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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter fourteen SUSPICIONS
by Chat-A-Book Group
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::Mission Comm Report- 14682/197::

Governor Beren..

The package I received was a letter from my old Guild master, he had retired some time back but still likes to work the files of the Surveyors Guild. He is an Old world type and does not care much for computers, so he has a lot of old files that normally get deleted over time.

He did find something on the Project Horizon, it seems the colony had made many of the discoveries of a crystalline mineral you had mentioned, or one too much like it, and that it was highly unstable, and highly sought after by UU agencies. It was named Pink Diamonds, even sounds like Meinta's rocks. Though he could not find a location of the horizon colony, I think we have found who was at that old dome, and why they were taken out.

He also mentioned there were several groups on that colony that were unaccounted for when the colony was "Shut down for reasons unknown." He was intrigued by the fact that there were few names listed for the groups, nor where their present family may be found. The project head was one Thomas Elijah, but in other records he was marks as a "Subversive." I guess we know what that means.

As to Kristof Wagner, it seems we have a mystery on our hands. His name was found in a listing, but not with Colony-Works, he was listed with the science guild with very high security clearance listings. The old guildman thought that it could be anything from chemical analysis to communications or electrical engineering, and may have been on assignment to set things up. Without listing to a colony, he definitely was not part of one. Keep an eye on his activities.

I am headed out now to the Out Post to check on those "exporters" of Astraia's, still not sure on those, from what I heard they are not acting like exporters, as they should have known the answers to most of the questions they had asked. Will check in again from there, and see what Astraia thinks, then head to the Old dome then.

See You when I get back, Blessings in HIM.

J. Patterson.. Out.

::End Comm.::

AJ: ::At the computer terminal attempting to crack into the locked files::

Meinta: ::Meinta and Karrina knock on Jade's door::
Jade: ::whispers to Damian:: Shhh, someone's coming.
Damian Raen: ::keeps quiet::
Jade: ::opens the door a crack, stares out annoyed:: What?
Meinta: Hi Jade! Just came by to hi...
Karrina Calloway: Hi, hope we're not interrupting?
Jade: ::arches a brow:: What do you want?
Meinta: We wondered if you wanted to play a game or something...
Jade: A game? No. Thanks. ::tries to close the door::
Karrina Calloway: Can we just talk then?
Jade: ::sighs:: About what? You gonna try and convert me? Save your breath.
Meinta: Convert you as a friend. ::laughs:: But nothing else.
Jade: ::laughs:: I don't need any friends.
Meinta: Everyone needs friends!
Karrina Calloway: We haven't done anything to harm you or anyone else. We just want to get along.
Jade: Not religious wacko friends. And religion always harms. It's corrupt.
Meinta: People are corrupt. So is religion.
Jade: Yes they are, and people create religion.
Karrina Calloway: I don't have a religion. Do you, Meinta? because what I have is as real as the ice outside.
Meinta: Nope. No religion here.
Karrina Calloway: A reason for living--couldn't you use that?
Jade: Not particularly.

Kristof: ::wanders down the hall, thinking about his conversation with Commander Randstat. He finds a Security office and walks in::
Security: May I help you?
Kristof: Yes. I was speaking to Commander Randstat earlier and she suggested I might be able to get a new plasmagin from security?
Security: Officer? What officer are you? Hmmm, and Commander Randstat? I'll have to check the duty log. ::Looks down to a screen below the desk and reads quickly.:: Yes. Here it is. She's ordered a model PLSGM66. That's one of ours. Who are you? Nobody gets these!
Kristof: ::Purposefully eyes the officer.:: I get one.
Security: I guess you do. ::grins:: Here you go.
Kristof: ::Places the PLSGM66 in his pocket, next to his old POD.:: Thanks, officer...

Governor: ::Walks in security door.:: Someone plasmagined me?
Security: ::Glances at Kristof, then pulls the Governor aside:: There's been a burglary
Governor: What!?
Security: Last night, I think... the rocks were stolen from the holding room. The ones your daughter found.
Governor: ::Frowns:: Anything on the security cameras?
Security: Some of the cameras went offline when we booted down the communications. A few of them have been having problems.
Governor: Well, see if you can figure out the camera problem.
Security: ::To Governor:: Yes sir. ::strides away::

Kristof: ::Begins the built-in tutorials and starts familiarizing himself with how the newer models operate.:: I see...the encryption is much higher and the bandwidth is far superior. Very nice. Still...

