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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter eleven REVIELED
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Author requests article critique


AJ: ::Sends message to Group T19:: Meet in my quarters, ASAP
Jade: ::Jade rolls over and stares at her Plasmagin:: That girl needs to get a life..
Gabrielle: ::Sees the message on her Plasmagin. She sets her books aside on her bed and gets up to brush her hair.::
Damian Raen: ::Feels his plasmagin vibrate, pulls it out:: Wow. Again. Coming, Rambo.
Jade: ::Stuffs it under a pillow and tries to get back to sleep::
Damian Raen: ::Knocks on Jade's door on his way down the hall:: Hey, Rambo needs us.
Jade: ::Groans:: Yea, yea, I heard. ::Gets up mumbling to herself as she stumbles down the hall after Damian::
AJ: ::Waits for the others::

Jason Patterson: ::Plasmagin to Beren.::: Just about to the Dome... Is every thing ok there.?
Governor: Hi Jason.. Everything seems to be going smoothly.
Jason Patterson: Good to hear.
Governor: We're meeting in the side dome in five min.
Jason Patterson: I am hurrying.
Governor: Hope you can make it before we end.
Jason Patterson: Had the strangest trip... but have some interesting finds on scan.
Governor: Looking forward to hearing about it.
Jason Patterson: Should be there in a few minutes.

Gabrielle: ::Meets others outside AJ's room and knocks on door::
AJ: ::Stands:: Enter
Damian Raen: ::Steps into AJ's room, sits on the bed:: Okay, what's up?
Gabrielle: Hey, A.J. ::furrows brows:: What's up?
Jade: ::Lays down on the bed...pulls covers over her head::
AJ: Have a seat. We have to get back in that library.
Damian Raen: ::punches Jade's shoulder:: Wake up, you.
AJ: There is more to this than meets the eye.
Jade: ::Speaking in a muffled voice.:: Wasn't your book good enough.
AJ: They can't expect us to believe that they keep first edition books under lock and key, and that's all that's in there.
Jade: ::Groans:: Who cares?
Damian Raen: Why not? First editions are valuable ::raises his eyebrows:: but I know what you mean.

AJ: Jade, you don't have to join us, but I plan to try to get in there. Who's in?
Damian Raen: ::Shrugs:: I am.
Jade: ::Throws over the cover:: I am up for an adventure, it's so boring here, but come on...the library?
AJ: Like I said, I think there's more to it... we won't know till we try.
Damian Raen: We tried yesterday. What makes you think we can get in there now?
Gabrielle: Wait a minute. What books? Is that what that room is? A library?
Jade: ::Stares at her wiggling toes as if very interested in them::
AJ: I studied the electronic code and I think if I can reproduce the right frequency, it'll pop the lock.
Damian Raen: Uh huh.
AJ: Ok, so meet in the weight room in five minutes.
Damian Raen: Alright.
Jade: ::Sighs:: Fine.
Gabrielle: Do we need to bring anything?
AJ: ::To Gabs:: No. ::Puts her hand-held in her pocket, tucks her k-bar in her boot and heads to the work out room::
Jade: ::Trudges back to her room, changes into clothes and heads for the weight room::

Kristof: ::Arises from his deep sleep and walks around the sick bay. Discovers a Plasmagin in a drawer and begins to get familiar with it.::

Jason Patterson: ::: Drive the last mile to the Dome colony sees the morning sunrise shining off the Main dome:::

Narrator: ::AJ, Gabrielle, and Damian enter gym::
AJ: ::nods:: Ok, we're just waiting on Jade...
Jade: ::Enters workout room looking rather bored.:: Ok, what's up.
AJ: Ok, Jade and Gabs provide a lookout. Damian, I think you've picked a lock or two, if I'm not mistaken, I could use a hand....
Damian Raen: Sure thing.

