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O My Soul
by Shannon Bonton
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O My Soul
By Shannon G. Bonton

Direction: Danielleís mother sits on the front porch reading her bible. Danielle and her best friend Monica, come outside preparing to go shopping.

Mother: Where are you two going?

Danielle: Just gonna hang out for a while.

Mother: When are you coming back?

Danielle: I donít know. Iíll be back when I get back. (Said with an attitude)

Direction: The mother sighs and holds her head down while Monica tugs on Danielleís sleeve and shakes her head in a disapproving way.

Mother: Well____ I would like it if you would go to church with me tomorrow.

Danielle: Church!!!!! Iíll see half those hypocrites at the club tonight. Thatíll be enough for me.

Mother: Iíll tell you who you wonít see.

Danielle: Yeah, who? (Said with an attitude)

Mother: You wonít see Jesus.

Direction: Mother looks at her daughter then sighs.

Mother: Come with me Danielle. Please.

Danielle: I donít think so. Iíve got plenty time for that. Iíll get around to it, eventually.

Mother: Baby, you donít have the time you think. None of us do. No one knows when they will take that last breath__________ I love you Danielle.

Direction: Danielle rolls her eyes.

Danielle: Yeah___ I hear ya.

Direction: Monica steps forward.

Monica: Iíll go with you.

Direction: Mother smiles at Monica and looks again at Danielle. Danielle rolls her eyes at Monica.

Danielle: Donít look at me. Iím still not going.

Direction: Mother shakes her head as she tries to keep her tears from falling.

Danielle: We gotta go.

Direction: Danielle and Monica start to walk out. Monica stops and turns back toward the mother. Danielle stops also to see what Monica is doing.

Monica: Iíll be with you tomorrow.

Direction: Mother gives a half-hearted smile.

Mother: Thank you!

Direction: They continue to walk away.

Monica: You should have told your mother you loved her too.

Danielle: Whatever. Iíll tell her later.

Direction: The mother is left alone on the porch, with her bible clutched next to her heart. She begins to cry out to the Lord.

Mother: Father_____ Father, in the name of Jesus, save my child. Lord, I donít know what else to do. Help her to see you Lord Jesus. Open her eyes Lord. Help me help her Father.

Direction: There is the sound of thunder and the woman looks toward heaven.

The Lord: Good and faithful servant, I have heard your cries. You can do no more my child. Beloved daughter_____ return to me now.

Direction: With these words she takes one last deep breath and gives up the ghost. Her neighbor, who has been watching her runs over to her and finds her dead. She cries out with a loud voice.

Neighbor: No____ No_____ No

Direction: The neighbor cradles the woman in her arms and weeps. Another neighbor that has notices what was happening called 911. The paramedics come and take the motherís body away.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Monica are at the mall shopping.

Monica: Why donít we just go to the movies instead of going out tonight?

Danielle: What!!! Whatís your problem? You know Iím gonna meet my man tonight.

Direction: Monica sighs. A little afraid to speak, but she speaks anyway.

Monica: I donít want to go out. I told your mom I would be with her tomorrow remember. I donít want to be out all night.

Direction: Danielle speaks with a nasty attitude.

Danielle: You know youíre no fun anymore. Whatís up? Whatís gotten into you?

Direction: Monica takes a deep breath. Holds her head down briefly then raises it high.

Monica: Jesus______ Jesus has gotten in me. He is in total control of me. I love the Lord Jesus and I am not ashamed to say it.

Danielle: Youíre joking right? You gotta be kidding me! So tell me____ little miss Iíve been saved. Did you have Jesus at the club last weekend?

Direction: Monica shakes her head and speaks with confidence.

Monica: You know what___ maybe I didnít, but I found out that he has always had me. I only needed to acknowledge him. He is my Lord and my Savior. I want to remain your friend, but if I have to choose between you and Jesus. You will not be my choice.

Direction: Danielle laughs and places her hand on Monicaís shoulder.

Danielle: Do whatever you want to do with your life. You still my girl_____ and Iím still going out.

Direction: Monica just looks at her friend and shakes her head. As Danielle and Monica continue to shop, two girls on the other side of the store are watching them.

Girl #1: Thatís her. There she is.

