would typically recede, this was concerning and Harlan alerted his superiors.

Simultaneously, at the National Ice Center in Washington, D.C., Mary Jorgensen was also viewing their QSCAT images of Antarctica. She was alarmed by the apparent increase in size and called for her supervisor.

As ice flow experts met throughout the world, concern began to arise. Images were showing daily growth of the Southern ice cap. At the current pace, ice would soon begin to hit the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which would cause dramatic climate changes and massive typhoons. It was then that the scientific community revealed their concerns to the political leaders of the world.

Many leaders met at an information and planning summit in Washington, D.C. to discuss this alarming situation. Scientists from throughout the world were on hand to present their data findings, possible causes, and proposed plans of action. The data was similar, but the causes and plans of action were dramatically different. Some scientists believed that the inner core of the earth was cooling. Others felt that a minor change in the trajectory of Earth’s orbit was causing the problem. It was determined that a select group of scientists would work together to determine the actual cause.

Day and night, this group of scientists worked together at the National Ice Center. The pressure was incredible, as the polar ice mass continued its slow growth and as the information leaked out through the national press, people began to panic. Initially, the greatest area for panic was Australia and New Zealand. The increased ice mass was already causing climatic changes in those countries and too many people were trying to evacuate. The airlines and shipping companies were overrun by people who were willing to pay anything to leave the country. When people were turned away things started to get nasty. The military was called in to attempt to bring back peace, but their presence just increased the fear.

Twenty three days after the initial discovery at Vostok, the scientists finally agreed that it was a slight change in the Earth’s orbit, similar to what had happened prior to the last two ice ages. If the Earth was not moved back into its proper orbit, the planet would be completely covered by ice within five years. Prior to that, entire continents would be covered by massive tidal waves and storms would kill millions. The big question was how to move a sphere 7,900 miles in diameter enough to change the orbit and save the planet? Again, all the scientists seem to have a different idea.

For another ten days, scientists proposed solutions and argued details. The truth was that no one really knew what to do, but the one idea that seemed to have merit and most scientists agreed had the best chance of working was to detonate an atomic bomb under the surface of the earth, pushing the earth the distance necessary to change the planets orbit. The variables were immense and the possibility for success was miniscule, but the world scientific and political communities were desperate for a solution and agreed to move ahead with the plan.

After days of studying the earth’s orbit, scientists agreed that it would be best to set off the massive bomb in an isolated part of Siberia, fifteen days from then. The scramble was on, as all the countries worked together for possibly the first time in history. Meanwhile, countries were reaching a desperate state, as media driven panic continued to rise.

Back at the Vostok Research Station, Sasha had been tracking the news. This plan, which the world’s brightest minds had developed, seemed feasible, but it appeared there were many warnings that were going unheeded. For instance, it was possible that the atomic blast would push the Earth into an orbit that would take it too close to the sun, resulting in a planet similar to Mars. Others were saying that the blast could change the rotation of the planet in such a way that it would change the weather systems, destroying the ecosystem and eventually all living things. Lastly there was a concern that the blast could cause massive earth quakes and tidal waves that would devastate large parts of the world. It seemed that all these were secondary to a planet covered with ice and Sasha agreed that the risks seemed warranted, given the situation. However, he also knew that there was a better answer and he went to work.

While the scientists worked to complete all the details of the plan, which they had named operation “Deep Freeze,” there were other groups working on their own plan to rescue the earth. These were not scientists, but average people with powerful connections. As word spread of the impending events, they started meeting in small groups all around the globe. Some could meet in public places and others were hidden in underground caves or cellars. Sasha was part of one of these groups. They all believed that there was a better solution, than an atomic explosion that could further damage the Earth. So, they continued doing their work, while the rest of the world focused on operation “Deep Freeze.”

Meanwhile daily reports and images showed that not only was the Antarctic ice mass growing at an alarming rate, but now the North Pole and Greenland ice masses were also showing signs of growth. This discovery accentuated the apparent need for operation “Deep Freeze” and scientists from throughout the world committed their support to the project.

The political leaders from many countries were attempting to parlay this massive event into a power play, enabling them to climb further up the political ladder to gain greater power and control. It became a political struggle to see who would get credit for stopping the next ice age. The world media was having a hay day with the political power plays and there was literally nothing on the television or radio, but coverage of anything that related to the impending disaster.

