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War Against Spiritual WifeHusband And Children
by Friday Okoh
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Topic: War Against Demonic Spiritual Wife/Husband and children

Texts:(Amos3:3)"Can two walks together, except they be agreed?".
(Jame4:7)"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you".
(Nahum 1:3-4)"The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers:Bashan longwisheth,and carnel,and the flower of Lebanon languisheth".
Memory verse:(Genesis 2:18)"And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him".
Demonic spiritual wife is a demonic wife from demonic marine kingdom offered to an earthly male person(human being)here on earth. Demonic spiritual husband is a demonic husband from demonic marine kingdom offered to an earthly female person(human being)here on earth. While, demonic spiritual child or children is a child or children which demonic wife or husband from marine kingdom is harbouring or having for an earthly human being(man or woman)and being raised/used against an earthly human being(man or woman)in/from demonic marine kingdom. I would like to brief us briefly on how they operates: Any man who possess demonic spiritual wife in or from the marine kingdom could come in contact with spiritual wife, while at sleep. The familiar spirit(spiritual wife)can come, pose in her real form or carry face(s)of close associates of her victim like: one’s wife,proposal,or any lady around one's environment,or any female person face. To come and commit fornication or adultery with her victim. Such a fellow is manipulated to get into orgasm via dream life spiritual state. And immediately the whole process is off; such a fellow would discovered to have wetted oneself via dream life state after waking up ;without sleeping with any physical (earthly) woman. It looks strange to some people. Biologist(scientist)may call such process"noctonal discharge"wetting oneself in the dream life state. They would even back it up with theories and scientific languages. Such doctrine claim from scientist should be rejected; it is a trick from Satan to deceive and blind fold mankind; in order for human beings not to be able to checkmate and withstand Satan’s devices. "While, some men that are totally entangled with such demonic spiritual romance lifestyle likes it. And it would even come to a state, when their spiritual wives would start coming physically to meet such men in their houses. Some people may even enter into an unprofitable covenants with such spirits not to leak out their experiences .While, many others are ashamed to tell their pastor or deliverance ministers/counselors and would be beating around the bush." The disadvantage such man as stated earlier would derived from demonic spiritual wife is nothing but evil; with one main mission, to steal, to kill silently and to destroy such a fellow. The demonic spiritual wife would drain out and collect such a fellow blood to be carried to their spiritual kingdom; for demonic usage since, they mainly feeds on human blood .Without even her victim's knowing, in most cases too, plant in sicknesses and diseases, problems into such an individual's life. The spiritual wife would also collect semen from the man through the sex had with the man. To be used to fertilize her ovary/ovaries. The spiritual wife would carry such a person pregnancy for him or in another vain, such a baby could be developed with the aid of demonic incubator within the marine kingdom. The end result is getting a demonic child for such a person at their kingdom. If such a man is unmarried before; and if married to his earthly wife choice. The spiritual wife would start to jealous that earthly woman, she would even try to cause marital problems,setback,quarrel between the man and the earthly wife. Also can even cause barrenness or miscarriages to the earthly wife of such a fellow. If such an earthly woman is of low spiritual development state, she could even be killed by the demonic spiritual wife of her husband.Unless,such a woman is highly spiritual endowed or by the divine grace of God; she can do nothing to overcome her problems, because the spiritual wife of her husband considers herself as the only legal wife of the earthly man and may have gotten child or children for such a fellow in demonic marine kingdom. Spiritual wife of that a fellow would not stop at that, if the earthly wife of that man happens to get child or children of her very own as a result of divine intervation;she would start to fight that woman and child or children by causing all sorts of problems like: sicknesses and diseases,disappointments,poverty,inability to accomplish their desires on earth or make it to delay.Even,if the spiritual wife see's that she is losing or about to loose the battle, she could link up with other demonic evil spirits from all demonic circles and to start fighting that earthly man she considers as her husband. She will try to cripple the man's means of livelihood, so that, the man wouldn’t be able to carter for his very earthly wife and child/children. She can even make the man to be serious addict to drugs,alcohol,a great womaniser,going into pool betting,etc..So that, all that the earthly wife of such man is expected to get wouldn’t be gotten. Spiritual wife, can even try to separate the earthly man and his wife on earth or divorced them, via demonic manipulations. The same is still applicable to some women who has demonic spiritual husbands from the marine kingdom, either married or unmarried. Their own very case is more serious and delicate compared to that of men having demonic spiritual wives. Demonic spiritual wives/husbands from demonic marine kingdom are the main cause of over 90% of many marriages that are being broken daily worldwide (especially in America and European continents). They are also responsible for some families today, either husband or wife dying “untimely” or both. And many barrenness, miscarriages, impotence and infertility problems taken place today worldwide. The only quicker way to solve every spiritual problems here on earth; is to give ones life totally unto lord Jesus Christ; repent and forsake all sins and being born-again and accept Jesus Christ as the author, and finisher of our life, sanctified fully without looking backward to the world (is the only way forward). Be watchful, careful and give oneself to prayers always. Because, anything that happens in the spiritual realm must surely comes to pass in the physical realm. Whatever source it comes from, ones ability to pray effectively can make the devil to bow out, so that, the person can receive deliverance.
Observational Signs of Demonic Spiritual Wife/ Husband:
1. Negative unprofitable marriage had in the dream and sometime with concurrent repetitions.
2. Appearance and disappearance of one’s materials (personal effects).
3. Frequent sexual dreams and with observation of wetting oneself.
4. Marital disappointments, frequent marital problems or disagreements.
5. Activation of someone sexual systems without any visible acts or with co-human being.
Observational Signs of Spiritual children:
Coming in the dream life state or physical state and always proposing actions to someone that would always be negatively to you. And sometime too, after appearing someone child or children would begin to fall sick.
Causes of spiritual husband / wife problems:
1 Through Sexual sins.
2. Through things thrown into the river (sacrifices).
3. Through wrong dedications by someone or unbehalf of someone.
4. Through sharing of personal effects with possessed persons. Especially unrepeated persons. E.g. practicing prostitutes, (Homosexuals: gay / lesbian persons ), incest and bestiality practicing persons, etc..
5. Through initiations and blind initiations (1Cor.15: 32).
1.Go for counseling.
2.Go for comprehensive deliverance.
3.Don’t go back to your former vomits.