Narrator: ::Back at Jade's Room::
Karrina Calloway: ::Stares into Jade's eyes, trying to draw her out::
Jade: ::Stares right back:: Don't try to psychoanalyze me. You'll get nowhere.
Karrina Calloway: Don't underestimate my discernment. You're not the only one who can figure people out.
Jade: ::Laughs::
Karrina Calloway: Like that laugh of yours. It's a coping mechanism. I'd say you're struggling with denial and self worth.
Jade: Yea, it is a coping mechanism...when I have to cope with very annoying people asking me a million questions. As for denial, nope, that one's wrong. And self-worth, let's see....nope, no problems there either.
Meinta: ::Grins a little::
Karrina Calloway: Sorry you feel that way. Well, I guess we've overstayed our welcome, Meinta. Let's go. You won't get rid of us forever, Jade. See ya around.
Jade: Not as long as I am stuck on this planet, I guess not.
Meinta: Bye, Jade... ::Plas. vibrates::
Karrina Calloway: ::Looks at her own beeping plas:: Something's up, Meinta. Let's go.

Narrator: Back in the security dome…
Kristof: ::Notes the problems with the camers.:: Cameras off..?
Governor: ::Frowns at Kristof:: Hmmhmm. Do you know anything about this?
Kristof: The theft? No. I've been in sick bay the whole time. ::Looks at the Security Officer::. Officer Slater here can verify that. Right, Officer Slater?
Security: ::Leans towards the governor.:: I don't know him, sir... ::Eyes Kristof:: But he does seem to be on level for security from earth recently.

AJ: ::Continues to try to hack into the files. Screen starts to flash:: What's that? ::Taps a few keys::
TECH: ::Looks over Aj's shoulder.:: What's what..?
AJ: ::A file starts to open but the screen goes black. Pounds fist on desk:: Almost.... ::Continues to type::

Jade: ::Closes the door of her bedroom and lays down on the floor near the bed. Speaks quietly to Damian:: They are the most exasperating bunch of people ever.
Damian Raen: Tell me about it
Jade: Next they'll be psycho analyzing you.
Damian Raen: ::Laughs:: Not if I can help it.. ::Looks puzzled at Jade.:: Except, aren't you the shrink?
Jade: Shucks, I didn't even ask what kind of game they wanted to play. ::Turns to Damian:: I'm retired, remember.
Damian Raen: Right. ::Unzips part of the bag and crawls out:: I'm getting some air.
Jade: ::Waves her arms in the air trying to emulate wind:: Well, if you bump into Meinta, she wants to play a game.
Damian Raen: I'm not leaving the room. I'm staying out of sight.
Jade: Ah, ok.. ::Tries not to giggle:: So, want to play a game?
Damian Raen: Um, what kind of game?
Jade: Um, it was a joke....you do need some air.
Damian Raen: Oh. Rats. ::grins::
Jade: Want me to get you some food?
Damian Raen: Sure, thanks, I guess, if you've got anything.
Jade: I'm out up here, but I can sneak down to the kitchen and grab some.
Damian Raen: I dunno. Those kooks might try to nab you too.... are they looking for us, you think?
Jade: ::Laughs as she heads out the door.:: Well, I can't order a pizza.

Narrator: ::While heading for something to eat, Jade sees the Governor and Security talking. Interested, she watches from the corner down the hall, as Meinta and Karrina join them and Kristof leaves.::

Karrina Calloway: Hi Beren. We got your plas about the burglary. Should we secure the locations of the T19 group, or have you already done so?
Governor: Hello Karrina. Well, I'm not convinced...
Karrina Calloway: Not convinced of what?
Governor: ::To Karrina:: Convinced that it is, or at least is solely, Group T19 that is causing trouble around here... Be careful of what you talk about around them.
Karrina Calloway: Do you suspect him, governor? I had no idea, but I'll keep an eye out.
Governor: Yes, I do. Jason uncovered some interesting information... Let's not make a big deal about the rocks.

Meinta: Officer Slater, what evidence did you find?
Security: There's not much. The rocks are just... gone.. No evidence of tampering. Someone with clearance of some kind must have gotten in... but why?
Governor: ::Looks at security:: Listen, I want you to be careful of anyone whom you don't know. That includes Kristof Wagner.
Security: ::To Governor:: I agree.

