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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter nine CONFERENCING
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Narrator: Group T19 is schedualed to appear in The Conference Room for a meeting with Commander Randstat at the top of the hour. The Conference Room is small. A table sits in the middle, with a row of chairs on one side, facing a plasma screen that fills one entire wall. At the moment the screen is turned off.

Gabrielle: ::hurries in and sits down, digging through her pack::
Narrator: The screen turns blue and a computerized voice says, "Initalizing contact".
Gabrielle: ::finds a stick of gum and pops it into her mouth::
Computer: Contact Complete.
Narrator: The screen shows Commander Randstat sitting at her desk in real size. The screen is crystal clear and it seems as though she is in the same room.
Commander Randstat: Good evening.
Gabrielle: Good evening. ::looks around for AJ::
Commander Randstat: ::looks at her watch:: The others are late.
Gabrielle: ::creases brow as she doesn't find her among the others, shifts in seat and seems a bit nervous, she is biting her lip::
Commander Randstat: Well, at least you are on time, Ms. Fontana.
Gabrielle: Yeah, I was sure the others were coming. I hope everything is okay.
Commander Randstat: Is there reason to suppose that there might be a problem? ::scornfully:: Or are they normally late?
Gabrielle: A.J. is never late.

Narrator: Outside in the hallway...

Karrina Calloway: ::walks down the hall, then stops to eavesdrop when she hears something going on in the Conference Room. calls Jason on her plasmagin. whispering:: Jason, come in. Are you busy?
Jason Patterson: :: picks up beeping Com:: Naw, Who's there?
Karrina Calloway: ::still whispering:: It's Karrina. I was just walking by the Conference Room and heard the Earthlings talking in there. Should I listen in? ::she sees Jade coming and moves further down the hall, trying to look nanchalant::
Jason Patterson: Keep an eye out. Be sure to let Meinta know. She's at the dome still. Be careful though, something about that group is not right...
Karrina Calloway: Okay, Jason, I just didn't want to bother her unless I had to. You go on with your work. I think I can handle it from here.
Jason Patterson: OK Karrina... Keep me posted though will you?
Karrina Calloway: Sure, Jason. Over and out.
Jason Patterson: Patterson out.

Jade: ::enters the Conference Room lazily and plops in a chair::
Gabrielle: ::gives Jade a look like "WHERE were you and where is everyone?"::
Commander Randstat: ::sarcastically:: Nice of you to join us, Ms. Constantine.
Jade: ::salutes the commander:: Well, the kid--I mean Damian Raen--has been unavoidably detained and will not be joining us this evening.
Commander Randstat: Oh really? And why is that?
Jade: I am not sure, sir, I mean ma'am, Commander. You would have to ask him.
Commander Randstat: ::raises her eyebrows:: I will be sure to do that. Now, I would like a briefing on your discoveries to date.
Jade: The kitchen has lucky charms.
Gabrielle: ::shifts in her chair again and crosses her legs::
Commander Randstat: Lucky Charms? ::sighs heavily:: I am looking for something of substance.
Jade: Well, there was the incident with the Research dome.
Commander Randstat: Yes, I heard about that. Is the cause being investigated?
Jade: A few explosions, someone died, forget her name, a funeral, and then they went on a snow outing, but i didn't go. Mr Raen and I stayed behind and um, scoped out the facilities.
Commander Randstat: And did you find anything in your "scope", Ms. Constantine?
Jade: Oh and I died, no wait, that was just a dream. I am here, right? ::pinches herself:: Darn. Yup that part was a dream... The weight room is pretty state of the art.

Gabrielle: Well, my primary focus has been to gauge their loyalty, ya know? From what I can see they are very loyal to the community here.
Commander Randstat: Ms. Fontana, the question is, are they loyal to the point of ignoring the laws of the UU? To further their own gains?
Gabrielle: Not sure, ma'am.
Jade: Oh, but they keep books on the floor. ::glares::
Gabrielle: ::gives Jade a hostile look::
Commander Randstat: Books? ::surprised:: Not many books around these days. ::pauses:: What kind of books?
Jade: Oh I don't know, the room was locked. Dam--I mean Mr. Raen, tried to get in but couldn't.
Commander Randstat: I see.
Jade: They are all rather strange.