NOTE: For comprehensive spiritual eradication of" war against demonic spiritual husband/wife and children" go through
(Victory Strategic Prayers And Note vol.1 )
written by me.
Friday D.Okoh,
Salvation Healing Church
www.facebook.com/pfriday.okoh www.twitter.com/salvahchurch www.freedockpublications.com www.lulu.com/freedockpublications www.facebook.com/fridayd.okoh

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Member Comments
Member Date
Drenna Jo Miracle 17 Jul 2012
While the article is interesting, and unique. I have never heard of a spiritual Demonic wife. Or any of this stuff before. Have you studied this out. Because it doesn't make since to me.
Drenna Jo Miracle 17 Jul 2012
While the article is interesting, and unique. I have never heard of a spiritual Demonic wife. Or any of this stuff before. Have you studied this out. Because it doesn't make since to me.
Mahalia Peraza 25 Feb 2011
Wow. Thank you. I have had these kind of experiences. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Praise God!! If anyone reading this has had any kind of these experiences please get help. Like the article said. The Devil only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. You are a child of the Most High God. It is not just a coincidence that God lead you to this article and that you are even reading this comment! Get help. Don't let the enemy rob you of anything that is rightfully yours. Do it right now. Send an e-mail or write a letter to someone at your church that can direct you or help you with this. Now.
Denise Carter 12 Dec 2010
I understand spiritual warfare and I believe that Christians and non-Christians can be attacked by demons, but to say that almost all marital problems, miscarriages, and wet dreams are caused by a demonic wife/ husband does not make sense to me. When bad things happen in life we want to look for someone to blame. We want to know why. Sometimes we blame God, sometimes we blame doctors, and sometimes we blame ourselves. God may allow certain circumstances in life to teach us something, get our attention, or give us an opportunity for growth. Where is the evidence or what is your thinking behind this theory? How do you know this is a fact? Have you done research on this topic or is this just based on opinion and what life experiences do you have to back up your theory?


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