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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter seven A SURVIVOR
by Chat-A-Book Group
For Sale
Author requests article critique


Narrator: The Drone full of sightseers crunches across the ice, slowly leaving the space station behind.

Gabrielle: Oh great. ::shifting in seat:: What did you say about a bathroom, Jason?
Karrina Calloway: *ahem* Jason, pull this thing over so Gabi can pee!
Jason Patterson: :: pulls the drone to a bumpy stop:: The back cabin is open--just inside the door is the bath room unit.
Meinta: ::giggles:: Gabi, do you need some help getting out of your suit?
Gabrielle: ::Gabi hurries to undo her seatbelt and get out:: I'll figure it out one way or another, just let me out! ::Gabi bursts out the door and rushes to the back ::
Jason Patterson: OK... ::laughs::

Meinta: So Jason, where is the cave?
AJ: ::steps out and looks around and sees.... lots of snow::
Meinta: ::to others:: Our suits have lights on them--perfect for caves.
Jason Patterson: About another 5 miles... ::Points east:: Just over that ice ridge..
Meinta: Is that the Wylun area?
Jason Patterson: Not too far .. and it is rather big.
Meinta: Cool.
Gabrielle: ::comes back in much less frantic and a smile on her face:: What's big?
Jason Patterson: Never really checked it out to well but it looks like fun.
Meinta: We can check it out today, then.
Gabrielle: What are we checking out?
AJ: So what are we going to be doing exactly?
Meinta: The cave.

Karrina Calloway: So, what do think our other guests are up to today?
Jason Patterson: ::waits for Gabrielle to strap in the heads out once more::
Gabrielle: Oooh, sounds kinda scary. I get claustrophobic.
Meinta: Oh, it's a big cave. I think.
Jason Patterson: Don’t worry too much, Gabrielle.. It is a rather large cave, goes back some ways into a cliff’s edge.
Gabrielle: Okay, just so I have a straight line for the exit if I need it!
AJ: I think this could be interesting. ::smiles::
Karrina Calloway: Didn't we used to mine in that cave? For minerals and other resources, Jason?
Gabrielle: ::sits quiet, biting on her lip::
Jason Patterson: Yeah, at one time several of the old caves were mined. Now they do more cutting through the ice. We can pinpoint where more minerals are ...Cut in to get the ones we want.
Karrina Calloway: So we probably won't find anything of interest, then?
Gabrielle: What do you mine the most of, here on White Planet?
Jason Patterson: That you would need to ask the exporters. I just look for new deposits.
AJ: So a mine like this used to be a source of income?
Jason Patterson: Some time back the caves were easier access to the minerals we send by export. Now we do more cutting...

Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the dome:

Jade: ::Jade leaves the coffee shop after her third venti coffee and tries again to wake Damian:: Kid, wake up...the weirdoes all left to play in the snow!
Damian Raen: ::mumbles groggily:: Wha.....
Jade: They all left to play in the snow...the place is ours....lets bomb it!
Damian Raen: Sweet. Yeah. I brought some C-4 ::gets off the couch::
Jade: ::laughs:: Knew that would catch your attention.
Damian Raen: ::shoves her playfully:: what should we do?
Jade: Well, let's raid the kitchen.
Damian Raen: Sounds like a good place to start. ::steps into the hall:: Where is the kitchen anyway?
Jade: Um, just incase some weird intergalactic enemies come for you, should we be armed? ::laughs::
Damian Raen: ::glances at her sideways, but half-smiling:: Should you maybe shut up about that?
Jade: Haha...all right, let’s get something to eat. I'm starved.
Damian Raen: Sure thing. ::starts walking down the hall::
Jade: ::follows::
Damian Raen: ::glances at her:: I don't know where I'm going. ::stops and starts laughing::
Jade: ::laughs:: This way. ::leads Damien to the kitchen where she starts opening cabinets at random::
Damian Raen: ::still laughing, follows:: You were following me... ha, that's great!
Jade: You all right, kid? You seem to be staggering. Ya know, you are a little young to drink.
Damian Raen: ::opening a cupboard:: Are you kidding? I've been drinking since I was nine.
Jade: ::arches a brow::