Kristof: ::Pulls from his worn, dirty coverall a much older predecessor, eyes the similarities. And the differences. The advancements. Begins thinking...::
Meinta: ::Walks up:: Hello.
Kristof: ::Lowers hands quickly, looking up.:: Yes, hello.
Meinta: I am Governor Beren's daughter.. I was with the group that found you. Name's Meinta.
Kristof: ::Hides Plasmagin:: Hi. Yes, how could I ever forget such a lovely face?
Meinta: ::Raises her eyebrows and flushes a little:: Good to see you up and around.
Kristof: Well, it's been a strange last few hours. I'm beginning to get settled. It's been a long time since I spoke to anyone.
Meinta: It must take some getting used to.
Kristof: Well, I'm taking things a step at a time.
Meinta: Good.
Kristof: This Governor you spoke of...what's he like?
Meinta: What's he like? ::smiles:: He's a good man.
Kristof: Good. What is good, these days.
Meinta: Honest, loyal, caring.
Kristof: Loyal to whom?
Meinta: Loyal to his friends and family and the people he governs.

Jade: ::Jumps on a hamstring machine::
Gabrielle: ::to Jade:: What are you doing? We need to be look outs!
Jade: ::Arches a brow:: The walls are glass....I can see from here.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi hesitantly steps onto a tread mill and turns it on.::
AJ: ::Walks to the door, pulls out the k-bar and hands it to Damian:: See right here? ::shines light about half way down the door frame::
Damian Raen: ::Looks where AJ is pointing:: UH huh... lemme see here...
AJ: I'm going to run the sequence, and when it hits the right one, you'll have a split second to use the knife to jam the lock out of the way to open the door before the sequence moves to the next try.
Damian Raen: Okay... ::concentrating::
AJ: Listen for a click...

Narrator: In the hall in another part of the dome...
Meinta: ::Nods toward Kristof's hands behind his back:: You found a plasmagin?
Kristof: ::Looks a little dismayed:: Oh, this? I was just a little curious. I saw it on the table.
Meinta: ::Shrugs:: It's an extra. You can use it if you want. Want me to show you how to work it?
Kristof: ::Reluctantly hands it over:: Sure, teach this old dog a new trick.
Meinta: You can email, do video, surf the internet, all sorts of things.
Kristof: ::Slides hand into pocket and activates his POD::
Meinta: ::She shows him how:: And you can check out what's going on in different places of the dome. Those things give you access to pretty much anything.
Kristof: I see. Wow, that's really something. The internet, huh? So, you have access to the Network?
Meinta: But of course, the UU scans everything, too.... ::mutters under her breath:: Unless you scramble it...
Kristof: Anything? Well, that is very comforting. I'm sure there's quite a bit of news I could be catching up on. How would I connect?
Meinta: ::Shows him how to connect:: You can contact anyone in the dome that way. Feel free.
Kristof: ::Pretends to be paying attention while adjusting a setting on his POD::
Meinta: I have a meeting in ::checks her watch:: three minutes. So I better go.
Kristof: That's not too difficult. I think I could figure this out. Thank you very much, Mrs...
Meinta: Miss Salkia, and you're welcome.
Kristof: MISS Salkia. Well, Miss Salkia. I will put this new knowledge to good use! Thank you again!
Meinta: ::Rolls her eyes as she leaves:: See you later.
Kristof: ::Watches her leave the room carefully before taking his POD out and reading the data he collected from her "demo"::
Meinta: ::Heads down the hall to the prayer meeting place::

Damian Raen: ::Holds the Kbar ready::
AJ: ::Starts the handheld::
Damian Raen: ::Shoves the tip of the knife into the lock, twists:: I think I got it...
AJ: ::Hears click::
Damian Raen: I got it!
AJ: ::Pushes on door:: Got it!

Jason Patterson: :::Enters air lock doors, watches as the close behing the drone..::

AJ: Ok, find something to hold the door open....
Damian Raen: ::peers through the open door:: wow...
Jade: How about a dumbell?
AJ: ::nods:: That should work.
Damian Raen: That'll work.
Jade: ::Hands Rambo a 25lb weight::
AJ: ::Jams the weight in and squeezes in::
Damian Raen: :Follows AJ::
Jade: ::Follows them in. ::
AJ: ::Shines her light around ::
Damian Raen: Talk about books...
AJ: More books.. Cd's.. Boxes, sealed.... ::scans boxes:: Computer files.. Ledgers.. This isn't just a library..

