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by Oguntoye Raphael Oluwa-Shola
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One religion in the world is a time when the whole world peoples,
tribes, nations and continents have one single faith in one particular way to serve God (Zechariah 14:16). In today’s peoples, tribes, clans have different faith of ways to serve God that make way for confusion, wars, riot, commotion in the world.
But history is the rock of light of which true religion sat on and it’s the one that will make the true religion to be restore and its back
for prophesy about one religion in the world to be fulfilled that is Judaism the religion of Christ and his people Judah-Jews the follower of
law (Moses himself the law-the light thatlightening the world in time of darkness-night, the moon Genesis 1:16, Psalm 136:9.
Therefore, the world has now entered into the time of one religion to come to past: 7th and Sabbath millennium about prophesies of restoration of glory of Israel in Daniel.9: 25, Micah 3: 1-4, Zechariah 14:16-21 by messiah the prince Ezekiel 45:16-25 [of the Light Him the Day] the prince on earth like Christ the Ark Angel Michael in Heaven the Prince of God the Peace, Ancient of Days and Love Daniel 12:1,Revelation 5:6,6:16; Daniel 7:13, 2Thessalonias 2:8 [because we have 2 princes to come before Rapture: the 1st prince is the prince of Light of the Light of the
world Genesis 1:3, John 8:12, the prince is the sun- the fear of the Lord-the man in Christ in 2Corinthians 12:2-4, Daniel 9:25, Revelation
6:5. Then the prince of Satan the darkness thenight, the son of perdition 2Thessalonians 2:3,4,8,9; Daniel 9:26,27; 7:25; 11:31,36,37;
Revelation 6:8].
The Lord God is about to course the Modern Assyria German the ark enemy of His people to lead dirty not holy Roman Empire [European Union] again against His people Israel nation in Middle-East; next Russia the land of Gog and his people Magog with allies [nations] to invade Jews’ Holy Land Jerusalem, Isaiah 7:17; 8:4-8; Ezekiel 38:2-6,14-16. This will happen in the 3rd world war for our sins.
Then the Lord God will arise and fight for His people Zechariah 14:3-5. And the Lord God shall be King and His Name ONE all over the whole world from Jerusalem while the religion of people of Judah be restored in full-form of order of the Law of Moses and this will be kept all over the whole world that has never and will never be again in history of man kinds except this that will be after 3rd world war, then Israelites both the upper 10tribes’ kingdom and southern-Judah with Levi kingdom return back to serve their God ceremonially with animals also observing all their festivals and the whole world’s tribes, languages, nations and kingdoms follow them in be their servants in serving their God, and if any family among we gentiles fail to go up to serve God in Jerusalem
God will strike such with plagues Zechariah 22:20-22 of his son Christ Jesus the day the light, the prince is the man in Christ the sun the governor in the day to restore the glory of Israel and their true religion to them over the whole world and will get it fully done because the law (him Moses).
You Christian children of prostitute woman
she Britain wife of Hosea him Israel Hosea12: 3, Gomer instead for her to restore the glory of her husband when God gave her freedom from her
mistress roman empire catholic church founder of Christianity but she went and establish her own prostitution Angelica church, so after your
mother you other Churches took serving unknown God, tearing the clothes of innocent King of Jews, with true way to serve their God they tribe of Judah with tribe of Levi kingdom return back to serve their God ceremonially with animals also observing all their festivals and the whole world’s tribes, languages follow them in being their servants to serve their God Zechariah 8:20-23, and any family among we Gentiles fail go up to serve God in Jerusalem He will strike such with plagues Zechariah
14:16-21. Ancient of Days Him God will use the prince Isaiah 22:20-22 of His Son Christ Jesus the Day the Light, the prince is the
man in Christ the sun the governor in the Day to restore the glory of Israel and their true religion to them over the whole world and will get done because he is the Sun the fear of the Lord [Christ] to obey the law [him Moses].
