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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter twelve SECRETS
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Governor: ::Enters a code in his plasmagin to lock down all out-going communications.::

Damian Raen: ::Runs down the hall toward Jade's room, following her, gun in hand:: So what exactly is this secret place?
Jade: Shh. Just come on
Damian Raen: ::Follows her inside as she pulls the door open::
Jade: ::Jade unlocks her door, pulls Damien in and locks the door::

Jade: ::Pulls out a suitcase from the under the bed, and opens it::
Damian Raen: ::Watches Jade:: And this is what.
Jade: ::Throws clothes out haphazardly and then pulls out a small silvery substance folded up:: This is my secret spot.
Damian Raen: ::Raised an eyebrow::
Jade: ::Slowly unrolls the silvery thing till it looks like a body bag. She unzips it and pulls out some medical journals and a few newspaper clippings:: This material is state of the art, it allows for anything placed inside to become invisible but you have to be quiet. They could still hear you if you talk or even breathe.
Damian Raen: ::Shrugs, looking at the newspapers:: What's this?
Damian Raen: ::Fascinated:: So it's like an invisibility suit, but it's a body bag. Like for hiding corpses you don't want to be found...?
Jade: Right, basically

Karrina Calloway: ::Busy until now with work and home stuff, Karrina wonders how Meinta is doing and plasmagins her::
Meinta: ::Feels her plas vibrate:: Hello..?
Karrina Calloway: Hi Meinta, how's everything going? Sorry I've been so busy lately.
Meinta: ::Sounds shaken.:: Karrina, you won't guess what's going on.
Karrina Calloway: What is it?!
Meinta: They found the library.
Karrina Calloway: With all of our...books in it? What did they say? What about your dad?
Meinta: Yes. Dad was there. It kinda got crazy... Damian pulled out a gun and ran off... Now Gabi and I are in the Security dome... ::Sighs::
Karrina Calloway: So our cover's blown. What're we going to do? Should I come right over?
Meinta: Could you come, Karrina? I'd like the company if nothing else. They're not letting us out yet...
Karrina Calloway: Out of what? Where are you?
Meinta: We're in that one inside dome for emergencies, I guess.
Karrina Calloway: Who are you with?
Meinta: Just walk out side your house and you'll get whisked here by a guard. ::laughs ruefully:: I'm with Gabi.
Gabrielle: Hi, Karrina.
Karrina Calloway: Oh. Can we trust her? I'll be right there and we'll sort something out.
Meinta: I don't know.
Karrina Calloway: I'm on my way over, Meinta. Karrina out. ::Hurriedly leaves house and half runs to emergency section of dome::

Narrator: ::Jade lays the body bag on the floor. One of the newspaper clippings is lying face up on the bed. The caption reads BLOODY PSYCHOLOGY: An unidentified 17 year old male shot and killed himself during a therapy session late last night. His psychologist, Dr. Jade Constantine, refused to comment on his records or reason for treatment. Police answered a 911 call and fell the boy lying in a pool of blood….::

Damian Raen: ::Reaches for the clipping::
Jade: ::Snatches the clipping from Damian:: Get in the bag!
Damian Raen: ::Looks at her warily:: Sure... ::Nods toward the clipping in Jade's hand:: What's that?
Jade: It's the kid I was telling you about.
Damian Raen: ::Nods:: Huh. So basically some kid went psycho in your office. You're lucky he didn't shoot you.
Jade: He wasn't psycho....he was depressed. I tried to stop him, tried to take the gun from him, but he.... ::Looks away:: Get in the bag, stupid, before they get here!
Damian Raen: ::Watching her, crawls into the bag, which is plenty large enough:: What about you?
Jade: I'll be fine. It's not me they're after.
Damian Raen: ::Nods, holds the gun close:: Zip it up.
Jade: Give me the gun.
Damian Raen: ::Looking nervously towards the door::
Jade: Damian, give me the gun. Please. ::looks concerned and kind of scared::
Damian Raen: ::Raises an eyebrow, then slowly hands the gun to Jade:: Okay. Here.
Jade: ::Zips up the bag. Damien "disappears". Jade unloads the pistol and then flops on her bed and pretends to read a medical journal, looking quite innocent::