Damian Raen: ::pulls out a canister of garlic salt:: Hey, got vampire trouble?
Jade: Um, I think that's garlic, kid
Damian Raen: ::puts that canister away:: Dude, yeah, for killing vampires.
Jade: ::finds a box of lucky charms and starts eating it dry in handfuls::
Damian Raen: Sweet, gimme that. ::grabs a handful of Lucky Charms®::
Jade: ::dumps the Lucky Charms® out on the counter and splits it in 2 piles::
Damian Raen: Hey, you gave yourself more.
Jade: ::starts picking out the marshmallows and eating them::
Damian Raen: ::scrapes at some of hers::
Jade: ::steals a few of his marshmallows::
Damian Raen: Fine, eat the marshmallows. I'll just get something healthy.
Jade: So what should we do after this? Think there is a weight gym around?
Damian Raen: ::pulling open a refrigerator:: There better be.
Jade: Being on this forsaken planet is not healthy.
Damian Raen: ::grabs an apple:: These are, though.
Jade: ::rolls her eyes:: I doubt it.
Jade: OOOO, you think there is spray paint around? We could graffiti the outside of the domes...or better yet, spray paint them all black.
Damian Raen: ::munching apple:: Ha! That's a great idea.
Jade: Maybe we will even get lucky enough that they ship us back to earth
Damian Raen: ::gets a somewhat concerned look on his face:: But Meinta would have a fit.
Jade: We could claim innocence. ::laughs:: How about we explore the basement....bet there's a secret dungeon where they hold hostages captive
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: Yeah, maybe. ::tosses the apple core into a sink:: I say we find the weight room.
Jade: ::shoves the lucky charms she didn't eat back in the box and replaces it in the cupboard:: All right, you lead, I follow.
Damian Raen: Okay. ::steps into the hall::

Narrator: In the drone:

Jason Patterson: ::: slows the drone down as it crosses over the rise... stops at the top to get the best view:: Well folks, there you go!
Meinta: Oh! ::smiles out the window::
Jason Patterson: This one was not on our maps but it has been here for some time.
Karrina Calloway: Wow, I've never been out here before.
Meinta: I never get tired of watching the sun on the ice.
Jason Patterson: I’m not sure if they had a mine in here or not. Had outpost ... but who knows…
Meinta: ::helps everyone out of the drone::
Gabrielle: Oooh, this is beautiful!
AJ: ::follows and takes in the sights::
Jason Patterson: Be careful of any clear patches in the ice beneath .. sometimes they are too thin to walk on.
Gabrielle: ::follows AJ with halting steps:: Are the thin patches easy to spot?
Meinta: Do you guys want to sled first, or check out the cave?
Jason Patterson: Either is good.
AJ: I'd like to see the cave myself.
Meinta: Ok, cave it is! There's a little switch on the right of the neck piece that turns on a light.

Gabrielle: I really don't want to be a giant white popsicle!
Meinta: ::chuckles:: I've never fallen through and I used to come out here all the time.
Jason Patterson: Yes, Gabrielle.
AJ: :: spots thin ice:: Step left....
Jason Patterson: Just watch your step. You are doing fine.
Meinta: The thin spots are dark.
Jason Patterson: They show as dark from the fact you can see through to the air pocket behind them.
Gabrielle: ::jumps to the side with eyes wide:: I think I saw one! ::walks in an exaggerated circle around the dark patch::
Meinta: ::tries not to laugh::