Meanwhile, the scientific teams assigned to “Deep Freeze” were scrambling to bring everything together by the deadline. The biggest concern was that there was no data available for this type of operation, as nothing like this had ever been attempted. It was just an educated guess as to whether the explosion would work and if so, what consequences the world would have to live with.

Two days prior to the deadline, all was in place and the operation was a go, when the Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (EFN) filed an international protest. This group, that supports clean Nuclear Energy projects, was concerned about the effect of an atomic explosion on the Earth’s atmosphere. Beyond the international protest, over one thousand of its members were on their way to the bomb location to protest in person. The media had been seeking a protagonist on this issue and a nuclear environmental group was perfect. Media coverage was very heavy and attracted the attention of many other environmental groups, that all jumped on the bandwagon. Suddenly the political leaders had a nightmare on their hands. With just two days until the deadline, they were faced with negotiating with hundreds of environmental groups.

The deadline day had arrived and the political leaders had their hands tied by the legal system as the decision was locked up in court and the location for detonation of the bomb was now in control of environmental group leaders. It appeared that there was no hope for the situation. The scientific group had been so focused on “Deep Freeze” that they hadn’t developed a Plan B. They began working frantically on a new solution.

Meanwhile, the groups that had been meeting secretly behind the scenes finally went public with their plan – the world needed to pray for divine intervention. A number of very popular Christian leaders invested their own money into television and radio spots, while others used the internet to get the word out. A special web site for what was being called Operation M.O.S.E.S – Mission Objective: Seeking Elyon’s Solution. They decided that since Moses was the only man in the Bible to ever see God and El Elyon means God Most High, that this was a perfect name for the project. The web site counter began to spin out of control as millions of people visited and posted their prayers for the Earth.

Jim Thompson, Pastor of a large church in Green Bay, WI, actively utilized television time to teach about the goodness of God and how God has always answered man’s prayer. The key was going to be the faith of the world; one that had basically turned its back on God. Would there be enough faith within the world to move the hand of God; that was suddenly the question?

Even many of the scientists, who were completely stumped as to how to stop the impending ice age, were beginning to pray, something many of them had never done. Most of the scientists had never considered God anything more than a fictional figure invented by desperate people. Yet, in the face of complete world devastation and death, faith in a Creator and Supreme Being arose.

The political leaders of the world were shocked by the power and influence of this new movement. Operation M.O.S.E.S. was on the front page of every major newspaper throughout the world and it was all the television and radio stations talked about. As political leaders often do, they quit fighting the new movement and joined them. After all, what could it hurt?

Back at the Vostok Research Station, Sasha and a few friends were continuing their prayer vigil, along with about half the world’s population. Sasha remembered how God had answered so many of his prayers and had brought him back to life, after the devastating experience with Anka. Although this situation was much bigger, he had learned through his Bible studies that God was bigger than any circumstance. Sasha firmly believed that if God could create the world and everything on it in six days, He could surely put the Earth back in its proper orbit and stop the ice flow.

As devastating storms and tidal waves destroyed parts of Australia and New Zealand, the world seemed to be divided between those who believed and were praying, those who had given up and were just waiting to die, and then there were the “survivalists” who were creating massive underground shelters with propane heating systems and huge supplies of food and water, hoping that they could ride this thing out and somehow survive world devastation. It wasn’t likely, but in their minds, it was worth a try.

Twenty-four hour prayer vigils continued throughout the world, as the ice masses lumbered forward from the North and the South. Panic increased, as people sought to move to the middle parts of the world, to bide more time. Airports, train, and bus stations weren’t able to handle the number of people. Cruise lines and shipping companies were charging a small fortune to bring people from the northern and southern parts of the world to countries near the equator. Already, the temperatures even at the equator had dropped at least a few degrees. The media would take a periodic break from covering Operation M.O.S.E.S to cover the massive storms that were destroying parts of the world. After showing the destructive force of the storm, they would interview someone who would curse God.

The world’s prayer warriors cringed every time they saw one of these interviews, as they knew that God was not causing this devastation, rather it was likely due to man’s mishandling of the Earth’s resources. They continued to pray that God would forgive and favor mankind.
To many, the unbelievers, the world was coming to an end. They were reminded of the crazy prophets who roamed the streets of big cities, predicting the end of the world. Maybe they had been right! For so many others, they continued to believe that the God, who sent His Son to redeem the world, still loved His earthly children enough to save them from this calamity.

