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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter ten THE LIBRARY
by Chat-A-Book Group
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AJ: ::types a message to the team:: Please join me in my quarters, ASAP, AJ ::hits send button::

Jade: ::to Damian:: Have you figured out how to get in that room yet? CR is in a real cranky mood that we haven't discovered anything yet.
Damian Raen: Huh. Did you cover for me in the meeting?
Jade: Of course.
Damian Raen: So what now?
Jade: I told her you were indisposed.
Damian Raen: Good, I was.
Jade: ::laughs:: I know.
Damian Raen: Actually, I was just sleeping.. You know, getting some rest.
Jade: Yea, quite soundly, you really need to lay off the liquour.
Damian Raen: Hmmm..
Jade: What do you think these freaks read about?
Damian Raen: hmmm I dunno..

AJ: ::looks over her notes from the scan:: Where are they?? Nothing like ignoring my message. I guess I'll just have to do this on my own. ::gathers her pack, and digs out communicator. Types one last message:: GROUP T19 - Report to my quarters immediately! ::hits send. Waits for a reply, not so patiently::

Damian Raen: Okay, Jade, if the CR wants us to report something that bad, she'll get it. Let's find a way into that room.
Jade: Ok, sounds good to me, anything to get off this stinkin' planet.
Jade: So, you got any ideas for breaking in?
Damian Raen: ::Shakes his head:: nope. But someone around here ought to be able to... uh... help us out...
Jade: Yea, like who?
Damian Raen: I'll bet AJ could get us in there... she's like, what, Rambo, right?
Jade: Hmmm, I don't trust any of these people, but I guess she's all right.
Damian Raen: ::Feels his plasmagin vibrate, pulls it out:: And she wants us at her quarters right now. ::Rasies an eyebrow::
Jade: Oh, ok. ::laughs:: I never turn that thing on.
Damian Raen: ::Steps into the hall, heading toward AJ's quarters:: Come on.
Jade: ::Follows Damian:: This better be interesting. I only did half my delts.

Narrator: In Kristof's hospital room:

Jason Patterson: Governor can you read me at all? ::: taps plasmagin comm but gets only static::
Governor: You were breaking up, but now I can hear you.
Jason Patterson: ::Taps comm-link to stop static::
Mikko Calloway: ::plasmagins the Gov::
Governor: ::To Kristof and Jason:: Pardon me a minute.
Governor: ::Flips plasmagin to Mikko:: Hello Mikko?
Mikko Calloway: ::taps in message on plasmagin::Hello, governor? Mikko here.
Governor: I'm on the other line with Jason and the new fellow...
Mikko Calloway: Karrina has told me of your new guest. May I join you via audio?
Governor: Oh, certainly. That would be good.

Damian Raen: ::Knocks on AJ's door::
AJ: Enter
Damian Raen: ::Steps into the room:: Hi.
AJ: Hi, have a seat
Damian Raen: ::Sits on the bed::
Jade: The kid here thinks you're Rambo and wants to know if you can break in a door.
Damian Raen: ::Rolls his eyes:: I'm not a kid!
AJ: ::Laughs:: That's interesting, because I was going to ask how good Damian was at picking a lock.
Damian Raen: ::looks up:: Really...
Jade: Already asked him..
Damian Raen: Well, I'm...I'm good enough.
AJ: ::Nods::
Damian Raen: At some locks...
AJ: ::Pulls out her handheld, taps a code:: Here, look at this signature, see if you can break this electronic code.
Jade: Why do we want to raid thier library, which they don't even care about to begin with, becuase they keep books on the floor.
Damian Raen: ::Looks at the code:: What is it?
AJ: It's the electronic signature for the seurity system for the room that's locked off of the sick bay.
Jade: ::Plops on the floor bored out of her mind::

Kristof: ::crying quietly:: Jessie... Where are you?
Governor: ::Lays a hand on Kristof's shoulder:: We'll find them if they are out there, Kristof.

Mikko Calloway: I'm here.
Governor: Good, hello Mikko. Kristof, this is Mikko Calloway.
Mikko Calloway: Kristof, be assured we are here to help figure this out.
Governor: Kristof, do you need to rest now?
Kristof Wagner: Thank you. I'm a little tired. And hungry.
Governor: Would you rather have a meal sent in here? Or are you up to going out?
Kristof Wagner: Going out sounds like a good idea.
Mikko Calloway: Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.
Kristof Wagner: Thanks. Mind if I check out the kitchen?
Governor: That sounds like a good idea. Help yourself.

Governor: Mikko? Are you still here at least?
Mikko Calloway: Yes, I'm here. Do you need me to come over?
Governor: No, the plas is fine. ::he fills Mikko in on what Kristof has said so far:: What do you think of all that?
Mikko Calloway: Gov, we need to look into this aging thing. How has this man survived for 85 years?
Governor: I really don't know what to say. This is so bizarre...