AJ: ::sees a dark entrance in the distance:: Looks like we're getting closer.
Narrator: They approach the entrance to the cave and step quietly in, looking all around.
Meinta: ::to Karrina:: Allara would have loved this.
Karrina: ::smiles:: Yes, she would have.
Jason Patterson: There is a trail cut in the edge of the cliffs off that direction..:: points to his right:: Looks to level off on the right side up here.. Hey it almost seems like a road… big enough to get my drone in here.
AJ: ::heads toward the trail::
Karrina Calloway: These icicles hanging from the roof of the cave are enormous!
Meinta: What seems like a road?
Jason Patterson: There is a level spot up and to the right side of the cave.
AJ: ::nods::
Meinta: What do you think it's from? That means this cave must have been mined, right?
Jason Patterson: Meinta... Look up ahead there. Does that seem like a wall to you? Not ice, but glass?
Meinta: A Wall? ::squints::
Gabrielle: That's weird.
Meinta: I don't know. My eyes are still kinda blurry… I can't tell if it's ice or something else.
Gabrielle: I thought you had been in here before, Jason?
Jason Patterson: ::heads out at a jog to the end of the cave::
Karrina Calloway: Glass?

Jason Patterson: :: shouts back to the others:: Hey there is a dome wall here!
Meinta: Another dome? There isn't supposed to be a station here. Is there?
Jason Patterson: This must be one of the old mining outposts. Some were in the caves before.
Meinta: ::pulls out her plasmagin:: This doesn't say anything about a station here--old or otherwise.

Narrator: Jade and Damian walk out of the space station kitchen.

Jade: If you don't mind my asking, why did you start drinking at 9?
Damian Raen: ::looks around at different doorways for a moment:: I don't know. What does it matter?
Jade: ::shrugs:: I used to counsel high crisis teens, remember? Just thought perhaps I could help.
Damian Raen: Do I need help? You're assuming that drinking is a bad thing. ::shrugs:: I mean, it can be…
Jade: At your age? To the point of semi-comatose?
Damian Raen: Hey everybody does it back on ST-63!
Jade: ::sees a windowless room up ahead:: Hey, that's probably it!
Damian Raen: ::all to happy to change the subject:: Right! ::steps up to the room and goes inside::
Jade: ::walks in the gym:: Wow, this is state of the art
Damian Raen: ::looking around:: Yeah.
Jade: So cool. ::jumps on the shoulder press and starts her set::
Damian Raen: ::heads to a nearby bench press:: Here, spot me. I'm gonna try 260.
Jade: ::laughs:: Uh huh. ::walks over to Damian:: You know, there's only room for one of us on this planet with a death wish.
Damian Raen: ::getting onto the bench press, grabbing the bar:: Right, then. I guess you better leave. ::smirks::
Jade: ::puts 2 fingers on each end of the bar:: Nice try.
Damian Raen: ::lifts the bar, gets it up::
Jade: I'm impressed.
Damian Raen: ::sets the bar back down:: I can still do it. A guy doesn't get to work out much when he's running for his life.
Jade: ::tousles his hair:: Good job, kid. ::walks back over to the shoulder press machine::

Damian Raen: ::Lies on the bench, looking up at the ceiling:: How long do you think we'll be here, Jade?
Jade: In the gym or on the planet?
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: The planet.
Jade: ::sets the weight stack down and stares at him:: Are you not safe here? Does anyone know you came? I really do have a secret spot, if you ever need to hide....
Damian Raen: Whoa, hey, no need to jump to conclusions; I was just curious when you thought they'd be letting us leave.
Jade: Ok, whatever.
Damian Raen: ::looks away:: But yes, and yes.
Jade: ::moves onto the lat machine:: So who knows you are here?