Vostok, BYU, and the National Ice Center, continued their readings and study of ice mass images. Many in each of those areas, prayed before reviewing the images each day. Yet the images continued to show rapid expansion of the ice masses. Each negative report caused a small group to give up hope, but more continued to believe and pray.

The southern ice mass was now within 100 miles of Australia. The entire country, over 35 million people, was still in the process of being evacuated. It did not look good, as there was just not enough time to get everyone off the continent. Panic and looting was totally out of control. People were willing to kill others in order to improve their chances of getting on a ship or plane. Even the military was unable to control the mass hysteria. Yet, even in the middle of that chaos, groups and individuals continued to pray for the salvation of their country and the world.

In the middle of everything, anti-Christian groups began to seek out and attack prayer groups throughout the world. Like an old movie, the big screen of the world showed a classic good versus evil thriller. Once again, the media shifted its emphasis to the Christian haters with interviews and film clips of execution style murders of unarmed Christians. The world was finally completely out of control.
All eyes were on the media coverage, each person hoping to hear a good report about the ice masses, but they continued to creep forward, eating up the earth like a hungry monster.

Then something completely unexpected happened. A very strange looking cloud descended upon all parts of the earth and the sun and moon no longer shown. Something that sounded very much like a trumpet erupted and suddenly people started disappearing. People who were on airplanes, trains, and ships, just disappeared; leaving their clothes, jewelry, and other items. It seemed random at first, as there might be a married couple sitting next to each other on an airplane and only one would disappear. Entire families were shocked as some would disappear and others were left behind.

These disappearances added to the world chaos, as many who disappeared were piloting airplanes, captaining huge ships, or driving various types of vehicles transporting people. The media began reporting massive plane crashes, traffic snarling accidents, and missing ships.

Back at Vostok, station manager, Vladimir Kuzmin looked for his friend Sasha. It was time for the daily tests that Sasha had done faithfully for the last three years and yet today he was nowhere to be found. It was as if he had disappeared. Kuzmin was unaware of the massive disappearances throughout the world or he would have understood why Sasha could not be found.

For a short time, the media stopped coverage of the massive ice sheets that were covering the world and began trying to figure out how millions of people could just disappear off the planet. Again, many scientists had ready explanations, such as a massive attack by UFO’s, electrical storms, and spontaneous combustion. Other’s came forward with documents, based on the Bible that described something called the “rapture.” These writings explained how in the end times, God would remove all who had believed. Although far fetched to most of the political leaders, this explanation actually made the most sense, as it appeared that all the prayer groups throughout the entire world were gone. Only those who had not believed that prayer would work, were left.

Again the world was split between those who continued to curse God, now for leaving them behind and those who suddenly believed that God was the answer. New prayer groups started springing up in the far reaches of the earth. Many who, just hours before, had been Christian haters, were now among the hated. Political leaders and scientists, who had felt that prayer was a waste of time, were now joining the ranks.

Every country in the world was in complete chaos. Governments and economic systems had fallen. The first to fall was the United States, as its economic system was already weak and the President was one of those who disappeared. Because so many other countries relied on the United States, they too were quick to fall. Throughout the world it became survival of the fittest.

At the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the Security Council met to analyze the situation and determine a course of action for the world. It had been weakened by division over recent wars and devastated by the disappearance or assassination of key leaders. However, ambassadors from ten of the fifteen member states were present. Since the Presidency of the Council rotated monthly, Ambassador Manfred Klein was presiding over the meeting. Klein, a tall blond man in his late forties was the youngest of the U.N. Ambassadors. His muscular, v-shaped build, handsome looks, and charismatic demeanor had resulted in a great deal of trust from both his own country and the other Council members. In the recent past, Klein had shown strong leadership in the Council and earned the respect of his peers.

Klein stood before the Council and shocked the room of Ambassadors by recommending the formation of a new world government. He explained that with many of the world leaders having either disappeared or been assassinated, it was the responsibility of the Security Council to bring peace back to the world. Klein continued to share that the only way the countries of the world could get beyond the chaos and unite to find a solution to the advancing masses of ice, was to have a solid visionary government it could trust and follow. After receiving an overwhelming approval to his idea, Klein spent the next two hours laying out a complete plan including a world government, currency, and religion. The plan was brilliant and was quickly accepted by a unanimous vote of the Council. After voting to accept the plan, the Ambassador from France nominated Klein as the President of the new world government. Klein humbly accepted the nomination and was quickly voted in as the new President.