Kristof Wagner: ::Goes into kitchen and seeing real food his eyes get large with excitement. Discovers a half-eaten box of Lucky Charms and immediately begins dumping them down his throat:: NOT DIRT...NOT DIRT....

AJ: Hmmmmm
Damian Raen: ::looking the code over:: I don't know.. it's a lock sequence...
AJ: ::takes handheld back:: So, what door did you want me to break into?
Damian Raen: It's in the gym. I can show you.
AJ: ::nods:: Let's go.
Damian Raen: ::stands, moves toward door:: Jade and I found it.. It's like a closet, but there's books on the floor inside.
AJ: Books?
Damian Raen: Yeah.
Jade: ::Stands up and follows AJ and Damian::
Damian Raen: ::Leads the way back to the gym::
AJ: ::follows::

Kristof Wagner: ::Goes into kitchen and eats whole turkey, then continues to feed on foods he has long been without, suffering from an overwelming hunger that he can not stop. Dried grits spill all over floor; slips and hits 85 yr old hip, trying hard not to cry out in pain.::

Jade: ::Passes the kitchen and hears loud munching sounds.. pokes her head in the doorway:: Are you ok?
AJ: ::waits for Jade:: Hang on, Damian.
Damian Raen: ::looks toward the kitchen door:: What's going on?
AJ: Not sure, but Jade stopped.
Jade: Some guy in there has eaten a whole turkey and 2 lbs of tofu and now he can't get off the floor.
Damian Raen: Should we call a medic?
Jade: Naw, he seems fine, you get going, I will meet you in the gym.
AJ: ::Nods:: Let's go. Lead the way, Damian.
Damian Raen: ::Heads toward the gym again::
AJ: ::Whispers:: So how did you get in the room the first time to see the books?

Jason Patterson: ::over plasmagin:: There is a lot of interference here. And the readings of radiation have sky-rocketed.
Governor: Jason, are you there?
Jason Patterson: ::Taps plasmagin again, mumbling to himself:: Stupid interference...
Governor: Jason, do you read me?
Jason Patterson: Governor... Finally I am getting a signal...
Governor: Oh, Good.
Jason Patterson: Is Kristof with you... ask if he knows the dirrection of the old dome....
Mikko Calloway: Mr. Patterson, I'm afraid he's in the kitchen.
Governor: He needed something to eat.
Jason Patterson: I think I have found it. :: Static sounds through Plasmagin, starts going dead again.::

AJ: ::Arrives at the gym door::
Damian Raen: ::Steps into the gym, leads AJ to the far wall:: Here's the door we found.
AJ: ::Nods:: So how did you get in the first time to see the books?
AJ: I think both our mystery libraries are one and the same.
Damian Raen: We looked underneath.
AJ: I see.
Damian Raen: ::Drops to the floor, peers under:: See, you can see the binding.
AJ: ::Kneels down, getting a light out of her pack, peers under the door:: Yeah, it's the same room. Gabs and I got in there briefly after the funeral, but from the other side. ::Stands up:: What I don't understand is why they have a bunch of old books locked up?
Damian Raen: Unless they don't want anyone to get to them.
AJ: Well, that's usually why people lock things up, but why these books?
Damian Raen: Yeah, it makes no sense.
AJ: I'm hoping to get my hands on a book. I asked Meinta for a book. I said that I was having trouble sleeping and enjoyed antique books. I doubt I'll get one of these, though.::Pulls out her handheld and runs a scan:: Hmmm, this one doesn't seem to have the same signature.....

Jade: ::Jade walks over turkey bones:: Sir, who are you, and are you ok?
Kristof Wagner: Who's there?
Jade: Sir!!!! Are you ok?
Kristof Wagner: Yes. I'm doing well. Yourself?
Jade: Are you enjoying the floor?
Kristof Wagner: ::stands, regains composure:: How may I assist?
Jade: You want to assist me?
Kristof Wagner: ::looks around and seems to see Jade for the first time:: Hey.
Jade: If you suffer from a rare eating disorder, I may be able to help.
Kristof Wagner: No, I am fine, truly.
Jade: Did you enjoy the Lucky Charms?
Kristof Wagner: ::Mumbles to himself:: Not dirt.. not dirt.. Yes, I'm ok.
Jade: ::Rolls her eyes at Kristoff:: Ok, have fun. ::walks back over the turkey bones and heads for the gym::

Mikko Calloway: ::over plas.:: Well, Beren, if there's nothing else, I'll go attend to other business.
Governor: Well, I don't know what else we can do right now. Just pray and we'll do some more research.
Mikko Calloway: Okay. Mikko out.
Governor: ::Sends text message to Jason:: I'll catch you later.