Damian Raen: ::Sits up, looks at Jade:: So you're saying you'd be willing to let me into your secret place If I need to hide?
Jade: ::looks at him strangely:: Of course, just because I want to die doesn't mean I want anyone else to!
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: You weren't kidding about that death wish.
Jade: ::laughs:: No reason to live.
Damian Raen: ::gets up, strides to a barbell:: Yeah, well, me neither.
Jade: Then why are you trying so hard to remain alive?
Damian Raen: ::starts curling the weight:: Who said I was?
Jade: You did when you lifted the barbell, silly. ::starts doing pull-ups::
Damian Raen: ::still lifting:: The truth is, Jade, I don't want anyone else to die either--just like you.
Jade: Well, don’t worry kid....life has a way a sorting everything out. ::mutters to herself:: Sometimes.
Damian Raen: Sure. I believe I've asked you not to call me "kid".
Jade: I believe you did, yes.
Damian Raen: ::laughs::

Narrator: In the cave, the sightseeing group gathers excitedly around the glass wall of the dome.

Jason Patterson: ::peers around at the dome:: Still looking for a door here... but it must be buried in the ice. Wonder how long this has been here.
AJ: ::taps on the surface::
Meinta: Here! There are footprints!
Jason Patterson: Where? OK, I see them, now.
Gabrielle: ::shivers and wraps her arms around herself:: Do you think it's safe in here?
Jason Patterson: Where do they lead?
Meinta: Over here!
Karrina Calloway: ::follows Meinta::
Meinta: They disappear right here. That's odd.
Jason Patterson: ::: heads off to the left of the wall... sees something that looks like and old airlock entry:::
Karrina Calloway: Who on WP could possibly be here?
AJ: ::looks around cautiously::

Kristof Wagner: ::shouts out:: WHO‘S THERE?!
Gabrielle: ::jumps and screams::
Karrina Calloway: Yikes!
Meinta: ::jumps::
AJ: ::spins around in the direction of the voice:: Over there.....
Meinta: Who was that?
AJ: ::moves toward the voice cautiously::
Jason Patterson: Who is there…?
Gabrielle: ::starts running toward the exit of the cave. trips on a chunk of ice and just stays on ground::
Jason Patterson: CAN YOU HEAR ME INSIDE?
Kristof Wagner: ::cautiously:: Who are you? Why are you here? ::emerges slowly around the corner of the dome, staying in the shadows::
Meinta: ::to Jason:: Maybe you'd better go talk to him.
Jason Patterson: My name is Jason Patterson... White planet Mining surveyor...
AJ: ::stands just behind Jason to the side, watching::
Jason Patterson: Are you okay? We won’t hurt you... Come on out.
Meinta: We're just doing some sightseeing.
Karrina Calloway: ::stands with stunned look on her face::

Kristof Wagner: ::staggers forward, but still just out of light:: Who are you? I had all but given up hope!
Gabrielle: ::puts her arms over her head and accidentally shuts off her light::
Kristof Wagner: Are you the rescue team?
Meinta: Rescue for what?
Jason Patterson: Hope in what??
Meinta: We are from the Dome...
AJ: ::shakes head:: No, I just arrived here not long ago.
Kristof Wagner: The dome? That was destroyed.
Karrina Calloway: What're you talking about?
Meinta: What dome was desroyed? One of the outposts?
Gabrielle: ::realizes there is no danger and sits up watching::
AJ: Which dome?
Jason Patterson: ::looks at Meinta questioning::: What’s this about a rescue?
Kristof Wagner: ::Shields eyes:: You don't know?
Jason Patterson: No. The dome is there... We just came from it.
Meinta: Except the research dome...
Jason Patterson: Tell me what happened to you.

Kristof Wagner: So, you really don't know who I am?
Meinta: Should we? ::exchanges glances with Karrina::
Jason Patterson: ::: leans close to Meinta::: think we should get him out here and back to the drone... it will be warmer there.
Meinta: OK.
AJ: Do you need any medical attention? Food?
Gabrielle: ::Gabi shuffles out of the way::
Jason Patterson: Come with us sir... We will get you to a safe place.
Meinta: Is there anyone else here? Anyone with you?
Jason Patterson: It is okay. Don’t be afraid.
Kristof Wagner: ::Looks suspiciously at everyone, eyes adjusting to the light. Thinks to himself about running back to the path and climbing to the crook in the wall:: I'm from Project Horizon.