The media was in a quandary as to whether to cover the new world government and its elected President, Manfred Klein or the encouraging reports that the ice expansion seemed to have slowed down. Reception of the charismatic Klein was overwhelmingly positive and he took full advantage of his acceptance, by moving full speed ahead with his plan to unite the world under one government. In just thirty days, Klein managed to get letters of support from all the remaining leaders, giving him full authority to lead the world out of its current state of hysteria. He also developed a new currency system, by which each person would receive a data encoded tattoo on the back of the hand or forehead. This tattoo was used to identify the person and enable them to conduct financial transactions with the world banking system and to make purchases in the new world retail system.

The slowing of the ice movement enabled Manfred Klein to put many programs into place that brought peace and order back to the world. Houses and buildings that were destroyed by natural disasters or looting were rebuilt by the new government at no cost to the owner. Free medical treatment was offered to anyone in need. The new government even provided monetary grants to anyone in need. New job programs were put into place, so that everyone would have a job. Everyone loved the new programs and Klein’s popularity grew to the point that he was selected as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. In fact, he was on the cover of practically every magazine and newspaper throughout the world. Manfred Klein had become “The People’s Hero” as one magazine referred to him.

Meanwhile, Klein had all of the brilliant minds from every country working on a new solution to the continued slow expansion of the polar ice caps. The ice was now creeping onto the land in Australia. The change in water temperature had killed most of the fish and water animals around the country and the weather temperature had already dropped 20 degrees. Those who remained in the country scrambled for winter clothes, fire wood, oil, kerosene, and propane. Unfortunately there was just not enough of any of it to handle the need.

Recognizing the need in Australia and New Zealand, Klein ordered planes to take supplies to the country and transport people out. He created a random numbering system, so as to more efficiently transport people off the continent, without the rioting that had not stopped since word of the approaching ice mass was revealed to the people of those countries. Klein’s system seemed to be pacifying the people and for the time, there was peace down under.

A year had passed since the initial reports from Antarctica and Manfred Klein’s brilliance shown brightly throughout the Earth. Operation of the entire world was now entrusted to Klein and nearly all were pleased with the results. He had essentially become king of the world and this concerned a few people; mainly those who had formed the new prayer groups, after the great disappearance. They were studying the book of Revelation in the Bible and the transpiring events seemed to be in line with those described for the end times. The question that was on their collective minds was, “could the charismatic, brilliant people’s hero, be the beast that was described in Revelation?” Only time would tell.

Meanwhile, Manfred Klein and his Council of ten Ambassadors planned to build a new city in the location previously known at Jerusalem. The city would be called New Babylon, after the great city of the Bible. It would become the headquarters for the new world government and the newly formed world religion. The walls were to be built with layers of precious jewels and the streets would be paved with solid gold. Klein would live in an immense palace and planned to sit upon a massive gold throne with inlaid jewels of incredible value.

The money to build the new city would come from a new tax and tithe plan that Klein had proposed to the Council and which it approved. Now that the people of the world were happy and employed, 10% of their income would be automatically deducted as a government tax and another 10% deducted as a tithe to the new world church, which was also under construction in New Babylon. Since Klein had developed a completely electronic monetary system, the new tax and tithe system was implemented immediately, causing a momentary uproar from the people of the world.

Simultaneous to the implementation of the new tax and tithe system, the charismatic Klein started a massive promotion campaign to explain the reasons for the tax and tithe. He had so captivated the hearts of the people and was so believable, that everyone settled down and agreed that it was a good and needed plan. Once again, Klein had proved that he was the “people’s hero.”

Concurrently, the southern ice mass now covered a third of Australia and the northern ice mass enveloped Greenland, parts of Russia and Canada. People continued to evacuate the areas anywhere near the ice masses. Klein had instructed his media teams to report nothing but good news about the evacuation plans and that very soon he would announce a plan to stop the ice flow all together.

Some of those who worked closest to Klein were concerned about the mental state of the leader. He had aborted all of the scientific plans to stop the ice flow and had become obsessed with the dark arts. He continued to assure them that it would be he who found the answer, not some pencil pushing geek with a microscope. For the first time, they were seeing a different side of Manfred Klein; a side that frightened them.