Commander Randstat: Surely you have been able to find SOMETHING out? After all, you are trained for investigation.
Gabrielle: ::continues to shift in her seat, biting her lip:: No disrespect, Ma'am, but I am only a civilian and still a bit confused how I got this assignment. I will continue to try to do my job, but this sure is a stretch.
Jade: ::annoyed:: What is it you want from us? You sent us up here, pulling us from our lives, some have children, to what? investigate? It's a colony. They're weird. So is everyone else. You obviously suspect soemthing or have more information that you are sharing.
Commander Randstat: We believe they are involved in the Black Market. You were told that at the beginning of your assignment.
Gabrielle: Now that I have not sensed. What kind of things are they suspected of trafficking?
Commander Randstat: There was some suspicion about something Ms. Meinta Salkia and Mr. Raen were finding in the reaserch room, is that not right?
Gabrielle: Rocks?
Commander Randstat: Rocks? Hmmm....
Gabrielle: I heard them say something about rocks, but I am totally clueless beyond that.
Commander Randstat: ::types into her computer::
Jade: Oh, yea, there was something about pink rocks.
Commander Randstat: Pink... ::types faster::
Jade: So what does pink rocks mean?

Karrina Calloway: ::evesdropping through the door. mutters to self:: Oh, dear, the rocks. What next? ::takes notes on her plasmagin to tell Meinta later::
Commander Randstat: There is an illigal drug that has the appearance of pink rocks. Very rare and sought after. ::looks up sharply:: Ms. Constantine, I understand you have a connection with Mr. Raen?
Jade: ::smirks:: What do you mean?
Karrina Calloway: ::ears perk up::
Commander Randstat: Well, you seem to speak rather freely of him.
Jade: ::sternly:: He's too young to be deported up here. I am looking after him. That's all.
Commander Randstat: Too young? He is of age, Ms. Constantine. Do you believe he has some connection with the drugs?
Gabrielle: ::looks expectantly at Jade::
Jade: What drugs???
Commander Randstat: ::annoyed:: The pink rocks.
Jade: Um, no. Mr Raen is not smuggling drugs. They were already here. And yes, I know he is of age, but just barely.
Commander Randstat: You know for a fact that he is not smuggling drugs?
Jade: Yes, I know for a fact that he is not.

Gabrielle: I really find it hard to believe these people would be dealing in an illegal drug.
Gabrielle: It has to be a select few. Maybe the authorities here are disturbed by the presence of the rocks.
Commander Randstat: Disturbed in what way?
Gabrielle: Well, they can't be too pleased that someone is peddling them.
Commander Randstat: Then why would they not come to the government with that information?
Gabrielle: Good point. Not sure.
Jade: Because they are pretty ice crystals, not drugs, that's why! Can I go now?
Commander Randstat: ::raises her eyebrows:: Right. No you cannot!
Jade: ::rolls her eyes::
Commander Randstat: Why would the government there not be sharing information with their superiors?

AJ: ::enters room:: I apologize, I was feeling ill.
Commander Randstat: Ms. PacPherson, you are late!
Jade: ::leans towards AJ:: She is a really snippy mood. Just ignore her.
AJ: ::whispers to Jade:: I noticed.
Commander Randstat: ::glares at Jade:: As would you be if you got stood up for a meeting, Ms. Constantine.
Gabrielle: ::smiles at AJ::
Commander Randstat: I can see Group T19 is not accomplishing much.
Gabrielle: ::gulps and looks guilty::
Jade: ::stands up:: You know, I am getting really sick of you. She said she wasn't feeling well. She apologized!
Gabrielle: I really am trying. Just give me one specific thing to do.
Karrina Calloway: ::comes out from her hiding place, after having hid behind the corner when she heard AJ coming down the hall. continues to listen in and take notes, shocked::