Meinta: ::whispers to Karrina:: Project Horizon?
AJ: ::looks at the WP folks::
Karrina Calloway: Meinta, did your Dad start that?
Jason Patterson: Horizon? Never heard of it.
Meinta: Me neither.
Gabrielle: ::tilts her head and squints her eyes in question::
Meinta: ::cheerfully:: Well, come this way and we'll get you warmed up.
Karrina Calloway: Yes, we'd like to get back to the dome and hear more of your story.
Kristof Wagner: ::Takes step toward path:: What is your mission? Who sent you? Where are your credentials? I don't see any rescue equipment.
Meinta: I am the Governor's daughter, Meinta Salkia.
Karrina Calloway: I'm Karrina Calloway.
Gabrielle: We're just out playing in the snow.

Jason Patterson: ::: Thinks to self about the reading of high level radiation he found a while back:::
AJ: How long have you been here?
Meinta: Here, I have some info here on my plasmagin, if you'd like to look. ::holds it out to him::
Jason Patterson: We come from the Dome over the hill.. just to the west of here.
Kristof Wagner: What year is it?
Meinta: 179 AP.
Kristof Wagner: ::look of shock and dismay:: 179???? One hundred seventy-nine?
Jason Patterson: Yah.

Kristof Wagner: Are you from Earth?
AJ: I am - are you?
Jason Patterson: Yes sir, we are...
AJ: I was in the Marines.. retired now.
Meinta: I've never been to Earth.
Jason Patterson: …for the most part.
Gabrielle: I'm from earth. I'm Gabi.
Karrina Calloway: I was born on WP.
Meinta: Where are you from, Sir?
Jason Patterson: The home base of the mining corporation is earth based.
Meinta: I'm sorry, I missed your name...?
Kristof Wagner: ::The reality of the passage of 85 Earth years hits him hard:: 179??? ::passes out::
Meinta: Oh no! ::rushes to him:: What do we do?
Karrina Calloway: Quick, Jason, get him in the drone!
Gabrielle: ::gasps:: We need to get him back to the dome. Quick!
Jason Patterson: Hold on! Someone give me hand here.
Karrina Calloway: ::helps Jason::
Jason Patterson: Up you go old man... ::groans from the strain of lifting::
AJ: ::helps hoist him up::
Meinta: ::backs out of the way::

Jason Patterson: Okay, lets get him out of here!
Meinta: Here. ::shines her light for them::
Jason Patterson: :::heads back out to the drone as carefully as he can::
Meinta: ::opens the drone door::
Kristof Wagner: ::moans:: 179...179...179...Jessie...
Meinta: Jessie?
Karrina Calloway: C'mon everyone, let's hightail it home!
AJ: ::helps shift the man into the transport::
Jason Patterson: Someone open that side door on the back cabin.
AJ: Got it.
Jason Patterson: Let’s get you inside. ::slides the man inside on the bed and pulls cover over him::
Meinta: ::types in her plasmagin:: The ER will be waiting for us back at the dome.
Gabrielle: ::stands back and watches with concern on her face mixed with fear and uncertainty::
Karrina Calloway: He's delirious.
AJ: :: moves to the door::

Kristof Wagner: ::starts shivering from cold--has lived deep underground for nearly 85 years--temp constant there--goes into hypothermic shock::
AJ: Looks like he's in shock.
Jason Patterson: Don’t you worry ... will have you warm in a bit.
Karrina Calloway: Don't we have any battery powered heating pads or blankets?
Meinta: I'm sure there are some around here. ::starts rummaging around::
Jason Patterson: ::turns on the heater by the bed side::
Kristof Wagner: ::shakes violently--eyes roll back in head::
Meinta: We need to get him warm, but not too hot.