Jason Patterson: ::: Walks through halls from the main loading area towards the gym::

AJ: Shakespeare...a Bible..... wow.....
Damian Raen: A Bible?
Jade: ::rolls her eyes::
Damian Raen: I thought those were outlawed years ago.. what's it doing here?
AJ: Yes..... They were..... If the commander wants something illegal, we found it.
Damian Raen: ::Looking at the Bible:: Yeah.
AJ: ::Continues to look around.:: I still feel like we're missing something..
Damian Raen: ::Sees another Bible:: Here's more.
Jade: Great, a bunch of religious freaks, I knew they were weird.
Damian Raen: But why? I thought all those religious racists got killed off years ago
AJ: There are always underground groups when things are banned, like Speakeasies back in the 1920's on earth.
Jade: Well, obviously they just snuck off here instead....well, good, let them live here. Maybe now we can go home
Gabrielle: ::Whispers frantic and moves her arms wildly:: People in the hall! Hurry!
Damian Raen: ::To Gabi:: What?
Gabrielle: ::A little too loud:: People in the hall! Get out! We're going to get caught!
AJ: ::Hears Gabs:: Maybe we should get out. We got in once, we can get in again.....
Damian Raen: Right.! ::peers out the door, sees Meinta in the hall:: Hurry, get out of sight..
Jade: ::yanks out the dumbell:: Come on! ::but the door is too heavy and slams shut on them leaving them on the inside and Gabi the only one left in the weight room::
Damian Raen: ::cusses::
Jade: Oops.

Kristof: ::finds a backdoor into the central data system. Begins query on the Governor and the security systems. Does a search on himself. Replaces the POD in his pocket and begins to explore the building::

Jason Patterson: ::Bumps into Meinta in the hall near the gym and grins.:: Hi, kiddo.
Meinta: ::teasingly:: Hey, watch it, buster! ::laughs How'd your trip go?
Jason Patterson: It was odd .. to say the least.
Meinta: ::hears urgent voices behind them:: What's that?
Jason Patterson: I found another colony dome out there..
Meinta: ::glances toward the gym:: Really? Another dome? How can that be?
Jason Patterson: I don't know... That old guy we found said something about it, as well.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi heads out of the workout room pretending to be short of breath from a workout:: Hey, guys!
Meinta: Hey Gabi.
Gabrielle: How are you? Man, you have a nice set-up in there!
Meinta: ::Grins at them both talking to her at the same time:: Yeah, we do...
Jason Patterson: And when I went to check those strange readings out... it was at the same place I found the old Colony.. but damaged bad..
Gabrielle:::Trying to distract them with small talk.:: I haven't had that good of a workout in quite a while!
Meinta: The same place as what?
Jason Patterson: The same place I was getting those reading.

Damian Raen: ::Pushes on the library door:: Get it open again.
AJ: ::Can't open the door from the inside:: Looks like we're stuck for the moment. Do you still have my knife?
Damian Raen: Yeah. ::Gives the knife to her::
AJ: Let's try to run the sequence again .... wait....
Damian Raen: There's no lock on the inside...
AJ: Wait... I think I hear more voices out there....
Damian Raen: ::moves back toward the bookshelves:: What about the other door...
AJ: ::tucks k-bar back in boot, and heads to other door:: Sure, we can check it....Meinta had to get out of here somehow though...

Gabrielle: Do you guys work out? I sure could use some more work out buddies.
Meinta: ::Glances at Gabi, and smiles:: Um, not ussually... Find it kinda boring to do something stationary...
Gabrielle: Oh, you should try it. It gives you so much energy!
Meinta: ::To Jason:: So did you figure out what caused the readings?
Jason Patterson: Still have no idea... except by the looks of it, I would say it was a mass bombing of somekind..

AJ: ::Runs the scan on the other door:: I think the sequence reset or something? I'm not getting a good read....But, I think we're stuck for the moment.
Jade: ::Lights her lighter and peers at more books::
Damian Raen: ::Leans against a shelf:: Huh, well, what now?
AJ: ::Shines light around:: Well, we might as well explore and see what else we can find....
Damian Raen: ::Starts looking at the books:: More Bibles over here... different colors and stuff. Man, this whole planet must be full of religious wackos!
Jade: Who in their right mind would believe in God?
AJ: I guess since Christianity is illegal, it would make more sense to keep it under lock and key.
Damian Raen: Yeah...
AJ: ::Spots some study guides, devotionals, books on the history of Christianity::

Meinta: ::What Jason said suddenly sinks in:: What? A bombing?!
Gabrielle: What?
Meinta: ::Looks sideways at Gabi::
Gabrielle: ::To Jason:: Is there trouble?
Jason Patterson: Major Bombing. Like being blasted from space... but by who, or what..?
Meinta: ::Frowns:: That's kinda scary...
Jason Patterson: I found something odd out on the Ice... not sure how old it is.
Gabrielle: ::to Jason:: Huh? You're scaring me!
Meinta: Did you tell Dad yet?
Jason Patterson:::Nods his head:: Yes, we have spoke on it, and don't worry Gabrielle, it seems rather old...