Girl #2: hmm___ Sheís not all that. Girl___ I wouldnít even worry about that.

Girl #1: Iím sick of her always in my manís face.

Girl #2: Letís do this then.

Direction: The two girls turn and begin walking toward Danielle and Monica. Danielle and Monica both look up as Danielleís name is called out.

Girl #1: Hey Danielle____ Since your momma didnít teach you to stay away from other peopleís men, Iíll teach you.

Direction: Girl #1 pulls out a gun and just as the trigger is pulled Monica leaps in front of Danielle and takes the bullet directly in the heart. The two girls run pass Monica and Danielle. Danielle, on her knees holds Monica in her arms crying. The thunder sounds and the Lord begin to speak to Monica. Danielle does not hear anything and she continues to cradle Monica in her arms as she cries.

The Lord: Monica____ beloved child. No greater love than that of a friend who would lay down her life for another. Beloved daughter, say good-by to your sister and return to me.

Monica: Donít cry for me my sister. I found Jesus just in time. Youíll never know the time or date He will call. Find Jesus my sister. Find Jesus.

Direction: Monica takes one final breath and gives up the ghost. The police and paramedics come and take Monicaís body away. Danielle kneels momentarily crying then she stands and speaks.

Danielle: Momma_____ I have to tell momma what happened.

Direction: Danielle rushes home. She runs into the house looking for her mother. She calls out to her, but there is no answer. She comes back outside and finds her neighbor standing there. The neighbor tells her what happened.

Neighbor: Danielle___ baby____ your momma is gone.

Danielle: Gone where! Where did she go? Do you know when sheíll be back?

Neighbor: She's not coming back. Your mother died earlier today. Iím so sorry.

Direction: Danielle looks stunned. She begins shaking her head in disbelief. She starts crying uncontrollably. The neighbor tries to control her.

Danielle: No___ No, itís not true. Momma. MommaÖ. I love you mommaÖ Momma.

Direction: Danielle yells at the neighbor telling the neighbor to leave.

Danielle: Leave me alone. Just go. Leave me alone.

Direction: The neighbor lets go of Danielle. The neighbor tries to touch Danielle on the shoulder, but Danielle pulls away.

Neighbor: If you need me___ if you need anything______

Direction: The neighbor leaves. Danielle is left alone on the porch where she last saw her mother alive. Overcome with grief, she falls to her knees crying. She finds her motherís bible, which has been left of the porch, and she picks it up.

Danielle: Why_____ why God. What did they do? They both loved you and now they are both dead. Why? Tell me why!

Direction: The thunder sounds. The Lord speaking with power and glory says to Danielle.

The Lord: Why! Because they loved you! Why? Because they were ready! Because I love you and I shall not let you go. Because you couldnít see me! You couldnít see my Son who died just for you. You couldnít see me at all my child.

Direction: Danielle still on her knees and crying begins to feel a burning in her chest. She begins to feel the love of God inside of her.

Danielle: Lord, what is this feeling? My chest, itís burning. What is happening to me? Am I dying too Lord?

Direction: The thunder sounds.

The Lord: Yes Danielle. That which you were is now dead. Stand beloved you are brand new.

Direction: Danielle stands and wipes the tears from her face. The thunder sounds again.

The Lord: Know this beloved daughter. I will return for you. The time or place is not for you to know. Just know this_____ I shall return. Be ready always my child. Be ready beloved.

Danielle: O my soul______ I feel my soul Lord! (Said with excitement)

Direction: Danielle lifts her hands in worship.

Danielle: I feel my soul! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Savior! O my soul loves you Jesus!

Direction: The thunder sounds.

The Lord: Look beloved. The angels in heaven rejoice with you. You have been redeemed beloved. All of heaven rejoices with you, including your mother and Monica.

Direction: The mother and Monica appear clothed in white. Heavenís choir stands and begins to sing. ďO My Soul Loves Jesus.Ē Danielle sings with the angels. After Danielle has sung she stands with her hands lifted toward heaven as she worships the Lord with her spirit. The end.

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Rosalind Morris 06 Jun 2003
Wow, this is a serious one. I have never heard that song. Did you write this play after listening to it?


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