Jason Patterson: Someone stay back here with him. I am turning this thing back to the dome.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi gets in and walks over to Kristof and sits beside him:: I'll sit with him, but I don't know what to do?
Jason Patterson: ::Hopping in the from cab of the drone , starting the engine up and heads out at full speed::
Kristof Wagner: ::teeth chattering begins to subside:: JJJJeesssiieeeee.......Jeessiee.....
AJ: He's calling for someone named Jessie?
Meinta: Yeah, he keeps saying that name. I hope she, or he, isn't still out there...
Gabrielle: ::puts hand on his arm:: Sshhhhh, it's okay. We're here.

Narrator: As the drone slithers toward the hospital, Jade and Damian are getting bored.

Damian Raen: sets the barbell down, looks across the room::
Jade: Think the weirdoes fell through the ice yet?
Damian Raen: ::notices a small door in the corner:: Where's that lead?
Jade: ::shrugs:: Let's find out.
Damian Raen: ::tries the door:: It's locked.
Jade: Can't you pick it? Or blast it?
Damian Raen: ::shrugs:: Sure, maybe.. but I've never seen this kind of lock before. ::looks over his shoulder, toward the empty gym:: Nobody's here... ::starts to mess with the lock::
Jade: Or just push your 260 strength body against it and bust it in, hehe.
Damian Raen: ::laughs:: I wish!
Jade: ::stretches while watching Damian::
Damian Raen: It seems to need some kind of key. Like, a special key…
Jade: That figures.

Damian Raen: ::scowls thoughtfully. drops to the floor, peering under the door::
Jade: See anything?
Damian Raen: Looks like it's just a closet... wait, there's books along the far wall... on the floor....
Jade: Oooo…
Damian Raen: Wait a second.... ::stands up::
Jade: Who would disrespect books by storing them on the floor? Sorry, pet peeve, books are an art and one that should be respected.
Damian Raen: ::looks at her sideways:: Really. this from you....
Jade: ::stares into space as though thinking of something:: Huh? Nothing, never mind.
Damian Raen: ::shrugs:: Whatever.
Jade: So can you get in or not?
Damian Raen: ::shakes his head:: I don't think so.
Jade: ::plops on the floor:: Now what? Think maybe there's another way in? From a different room, I mean.
Damian Raen: ::turns to Jade:: I don't think we can get through there, but I wonder... I bet Meinta knows what's back there.. I'll ask her.

Narrator: ::Jade and Damian wander back to their own room and take a nap, exhausted from boredom and their workout::

Jason Patterson: :driving the drone over the bumpy ice, wondering where that man came from, and wondering also if there is a connection to the old readings.::
Meinta: Hey look, there is something written on his coat. ::into intercom:: Jason, have you ever heard of uh, Useless? U.S.E.L.E.S.
Jason Patterson: Yes, I have. I’ll tell inside...
Gabrielle: ::whispers:: I think he has a badge, too. Anyone ever heard of ::reading badge:: Wagner?
Kristof Wagner: ::Looks up at Meinta:: Jessie? Are we free?
Meinta: ::soothingly:: Uh, yes, we are free.
Kristof Wagner: ::Relaxes and falls into a deep sleep:: 179....

Jason Patterson: ::drives towards the dome space port air locks, calling in for someone to open the port::
Medic: ::throws open doors:: Who is hurt?
Meinta: Right here! We found this man!
Jason Patterson: ::jumps from cab and runs towards the back. looks on as they remove the man from the cabin:::
Medic: What do we know about him?
AJ: Not much. He asked what year it was and passed out. He's mumbled some....
Jason Patterson: Get him into the lab and get cool warmth started... if he heats too fast it may kill him.
AJ: The lights bothered his eyes, so he was probably down there for a while.
Medic: ::lifts Wagner onto a stretcher and carries him away::

Meinta: ::stands a watches:: Well, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind for this outing. I guess Someone had other plans...
AJ: Well, it was exciting. I'll give you that.
Meinta: ::grins:: Yes, it was!
Gabrielle: ::stands watching the closed door Kristof just passed through:: Whew.
AJ: ::watches them move the mystery man away, finds a place to dump the suit::
Meinta: I wonder who he is? I sure hope no one else is out there.
Gabrielle: ::shudders:: Should we be searching for anyone else?