AJ: ::Clears throat::
Commander Randstat: Ms. MacPhearson, do YOU have anything of substance to report?
AJ: We may, but I wish to investigate it further. I don't want to have a report that may be filled with half information. I DO not do a job halfway. Just look at my record, it speaks for itself.
Commander Randstat: I aprieciate that, Captain MacPhearson.
AJ: Once I have a complete report, it will be sent.
Commander Randstat: All right.
Jade: ::slumps back in her chair:: Oh, one more thing Commander.
Commander Randstat: Yes?
Jade: They have really good whiskey here.
Commander Randstat: ::groans almmost inaudably::
Jade: Oh, sorry, that's right. I brought that with me.
Commander Randstat: ::mutters:: I see I will have to have a chat with our screener.
Jade: ::burps loudly::
Commander Randstat: ::glares::
AJ: Now, commander, is that all? Because I would like to have a meeting with the team.
Jade: Can I go now?
AJ: Then I need to see the medical staff ::Coughs:: for some medication.
Commander Randstat: Fine. That sounds like a much needed meeting, Captain.
Jade: ::walks over to the screen and tries to hypnotize the Cmndr:: You are getting very sleepy...
Commander Randstat: I HOPE to hear some resutls.
AJ: You will......
Jade: Bye bye now, check in later, tata!
Commander Randstat: Ms. Constantine, you need an attitude check.
Gabrielle: ::tries to stifle a giggle at Jade's antics::
Commander Randstat: I will be in touch. ::screen goes blank::
AJ: I'm sure you will.
Jade: ::salutes:: Aye aye, captain! ::throws her hands in the air:: Now how in the world was I not deproted back to Earth. ::swears:: What's a girl gotta do to get fired from this stupid place?

AJ: Ok, ladies, I have a feeling there is more going on here than anybody is telling us... from either end of this.
Jade: ::plops back in her chair disgusted::
AJ: The Good ::sarcastic:: Commander is not telling us everything. I think they are lookng for something specific, and want us to prove it
Jade: Who cares? That's my point. These people aren't hurting anyone. They aren't doing drugs. What's is that lady's problem?
AJ: I know... but there is something interesting going on here.
Gabrielle: We need to get back into that room.
AJ: Yes I agree ::cough cough:: I plan to. ::smiles::
Gabrielle: But, I really like the people here. I don't want to get them in trouble. What if we find out something really bad? I don't want to report it.
Jade: Well, I need to go check on, I mean, um, take a rest. So bye.
AJ: Ok, Jade, don't worry about it. We have things covered.
Gabrielle: See ya, Jade.
Karrina Calloway: ::scurries away from room in effort to not be found out::
Jade: ::Jade storms out of the room mumbling to herself::
AJ: Gabs, I'm going to see the Dr, to see if they can give me something for this cough....
Gabrielle: You should. I'm going back to my room to sulk for awhile. ::smiles weakly::
AJ: All right Gabs, I'll talk to you later. ::leaves::
Gabrielle: ::throws her bag over her shoulder and heads out room as if going back to room::

Karrina Calloway: plasmagins Meinta:: Meinta, come in.
Meinta: Hi Karrina! Karrina, do you read me?
Karrina Calloway: Meinta, you'll never guess what I just overheard.
Meinta: Oh really? What?
Karrina Calloway: I just heard part of a secret meeting the earthlings were having. We need to meet.
Meinta: What did you find, Karrina?
Karrina Calloway: Meinta, please schedual a meeting. We need to talk. The earthlings are.. well.. I'll tell you later. Out.
Meinta: OK, I'll be free in just a minute. Where do you want to meet?
Meinta: Karrina? ::punches a button, KC's plas vibrates::
Karrina Calloway: I'm here, Meinta.
Meinta: Where do you want to meet? And when?
Karrina Calloway: How about the planetarium? It'll be quiet this time of day. One hour.
Meinta: One hour, great! Is everything okay?
Karrina Calloway: We may have some big problems. KC out.
Meinta:: Meinta out. ::stares at the plasmagin with a frown::