AJ: ::Looks around, trying to figure out her next move.::
Governor: ::Flips on his plas and punches a few buttons, motions to a guard and they murmur, bending over their plasmagins::
AJ: Governor, how do you propose we deal with this? I have to file a report....
Governor: AJ, I've just closed the outside communication.
AJ: You do know that the Commander will investigate the lack of communication.
Governor: Yes, we are aware of that and have a system in place to counteract the suspicion for a short time
AJ: I see. ::attempts to get a message through to the Commander via her hand held.::

Karrina Calloway: ::Arrives outside the door where Meinta and Gabi are. A guard stands in the doorway.::
Meinta: Gabi, you alright?
Gabrielle: Yeah.
Meinta: That was...interesting...
Gabrielle: I think.
Meinta: What are you guys going to do?
Gabrielle: This has so NOT been what I expected this to be!
Meinta: Yeah, you and me both...
Gabrielle: I still don't know why I was picked for this assignment! I think there's way more going on than ANY of us know!
Karrina Calloway: ::To guard at door:: Let me in, please. I have business with the governor's daughter.
Guard: ::Stands aside letting her through the door. ::
Karrina Calloway: Meinta, Gabi, wow when I miss something, I really miss something.
Meinta: ::Gives Karrina a hug, eyes Gabi::
Karrina Calloway: ::After being filled in on situation.:: Gabi, are they going to try to harm us?
Gabrielle: I need to let you guys in on something. Are we secure? There isn't anyone listening in on us, is there?
Meinta: ::Hesitates:: Well, I think the guards are probably listening... They are probably monitoring everything that is going on in the whole place right now.
Gabrielle: I'm with you. We were sent to look for illegal activity. My job was to find out where your loyalties lay.
Karrina Calloway: I think you know by now what our first loyalty is.
Gabrielle: And mine is in the same place. I have already withheld information from my superiors to protect you.
Meinta: I'm torn between relief that you are with us and fear that they are after us... We were afraid of something like this happening when we heard about Group T19.
Gabrielle: Honestly, I don't know what or where they are. I assume you mean the UU.
Karrina Calloway: Oh Gabi, what are you going to do?
Gabrielle: ::starts tearing up:: I think we need to pray. That's all I know to do right now!
Meinta: Yes.
Karrina Calloway: There's nothing I'd rather do.

Meinta: ::Reaches out and takes both of their hands::
Karrina Calloway: Father, you know this whole situation, and are controlling it right now. You are in our midst. And we need your guidance.
Gabrielle: And protection
Karrina Calloway: Protect your own.
Meinta: Give Dad and the others wisdom right now Lord.
Karrina Calloway: And help us show your love to the unbelieving.

Guard 1: ::From outside Jade's Door:: Open up! Law enforcement!
Jade: It's open
Guard 1: ::Still outside:: If there are any weapons in view, I will not hesitate to open fire. I am coming in...
Jade: ::rolls her eyes:: The only weapon is unloaded. ::Jade looks up lazily from the medical journals and motions to the gun lying on the bed:: It's unloaded and all yours.
Guard 1: ::Pushes open the door, hand near the grip of his gun:: I've been told there's a young man with a weapon.
Jade: ::Smiles sweetly.:: If there was a young man in my room, trust me, I'd know it.
Guard 1: ::Eyes her warily.:: Why is the gun here if the perpetrator isn't?
Jade: ::Eyes flash:: He's not a perpetrator, you moron. He didn't shoot anyone, he's legally allowed to carry the gun, and he's not here now. Search if you wish.
Guard 1: ::Sighs:: I'm afraid I'll have to.

Jason Patterson: ::Wandering down the hall, sees the Governor and walks in his direction::
Governor: ::Watching the guards on his plas, motions to Jason to come over.:::
Jason Patterson: ::: Walks over slowly:: What's happened here any way... things are crazy.
Governor: ::Shows Jason the plas:: They are talking to Jade right now.

