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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter thirteen CONFRONTATIONS
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Jason Patterson: ::enters the governor’s office:: Greetings and salutations!
Governor: Hello Jason.
Jason Patterson: Beren, how are you...This has been a very long week... and not much information showing for it.
Governor: We don't have long before we need to unlock communications.
Jason Patterson: Is there any way to monitor what goes out?
Governor: Hmmm, sensor everything?
Jason Patterson: Without blocking it... just blocking those few we need fear.
Governor: There might be.
Governor: But there are so many ways to hide secrets in an email or whatever... I guess we just have to leave it up to God. ::types on his computer::
Jason Patterson: Get your communications people on that. See what they can do... maybe a few seconds delay in sending so it is rerouted through a secure channel. You could monitor them that way.
Governor: That was easy. ::types some more:: There, unlocked and being monitored. ::looks up::

Governor: We need to find out what Group T19 are planning. We need to make a plan so that if it does get out, we know what we are going to do. All the UU needs is one dirty bomb and we are gone.
Jason Patterson: So true…If there were some where that could be reached as a safe haven.
Governor: What about the other dome you found?
Jason Patterson: It is in bad shape, Beren. Most of what is left there is ruins.
Governor: ::leans his head down, lips moving silently:: I don't know where to go. Lord, where do I bring Your people?
Jason Patterson: It was hit pretty bad, and much of the damage is from bombing.. Massive bombing from space.
Governor: That's what I'm afraid of happening again. Do you think there is a way to escape to another planet?
Jason Patterson: Not sure....If we could find a shuttle that is not registered--maybe. I am still getting information on the readings I took last week... it seems the underground portions of the old colony may still be intact. There was something said a while back... something about caves.
Governor: Underground, huh?
Jason Patterson: I could go back to get a closer look at the dome. If we knew why they were hit, or where they went. it could help.
Governor: OK, how fast can you get there?
Jason Patterson: Could be the records room is part that may still be intact below ground. If I go the most direct way i can be there and back in a few days, depending on how long the search takes. And if nothing happens along the way...
Governor: A few days might be too long. On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen...

Narrator: Jason's Plasmagin beeps with a message from the loading area that a package was delivered on the last shuttle.
Jason Patterson: Humm. wonder who would send me something here. I don’t have family, and I haven't ordered anything.
Governor: ::frowns:: Better make sure it goes through the scan.

Jason Patterson: If we go slow with things and monitor all messages going out we should be able to buy a week. I could push it and maybe get there in about 30 hours. But looking through the rubble to find anything-and that’s if anything is there--may take a bit.
Governor: OK... I am going to talk to AJ. Would you like to be here for that?
Jason Patterson: Yes... I would. Something about her .. I don’t know.. it is like she is doing things just not to be noticed
Governor: I'll call her in.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Meinta has returned to her room and decides to contact her cousin via video conference.
Meinta: Hey, Astraia! It's been a while.. How are you?
Astraia: Well, I'm doing alright...
Meinta: Things are crazy here...
Astraia: ::distracted:: Hmm.
Meinta: Group T19 is getting into all kinds of trouble
Astraia: Trouble? What kind? Been feeling kind of isolated here.
Meinta: Well, ::hesitates:: they broke into the library...
Astraia: The library!
Meinta: Yup.
Astraia: They didn't take anything, did they?
Meinta: Take anything? No...
Astraia: Then why...?
Meinta: But everything kinda blew up...
Astraia: Oh… So what happened?
Meinta: Well, they saw all the, uh, books...and got really mad.
Astraia: The books? Ooohhh...the Books.
Meinta: Damain was running around with a gun. Dad locked down all the communications for a while.
Astraia: I wondered. I tried to send you an email a couple of times.