Jade: ::bumps into Governor in the hall::
Governor: Hello. Woops, you all right?
Jade: Are you smuggling drugs disguised as pretty pink rocks? ::lights a cigerette casually::
Governor: ::laughs:: No I am not.
Jade: ::smiles sweetly:: Ok, thank you. My investigating is done for the day.
Governor: I believe Meinta did find some rocks in the garden, though. But they are being analyzed and watched over carefully.
Jade: ::walks away:: Take that miss uppity, CR!
Governor: ::raises his eyebrows:: Okaaay....
Jade: ::turns back:: Annaylized for what?
Governor: To see what they are. I understand that there was some question as to what they are...If they are infact drugs.
Jade: ::sighs heavily:: Who is questioning?
Governor: The lab technicians are doing the tests.
Jade: Whatever. Have a nice day, sir.
Governor: Uh, thank you. ::belatedly:: You too.

AJ: ::enters sick bay, looks around::
Nurse: Can I help you?
AJ: Yes, I could use something for this cough ::coughs::
Gabrielle: ::looking down the halls to make sure no one is around, she heads toward sick bay::
Nurse: Hmmm, come with me. Let's check.
AJ: ::follows nurse to exam room::
Gabrielle: ::steps inside sick bay, sees AJ:: Hey, there you are! ::walks quickly over::
AJ: ::hears Gabs, turns around:: Hi ::cough:: I'll be ::cough:: right there, nurse.
Gabrielle: Man, that cough is awful. Shouldn't she stay awhile for observation? She may be contagious!
AJ: ::whispers:: I can give you a couple minutes. ::hands Gabs her hand-held and whispers:: Here, push the enter, and scan near that door. ::coughs and goes to the exam room::
Nurse: Ok, open up
Gabrielle: ::heads over to door and starts scanning::
AJ: ::opens mouth and coughs on the nurse as she shines a light in her throat::
Nurse: It looks a little raw, but not bad. ::gets a bottle:: Here take some of this, it should help.
Gabrielle: ::finishes scan and beeps to show recording complete, heads back to exam room::
AJ: ::coughs:: Thank you. ::leaves the room:: Oh, nurse, how is that man we found?
Nurse: I'm afraid I can't give you that information.
AJ: ::shrugs:: Thank you. ::leaves::

AJ: ::bumps into Gabs in the hall, whispers:: Done?
Gabrielle: ::whispers back::Yeah, here. ::hands her the hand-held::
AJ: ::puts it in pocket:: Thanks, lets get out of here. ::heads to quarters:: Get some rest Gabs, I'll let you know if you got what I need. ::pockets her cough medicine. walks to quarters, puts medicine on table. pulls out handheld, looks over data:: Hmmm, that's interesting... ::taps a few keys:: This could be useful..... ::puts the data in locked file and puts the hand-held away. stretches and talks to self:: There is definitely something going on here, and I think the Commander already knows....

Karrina Calloway: ::rushes to planetarium for meeting with Meinta::
Meinta: ::enters planetarium::
Karrina Calloway: Oh, there you are, Meinta. ::looks around nervously::
Meinta: Hi Karrina. What's wrong?
Karrina Calloway: Well, I passed by the Conference Room earlier and heard the Earthlings talking to someone in there.
Meinta: ::grins:: Evesdropping?
Karrina Calloway: They think we're running drugs or something!
Meinta: ::flushes:: Oh. Well, I did find something that Damian said was drugs. Dad is having them do tests on the rocks...
Karrina Calloway: Oh, those pink rocks are harmless. You had no idea they could be used for drugs. Meinta, let's have a meeting soon with everyone. I've gotta go now. Just watch your back. Something's not right.
Meinta: ::concerned:: Where are you going?
Karrina Calloway: Home to talk to Mikko.

