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by Joyce Poet
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In Open View
The Way I Look
Don’t Give Up on Me
The Dance Instructor
To Send Me a Dove
To Lose My Life
Mine Eyes... (A Double Acrostic)
Because Certainty Loves Me
Winter’s Dejection
Simple Song

In Open View

Luke 10:22 All things are delivered to me of my Father: and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father; and who the Father is, but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal him.

I heard a cry from heaven,
a tender pleading voice,
“Why are you hiding, child?
Why have you made this choice
to stay behind the curtains
that keep you far from me?
Do you not know that I am God?
There is nothing I can’t see.”

I pushed aside weighty veil
and stood before the Lord.
“I was crippled and lame,
tossed aside and abhorred.
What have I to offer Thee?
I’m naked and ashamed.
What can cover the scars of one
whose countenance has been maimed?”

“Look unto the source from which
the Living Water pours --
a never-drying surge
to those whom He adores.
If you will, He’ll cover you
with blessed Crimson Flood,
shed for you, though you knew Him not --
unblemished, innocent blood.”

Who am I to turn away
the covering I’ve found --
blessed blood, shed in love
so I would not be bound
by things I can never change?
My yesterdays are gone.
I’d rather stay in open view
of the One who’s done no wrong.
© Joyce Pool

The Way I Look

I’m blessed with the gift of beauty;
Not the kind the world has known.
It’s not about the way I walk
Or the features that I own.

It’s all about the way I see
Everything around me.
It’s a stream, a brook,
And the way I look
Through the eyes of the One who found me.

I’m blessed with the gift of vision;
Not the kind the world has seen.
It’s not about shapes or colors,
Big or small, or in between.

It’s all about the way I see
Everything around me.
It’s a stream, a brook,
And the way I look
Through the eyes of the One who found me.

I look at you with blessed eyes;
I see what money can’t buy.
Love beyond measure in your soul --
The blessed free gift of Life.

It’s all about the way I see
Everything around me.
It’s a stream, a brook,
And the way I look
Through the eyes of the One who found me.

I’m blessed with the gift of riches --
Money can’t buy me this much.
I’m blessed to see so much beauty
In all that the Master’s touched.

It’s all about the way I see
Everything around me.
It’s a stream, a brook,
And the way I look
Through the eyes of the One who found me.

(You are beautiful!)
© Joyce Pool

Don’t Give Up on Me

can speak volumes,
and blindness can see
Dryness more readily
soaks up the Waters,
and a select few
are called
into the wilderness
for a season.

It, dependent upon your view,
can be
a lonely place,
or, easily,
the opportunity to learn
the depths of Love --
a place of oneness
and nothing from outside
to hinder His handiwork.

I will come back.
Don't give up on me.
I'll come to feed
among the herd
and even to share
the beauty,
the peace,
the victory
that I bring back
with me.

But I'll not return
until The Shepherd
is finished
leading me through
the wilderness.

Not only
will I come back whole,
but I'll come back
with my head held high
and my heart
for a greater work,
a greater purpose,
a deeper desire
to press on toward the mark
of high calling
in my Savior,

and the green, green grass,
the Bread of Life
tucked inside my cloak.
I'll bring back enough
to share it with you,
neither trampled down
nor spoiled.
© Joyce Pool

The Dance Instructor

The Lord and I take the studio alone,
as He trains me to dance with the partner
who waits patiently behind the curtains.

The motions have become more
and more natural to me;
We've been dancing this dance a long while.

In a few, fluid steps,
we are in the center of wide-open space,
gliding to the sounds of angelic hosts.

He lifts me to perch high on His right shoulder,
where my right hand rests;
My eyes and my left palm stretch toward the sky.

One turn of my body, so fluid that
whether He turned me or I turned myself
is unperceivable,

and I face Him. His strong hands let me back down,
slowly, gracefully, to my feet,
and we stand face-to-face for that eternal second.

My tiny hand in His, I lose myself
in the spin. All is perfect.
And, suddenly, the music stops.

Once again, (prayerfully for the last time),
I stumble awkwardly backwards, afraid
He'll not catch me in His arms when I fall.

The Teacher stands before me, so tall,
so strong: "My Beloved, if you do not
trust Me, how will you ever trust him?"

And with one command: "Let the music
begin," we are all the way back to the beginning,
to those first, most fluid steps.