Meinta: ::voice changes:: Astraia, do you know what this means? This might be it. The day we've been afraid of all our lifes... We are doing what we can to keep the info from getting out, but...
Astraia: Exposure?
Meinta: If the UU finds out...
Astraia: ...all you've worked toward is...gone
Meinta: Astraia, Jason found some evidence that looks like there was a settlement here before us. It was bombed. Annialated.
Astraia: The radiation readings... He mentioned that he was going to check them out. So that's what he found, eh?
Meinta: Yeah.
Astraia: Interesting.
Meinta: If the UU realizes that we are Christians...then we could get the same.
Astraia: But why would they do that? We've done nothing wrong!
Meinta: They are scared of God, Astraia. He holds more power than they do and threatens their lifestyles.
Astraia: True…
Meinta: He promotes true peace...not the terrorism they call peace.

Astraia: Well, speaking of the UU... You know that I'm in charge of supplies, now, here at the Outpost, right?
Meinta: Right.
Astraia: Well, I keep a list of all our importers so I know who brings what at what price, etc...
Meinta: ::confused:: Okay...
Astraia: There have been a couple of new importers. Not a big deal, really, except that they seem particularly nosy.
Meinta: Nosey? That is a bit disconcerting. What are they asking about?
Astraia: Yeah. Asking questions like, how much to we take in every month and where do all our supplies go. They've been asking about things we export, too.
Meinta: Weird.
Astraia: Who's Kristof?
Meinta: ::surprised:: Kristof? You didn't hear about him?
Astraia: No.
Meinta: Oh, well ::excited:: we were out playing on the ice one day and we came across this old dome that not even Jason knew was there. An old outpost or something. Anyway, there was this guy there! Kristof.
Astraia: Oh...ok... So why was he there?
Meinta: It looks like he was part of that first colony I mentioned.
Astraia: Oh?
Meinta: This is all really amazing, really...
Astraia: But...how old is he?
Meinta: I think he's something like 95! But he only looks 45 or so.
Astraia: Really? Wow...
Meinta: Of course, he wasn't in these specially pressurized domes, so he would have aged differently... He's still confused, so we haven't figured a lot of stuff out yet.

Astraia: Well, the reason I ask is because a couple of my guys told me that one of these "importers" was asking about him down at the commissary.
Meinta: Really? Importers….hmmm… How had they heard about him?
Astraia: Family, maybe?
Meinta: Or from the news? I've been so busy I haven't seen any Intergalactic news. I don't know if it got out or not.
Astraia: Could be. But then, I should have known, too.
Meinta: Yeah...
Astraia: So, do I need to tell Uncle Beren about this?
Meinta: I can tell him or you can, either way...
Astraia: You tell him, and if he has any questions he can contact me. I'll keep an eye on these guys.

Meinta: This is scary, Astraia...
Astraia: Another thing about these guys...they've been hanging around awhile.
Meinta: Importers are usually in and out pretty fast, aren’t they?
Astraia: Usually, my importers are in and out within the day. These guys have been here a week.
Meinta: I'll let Dad and Jason know right away. Have you asked the guys why they are there so long? Maybe you should play their game back at them and start asking questions. ::grins::
Astraia: Hmmm... My guys told me that these "importers" just came off of a long haul, so they're taking a break.
Meinta: I see.
Astraia: But why would they vacation here, rather than Earth or some other warmer planet?
Meinta: Everything just keeps getting more and more confusing and worrisome.
Astraia: I could call them in and ask them a bit more directly why they're here...but that'd scare them off.
Meinta: Hmmm, maybe Jason better go have a look-see.
Jason could come back and do a little
Astraia: Yes, I think that's a better idea.
Meinta: OK, I'll talk to him and Dad... I worry about you out there...you're kinda isolated.
Astraia: I know. Sometimes it's hard being the only female out here.
Meinta: Yeah. Astraia, I don't know how to say this...but you know…you might not have that much time left to get right with God.
Astraia: Meinta...
Meinta: Think about it anyway, okay?
Astraia: Sure, ok.
Meinta: Promise? ::smiles::
Astraia: OK, I promise. I have the Bible you gave me.
Meinta: Oh good. Do you read it?
Astraia: Ever since Allara...well, I've been taking it more seriously.
Meinta: Allara was always bugging you about it, wasn't she? ::chuckles::
Astraia: ::laughs:: Yeah. I remember when Mom used to read to us. Do you remember that?
Meinta: Yeah, I do! I had forgotten. She made everything come alive...
Astraia: Yes, she did. I miss her so much, Meinta.
Meinta: I know.
Astraia: ::looks away from the screen:: Just got another shipment. I need to go. It was good chatting with you.
Meinta: I love you, cousin. Talk to you later.