You Christians children of prostitute woman she Britain [United Kingdom] wife of Hosea -Israel Hosea 1:2,3, Gomer; instead for her to restore the glory of her husband when God gave her freedom away from her mistress Roman Empire-Catholic Church founder of Christianity but she went and established her own prostitution-Anglican Church, so after your mother you other churches took serving unknown God, tearing the clothes of innocent king of Jews, with true way to serve their God tribe of Judah
with Levi and any that join from other tribes of Israel and from we Gentiles families, so also Jesus Christ that came to sit on David’s throne did the religion of His people of Judah even He told the Samaritan woman from the tribe of Ephraim son of Joseph that salvation shall come from people of Judah-Jews
and headquarter of where to serve God is Jerusalem the temple and
branches synagogues controlled by priests from Aaron’s families, while the
Day the Light Him Christ Jesus came in mortal body He was (is) King because He came from David the King’s lineage , fatherly,
While that is a priest because His mother was from Aaron lineage, so He still follow the Law of Moses because He came not to abolish the law
but to fulfill it. Now listen; Moses himself is the law that came before Christ came because Moses is the governor in the night the moon that
the beam of his light could not radiate the whole world’s darkness (Satan) even joined the stars (prophets); but when the light (Christ) came He radiate the whole world and elect the Sun (the prince, the man in Christ, restore of the glory of Israel, a gentile no tan Israeli Daniel 9:25,Mic31-4, Zechariah 14:16-21, Ezekiel 45:7,8; Ezekiel 46:2,3,4) as the governor because Himself Christ was(is) a stranger on earth sent by God because sun was ahead the light on earth before God recreated the world
away from darkness(Satan) , sun was then waters second to darkness(Satan) Genesis 12. Therefore, in that time there are three that control beings: the Light-Christ, the sun- the prince of the light the man in Christ and then the moon him Moses the law because in each month
we have 30 days and moon appear for 15days in the day time with the sun in the day (if you don’t know keep record of it from today) while in its (his) time night (Satan the night or darkness) also! So it is now since Christ has came into the world over 2000 years ago, because the moon the law and the sun the fear of the lord are the two anointed men
(Revelation 11: 3,4) that stand beside the Lord of the whole earth Zechariah
4:14 Him Christ the light that came to save we innocent falling angels
from darkness-Satan king of criminal falling angels Luke9: 5,6.
Finally, oh ye the world’s people await what God is about to bring
upon you: judgment of burning Zechariah 13:8,9 through 3rd world war some cities of nations and a nation without human being and never to have
again - nuclear war Isaiah 48-15 a war than any war in human history even
than 4th world war last war for mortal race that second prince to come from Greece Daniel 8:21-25, Daniel 9:26 the prince of Satan his name
Death Revelation 6:8 the son of perdition 2Thessalonians 2:3; the war he will race against king of South Iran second to the last world power, lastly enter his war into Holy land Jerusalem to defile the sanctuary
fortress; then take away daily sacrifice and place there the abomination of desolation; ;and prove himself God than any gods of that is worshiped even than God of Heaven 2Thessalonians2:4, Daniel 9:27, Daniel
11:25,29-31,36,37, Revelation 6:8. To stop what the prince of Light him the sun
a gentile man will restore to people of God according to the law of Moses daily sacrifices with animals and their festivals Zechariah
14:16 the man the sun will be prince Ezekiel 46:2-7, Daniel 9:25 and governor an emperor over the whole princes of God’s people and over the
whole world Ezekiel 45:7-9,16 as Joseph the dreamer son of Jacob-Israel
was governor in foreign land over all princes of Pharaoh in Egypt Psalm 105:20-22. Then God will restore the glory of Israel by His messenger
the sun who will purify the sons of Levi [Aaron’s sons and other Levites], and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness… Jerusalem will be pleasant to the Lord, as in the days of old, as in former years Malachi 3:3,4. So will this religion of people of Judah-Judaism be ONE RELIGION FOR PEOPLES, LANGUAGES AND ALL NATIONS
THAT SURVIVE after 3rd world war by the man in Christ- the prince him the sun 2Corintians12: 2 in Jerusalem to ALL OVER THE WHOLE WORLD. The
3rd world war that will start any time from now.

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