Kristof: ::POD beeps as it completes its initial query. He pulls it out, carefully looking around and issues another query on anything related to U.S.E.L.E.S.::

Meinta: ::Checks her watch:: Oh, no. We're late to a meeting.
Gabrielle: Do you think it has anything to do with that man we found?
Meinta: ::To Gabi:: Sorry Gabrielle, we have a WP meeting.
Jason Patterson: I would not worry too much if I were you... at least not until I get better readings..
Gabrielle: ::Bites lip and hesitates as if her mind is searching for a reason to keep them there:: Oh, uh, I guess I have to let you go. I really should head to the shower anyway.
Meinta: I'll catch you later, okay?

AJ: ::Moves back to the exercise room door and listens::
Damian Raen: ::to AJ:: Anyone out there?
AJ: ::Nods to Damian:: Sounds like Meinta and Jason...
Damian Raen: ::Shakes his head:: Man.
AJ: We can't go out this way right now.
AJ: Not sure who else is out there... besides Gabrielle.
Damian Raen: ::Laughs:: I bet she's trying to look innocent.
Jade: That should be easy.
AJ: ::Nods:: I'm sure she is.
Damian Raen: Ha.
AJ: She's really not cut out for this kind of work....::continues to search the room::

Gabrielle: Okay, uh, maybe we could have coffee! Where's the best place?
Jason Patterson: Maxx's Java Shed ...
Meinta: Yes, do you want to meet there tonight?
Gabrielle: How do I get there? Maybe I'll head over there after I shower?
Meinta: ::Glances at her watch again:: You know where the main dome is?
Gabrielle: Of course I could meet you there tonight too, uh, I love coffee, lots of it! ::giggles nervously::
Meinta: It's over to the left of the main hallway.
Jason Patterson: Need to find the Governor... :: looks down towards the door::
Meinta: You wanna meet at 7:00? ::doesn't wait for an answer:: Great.. I'll see you there
Gabrielle: ::Glances over her shoulder to the door in the gym hoping she's bought enough time.:: Yeah, I know where the main dome is.
Meinta: We better hurry, Jason. Dad'll be wondering.
Gabrielle: Okay, thanks! Tonight then, Maxx's, coffee, yup, see ya there. Seven o’clock
Jason Patterson: :: Walking slowly, thinking of what to say to Governor::
Meinta: ::Stops to look over her shoulder.:: Jason, go ahead. I've gotta grab something.

Kristof: ::POD beeps again. Kristof carefully looks around, nodding politely to a passerby in the hall and enters another query.:: Project Horizon.

Damian Raen: ::Nonchalantly:: So we're basically stuck in here until poor little Meinta comes and gets us out.
AJ: Either that or we find the new electronic sequence to get out.
Damian Raen: Think we can do that?
AJ: I think it's on some kind of delay for a reset. ::goes back to door and listens again::
Damian Raen: ::Notices a book about the art of warfare:: Huh.?

Meinta: ::to Gabi:: Okay, talk to you later!
Gabrielle: ::Gabi starts down the hall slowly pretending to study something on the wall, glancing over her shoulder::
Meinta: ::hesitates in the hall::
Gabrielle: ::She sees Meinta watching her and smiles at Meinta and waves:: Bye.
Meinta: Bye! :: goes around the corner, taps into the security cameras with her plasmagin and watches Gabi::
Gabrielle: ::Gabi finally turns the corner and stops out of Meinta's view::
Meinta: ::Hurries back to the gym and closes the door behind her. Opens the door to the library a slight bit, gropes for the light::

Kristof: ::Kristof continues walking around the building, taking careful note of the cameras and exits. His POD suddenly begins to vibrate violently and a computerized voice beckons him.:: You've got mail!
Gabrielle: ::Gabi peaks around the corner and sees Meinta gone so she starts to sneak back to the gym::
Kristof: ::Looks down at POD and mumbles to himself:: 57,087,538 messages...