Narrator: At Governor Salkia’s office, there is a knock on the door.
Governor: That must be AJ. ::rises and lets her in:: Thank you for coming, Captain MacPhearson.
AJ: ::enters:: Hello.
Jason Patterson: ::watches as the retired Captain walks in the room::
Governor: You know Jason Patterson, my friend and adviser?
AJ: ::nods:: Yes, we met.
Governor: Please sit down.
Jason Patterson: Greetings, AJ.

Governor: Captain MacPhearson, we need to know where you stand. What are you planning to do next?
AJ: Well, I need to know who's telling me the truth. I feel our team has been lied to from day one.
Governor: I was told that Group T19 was coming to learn about our importing business. I never believed that was the whole reason, but that was all I was told.
Jason Patterson: Maybe so ... But for our part we have given you anything you need... that you have asked for anyway..
AJ: ::nods:: True.
Governor: I have never lied to you, Captain.
Jason Patterson: Nor have I... that I know of.
AJ: I feel that we were only give partial information. We were told to look for illegal activity.
Governor: That was a problem on the UU's part. Not with us.
AJ: ::nods:: Yes, and I believe the UU knew more than they were telling us.
Governor: I would concur with that.
Jason Patterson: It is odd... they seem to know so much but tell so little. Even erase needed files so no one can find information.

AJ: While you have all been kind to us, we did notice some odd behavior. Nothing to indicate illegal activity, but…
Governor: Odd behavior is pretty common in humans. ::smiles::
AJ: This is true.
Jason Patterson: I am never around people enough to know if I am odd... how is it MY actions are odd…::laughs::
Governor: But I think you probably realized the reason for some of what you may consider "odd behavior" when you saw the library.
AJ: It's like the UU expected us to find more.

Governor: Captain, Jason here has found evidence that indicates there was a dome before this one. It seems to have been bombed.
Jason Patterson: I gave her the scan listings from my trip. Even the scan of the old destroyer scout ship I found there.
AJ: Where we found the survivor?
Jason Patterson: No... farther off. This is about a two day ride from here
Governor: There was a previous colony that was destroyed.
Jason Patterson: There was a done on the planet... a colony style dome just like this one... with UU markings to verify it as their colony.
Governor: Kristof Wagner claims to be a survivor of that colony. But he seems a little confused on the details...
Jason Patterson: Well Beren, being lost for 80 or more years I think I would be confused as well... but you are right.
Governor: ::smiles a little, acknowledging Jason's comment::
AJ: Are we sure he's confused? Or just not telling us the whole story?
Governor: At this point I'm not sure of much of anything.
Jason Patterson: I don’t know yet. I did send off for information on him... but haven’t gotten word back yet. ::Looks at Governor and says quietly:: Then too, that could be the package I just got.
Governor: Good, but sent off to whom?
Jason: The surveyors guild back on earth... Last I talked to them, they hadn’t found anything yet but were still looking. But you know, the hard thing about names... They could always be changed. or taken from some one else.
AJ: What about DNA testing?
Jason Patterson: ::Looks at AJ.. thinking out loud to himself:: MacPherson... hummm.
AJ: ::returns Jason's look::
Jason Patterson: Sorry something about the name...
AJ: My name? My family has a long military history.
Jason Patterson: Yes... just a name I remember from a long time ago… before I was a surveyor.. I did some record work for UU...not much, but I came across someone… ::shrugs::