Several days later, Klein called for his media outlets to schedule a worldwide press conference, at which he and others would make several major announcements. The Council members were somewhat baffled, as they had not been consulted and were not aware of any major announcements. When they inquired of Klein, they were told that his job was to come up with brilliant ideas and lead the world; their job was to follow him and do what he told them to do. For the first time since his emergence as the world leader, those around Klein were truly concerned.

The world press gathered for Klein’s press conference. Thousands of people crowded around the platform for the momentous occasion. Near the platform was a man in long hooded robe. The hood was pulled tight around his face, but extended out from his face, so that an onlooker could only see the shadow of a face. His hands were tucked inside the robe and he stood motionless, not speaking to anyone around him, apparently awaiting the arrival of the President. Security was tight, but most of it was focused around the area where Klein and his party would enter.

The moment arrived; Klein and his entourage came into view and stepped to the platform. With him were two men that none of the Ambassadors had ever seen. The first was nearly as tall as Klein, with olive skin and jet black hair and dressed in a very expensive, tailored suit. The second was an older man with silver hair who was much shorter and somewhat plump – almost jolly looking – in fact, he reminded many onlookers of Santa Claus. He was dressed in a very elegant purple, satin robe with a gold belt and sash. On his head was a tall purple and gold hat that stood a good foot above his head. The three strutted on to the platform and Klein moved to the microphone, while the other two sat behind him.

Klein called for the attention of the crowd and they quickly quieted at the sound of his booming voice. He thanked them for coming and welcomed those who were watching by television or listening via radio, plus those who were tuned in through the internet.

“Fellow citizens of the new world order, I welcome you. These last few years have been trying; full of many challenges and victories. As your elected President, I have brought peace back to the world.”

A massive cheer erupted and people raised signs that said WE LOVE YOU MANFRED!

Raising his hands for quiet, Klein continued, “The world economy is now stronger than it has ever been, with unemployment at almost zero for the first time in history. My housing program has made it possible for everyone to have housing, completely eliminating the homeless problem.”

Again, the people were on their feet cheering and waving signs and banners. Again, Klein raised his hands and the group quieted to hear his next words.

“Our new electronic currency system has eliminated the cost of printing and processing currency, checks, and travelers checks. The savings have been used to provide food and growing programs that eliminated world hunger.”
The people erupted in applause, screaming, and whistling. Klein continued, speaking over the crowd and it suddenly got so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

“As great as all those programs have been, today I will announce programs that will make those pale in comparison. But, first I’d like to introduce my esteemed colleagues.”

Klein called for the two who had entered with him. The man in the suit stood to Klein’s right and the older man to his left. Shaking the hand of the man on his right, Klein continued speaking.

“I would like to introduce you to my new Vice President, Jeremiah Cohen who is of pure Jewish descent. He will be in charge of implementing both the old and new programs. I believe he would like to say a few words.”

“Thank you, President Klein. It is my honor to serve such a great man. In fact today, I have an amazing announcement to make. One that will elevate the stature of President Klein beyond the incredible man you see here on stage with me. Most of you don’t know me, but I am a rabbi and have been studying the Torah and the Nevi’im for many years. As those of you who are Jewish know, we have been waiting for thousands of years for the promised Messiah. My studies and those of many Jewish scholars I have been working with have pointed to one person as the only person who could possibly be the Messiah and that is our own President Manfred Klein.”

This time the crowd was split between those who erupted in uncontrollable cheering and those who let out a gasp of shock. Cohen continued.
“All the evidence points to President Klein as the messiah who has come to save us. I now bow to the lord.”

Cohen then bowed down in front of President Klein, who then spoke.

“Mr. Cohen, I accept your worship and acknowledge that I am the messiah. I have come to save the world.”

The crowd let out a huge cheer. Others stood with shocked looks on their faces. Some even jeered. Klein was too busy milking the crowd to notice the naysayers.

Next, he put his arm around the older man on his left.

“My friends, I would now like to introduce you to Bishop Nicolas Bonifatius. He is of Roman descent and has been a key figure in the Roman Catholic Church for many years. I have hand selected Bishop Bonifatius to oversee the new world church. This church will replace all other churches, so that finally we can have religious unity in the world.”

Another huge cheer erupted from the crowd and a chant of Manfred filled the air. Klein motioned for the Bishop to say a few words.