Damian Raen: ::stands up straight, a silhouette against the light that has come on::
AJ: ::squints in the sudden light::
Meinta: ::stares with open mouth and squeals::
Damian Raen: Hey Meinta.
Jade: ::pulls down a random book:: Oh, this is just the one we were looking for. Thanks, Meinta! ::gives the others a look to follow her out as inconspicuously as possible::
Damian Raen: Nice collection you got here.
Meinta: Wh-what? What are you guys doing in here?
Damian Raen: ::Grins:: Looking at books... You?
Jade: And we found it, thanks, time to go.
Meinta: ::Stares at them::
AJ: Well, that's a fair question. Better one is why do you have contraband books?
Damian Raen: That is a good question, Rambo.
Jade: ::Rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath.:: Rambo.
Meinta: ::Innocently:: Contraband books?

Gabrielle: ::Sees Meinta go into the library and hears voices. mutters under her breath:: Gabi, you dodo! Now what do I do?

Meinta: ::Grabs her Plasmagin and sends message:: Jason, Dad, come to the library, now.
AJ: ::Has a seat on a nearby box:: So?
Jason Patterson: :::Takes Plasmagin from pocket and taps message to Meinta::: On my way...
Kristof: ::POD vibrates again. Displays message:: "Jason, Dad, come to the library, now."
Jade: ::Laughs:: You are going to arrest us? For discovering you have contraband. Do you realize you could be deported to Earth and sentanced for life in the Imperial Prison?
Damian Raen: Mmm. Contraband.?
Meinta: ::Turns on the plas so Gov. and Jason can see into library::
Damian Raen: ::looks at Meinta sharply:: Like your pink rocks..?
Meinta: I'm not arresting anyone. And I turned in the rocks, Mr. Raen.
Damian Raen: Which you claimed to have dug up.

Gabrielle: ::She hesitates outside the gym, leaning against the wall, staring at the ceiling::
Kristof: :: Selects the Anti-Spam filter and activates it. The computer voice returns.:: You have 12 new messages.
Jason Patterson: ::Watching plas, sees the others in Library:: Oh boy. ::Starts running down hall::
Governor: ::Meets Jason in hall:: Uh oh. I was afraid of this.
Gabrielle: ::At the sound of footsteps, she jumps and heads down the hall opposite the footsteps and turns the corner just in time::
Jason Patterson: Looks bad..
Governor: Well, let's get in there.
Gabrielle: ::She stops and leans in to hear who it is and what is going on::
Jason Patterson: ::Walks towards Library doors::
Kristof: ::Turns and walks toward library, sees Jason Patterson near doors, says to himself.:: That one may know something.

AJ: You have books on Chritianity, and unless the policy has changed since we arrived here, those are illegal books.
Jade: Ah, yes, your father says that they are being investigated....ha!
Damian Raen: True.
Meinta: ::Looks away:: Maybe they are.
AJ: There is no maybe about it.
Meinta: Maybe faith is more important than rules...
Kristof: ::Stops short of library, but within hearing::
Jade: ::Rolls her eyes::
Meinta: ::She looks them straight in the eyes::
AJ: If I remember my religious history, wasn't there something about obeying the laws of the land?
Meinta: Not if they don't allow for God.
Damian Raen: ::Shrugs:: All I know is that those books cause racism. That's why they were outlawed, I heard.
Meinta: Those books don't cause racism, Damian. Sinful people cause racism. God created ALL men in His image.
Jade: Faith is a byproduct of ignorance.
Jason Patterson: :::Stepping into the library:: Faith is more in the heart of the faithful... not the minds of the un-Godly.
Damian Raen: Well, hello there, Mister. Glad you came by.
Jason Patterson: And what are all of you doing in here...?