Governor: Captain MacPhearson, I need to know what you are going to tell the UU about the books.
AJ: Well, the books seem to have the proper documentation for where they are stored.
Jason Patterson: Yes, I showed the records on those... they are marked and kept under lock and key, as for the laws on such.
Governor: ::pulls some papers from his desk:: I got some tests back on those rocks Meinta found. The scientist think they may be something special. Something seems to be weird about them, too. There are odd things in the government files and some of them mention WP9068.
Jason Patterson: Anything else they may have found in those rocks Beren?
Governor: Maybe those rocks have something to do with all this. ::hands Jason the papers:: Keep an eye out for anything else with this composition during your investigating in that old dome.
AJ: That would make sense.
Jason Patterson: Will do, Beren. Never even came across any of it ‘til Meinta found that batch of them.
AJ: I tried to do research through your computer systems after we arrived, and I ran into many locked files
AJ: I wonder if there is information about this dome in any of them?
Governor: ::frowns:: What kind of locked files?
AJ: Hard to tell, they were highly encrypted. Couldn't even tell the file size.
Governor: This is a whole different computer system and dome then the old one. As far as I know they aren't related.
Jason Patterson: The only information on file here deals with the material UU sends us… not sure though.
Governor: But then, obviously there is a lot I don't know...
AJ: I've ... hacked into a lot of computer systems, and I've never run into something like that.
Jason Patterson: If you could look into them ... maybe hack the codes locking them... it might give some kind of information.
Governor: ::thinks for a time:: If you are willing to work closely with one or two of our own computer people.
Jason Patterson: Beren, I say give a Comp link and see what she can find... if there are locked files then UU has codes for them.

AJ: So it looks like there is a bigger mystery here.
Governor: It seems so.
AJ: I'm more convinced than ever that the UU sent us on a wild goose chase, to keep us from discovering that dome.
Governor: I don't understand why sending you here would keep anyone from discovering it.
AJ: We were looking for illegal activities, we weren't expected to really find anything.
Jason Patterson: If anything it would be me they would try to keep here not you...
AJ: Then once we found there wasn't anything, pull our team out, and we go home. Case closed
Governor: ::nods thoughtfully::
AJ: But, we accidentally saw your mysterious library... and to be honest, I was curious as to what was in there.
Governor: Curious in what way?

Governor: ::his plasmagin beeps:: I’m sorry, can you pardon me for a moment? ::goes into the corner::
Jason Patterson: I figured out where I’ve heard your name. I was doing work looking over colonies for UU.. finding farming colonies that didn’t use all the minerals on a planet. UU would go in and mine it while they were still farming. Then I came to one planet where the people didn’t want it to happen.. they formed a resistance group to keep UU out.
AJ: Yes?
Jason Patterson: The communications officer there was named Lt. MacPherson... just coincidence I think.
AJ: Possibly a relative? We have a fairly large family.
Jason Patterson: Strange how sometimes on the ice I have nothing to think of ... except names.. And the condition of my own soul.

Governor: ::disconnects the plas. and watches quietly::

AJ: Well, if you give me full access to your systems, I can attempt to find out what is in the files. It could be the answer to this mystery.
Governor: I will set you up with one of my computer people. I look forward to seeing what you find.
Jason Patterson: I am wanting to get back to that dome... see if I can find the records room, if it is still there, I might find something there as well.

AJ: I still need to file my report.
Governor: Ah yes, the report. What will you be mentioning in the report?
AJ: That I found no evidence of illegal activity. There were some illegal books, but they are properly documented and stored.

Governor: ::nods slowly:: All right. Thank you for coming, Captain. Have a good evening.
Jason Patterson: Thank you.
AJ: ::walks to the door:: I will leave out that we were able to borrow some of the books ::gives a small smile and leaves::
Governor: Borrow some of the books? ::raises his eyebrows:: They borrowed some of the books? What books did they borrow?
Jason Patterson: Well some are open to the public... just those marked can’t be given out..
Governor: Hmmm, yes.