Narrator: In the computer dome:
AJ: ::Types harder trying to force the files open but seems to get nowhere… Stands up walks around, stretching. Says to the tech supervising:: I'm going to get something to eat. I'll try again in awhile. If I don't walk away for awhile, I'll end up shooting something.
TECH: ::Nods:: I'll be here when you return.
AJ: ::Leaves and heads to the restaurant. Enters and sits, orders dinner, then waits on her steak, fries and salad.::

Jade: ::Jade rushes back into her room. Throws Damian a candy bar:: Guess what?
Damian Raen: ::Catching the bar:: What?
Jade: Those pink rocks that were causing all the trouble - they've been stolen.!
Damian Raen: ::Freezes, candy bar in hand::
Jade: And you know all the WP people are going to suspect you.
Damian Raen: ::To Jade:: The pink rocks? They're gone?

Kristof: ::Returns to the observation station overlooking the common area. Begins tinkering with the Plasmagin:: This will work very nicely...

Governor: It looks like Kristof was indeed involved in the old settlement, but not necessarily as a resident...
Karrina Calloway: Oh wow. Well, what can Meinta and I do? Mikko can help if needed, also. We may have a spy on our hands.
Governor: It appears that may be the case. I'm not sure what to do just yet...except pray.
Karrina Calloway: Seems like that's what we're leaning on most these days.
Governor: Yes... We need to make some plans incase our safety is compromised. That is one thing Jason is out working on right now. Pray him Godspeed.

Narrator: In Jade’s room…
Damian Raen: ::stands up:: When did this happen?
Jade: Ok, outside of being the one they are going to suspect, what do you care?
Damian Raen: I know they're going to suspect me, but... I didn't take them.
Jade: I know that....but you seem, I don't know. Almost scared. You look all pale.
Damian Raen: It would be better if I had... Meinta should have just buried them; I told her to bury them.
Jade: Do you know what they are?
Damian Raen: Jade, do you know what those rocks are? I know what they are... I wish I didn't, but I do...
Jade: Drugs or something stupid like that.. I could care less what they are.
Damian Raen: I wish I could say the same.. Do they know who took the rocks?
Jade: Um, if they knew who took the rocks, I would be warning you that they suspect you, silly. So what are they then?
Damian Raen: The rocks.. they're just what you said. Drugs.
Jade: So what's the big deal?
Damian Raen: Except there are people who will bomb entire planets just to get them
Jade: Ooo, that good huh? ::Laughs::
Damian Raen: Yeah. Unfortunately, that good.

Narrator: ::AJ's food arrives with tea, she sits back to eats and relaxes. Then gets out her handheld, taps a few keys.::
AJ: Maybe..? ::Taps a few more keys.. Finishes her meal and pockets the handheld and goes back to the terminal.::

Jade: You ever do them?
Damian Raen: ::Sits on the bed, looking at the floor:: Maybe.
Jade: ::Sits down next to him:: Hey, you ok?
Damian Raen: Nothing at all.... ::Grins to himself, sadly:: Nicole...
Jade: ::Puts her hand on his shoulder:: I'm sorry.
Damian Raen: Yeah, well, you don't need to be. It was my fault. I should have been there.
Damian Raen: ::Shakes his head:: What am I saying, I don't need to be telling you this
Jade: I don't know what happened, and you don't have to talk to me if you don't want, but you shouldn't blame yourself.
Damian Raen: ::Laughs:: Right. You would say that. But you weren't there.
Jade: But cheer up, if the planet gets bombed and we all die, we don't have to ever see Commander Rastat again.
Damian Raen: Right.

AJ: ::Nods in greeting to the tech and goes back to work::
TECH: ::Nods:: Welcome back, how was dinner?
AJ: ::taps at the keys, pulls up a file::
AJ: Aha... I think this could be it... ::file flashes closed again:: Unreal..... ::pulls open another directory::

Governor: One thing that is interesting... We already got some samples tested of the rocks and got back some interesting info. I think there is a lot more to those things then I ever imagined. Just wish I knew what it was...
Karrina Calloway: What info?
Meinta: What info?
Governor: They seem to be a very curious mineral. I don't understand that type of thing, but everyone seems pretty excited about them.
Meinta: We are just starting to figure out what they might be... Don't really know yet, and now they're gone... ::Looks into space, and whispers:: Dad? I know where more rocks are...
Governor: ::Looks sharply at her:: You're right. That could put you in danger.
Karrina Calloway: Governor Beren, we should put a security detail with Meinta, or something, until this is settled.
Governor: Meinta, I don't want you walking around anywhere alone, ok?
Meinta: Eww, I don't want security following me everywhere.
Governor: ::Sighs:: Karrina, are you willing to help keep an eye on her?
Karrina Calloway: Sure. I'm not about to lose another friend.
Governor: ::Gives a wry smile::

::Mission Comm Report- 14684/ ::10 hours later::

Governor Beren..