With one deep breath,
I complete the spin; He never let go of my hand;
And I fall back into the arms of Christ.

All the world disappears, my eyes closed
in complete trust. He holds the small of my back.
One foot points knowingly toward the sky,

while the other slightly lifts off the ground
and my own arms dangle freely at my sides,
all of my weight in His hands.

It is our time to dance, Love.
I trust the Master of Ceremonies
to have taught you well.

Because I trust Him, I will gladly place my hand
in yours. But you must first stretch out your palm
in expectance of mine.
© Joyce Pool

To Send Me a Dove

John 16:7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Song of Solomon 2:14 O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

He clothed me in mercy,
dressed me in love.
He took back the Lamb
to send me a Dove.

The Dove sings “Sweet Nighttime,
Rest in Blessed Peace.
Rest in His Promise --
His Love Will Not Cease.”

He clothed me in mercy,
dressed me in love.
He took back the Lamb,
to send me a Dove.

The Dove sings “Sweet Dawning,
Oh, See what He’s Done.
He Gave You His Life
When He Gave His Son.”

He clothed me in mercy,
dressed me in love.
He took back the Lamb,
to send me a Dove.

The Dove sings “Sweet Evening,
Though Gone is This Day,
The Bright Morning Star
Still Shines When You Wake.”

He clothed us in mercy,
dressed us in love.
He took back the Lamb,
to send us a Dove.
© Joyce Pool

To Lose My Life

John 12:25 The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

Romans 7:24-26 What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God--through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God's law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of sin.

Sometimes the burden of my flesh is so heavy;
I wish I were already home,
living, breathing,
waking without it.

As close as possible to being fully in You,
and having You fully in me,
is where I want to be right this moment,
since I must live in this earthly suit.

Why, oh why does my flesh get in my way,
cursing me, hindering me,
laughing sarcastically,
pointing its horrid finger in my face?

Of all things I desire most,
I long to stand beneath the waterfall,
the one downriver
from the throne of grace,

being washed clean,
submerged in Light, submerged in Life,
submerged in the Spirit of Love,
my flesh being washed away, downriver,

until I become one with the Water,
sent forth with purpose --
a purpose greater than being “me.”
But, even that is vanity.

One hand must remain flesh,
a hand not scarred by a nail,
for it is that hand that reaches out
from the River of Life,

a hand seen as common to all men,
skin, and blood, and bones,
that of a sinner saved by grace,
a calloused hand,

open, inviting, comforting,
outstretched for those who stand outside
with a burden of flesh
that cries out to be laid down

at long last -- a hand of flesh,
reaching out from the Water,
pleading “Come. Come.
Come to Life, just as Life is extended

far, far beyond my simple hand.”
© Joyce Pool

Mine Eyes... (A Double Acrostic)

I n His beauty, He’s graced my presence!
N one other compares to His Majesty!
E ven the greatest mountain bows low!

EYES have not seen what great things are in store!
Y outhful dreams can’t even come close!
E ar has not heard just how much He loves us!
S oon, He’ll reveal all those things!

HAVE you not heard? Hallelujah! He reigns!
A ll honor and praises to the King of Kings!
V ictory is ours, through His resurrection power!
E ager, eager am I to enter His courts!

SEEN are the works of His hands! Sing praise!
E mbrace the free gift of Life!
E nter into His gates with thanksgiving!
N othing is impossible with God!

THE wonder of His grace is amazing!
H is mercy is new every morning!
E very tongue shall confess that He is Lord!

GLORY, glory, glory, to Jehovah God, our Creator!
L ord, You are so worthy of all our praise!
O h, praise Him, my soul and all that is within me!
R elease me, oh my God, to the highest praise!
Y our Majesty, I bow low, so low before You!

OF my person, there is no good thing!
F ather, all my hope is in the palms of Your hands!

THE joy of the Lord is my strength!
H eaven and earth, sing praise to His Name!
E very knee will bend low some great day!

COMING King, I kneel before You gladly today!
O n my knees, You heal my heart with one touch!
M ercy stretched wide to save me from the grave!
I will praise Him for all eternity!
N othing shall separate me from the love of God!
G race called me from the pit into Life!

OF Elijah, these are the days! Yet, I call forth Jehu Warriors!
F ree the people of God from idolatry!

THE Jehu spirit will throw down unrighteousness!
H ail! Hail! Emmanuel, God is with us!
E ve and her daughters, anoint the Body of Christ!