Governor: Oh, Jason, that message I had was from Meinta. She says that Astraia said there are some importers hanging around asking questions.
Jason Patterson: Which one…? ::smiles to himself::
Governor: Questions about imports and exports and... About Kristof Wagner! Astraia asked that you go look into it.
Jason Patterson: Hummm… I could go have a look... but I would like to go check the dome first. If I stop on the way it could take an extra day to get the infomation we are seeking.
Governor: Astraia seemed to think these men meant trouble.
Jason Patterson: That’s odd.. maybe I could swing past on my way to the Old Dome.. But she has security there.
Governor: She is security there. Part of it, anyway.
Jason Patterson: Send her a message and tell her I will be there in a day or so... then I can head to the Old site from there.
Governor: Sounds good. Thanks, brother.
Jason Patterson: Oh Beren, I will need the High Radiation suit to search that area... it is still very high levels there.
Governor: All right. Be careful as always. God speed.
Jason Patterson: Bless you as well... and this colony.

Narrator: Kristof is in his room on the plasmagen he found, still trying to find information on USLES. Suddenly a window pops up.
Kristof Wagner: You’d think they would have pop-up blockers in 179...
Narrator: The window is apparently a two-way video conference.
Kristof Wagner: Who's there?
Commander Randstat: Mr. Wagner.
Kristof Wagner: ::Kristof is taken aback, not expecting any communications:: Who?
Commander Randstat: You are Mr. Wagner, are you not?
Kristof Wagner: ::Suspiciously:: Yes. Now, who are you? How did you get my POD?
Commander Randstat: I am Commander Randstat. I am the United Universe's commander in charge of Group T19. Mr. Wagner, the UU has everyone’s POD.
Kristof Wagner: T19? Who is that? This place?
Commander Randstat: ::eyes him suspiciously:: Group T19 is the group visiting White Planet at the moment.
Kristof Wagner: I understand. So, are you with Project Horizon?
Commander Randstat: Project Horizon... ::eyes glint:: What can you tell me about Project Horizon, Mr. Wagner?
Kristof Wagner: Yes, Project Horizon. I'm sure you've heard of it, if you're who you say you are. Then again, that was a long time ago, wasn't it?
Commander Randstat: You did not answer my question, Mr. Wagner.
Kristof Wagner: Officially? Nothing.
Commander Randstat: ::raises her eyebrows:: And unofficially?
Kristof Wagner: Unofficially. Yes, unofficially. Well, I'm not so sure I can trust you. What is your security clearance. Who's your boss?
Commander Randstat: Mr. Wagner, I have full security.
Kristof Wagner: Yeah, so did I.
Commander Randstat: Did? ::hesitates:: The UU thought you were dead, Mr. Wagner. What happened? Where have you been?
Kristof Wagner: Does the phrase Solaris 7 mean anything to you?
Commander Randstat: ::stumbles a bit:: Of course.
Kristof Wagner: Solaris 7 was, and maybe still is a Special Forces unit within the UU that handled, shall we say, "delicate" diplomatic matters.
Commander Randstat: Yes.
Kristof Wagner: WP 8069 suddenly became "delicate" after Project Horizon discovered the crystals.
Commander Randstat: I am aware of this.
Kristof Wagner: Solaris 7 was sent in to sanitize the area. I was one of the janitors.
Commander Randstat: What happened to you? You did not return with the remainder of your team. It seems you did not plan your sanitizing so well. ::smirks:: Since only half of the team returned.
Kristof Wagner: When we arrived in the system, we destroyed the supply ship and took on their identity. We came in hard and fast, bombing the upper structures and destroying anything visible. We discovered the mining area and I was one of the soldiers sent inside to finish the job. They had wired the exit and blew the hatches, trapping us inside.
Commander Randstat: They? The UU rebels?
Kristof Wagner: No, the science team. They used mining explosives.
Commander Randstat: The science team trapped the sanitizing team? ::disbelief::
Kristof Wagner: The science team underground knew they had no defensive weapons other than the explosives. It was their only way to block off the mine entrance to keep the assassins out to buy some time and come up with a real plan. They didn't make it--minor details, really.
Commander Randstat: ::mutters to herself:: Who trained that team?
Kristof Wagner: No one, obviously. They were trying to keep us out, but the fuse delay was faulty. We got in first.
Commander Randstat: ::taps on her laptop:: Hmmm, mhmmm.
Kristof Wagner: I think there was a certain lack of trust throughout the whole Project for the UU. They had "peculiar" ideas that were "rebellious" in nature. We suspected a secession attempt.
Commander Randstat: Did you have a particular suspect in mind?
Kristof Wagner: The Commander of Project Horizon was named Thomas Elijah. Very bright. Too bright, if you ask me.
Commander Randstat: I am aware of who the project commander was. Are there others from your team alive? Where have you been all these years?
Kristof Wagner: Looking for an alternative way out, trying to find something to use to cut or blow an exit. Well, for the first year or so. After that, I gave up. I merely existed underground. I was so amazed at how much time had passed. It seemed only a few years. I had practically given up hope on a rescue.
Commander Randstat: ::leans back:: I see.
Kristof Wagner: Time out here is really strange. Everything on the God-forsaken rock is really strange.