Governor: ::Walks in the other door, behind them::
Jade: ::Folds arms and leans against a shelf:: Looking for a book, discovering contraband, and now being held against our will.
Gabrielle: ::Sheepishly to the governor:: Hi.
AJ: ::Hears the movement behind her:: Welcome, Governor. Care to share an explanation?
Governor: Sounds like Meinta's doing a pretty good job to me.
Jason Patterson: Ya, Big Bear, she's a tough one.
Kristof: ::POD vibrates again. Final query results. Kristof returns the POD to his inner pocket and continues to listen very carefully::
AJ: We were sent here to investigate illegal activities... and we found it. You are storing, and probably using, illegal books.
Jason Patterson: Books in a restricted area..? That's a good one. Come up with a better reason for breaking and entering. These are on file as being held from those that come to this planet.... No one is to be in here... Show me where in you Law Books it says we are NOT to keep it locked up.

Damian Raen: ::to Meinta, shaking his head:: I don't much care about images.
Meinta: ::to Damian:: Whether you care or not, you were created in the image of God.
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: Right.. I know I'm not convinced.
Jade: There is no God, you fool.
Meinta: ::laughs:: Right. "A fool sayeth in his heart 'there is no God'."
Gabrielle: ::snaps her fingers as if she has an idea and heads to the infirmary::
Jason Patterson: God Is... He resides in the heart of those who accept Him...
Jade: Religion is nothing more than a tool used to wield power and control over the weak. To justify wars. To promote fear and condemnation. Disguised as love and peace, religion is a weapon used to hurt and destroy. That’s why we got rid of it. If religion had been allowed to continue, humanity would have ceased to exist centuries ago.
Jason Patterson: Harassing in all they do..? It has been the evil of man that has destroyed their own hope all over the systems... Look at the way things are.. Religion is bondage to man's way of how things should be, Jade, God gave us freedom.
Jade: If there was a God, and IF he was good, then where is He when children are beaten by their drunk fathers, when mothers drown their babies in the bathtub, when priests molest and rape, and pastors swindle their congregations? Where is your God when teenagers with no hope, abandoned by their parents, put a gun to their head and swallow a bullet?
Jason Patterson: Weeping, because they refused to let Him into their lives to help. They deny His very existence and then condemn Him for not blessing their lives. That's man's way.
AJ: ::Observes the exchange cooly::

Jade: There is no God! ::angrily brushes away a tear and storms out of the library::
Damian Raen: ::Watches after her:: Whoa.
Governor: ::Steps back to let her pass::
Damian Raen: ::To Meinta:: Yeah, your God has obviously done her a lot of good today.
Meinta: ::grins:: Yeah, He has, hasn't He?

Gabrielle: ::gets outside the door of the library from the infirmary side just in time to hear Jade's exchange with the WP group.::

Governor: ::Punches an alert into the Plasmagin. the dome locks down and security begins monitoring all communications::
Kristof: ::POD vibrates again. Kristof shuts it off and fades into the background shadows::

Gabrielle: ::bites on her lower lip as she listens::
Jade: ::bumps into Gabi in the hall::
Gabrielle: ::whispers as she looks to the ceiling:: Oh, Lord, what do I do?
Jade: ::yells:: You too? ::Throws her arms in the air and walks off::

AJ: ::to Jason:: So, may I see the records of those who brought these books? I still need to file my report.
Damian Raen: Yeah. File the report and get us off this frozen rock.
Jason Patterson: You could have asked for them... not lied and snuck around...
AJ: And I'm to believe you would have just handed over documents about books that we didn't even know existed until recently?
Jason Patterson: ::Reaches to a far shelf taking down a record book of all contraband litrature:: If you find it so important... the truth won't matter to any of you anyway.. You could have asked to see the records... We hold nothing from any, even our own faith...
AJ: We were sent here with very vague orders by bureaucrats. We didn't even know what we were looking for....
Jason Patterson: Say to them what you will... the UU already destroyed one colony here... for what, I have yet to figure out.
Meinta: ::bites her lip::
AJ: Destroyed one colony? When?
Damian Raen: ::looks up with interest:: Really?
Governor: We are still finding that out.

Kristof: ::Returns quietly, but quickly, to infirmary. Sees Gabrielle there:: Hello?
Gabrielle: ::sarcastically to Kristoff:: Hi, join the party.
Kristof: ::Wants to aviod her, but can't think of anything to say.:: Just stretching these tired, old legs!