Narrator: In the gym light suddenly shines under the secret door.
Damian Raen: ::Moves back, cusses:: Someones in there!
AJ: ::Steps back, drops bag and grabs some weights::
Jade: ::Enters the gym::
Damian Raen: ::Turns to Jade as she walks over::
Jade: ::Looks over from the shoulder press:: Someone's in the locked closet?
AJ: ::Begins lifting the hand weights::
Damian Raen: ::Moves over to the bench press, trying to look as though he's been busy for awhile::
Jade: ::Walks over to the door and knocks:: Knock, knock.
Damian Raen: ::To Jade:: Dude, stop! do you want to get us caught?
Jade: Ok, you are suppossed to say, "Who's there?"
Damian Raen: ::Rolls his eyes::
Jade: "Orange"
AJ: ::Mutters:: Maybe the direct approach WILL work?
Narrator: The sound of a lock turning in the door...
Damian Raen: Oh man..
Jade: "Orange who?"
Meinta: ::Opens the door slowly and peers around it::
Jade: "Orange you gonna open the door and lift wieghts with us?"
AJ: ::Continues to lift weights, watching the door out of the corner of her eyes::
Jade: It builds muscle and promotes the lack of bone loss.

Meinta: ::Steps out and closes door behind her, holding a book::
Damian Raen: ::Staring at the ceiling, lifting the bar::
Jade: Cool ::Gets back on the delt press::
Meinta: Hi.
AJ: Hello, Meinta.
Meinta: Um, here's your book.
AJ: ::Stops and puts the weights down:: Oh, thank you. ::takes book and looks at the title...:: The Crossing by Sir Winston Churchill.
Jade: ::Looking at AJ:: How did you get a book from thier library?
AJ: ::Whispers to Jade:: I asked.
Jade: Meinta, can I get a book too?
Damian Raen: ::Sets the bar down, looks at Meinta:: Yeah, me too.
Meinta: ::uncertainly:: Um, okay. What kind of book do you like?

Jade: ::Whipsers to AJ:: Then why were we trying to break in?
AJ: ::Whispers back:: I didn't know she'd get me one from there. I expected excuses that they didn't have any....

Jade: Do you have anything by Frued? He makes for good bedtime reading.
Meinta: I'm not sure. Probably...
AJ: ::Turns the book over, and notices the old book smell::
Meinta: ::Slips her hand into her pocket and then puts her hand to the door::
Damian Raen: I'll take anything you've got by Marx. ::laughs::
Meinta: I'll be back. ::Slips inside and closes it behind her::

Jade: ::Rolls her eyes:: Awful secretive bunch aren't they?
Damian Raen: I don't even know who he is.
Jade: ::Arches a brow:: He was a communist dictator.
Damian Raen: ::To Jade:: Yeah.?
AJ: ::Whispers:: This is very odd.
Damian Raen: I wonder... I wonder what else is in that room?
AJ: Exactly, there has to be more to it than just antique literature.
Damian Raen: I'll have to ask Meinta to take me back there sometime.. I'm sure she'd do it.
AJ: Go ahead and try.
Damian Raen: ::Smirks:: I will.. Just watch, when she comes back, I'll ask her for a tour of the library.
Jade: ::Sing-songy voice:: The kid's gotta crush.
Damian Raen: ::rolling his eyes::
AJ: ::opens the book and sees a scralled signature of the author:: This is an autographed copy.....
Jade: Autographed copy of what?
AJ: The book she gave me, it appears to have the author's signature....
Jade: What's the name of the book?

Meinta: ::Taking her time looking through book titles for the ones she was asked for.::

Jason Patterson: Beren I have been coming across other places that seem like they were old Farming domes.... now this... ::Staticy scratching coming the his Plasmagin.:: Is this ever going to work..?
Jason Patterson: Governor if you can read me at all... I think I found another dome colony...
Governor: I hear you fine, now Jason. You found another dome?!
Jason Patterson: Sending scans now. Praying they go through..
Governor: The static must have had something to do with having two people on the plas...
Jason Patterson: Still not getting anything but static on my end.. High radiation must be causing interference.

