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Mass media vs Christianity II
by David Conrad
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Mass media vs. Christianity (II)
In seventeenth century England, acute religious persecution led to the mass exodus of Puritans, and later, Separatist, (Pilgrims), to the new world in search of religious freedom, not a new country. These were proud Englishmen and women who merely sought to cleanse the church of corruption by example; by establishing a purer version here out from under the control of a church they thought had gone astray.
While the Puritans established their Virginia Company at Jamestown, the Separatists, who were to join them there some months afterward, were carried further north during their crossing and landed at Provincetown Harbor, Massachusetts. Realizing that they were beyond the jurisdiction of the Virginia Company, they drew up the Mayflower Compact on November 11, 1620. This was the first document of self governance of its type ever penned. The principles contained in this document would later become part of the US Constitution. The expressed purpose of this Compact was “…for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Faith”
Later, at the time of the American Revolution, the Christian population in America was virtually unchanged from 100% in 1620 to 99.8%. This consistently was due, in large part, to the ‘Great Awakening’ around 1734. This ‘Awakening’ marked the beginning of the end of British Colonialism. By 1775, eight of the American colonies had churches- supported by the state, and religion had been established in four of the remaining five.
Of the founding fathers of our country, 52 of 55 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were professed Christians. Of the three who were believed to be deists, Thomas Jefferson said; “No nation has ever yet existed or been governed without religion”. Benjamin Franklin, another deist, is said to have, “…attended every kind of Christian worship, called for public prayer, and contributed to all denominations”
- M.E. Bradford, scholar-
The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and ALL other founding documents are interwoven with the faith of our founding fathers in the one true God; their belief in His sovereignty, and their devotion to His Majesty.
George Washington said; “Pure religion affords government its surest support.” And John Adams said; “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions and unbridled by morality and religion…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”
Yet schools seek to indoctrinate our young people with the secularist/humanist point of view, that the driving principles in our founding documents were forged from ideas obtained from Roman and Greek government. The founding fathers spoke of a creator, not creators.
The media seeks to indoctrinate all of the rest of us through the oft repeated argument concerning “separation of church and state” A lie read into the Constitution by liberal ‘justice’ Hugo Black in 1947. Mr. Black revised the establishment clause of the first amendment to include intent derived from a personal letter of Thomas Jefferson’s, likely not intended for public consumption, in which an excerpt; “…a wall of separation between church and state…”, was taken out of context and applied in order to prohibit state funding of religion or the aid thereof. The press has trumpeted this lie through ‘journalists’ like Robyn E. Blummer of the St. Petersburg Times, who says; “…the religious right is trying in taliban-like ways to inject religion into public schools and the operations of government.” It sad to note that roughly 67% of Americans believe that the “separation of church and state” is in the Constitution. It is just that kind of apathy that the media and their champion are counting on in their quest to rewrite Christianity out of the schools, government, and our culture.
Why are Christians and their beliefs so reviled in this day and age? Christianity has hurt its collective feelings; stating that homosexuality is a perversion and an abomination before God; that abortion is murder, and so on. As Dr. James Dobson says; “Conservative Christians are subject to such virulent hostility primarily because we pose a threat to the leftist, immoral agenda of the media and entertainment industries.”
Though many in the media have read the Bible, some even more than once, much of what they read is fogged over by their own misguided humanist, (or atheist) beliefs. The fact is that; “This elite seems to dominate the national voices of the legal profession (although not, a large segment of movie stars, and a significant number of opinion leaders in the media).” -Dr. Michael Novak-
The media has proven eager to show Christians as radical, intolerant, and violent; zeroing in on instances of fanatics, who have lost touch with reality and their professed faith, and who commit violence against abortionists, abortion clinics, homosexuals, etc. This same media, when faced with Islamic terrorists who murder innocent people by flying planes into buildings, cry of the ‘plight’ of a misunderstood culture that is not inherently violent?! They also actively cover up or ignore stories from around the world of Muslims and other intolerant people of other faiths murdering Christians.
All of these deceptions, these lies deluge our country and the minds of either an
apathetic and/or an impressionable public thru 1754 daily pages, 8151 weeklies, 4147 magazines and periodicals, 3895 AM stations, 1136 FM stations, 770 TV stations, 2,500,000 billboards, and just when you thought it was safe to check your mail, 51,300,000 pieces of direct mail, this doesn’t, obviously, include the internet.
This is not merely a fight for Christians in the US, but for those world wide. Today in England there is a new religious intolerance. Christians there find the same unrelentingly hostile media. They are angered, as we are, by the tone of contempt and ridicule. Often times, as we have in the past, they grow resigned to the inevitability and never pursue the underlying reasons.
We cannot and must not fail to act at every opportunity to refute the lies of the enemy and to block every avenue he attempts to use. We are indeed living in the dangerous last days. We have the privilege of bringing back to the attention of everyone here and abroad that Jesus does exist and does forgive. We must also be ever mindful of the craftiness of satan through whatever means possible in whatever form necessary, using whomever, aware or unaware of their participation, to thwart our efforts no matter how vigilant we may be. “But there will be false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among the you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.” -II Peter 2:12
We must remember our heritage and what made us the nation we are today.
“America was not founded by religionists but upon the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
-Patrick Henry-

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