Commander Randstat: What have you discovered since you were found?
Kristof Wagner: Those crystals...they can do things to you. It's hard to explain.
Commander Randstat: Hmmm. What of the people? The new settlers?
Kristof Wagner: I haven't gotten much on them yet, but, it appears some of Elijah's "thinking" is present. I've over-heard some things.
Commander Randstat: Mr. Wagner, are you willing to stay there for a while to observe?
Kristof Wagner: ::looks seriously at commander:: I'm ready to finish the mission, Commander.
Commander Randstat: For now we want you to feed us as much information as you can find without arising suspicion. You will wait for orders to do anything else. ::looks sharply at him:: We cannot have you rushing ahead and botching the job. Our sanitizing teams, Mr. Wagner, actually are trained.
Kristof Wagner: Agreed. You will be in contact?
Commander Randstat: You must get a current plasmagen. Someone from here will give you the updated codes. Right now all of your activity can be picked up by anyone. This conversation, of course, is being scrambled.
Kristof Wagner: Fine. I'll do what I need to do. This old thing is virtually no good. Commander. My family. Is my family still...alive?

Commander Randstat: ::types, studies the computer:: Your sister is living in New York.
Kristof Wagner: Anna? Anna is alive? I'll do anything to get home and see her! Is she ok?
Commander Randstat: She is in a retirement facility called Glenbrook. You understand that we cannot let you contact her at this point? It would put the operation in jeopardy.
Kristof Wagner: Retirement facility? Yeah, I forgot. She'd be in her 90's by now.
Commander Randstat: But I assure you, Mr. Wagner, the better you do your job, the faster you will be able to see Anna. ::looks up from her computer and smiles a little:: Anna does have three grand-children, I see.
Kristof Wagner: ::smiles thoughtfully:: Grandchildren? Good for her!
Commander Randstat: Mr. Wagner, see if you can test out Group T19. They seem to be, ahem, inadequate...
Kristof Wagner: Understood. Tell me, who can I trust?
Commander Randstat: ::sighs:: At this point we are suspicious of everyone... I was given Group T19 with the information that they were each trustworthy. But I have yet to see anything helpful from them. However, we have sent an undercover man to the planet as an importer.
Kristof Wagner: Will I know him?
Commander Randstat: I will have him contact you. He is going in as Robert Estorn.
Kristof Wagner: Understood. Standing by. That Patterson fellow seems to know a lot. I'm going to stick close to him. He may prove useful...
Commander Randstat: ::looks at computer:: Jason Patterson...surveyor... Yes, he looks helpful.
Kristof Wagner: Helpful. Dangerous. He knows too much. May put something together on his own. Like I said, I'll stick close by him.
Commander Randstat: Keep in close contact. You can send text messages 24/7. Good luck, Mr. Wagner.
Kristof Wagner: Wagner, out.