Jason Patterson: ::Hands over Scan sheets to AJ with the findings from the old destroyed dome site::
Damian Raen: ::To Jason:: The UU bombed a colony?
Kristof: ::Walks very nervously to his gurney and sits down, watching everyone very suspiciously::
AJ: ::Reviews the information::
Jason Patterson: There was also a recon destroyer drone half buried in the Ice, maybe 75 Years old now.
AJ: Was their any ID on the ship?
Jason Patterson: With the radiation levels so high I didn't stick around to un-bury it for you.
Damian Raen: ::rolls his eyes:: That's nice. I want to know... did the UU destroy a colony here?

AJ: Again, with the limited information we were given, we didn't even know where to start. If the military had run this operation... ::trails off::
Jason Patterson: They ran it before.. Captain, would you like to see the results..?
AJ: Yes. I would. And I think I'll have some words for the Commander....
Damian Raen: ::looks thoughtful::
Governor: Is that what you folks want to happen here?
Jason Patterson: The Dome I found out there has the UU military markings all over it.
Governor: Do you want the people of WP to be destroyed also?
Jade: ::enters room again:: Yes, before you destroy everyone else.
Jason Patterson: Are we to be judge for harming no one...?

Governor: We live peacefully Ms. Constantine.
Jade: Oh yea, religion is always so peaceful...never causes any wars, never casues any stake burnings, never causes any bombings at clinics, oh religion is soooo peaceful.
Governor: Ms. Constantine, ::gently:: we only wish to worship God.
Jade: Oh, yea, whatever.
Governor: It is because of people like your Commander that it is that way, Jade.

Gabrielle: ::frowning with a sad look on her face::
Governor: It is those against religion that persecute.
Jade: Religion causes pride, the desire for power and control, and is always run by greed....do you not read your history?
Damian Raen: ::Getting no reply he turns at Jade's comment.:: Ya, right. You remember the Crusades?
Governor: ::picks up a Bible:: This teaches peace.
Gabrielle: ::Whispers so softly none can hear, a tear starting to form in her eye.:: Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall see God.
Jade: The Church fell....from within. Run by sick, corrupt egotistical men who abused their own..
Governor: It's true that there were those who called themselves religious, and caused many problems.
Damian Raen: Even I heard about the Inquisition.
Jade: Exactly, Damian.
Governor: Jade, there are wicked people everywhere. Even in the churches.

Kristof: ::Looks directly at Jason::
AJ: ::Pulls out her handheld, punches a few buttons::
Kristof: Mr. uh, Patterson, is it?
Jason Patterson: Yes.. Hello Kristof.. ::Glances over at the debate with Jade and Beren.::
Damian Raen: ::thoughtful:: But... I want to know... the UU bombed a colony?
AJ: ::looks up:: I can't find any ship that matches these specs on file.

Governor: But those who truly follow God seek love.
Jade: That's what they all say. Religion is corrupt. It destroys. For humanity's survival it was outlawed.
Governor: If the UU had it's way, there would be no humanity. Gay marriage, abortion, AIDS, it all will kill off the people.
Jade: We all die anyway, one is dying from the moment they are born.
Meinta: That's true. The question is, what happens to you after you die.
Jade: Peace....death is peace..
Meinta: ::Looks Jade in the eye:: Where are you going when you die, Jade?
Jade: It is non-existence. It is not being stuck in life.
Meinta: Oh, you wish, but that's not true. Your soul will live eternally, Jade.
Jade: I have no soul!
Meinta: ::gently:: I think you know in your heart that you do, Jade.
Jade: Girl, you don't want to know what is in my heart
Meinta: That's true, I don't. But there is One who does. That is why you are so wrought.

Kristof: ::Instinctively reaches for POD, but stops, knowing that the communications are being monitored:: Mr. Patterson, where did you find that information?
Jason Patterson: Found most on the Ice, some in old record, well those that haven't been deleted.
Damian Raen: ::Walks right up to Jason:: Look man, I want to hear you say it... the UU bombed a colony?
Jason Patterson: ::Looking cross at Damian.:: Yes! I believe so.
AJ: ::continues to look over the data:: Hmmmmm.....
Kristof: ::Turns to AJ:: What information do you have? Where did you....find it?
Jason Patterson: All the information I have found so far points to UU being behind it...
Damian Raen: ::Looks away from Jason:: I knew it... that government.... Nicole.. ::stares into space::

Jade: ::Looks over at Damian::
Damian Raen: ::Cusses under his breath, thinking::
Meinta: ::To Damian:: Nicole?
Damian Raen: ::Doesn't look up::
Meinta: Is that who is chasing you?
Jade: Leave him alone..
Damian Raen: ::Backs toward the door, his hands behind him:: They bombed it....
Jade: ::Whispers to Damien:: are you ok?