AJ: ::heads out to the hallway, heads back to the sickbay. peaks in the door, doesn't see the nurse. heads for the secret door and looks around:: Hmmmmm ::runs hand around the door opening:: Sealed tight.... ::hears a noise and leaves::
Meinta: ::sees AJ:: Hi.
AJ: Hello, Meinta.
Meinta: Whatcha doing?
AJ: Walking, can't sleep. How's the mystery man doing?
Meinta: They said he didn't get frostbite. That's good.
AJ: That's good. I was wondering if you had any books around? I just love to read when I can't sleep.
Meinta: Books?
AJ: I prefer holding an old fashioned book, instead of the computerized chips.
Meinta: You like regular books instead of a plas?
AJ: Yes. I used to go to the antique store quite a bit to get some classics.
Meinta: Yeah, we have...a few. Rather like them myself....
AJ: ::smiles:: Thought you might.
Meinta: What kind of things do you like to read?
AJ: Oh, a wide variety of things. I'm always looking to learn new things....
Meinta: Fiction or non? I can bring you one.
AJ: That would be great. I really don't have a preference, I just need something to unwind. Surprise me.
Meinta: OK, I'll see what I can find.
AJ: Could you drop it by my quarters? Or should I come with you and save the trip?
Meinta: I'll drop it by. I need to do some rumaging for it.
AJ: Sounds good. See you in a few. ::heads to quarters::
Meinta: OK! ::thinks for a minute. glances back and AJ, hesitates, then heads toward her own room::

Governor: ::enters the mysterious man's hospital room. looks down at the sleeping man:: Hello.
Kristof Wagner: ::rolls eyes. looks around hazily:: Who's there?
Governor: ::smiles:: Hello, I am Beren Salkia, the Governor here. How are you feeling?
Kristof Wagner: ::looks confused:: where am I?
Governor: You are in the hospital at White Planet 6089's Space station.
Kristof Wagner: Are you here to rescue us?
Governor: We did rescue you. Are there more out there? ::concerned::
Kristof Wagner: Where's Jessie and the others?
Governor: The search party was unable to find any others. Who is Jessie? How did you get stuck out there, sir?
Kristof Wagner: ::looks extremely distraught and begins to tear up:: Jessie?
Governor: ::sits down and leans forward:: Sir, can you tell me who you are?

Kristof Wagner: ::takes a deep breath and looks at each person, questioning their motives, but sees he's been well cared for. begins to explain:: My name is Kristof Wagner. I'm an employee of the Universal Space Explolration, Lunar Excavation Salvage team sent here to do an initial survey of the system
Governor: ::nodds:: Okay. Initial survay?
Governor: When was your team sent out, Mr. Wagner?
Kristof Wagner: We were sent from Earth in 94. A group of 25 technicians, scientists and a small security detachment were sent here and we establishe a dome.
Governor: ::leans back:: There was no dome then?
Kristof Wagner: We explored the area and sent samples and test results back to Earth to help establish whether or not theis system was of any use.
Governor: Mr. Wagner, you are saying that you came before this dome was built? What happened then?
Kristof Wagner: Yes. We were here approximately 8 months when the dome was destroyed. We were scheduled for a resupply from TASKFORCE USELES. I was inside the technicians area and was working the comm rack. I never saw them, but the taskforce was apparently attacked, because whoever killed them attacked us, too.
Governor: Attacked by whom? The entire taskforce was killed, except for you?
Kristof Wagner: I don't know. Fortunately, only 3 people were killed, all the others were underground in the new cave we discovered just a few days prior to the attack. Very strange. Noone had ever seen the opening and we did acomplete scan of the entire perimeter.
Governor: Where are the others now?
Kristof Wagner: The dome we constructed was blasted apart. I and another technician were lucky to survive the initial attack, but he didn't make it to the cave. Ben...
Governor: Do you mind if I ask a coworker to join us via plasmagin? I would like him to hear this.
Jason Patterson: ::: hears beeping Plasmagin comm... Picks it up and sees the Governer on line... but with no greeting, he waits patiently reading the conversation::