Meinta: ::Appears at the doorway of the gym::
Jade: ::Looks up expectantly.:: You have a book for me? ::Eye brows raised::
Meinta: I found both a Marx and a Frued. Here's a couple of other ones, too.
Damian Raen: Hey, Meinta, you guys seem to have a pretty good library back there.?
Meinta: Yeah, we do.
Damian Raen: Could you give me a tour?
Meinta: Of the library?
Damian Raen: Yeah, you know, so I can see what you've got..
Meinta: No, I don't think so...
AJ: Meinta, how did you seem to have such rare editions? This one appears to be signed by the author.
Jade: ::Speaking under her breath:: Damien and Meinta sitting in a tree
Meinta: They are pretty valuable books.
Damian Raen: ::raises an eyebrow::
Meinta: Even the WP people have to get clearance to go in there.
Damian Raen: Huh.? Really..? That's interesting...
Meinta: I got permission to loan out a few books to you, though...
Jade: ::Laughs hysetrically::
Meinta: Books aren't common anymore, you know.
Damian Raen: Well, thanks, then.
AJ: ::Nods:: Thank you.
Meinta: ::Looks over at Jade:: What's her problem?
Jade: ::Still speaking under her breath:: Meinta pushes Damian out of the tree....weeee...thump....squash.
Damian Raen: ::Shrugs:: She's a shrink.
Meinta: ::Raises her eyebrows:: I see.
Damian Raen: Pay no attention to her..
Jade: Thank you, Meinta, for more than just the book ::smiles sweetly::
Meinta: What do you mean?
Jade: Oh, nothing, you have just made my day, that's all.
AJ: ::Puts book carefullly in the pack::
Damian Raen: ::to Mienta:: I think she's just jealous because you and I almost got blown up in the research dome.
Meinta: ::frowns:: We almost died.
Damian Raen: ::Laughs:: Yeah we did!
AJ: ::Shakes her head at the comments::
Jade: That's it, you know, you're right.. I do wish I could be the one uncousious inhaling toxic gas, and nearly dying.
Meinta: ::Glares at them::
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: I was kidding..
Meinta: Well it's not funny!
Damian Raen: ::shrugs:: Fine, whatever.
Jade: ::plops on the floor mock disgusted:: Why couldn't it have been me? ::Laughs::
Damian Raen: You know, you people here are so strange..
Jade: You just noticing that one, kid..?
Meinta: We're strange?!
Damian Raen: ::rolls his eyes:: Yeah.
Jade: Very.
AJ: ::Observes the unique investigative style of her teammates::
Meinta: I should have never shown you those rocks or asked you to come in there. ::suddenly nearly crying:: Someone did die in there you know!
Jade: ::Arches a brow:: Come on, girl, calm down.
Damian Raen: ::Suddenly realizing that he doesn't like it that Meinta is nearly crying:: Um, I was just playing around...
Meinta: I can't believe you! ::Stomps away::
Jade: We're just goofing off with you.
Damian Raen: ::Sighs, confused:: Okay...
Jade: :: Shrugs it off as odd :: Whatever.
AJ: ::Watches Meinta leave, shaking her head::

AJ: There is more in that room than a classic library.....
Damian Raen: And whatever it was, it's making Meinta nervous.
Jade: Definately, but I really don't care, and I don't understand what the big deal is, and why that cranky Commander even cares.
AJ: Yes, we need to either find another key, like that odd stone that was on the casket, or break the electronic code.
Damian Raen: ::Doesn't seem to be paying attention anymore:: Right, right...
Jade: ::Lights a cigerette:: Why don't we just report, 'No Criminal Findings' and get sent back home.
AJ: Because, I don't think the Commander would believe us.
Damian Raen: ::Staring into space:: Because it wouldn't be true.
Jade: ::Rolls her eyes:: Do you we care?
Damian Raen: ::Shrugs: Not really.
Jade: Well, then....
Damian Raen: But there is something going on here, and I want to know what it is.
Jade: ::Tousles Damian's hair:: I'll even take you back in my secret spot and the badguys won't find you
AJ: As do I.
Jade: So, what if there is? These people aren't hurting anyone. They certainly aren't doing drugs, no drug makes you that wierd.
AJ: I don't think they are hurting anyone, but there is something going on.
Jade: ::Looks at her watch:: Well, let's sleep on it and decide in the morning, ok?
Damian Raen: ::Nods:: Okay...
AJ: ::Nods:: I agree. I'm going to start reading this book. Maybe there's a hint there.
Damian Raen: ::Gets up and leaves the gym, heading the direction Meinta went::
AJ: ::Grabs pack and heads to her quarters::
AJ: ::Enters quarters, lays back in bed and begins to read The Crossing, and drifts off to sleep::

Kristof Wagner: ::Kristof opens his eyes. Hearing every word. Wanders into sick bay, returns to bed and goes to sleep. Dreams of Jessie.:: G'nite, Jess.

Jason Patterson: Personal comm report... Have found what appears to be an old colony system. Can make out two dome shapes but in bad damage. Looks like a storage silo as well there, and a main building connecting them. But every thing is damaged, looks like the high radiation was a bomb blast that took out the old colony.. If any one can reads this, I am headed down for a closer look.. Patterson out.

Governor: ::comms back:: A bomb?!

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Amy Michelle Wiley  22 Nov 2005
ooo, cliff hanger! The story of the old dome is really heating up!


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