Jason Patterson: The UU's record told us there never was a colony here..
AJ: I pulled up the data base of all military ships. It doesn't show any that fit the profile of the one here.
Jason Patterson: Kristof... You were of the first colony here, were you not?
Kristof: Yes. The exploration group Project Horizon.
Jason Patterson: ::Turning to Kristof:: They won't find Project Horizon in their files either...
AJ: The ship is there, so it does exist, it's just NOT in the database.
Jason Patterson: Then who else has their equipment and fire power?
Kristof: ::Looks hard at Jason Patterson, sizing him up:: Well, that really is the question, isn't it?
Governor: I think Mr. Raen may know the answer to that question, Jason.
Damian Raen: Okay... okay... the UU bombed it... ::staring into space::
Jade: ::Waves hand in front of Damian's face:: Kid! Are you ok?
Damian Raen: ::Reaches into the back of his jacket and slowly pulls out a pistol::
AJ: ::Spots the gun::
Gabrielle: ::Gasps:: Damian?
Damian Raen: ::Points the pistol at Jason, then at the Governor:: Okay, they bombed it... I know they bombed it...
Jason Patterson: It would have been 75 years or more ago... and they also erased it even from Earth records..?
Governor: ::reaches out to take the gun:: Careful there, son.
Damian Raen: Get back..! ::still moving toward the door to the weight room::
Kristof: ::Ducks under gurney::
Jade: Damian, please.
AJ: ::puts handheld away:: Damian, put the gun away!
Jade: ::Mumbles under her breath:: First time she didn't call him Kid.

Kristof: ::Kristof pulls his POD out and enters a code. All the lights in the room go dark. Emergency lights come on automatically, lights overhead flashing::

Jade: ::Jumps in front of Damien and stares at governor:: Leave him alone.
Damian Raen: ::moves toward the door, still aiming the gun back and forth::
Jade: ::backs out with him, still blocking him from the Gov::
Meinta: ::crouches on the floor::
Jason Patterson: ::Steps towards Damian.:: Who's Nicole..?
Governor: Damian, calm down. We can work this out.
Damian Raen: Nicole... ::turns and runs out into the weight room::
Gabrielle: ::leans up against the frame trying to stay out of Damian's way::
Jade: :: Turns and runs after him, closes the door on them all:: Damien, wait!
Governor: ::Pulls out a stun gun. Speaking over his shoulder to everyone else:: Stay here.

Guard: ::enters the other door:: Meinta, come with me.
Meinta: ::hesitates, follows guard::
Guard 2: Ms. Fontana, will you come with me?
Gabrielle: What? How am I in trouble? I'm just watching! I just stumbled into this!
Guard 2: No, ma'am. I just want to get everyone to safety.
Gabrielle: Okay.::She follows guard::

Jade: Damian, wait up. ::catches up to him::
Damian Raen: ::turns to Jade:: What do you want?!
Jade: What is wrong with you? Give me the gun!
AJ: ::Watches from a distance, as she follows the two::
Jade: You shoot yourself and I'm right after you. I've already seen one person blow their brains out. Don't do this to me!
Damian Raen: ::Holding the gun, not looking at her:: I'm not gonna shoot myself, I just had to get out of there.
Jade: Yea, well, that's fine, me too....but...Then give me the gun..
Damian Raen: ::Laughs darkly. Still distant, not meeting her eyes:: No..!
Jade: Come on, they are going to be following us, we should get out of the halls.
Damian Raen: Look, when it comes to the UU... I'm not one for keeping to the laws, and I obviously don't care much for contraband, either.
Governor: ::Stays back, watching them::
Jade: Fine! I don't care! I just don't want you to get hurt.
Damian Raen: ::looks over his shoulder toward the gym:: I think we need to get to your secret spot.
Jade: Let's go. ::runs towards her room::

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