Guard 1: ::Steps further into the room:: You were present when the violence broke out, right?
Jade: Go ahead.
Guard 1: ::Pulls open the closet slowly, carefully::
Jade: There was no violence!
Guard 1: ::Raises an eyebrow:: My report said that there was an argument and a gun was drawn. That sounds pretty much like violence to me.
Jade: Those stupid religious freaks started it. All Dam--Mr. Raen tried to do was get out of the room.
Guard 1: While holding a gun on a government officer
Jade: ::Jade jumps off the bed angrily and shoves a photograph in the guard's face.:: That is violence!
Guard 1: ::Steps to the bathroom unit and peers inside, seeing no one there:: Sorry, ma'am but when a gun is pulled, that's called violence.
Jade: All your little illegal friends are fine. No one was hurt. No one was ever in danger. You have the gun. So what is it going to take to not be after Mr. Raen to arrest him?
Guard 1: ::Looks at Jade coldly:: I see he isn't here. We're still looking into your involvement, since you obviously have the gun... but I'll let you alone now. Good day.
Jade: ::Jade suddenly smiles.:: Hey, get me the governor. Now!
Guard 1: ::Steps out of the room, carrying Damian's gun, closes the door::
Jade: ::To the guard as he leaves:: Yea, same to you. ::whispers to Damian:: He's gone, but you better lay low for a little while longer.
Narrator: ::Two guards remain outside the door, preventing Jade from leaving the dome until Damian Raen is found.::

Narrator: ::The three women sit quietly in the peace brought by their prayers. An idea comes to Meinta.::
Meinta: Gabi, are you willing to work with us to help us figure out what to do?
Gabrielle: Anything!
Meinta: I'm going to let Dad know... ::types into plas::

Governor: Jason, what do you think we need to do next?
Jason Patterson: :::Looks up mumbling to himself::: Throw the whole lot out on the ice for starters.
Governor: ::Grimaces:: Yeah, really...
Jason Patterson: ::Turning to the Governor:: I don't know Beren, I don't know what it will mean for WP
Governor: I locked all the outside communication down for now... But we need to decide what to do next.
Jason Patterson: If they do get a message through, What could happen..?
Governor: Same thing that happened to the other dome you found, maybe...
Jason Patterson: What I want to know is who is behind it ... This Damian kid seems to know..
Governor: ::Sighs heavily:: That's what we have to find out. But it looks like it is the UU. That is what Group T19 came from.
Jason Patterson: Yes... and the things I found out there point to it as well... but all records have been erased as to any of it.. If UU knew there was something here, why send out another colony to the same planet, or even allow it to start back up..
Governor: ::Frowns and flips to a double screen::

Gabrielle: I think we should keep my loyalties a secret. AJ and I get along and that may come in real handy.
Meinta: OK. ::Types in some more::
Gabrielle: You have to understand that I really like my team mates and don't want to lie to them or use them. I just want to figure out a way to help you and maybe even save my team too, if you know what I mean.
Meinta: ::Nods slowly:: We don't want to hurt anyone. But this could be a life and death battle.
Gabrielle: I was afraid of that. My stomach is in knots!
Meinta: ::Leans her head on her knees::
Gabrielle: We wrestle not against flesh and blood, right? Why can't the enemy get it that he is a defeated foe, already?!
Meinta: ::Smiles ruefully:: Yeah, really.
Gabrielle: Wow, it sure is a relief to finally let someone in on my secret. Thanks.
Meinta: ::Impulsively hugs her::
Gabrielle: ::Hugs back with a bear hug::

Governor: Hmmm, Meinta says Gabrielle Fontana is also a Christian and is willing to work with us. This could be an answer to prayer.
Jason Patterson: If she could get us some information... Yes!
Governor: Of course, we won't let the rest of the group know... ::Glances around.::
Jason Patterson: And what of the others... Jade and this Damian... they both came here, yet now he is gone.
Governor: He's hidden some where. He can't get out of here. It's locked down. And Everything is being monitored.
Jason Patterson: Where would he hide...
Governor: ::Rubs his forehead:: I don't know. I prayed this day wouldn't come.
Jason Patterson: There must be some where safe we can go...
Governor: There are 10,000 people at risk of their lives right now...
Jason Patterson: There are some of the old cave outpost, but one big enough for every one.. I don't know.
Governor: Let's go to my office. It is secure there.

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Lauren Bombardier 11 Jan 2006
Ooohh, I hadn't read this one! Very nice.
Karri Compton 18 Dec 2005
Oohhh....cool. Good chapter - it all came out quite nicely.


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