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Satan's Failure and Nightmare
by Caroline Alderson
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Father, I praise and worship You. I love You, Love with all my heart, with all my strength, with all my might. And I love others as I love myself. I thank You for being my Protector. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against me shall be condemned and proven wrong.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must come to a place where they must trust Love for their very sanity. I trust You, Love. You are my Light. You are my Joy. You are my Peace of mind. You are my Stabilizer in a time of war. You will sustain me when the enemy is raging all around me. I can trust You, Lord. I can trust You. You will not leave me, or ever forsake me. You love me as much as You love others, and even as much as You love Your own Son, Jesus. I rely on that Love to see me thorough this time.

Though the enemy steals from me, You will make him pay back 7 times what he stole, and you will make him pay for all damages, physical, emotional, and any other.

You are the Lord of my Life. Without You I can do nothing. Without You, I don’t have a chance.

I worship You, Love. I worship You Jesus. I worship You, my Love and my God. There is nothing that happens to me, that You don’t see. You will repay, thus saith the Lord. I will leave way for Your wrath to pay him back.

I am healed by the stripes that Jesus took on His back for me. I have peace because of the crown of thorns that Jesus took on His precious head. Jesus was afflicted in His body, yes, but also in His mind, and emotions. Satan was whispering into Jesus mind, “Your Father has abandoned you to me. He doesn’t care about you anymore.” As they continued to mock Jesus, and to lie about him, Satan worked in His mind and emotions. “No one cares about you. They have all left you. You have been rejected, oh poor, poor wretched Jesus. You are no longer loved. You are no longer King.”

Inside of Himself, Jesus would have been fighting for His sanity, just like we have to do. His body wracked with pain, but what about His mind and emotions? The movie doesn’t show that part. It would be worse. The tearing of His soul by the enemy while His body was being torn as well. “The Father has forsaken you to me.” Satan whispers in Jesus ears. “You are all alone. You are rejected. He will never come for you. He will not be coming to rescue you from the monster. I OWN you now, Jesus! You are MINE! ALL MINE! Who will free you now?? Whaterya gonna do now, Jesus, most holy son of God? Whaterya gonna do now?? I have won! I am killing Love’s Son!! He is mine to do with as I please!!” Satan takes a bow, showing the kingdom of darkness what he has all by his genius self done. Oh look at him. Isn’t he great. He took down the mighty Son of God. All the demons agree that their master is the greatest of all. Yeah, yeah. They rejoice. They stamp their feet in glee. They play their evil music. They have beaten God. The humans still belong to them and their master. No one can take them from them, now that Jesus lost the battle.

After the demons tore Jesus body, and His soul, (His mind, emotions, and will) then Satan dragged the Son of Love down into hell to torment his spirit as well. All the demons dance around their catch they have won. They whoop and holler that the Prince of Peace has lost and now belongs to them. They rejoice for killing Jesus body, soul, and spirit. Who will save the humans now? The Father has forsaken His Son. The kingdom of darkness has won.

The demons have forgotten something……….

The prophesy…….

After three day… He will rise from the dead…..

The demons are so busy rejoicing they forgot. Although… it is strange… but… when corruption and decay came on Jesus body… they couldn’t touch it. What’s the deal here??? “How come we can’t decay his body????? We do it to everyone else when they die! But, Jesus body, it won’t corrupt. It won’t decay…

They forgot the prophesy... The one who would come, that after death, Love would not let his body decay, nor know corruption, nor would Love allow this One to remain in hell. The prophesy said, “You will not leave me in hell…”

The demons forgot the prophesy… so …. They weren’t paying attention…. On the third day…. When it happened….

Down in the dark recesses of hell…. After the three days was up, possibly a little before… LIGHT pierced the darkness of hell…. The demons look up. They see the light. “LOVE!!!!!!” The demons scream…. “Don’t let Love steal our catch!!!!! Grab him!” They tried to grab Jesus…. But… Jesus rose up and shook them off. The LIGHT and LOVE came back inside of Him, and Jesus spirit who the demons claimed, was born again. Jesus became the first born from the dead. He became the first begotten Son from the dead.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” the demons scream in terror. “His Father is rescuing him!!! He’s giving Jesus his powers back!!! Run for your lives!!! It’s every demon for himself!!!!!!!! Let’s get out of here!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Jesus threw demons first one way and then the other. Jesus approached Satan…. Taking the keys of hell, death, and the grave, Jesus stripped Satan of all the powers he had stolen from Adam/Eve. Then, Jesus tossed Satan down on the ground, and He placed His foot on the devil’s neck in front of all hell, in front of all the demons. The demons watched from a safe distance. They were terrified. Jesus had defeated their mighty master. He was showing that He was the King and Master, and satan is under His feet.

We who are in Jesus, in Christ, in the Anointed One, we are the body of the Anointed One. We are the feet of Jesus. The feet of Jesus is positioned on the neck of satan. Satan is under Jesus feet. Satan is under the body of Christ’s feet. Satan is under my feet. Satan is under your feet, if you belong to Jesus, and have accepted all that He the spotless Lamb of Love has done for you.

Jesus rose from the dead and reentered His body. The angels came down, and moved the huge stone that was at the opening of His tomb. He walked out in His body, but having no blood. Because the blood of Jesus had to be taken to the Father to redeem mankind from satan.

Jesus went to His Father, knelt at the throne, and presented to Love the blood He had shed for all of mankind. He presented everything that He had done for us. He presented His back that still had the scars from when they had whipped Him. Those stripes, those scars were for our healing, to heal us of all sickness, diseases, and pains.

Jesus presented His head that had the crown of thorns pressed in to His flesh, where blood had poured forth. He presented to Love His mind, emotions, and will that satan had tormented and torn, but that was now filled with Love, Peace, and Joy from Love, His Father. That Peace, Love, Joy, and all the fruit of the Spirit is for us who accept what He did on that horrible day two thousand years ago. He did it all for you. He did it all for me. He did it for all of us. No longer do we have to be filled with dread, fear, evil thoughts, depression, bad memory, distress, worries, etc… Jesus bore all of that emotional problems for you. Just accept what He did for you, and go FREE in Jesus name!! Be free in Jesus name! Be free!

Because Jesus spirit and soul went to hell, now our spirit and soul will never know what hell is like. We will now not have to be punished for the sins of Adam. Jesus bore that horrible punishment in hell for us, so we can go free. Instead of I plead “guilty”. We can now say, “I plead Jesus Blood.” Jesus took every suffering known to man. He took every punishment that man would have to bear, not only in his body, but also in his mind, will, and emotions, and He didn’t stop there, He died to righteousness, and His Spirit became literally Sin, so we could be made righteousness. I am the righteousness of Jesus. Jesus was made sin so I could be made righteous. Jesus was made sick so I could be made healed. Jesus was distressed in his mind and emotions so I could be made peaceful in my will, mind, and emotions. I have a right to peaceful thoughts, because of the price that Jesus paid for me.

Copyright 2005 © No Fear Here Ministries - Caroline Alderson

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