Governor: ::hurries up:: Meinta, do you know anything more?
Jason Patterson: He seems rather shaken...
Governor: Jason, Meinta filled me in on finding a man. Do we know anything else?
Jason Patterson: ::: leans toward Governor whispering:: Have a strange feeling here... will tell you later..
Governor: ::looks interested:: All right.
Gabrielle: I don't know about you guys, but I really need some time alone. I'll catch ya all later. ::struggles out of suit and hands it to Meinta. waves behind her as she heads to room::
Meinta: Bye Gabi! Thank for coming along!

Narrator: Early that next morning, having sent a private message to the Governor, Jason waits quietly and patently in the Governor’s private office.
Jason Patterson: :: Thinking to himself about the man the had found the day before, and what all the events leading to it have in common. mutters,:: Something is not right here; it just doesn't add up.
Governor: ::enters:: Morning Jason.
Jason Patterson: Morning Beren. ::still lost in thought::
Governor: I got your message, something about a reply from your union..?
Jason Patterson: Oh yes. I remember the Name on the man’s Uniform, U.S.L.E.S. and sent off a message to the Surveyors Union guild back on earth. Something is wrong there.
Governor: Really? ::sits down:: What did they say?
Jason Patterson: The branch of Universal Space Exploration--Lunar Salvage and Excavation surveyors known as “Explorers” were used years ago, to search out whether a planet had use, and where the best place for a colony would be. Basically to set up the first colony on a planet. But...
Governor: ::frowns and leans back::
Jason Patterson: The Explorers Branch was disband more than a hundred years ago. before this colony was set up.. According to the books. If he is part of them... he is rather old, and I do mean old. ::Sits quietly for a moment, thinking::
Governor: ::types into plasmagin:: Hmmm, yes…

Jason Patterson: Have you ever found anything on the planet to show there was work done here before? Any records at all?
Governor: No. Nothing. ::a thought suddenly strikes him:: Hmmm. Jason, I just thought of something interesting. Probably nothing…
Jason: ::looks at him expectantly::
Governor: One of the old books…a story about an old colony…It never says where it is and I always thought some of the descriptions were remarkably familiar. I’m going to have to go pull it out again. It’s probably nothing…
Jason Patterson: Don’t be too sure of that, Bear. Things seem odd. Too many things seeming like coincidence.
Governor: ::lost in thought:: Mm hmmm.
Jason Patterson: First I find those odd readings of radiation that shouldn't be there, then this T19 group from Earth shows up, and now this man comes out of nowhere with an out-dated uniform of a branch-service that was disband before this planet was found... supposedly. ::looks straight at the Governor:: And I am beginning to get the feeling that accident in the Lab dome was no accident..
Governor: Do you have any evidence of that?
Jason Patterson: No.. At this point I can't say, I have no real proof. Yet..
Governor: ::sighs:: I got the same impression. I’ve got my eye on that kid Damian. But Meinta doesn’t believe he’s involved. At any rate, I have upped security even more then I did when Group T19 first got here. We added ten monitors around, too. Maybe that will give us some answers.
Jason Patterson: I hope it does. ::slowly stands up, looking down at the Governor:: Beren..? Governor.? I am making a formal request.. I wish to go back out on the Ice.. There is too much at stake for coincidence...
Governor: Of course, Jason.
Jason Patterson: Thank you. ::gives Beren a warm handshake before turning to leave::
Governor: Oh, and Jason?
Jason Patterson: Yes?
Governor: Be careful out there.

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This gets better and better...
Kris St. James 11 Nov 2005
This turned out pretty good! So, any ideas what this "mystery man" should do next?
Kyle Chezum 10 Nov 2005
Heh heh, so the Governor's "got his eye on that kid Damian!" Cool! Things are definitely heating up...


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