Be fore warned those "Exporters" are no longer at the OutPost, Astria has no idea when they left. They could be on their way to the Dome, if not there already. She said how she had went to ask them a few questions, and could not find them. Asking around there I was able to find my supisions were well founded.

It seems they were not out to buy, order, or bring in supplies, just check which ones we have, and anything new we may have found. Which an actual Exporter would have known already, and Astria agreed. Something not right here Beren. And they were asking about Kristof as well, did a report get sent to earth on him, if not how did they get word of him so fast.

Heading to the Old dome now, maybe I will find a few answers there.

J. Patterson.. Out..

::End Comm..::

::Mission Comm Report- 14686/ :: several hours later ::

Narrator: ::Sounding heavy with radio static, interference jamming even the written log from going through clearly.::

Jason Patterson: ::Personal log.:: The suit is holding fine, and the dome structure seems solid enough. A lot of melted beams and plastic from the dome. This place took a lot of heat. I was right about the main parts of the structure being below ground, seems to go several stories underground, most of the old structure is collapsed on top of itself, which is not surprizing, from all the damage it took. I have found several rooms still intact, and staying hopeful that the records room is one of those.... ::End comm.::

Jason Patterson: ::Personal log..:: I think I found the records room, but it seems UU got to it first. That or who ever was at the colony left before the bombing and took all the books and records with them. It does seem odd in a way, I have come across no remains yet. Even in a bombing like this, there would be bodies, and with the temp here, it would have acted like a freezer to keep them from decomposing. Several rooms on this level are still intact, was able to find a recreation room, and the kitchens still whole. Every room so far has me stumped. it looks more and more like this colony was evacuated before the bombing even took place, everything is empty.... ::End comm.::

Narrator: ::Several hours later as Jason is rolling quickly over the Ice, headed back to the dome as fast as he can. Calling on Plasmagin trying once again to get a clear message to Governor Beren. ::
Jason Patterson: ::Tapping Plasmagin to clear static.:: Governor do you read me..
Governor:: Here Jason, is every thing ok?
Jason Patterson: Great.. Praise be.. I was beginning to worry there... I found something in the old dome. Can you run this convo through a scrambler? I don't know who all can listen in and would prefer no one did..
Governor:: Can do.. ::types Code sequence for secure line:: Ok, Jason.. Did you find the Records room?
Jason Patterson: Yes, I found the records room, but nothing was there, it had been cleaned out. Whether before or after the bombing, I am not sure.
Governor:: Was It too badly damaged.?
Jason Patterson: No.. It was below the bombing level and didn't get any damage, that's the odd part.
Governor:: Odd? In what way?
Jason Patterson: Yes. Odd.. It looks to me as though the whole place was empty before the bombing even took place.. And I may have proof of it.
Governor:: You have me there Jason, no records, but you have proof?
Jason Patterson: Ya, proof.. I know now that it is infact the Horizon Dome colony. I found Thomas Elijah's private rooms, and what's more a personal log, I think.
Governor:: But.. You aren't sure. Then what could it be otherwise.
Jason Patterson: Not sure. His rooms were stripped clean like most of those I found in the lower levels, except for an antique cross that seems to have been left, just so some one would find it.
Governor:: Antique.. Humm? Oh you mean the ones with the candles in the back? Haven't seen one of those in years.
Jason Patterson: The very ones, except this one didn't have the candles.. You remember the old jumper clips we use to have for passing info in School..?
Governor:: ::Smiles to himself and laughs:: Do I ever. Home work was never so easy. Are you saying there was a clip in the back of the Cross? Can you access it?
Jason Patterson: Not here I can't, the drone's computer doesn't have the right connection jacks for it, and even then it may be coded. Bringing it back with me now, I should be there in a day.
Governor:: Ok Jason, good work, be careful on your way back.
Jason Patterson: Careful...? Me..? Never.. :: Laughs :: See you when I get there. Patterson out..

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