Governor: Okay, I'm confused. Acording to all the records I've found, there was no other dome before this one.
Kristof Wagner: We went underground as deply as we could. We could hear them searching through the debris for survivors. That was the scary part.
Governor: Do you know who "they" are?
Kristof Wagner: No.
Jason Patterson: ::: beeps the comm... types in message... "Ask for how they did the attack, was it from space?::
Governor: ::repeats:: Mr. Wagner, would you mind if I ask a coworker and friend of mine to join us via plasmagin?
Kristof Wagner: What is that, a coctail?
Governor: He has been doing research on some soil samples that I think might play into this.
Governor: ::confused:: What's what?
Kristof Wagner: Yeah, sure. I could go for a nice, cold plasmagin about now.
Governor: ::glances at his plasmagin. laughs:: A plasmagin is a sort of hand-held computer. A cell phone, internet, two way TV veiw, email, all rolled into one.
Kristof Wagner: Oh, like a POD. I see. Boy, those have really advanced.
Governor: ::a little confused:: Yes... ::punches a button:: Jason, this is Kristof Wagner.
Kristof Wagner: Hello.
Jason Patterson: Greetings Kristof. I was with the group that found you..
Governor: ::to Jason:: You were right about USLES
Jason Patterson: Seems so, Beren. UU has been doing things it seems. Kristof.. could you answer a question for me please..?
Kristof Wagner: Well, all I can think about right now is Jessie and the others. Are you SURE you didn't find anyone else?
Governor: Could you give us a better idea of where to look? We searched all around the dome and inside it. It looked as though one person had been living there for sometime.
Kristof Wagner: I wish I could. I had been lost for two weeks when you found me. They came back.
Governor: Who came back?
Kristof Wagner: Them.
Jason Patterson: Was it UU operatives?
Governor: Do you know who "they" are?

Kristof Wagner: ::shudders at the thoughts racing through his mind. Clenches fists and looks away::
Governor: Did you see them?
Kristof Wagner: I've only had a glimpse of one. They don't come into the light.
Governor: I see. When was the last time you saw Jessie?
Kristof Wagner: ::takes a deep breath.:: You really don't know what happened? I was hoping our distress signal had been recieved and you were here to rescue us.
Jason Patterson: I have not picked up any signal... Wait... what kind of signal was it...
Governor: No. I have no idea what happened.
Jason Patterson: Thin line or the old broad beam?
Kristof Wagner: In the beginning, we kept together, sharing what few resources we had and immediately began loking for water and shelter. That search took us very deep underground, but we found it.
Governor: ::surprised:: Running water?
Jason Patterson: How deep was this water..?
Kristof Wagner: Once there, the remaining survivors began setting up a camp and we remaining techs began setting up communications, using PODs as best we could. I knew we wouldn't have power for long, so we began looking for a natural source of power from the geological samples we had collected. One of the elements we discovered was extremely high in PHG377, which is basically like a naturally growing battery.
Jason Patterson: That's the raidiation forms I was picking up...
Kristof Wagner: Could be. We were getting some off the chart readings at one time, too. Then they disappeared. The reading reappeared just before Laura was taken...
Governor: Were you worried that the signal might get detected by your enemies?
Kristof Wagner: Everything was as good as could be expected for about a month, until Laura, the nurse disappeared.
Governor: The nurse disappeared?
Kristof Wagner: Poof!
Jason Patterson: Interesting.

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Member Date
Karri Compton 20 Nov 2005
Hey, I'm caught up! The plot thickens...
Shari Armstrong  20 Nov 2005
I thought I'd caught up on the other chapters, when did Damian check on the book room? also -I didn't realize (since I was late) you told the commander about the books -I was trying NOT to LOL - guess that's what I get for being late :) Can't wait to see what we come up with next :)
Amy Michelle Wiley  20 Nov 2005
The personalities of each of the characters are coming out so strongly. This is going great! :-)


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