LORD, be blessed by the work of Your hands!
O rdain us, a holy priesthood, to work in the harvest!
R eceive our praises! We ask this in Your Name!
D eliver us, oh God, a peculiar people set apart for Your glory!
©Joyce Pool

Because Certainty Loves Me

I walked along an unbeaten path;
It was unsure and unsteady;
I never could seem to get it right
‘Til the day my Father said “You’re ready;

Look to your right and see what is there,”
And I saw a glorious Light;
He opened my eyes and made me see,
Then gave me the will to stand strong and fight.

He made me a warrior of prayer
And said “Follow hard after Me.”
He gave me great wings like an eagle,
Setting this rejected prisoner free.

Staying on that straight and narrow path,
When all you’ve ever known are chains,
Is not always so easily done,
But the glory of His Light still remains.

One step of Certainty at a time,
And the path became much more clear.
Now, I know that the world hated me
Simply because my Father holds me dear.
© Joyce Pool

Winter’s Dejection

The silvery edges
of tall autumn grass
shine as it bows down;
A strong wind
dances through its blades.
It will soon become yellowed
and withered
by winter’s chill
and its seeds will scatter
to birth a new field
come spring.

Your Majesty,
I bow down before You;
Your hallowed love
sifts through the fringes
of my unsightly existence.
Yesterday, even today,
quickly fades;
I’d be left in desolation
had You not purchased my soul
and promised me
abundant life.

If it is your will,
another spring will rejoice
to see me rise again
to another challenge;
Somewhere beyond the scope
of my comprehension,
perhaps You’ve seen fit
for, at least, a seed or two
to take root.
Oh, Sovereign King,
cover me, hide me,
be my shelter
through the harshness
of winter.

My hope sank
when summer abandoned me;
Even the soil beneath my feet
seems aloof -- bitter with cold.
Though, I know
my foundation is in You,
the Solid Rock.

Every fleck of hope I maintain
is in You alone.
Wrap me up in the warmth of peace
and keep me close to You
until springtime sings
“Rejoice! Rejoice!
Lift up thine eyes and rejoice,
for the Lord is mighty
and full with adoration
for those whom He bought!”
© Joyce Pool

Simple Song

I John 5:5-8 Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth. For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

Early morning star blinks in and out of passing clouds;
Those blankets of gray make for disappointing shrouds;
What I see as blessings come in diminutive drifts;
Sometimes, I forget about the smallest of my gifts.

I repent.
I repent.
In You, as You are in Him by whom You were sent,
I must endure sufferings, though my cloak remains rent;
Though I may be terribly weak, You are still strong;
In the overcast quandary, I offer You a simple song --

Carried through the valley, held through the storm,
I lay down what I think ought to be my form.
Mercy, mercy -- Oh, I’ve had more than my share;
If people only knew, they’d swear You weren’t fair.

Though I deserve damnation, it passes me by;
I chide myself, for I suffer and always ask why;
But You ARE Love, and it has nothing to do with blame;
Why does this lesson always turn out the same?

I repent.
I repent.
In You, as You are in Him by whom You were sent,
I must endure sufferings, though my cloak remains rent;
Though I may be terribly weak, You are still strong;
In the overcast quandary, I offer You a simple song --

This, too, will pass; I know, for it always did;
So, I look to the Fortress where my salvation’s hid;
Deep in the heart of the Kings of Kings,
Lies my name and my song and my everything.

Selfish and greedy -- Oh, it’s awfully human of me,
To want only to be blessed and affliction-free;
How utterly vain to think I deserve more than today,
As though no one else suffers or falls down to pray.

I repent.
I repent.
In You, as You are in Him by whom You were sent,
I must endure sufferings, though my cloak remains rent;
Though I may be terribly weak, You are still strong;
In the overcast quandary, I offer You a simple song --

One day, I’ll be adorned with beauty and grace;
Oh, I’ll see my sweet Savior, then, face-to-face;
No cloudy days will be allowed to transpire;
Nothing shall remain but water, blood, and fire --

(The Word, His love, and the Spirit, it’s true!)
On the day that I finally rest in peace with You.
This one thing I ask, Lord, if it is Your will --
Just give me the grace to stand perfectly still.
© Joyce Pool

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Ah Joyce, what a delightful way to spend a coffee break, reading your poems. "Simply" the words flow into a greater thought ... loved Group X ...


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