Commander Randstat: ::turns sharply to find a man standing in her private office:: Commander Hegrad! Wh--? What are you doing in here? ::composes herself from her surprise and says crisply:: Have you ever heard of knocking, Commander?
Commander Hegrad: ::laughs:: Come now, Randstat, I didn’t come for chit chat. What have you found out about the kid?
Commander Randstat: ::chokes:: Excuse me?
Commander Hegrad: ::loudly:: My brother’s kid. Did that Fontana woman find any relatives yet?
Commander Randstat: ::tartly:: Commander Hegrad, I don’t have time for chit chat. I have no idea what you are talking about. ::sits down and begins typing::

Commander Hegrad: ::stares:: Do you mean to tell me they didn’t give you my message to give to Gabrielle Fontana? Those imbeciles! Why do you think Group T19 went to WP 9086? For a field trip? ::for a time his anger consumes him and he paces silently. Finally he sits down:: That Fontana girl’s mother married my little brother. Then my brother ran off to WP and it seems he got himself another family there. But then he died and later his new wife died. So I want to make sure the kid’s okay.
Commander Randstat: ::condescendingly:: Commander Hegrad, certainly I sympathize with your quest for your family, but Group T19 was sent to WP for a very serious investigation, not some personal matter of your own. Group T19 is just about to undercover some information that may well be vital to the UU.
Commander Hegrad: Oh yeah? It seems to me that I just heard you tell that Wagner fellow that the group was doing nothing. ::puts his hands on her desk and leans close to her face:: Randstat, Gabrielle Fontana was put on that group because I requested it. ::scathingly:: Certainly I sympathize with your quest for “vital, undercover information”, but the fact that you seem to have misplaced a very important memo seems to throw doubt on your overseeing skills and in your own words, your team “seems to be inadequate”.

Commander Randstat: It is obvious to me what has happened here, Commander.
Commander Hegrad: ::snorts:: Experience tells me that it takes a lot for something to be obvious to you.
Commander Randstat: ::livid:: It is clear to me that the memo was not “lost”. No matter who you are or how important you think you are, the UU has better things to do than connecting you with some long lost family. Maybe someone owed you a favor and that is why Ms. Fontana was on the team. ::she sits down and crosses her arms:: You know, Commander Hegrad, you don’t strike me as the sort who would put a high priority on family.
Commander Hegrad: ::smirks:: Well, maybe you aren’t as dense as I thought. There is a bit more to it. More that would concern UU, too.
Commander Randstat: And what would that be?
Commander Hegrad: My brother mentioned a discovery that was hidden on WP. He called it Pink Diamonds.
Commander Randstat: And?
Commander Hegrad: And I want to find those diamonds. I think the kid might be able to lead me--us, to them.
Commander Randstat: ::watches him steadily:: I’ll tell you what I’ll do, Commander Hegrad. I’ll give you clearance to contact Ms. Fontana on your own.
Commander Hegrad: ::sarcastic:: Why thank you, Commander. ::stomps out of the room and slams the door::

Commander Randstat: ::snatches up her plasmagen:: Estorn, did you get the crystals?
Estorn: We had everything set up to go in and get them, and then something happened and the whole WP dome went under lockdown. It just got released.
Commander Randstat: ::spitting mad:: You didn’t get them? Group T19 set things up just perfectly for you and you couldn’t even follow through? Listen to me Estorn, if you don’t get those rocks tonight then I will pull you off the job and deal with you personally. Got that? ::sighs:: Listen, a man named Hegrad might be able to find some more leads on the current source of the crystals. And we were right about Wagner--he knows. Look him up. I’ll be in touch. ::disconnects::

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Amy Michelle Wiley  09 Jan 2006
I think this chapter should fill in a lot of the missing links in the story-line. :-)


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