“Children of the world, in my years of studying the Holy Scriptures, I have come to expect the Messiah. Unlike my esteemed colleague, Mr. Cohen, I believe this is the second coming of the Messiah, but I concur that all evidence points to President Klein as the messiah who has come back to save us. I too bow to the lord.” He sank to his knees and began kissing Klein’s feet.

“I accept your worship Bishop Bonifatius and I accept the worship of all my friends. In a few moments you will all have an opportunity to come forward and worship your savior. But first, I have a huge announcement. As all of you know, we have been tracking the expansion of the northern and southern polar ice caps. It was determined almost two years ago that the cause was a slight alteration in the Earth’s orbit. Many plans of action have been proposed, but none have been accepted. I’m here to announce that tomorrow at noon Eastern Standard Time, I, your President and messiah will not only stop the ice flow, but will reverse the flow, thus saving the world!”

A simultaneous gasp was released from the crowd, and then a few people began clapping and yelling. More people joined in, until the roar was deafening. Manfred Klein just stood in front of the massive crowd with his hands held over his head and a sickly grin on his face.

The security guards that surrounded the stage were so caught up in the emotion of the moment that they didn’t notice the man in the hooded robe who had climbed on to the back of the stage and was quickly moving toward President Klein. Before he could be alerted, the man produced a short sword from under his robe. He rushed past Cohen and Bonifatious and before anything could be done, plunged the sword nearly to the hilt into the upper spine of the President, who fell like a rag doll, blood spurting out of the back of his neck and pooling on the platform.

A nearby security guard pulled his gun and shot six rounds into the assassin before he hit the ground next to Klein. Another security guard called for a doctor on his walkie-talkie for, but by the time he arrived, the President and his killer were both dead.

The crowd stood in stunned awe, not believing what they had seen. How could this have happened? What now? It appeared that President Klein was the only one who could save the world and now he was gone.

The body of President Klein was prepared for burial and placed into an open casket for three days, so that his faithful followers to could view him. A large crowd gathered to see the body, when the most amazing thing happened on the third day. Suddenly, Klein sat up in the coffin and with a sickly smile on his face, raised his hands above his head and said, “I am the resurrection and the life!” He then stood up and began to speak.

“The Bible says that the messiah will be struck down and on the third day will be resurrected to new life. My resurrection today, clearly proves that I am the messiah; the savior of the world. You can now throw away your Bibles, as I am about to write a new book to guide your lives and assure you of eternal life with me.” The crowd was in awe and began to kneel and worship him.

Coincidently, several television camera crews were present at the time that Klein arose from the dead and captured the whole thing on film. The films were aired twenty four hours a day, with commentary and interviews with the risen Klein. Many people were convinced by what they saw that Klein was truly the messiah.

However, there were also many others who knew this was not true. They were those called the Tribulation Saints, who had been studying the Bible and had read where the beast, also called the antichrist would be slain and would arise from the dead three days later. The prophecy had come true, confirming to them that Klein was indeed the antichrist who had come to destroy mankind, not save it. The Bible also revealed to them that although Klein was in control now, his reign would not last long, before the real Messiah returned to defeat the anti-christ. The book of Revelation accurately predicted everything up to this point and now they knew that in less than a year the world would enter the second half of the great tribulation that would last three and a half years. During this time, millions would be executed by Klein for refusing to worship him or by plagues sent to the earth by God to punish Klein and his followers. All the Tribulation Saints could do was hang on and try to stay alive until the end, when they would enjoy eternity with God.

Those who had turned from God and chosen to worship Klein would suffer in hopelessness without God for the rest of eternity. The media had been talking about the end of the world; little did they know how right they were! But, it wasn’t going to be another ice age that ended the world; rather it was part of a God’s grand plan to rid the world of evil. Finally, peace would reign in all the earth.

Rod Nichols is an ordained minister and founder of For the Lord Ministries (www.4theLord.com). He is also a published author, accomplished public speaker, and teacher. He is the author of four books, including Walking with God and God's Prosperity Plan (available at www.RodNichols.com in the Store). He is also a contributor to A Cup of Comfort for Christians, Men of Integrity and Sisters in the Lord Magazines. Rod is married with five children. He and his wife Karen live in beautiful Washington State, but travel extensively. For more of Rod’s articles and stories visit www.RodNichols.com.

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