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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter six PLANNING FUN
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Narrator: One week laterÖ

Jason Patterson: ::: heads towards the loading platform to pack gear and supplies for field work:::
Meinta: ::walks by Jason:: Oh, hey!
Jason Patterson: Hi Kiddo.. how are you feeling?
Meinta: I was just headed to Karrina's to see if she wanted to get out for a while with me.
Jason Patterson: Out..? Whereíre you headed?
Meinta: Outside the domes. Out to the ice!! We can go skating or sledding or something. I could use a bit of fun. You want to come?
Jason Patterson: Oh .. My favorite place to live..?
Meinta: Get some exercise.
Jason Patterson: sounds like a fun day.
Meinta: Yeah! Will you come?
Jason Patterson: Getting things together for the trip out. Still have some supplies they said need to go to the Outpost.
Meinta: Oh. When are you leaving?
Jason Patterson: Soon as things get packed. But I can always spare some time for a nice slide on the ice... ::laughs::
Meinta: Cool!

Narrator: In Jade's sitting room....2 empty bottles of liquor are on the table. Damien is passed out on the couch. Jade rolls off the other couch and falls on the floor. Gets up. Shakes Damien. He is non responsive and in a stupor. Jade dresses and stumbles out of her room.
AJ: ::leaves her quarters and looks a round::
Jade: ::bumps into AJ::
AJ: ::smells the alcohol:: Looks like you could use some coffee.
Jade: Yes, please.
AJ: Let's see what we can find..
Jade: ::staggers after AJ::
Narrator: The two enter the main dome and soon find a coffee shop.
AJ: ::opens the door and takes a deep breath of coffee-laden air:: Smells good.

Jason Patterson: ::to Mienta:: You should take some thing hot with you as you go.. It gets mighty chilly out there.
Meinta: Good idea. Iíll go get some from the coffee shop.
Jason Patterson: Iíll come help carry it. I could use some coffee anyway.
Narrator: They enter the shop.

AJ: ::sits at the counter and orders some hot tea with sugar::
Jason Patterson: Hiya Captain... oo sorry retired right..?
AJ: ::smiles:: Hello, AJ is fine.
Jason Patterson: How's the trip so far..?
AJ: It's been.. interesting
Jade: ::ignores everyone and orders:: Iíd like a venti white mocha....extra shot of espresso and extra hot.

Meinta: ::to Jason:: I'm going to go get Karrina, I'll be back in a sec, okay?
Jason Patterson: Ok kiddo... don't take too long. Might leave with out you.
Meinta: ::rolls her eyes and grins:: Right.
Jade: ::sits by herself and drinks her mocha::

Meinta: ::walks down the hall and sees Gabi:: Oh, hi Gabrielle!
Gabrielle: Hi, what's up?
Meinta: Hey, a group of us are going out of the domes in a bit to have some fun. Would you like to come?
Gabrielle: Yikes, you mean in the snow? I hate snow!
Meinta: ::laughs:: I'm headed to Karrina's house right now, want to walk along with me?
Gabrielle: Sure. Thanks.
Meinta: ::they walk to Karrina's house and knock on door::
Karrina Calloway: ::opens door:: Hi Meinta, Gabrielle.
Meinta: Hi!
Gabrielle: Hey.
Meinta: I'm arranging a outing to go sledding and stuff. Want to come?
Karrina Calloway: Oh really, sounds like fun.
Meinta: Yeah, I thought we could all use a break.
Gabrielle: I say only if it involves a hot latte afterwards!
Karrina Calloway: Sure, just a sec. ::disappears, then comes back with outdoor gear:: Is everyone else coming?
Meinta: I'm not sure, yet. I hope so.
Gabrielle: Hey, I forgot gloves, sorry to impose, but do you have an extra pair?
Karrina Calloway: Sure, Gabrielle. Here ya go.
Narrator: ::they walk back to the coffee shop::

AJ: ::tea arrives and sips tea:: Ah, that hits the spot. ::looks at the menu::
Jason Patterson: So, AJ, what with the other crew you have? ::motions towards Jade:: This one seems out of it.
AJ: ::laughs:: I'm still trying to figure that out myself.
Jade: ::gulps her coffee and orders another::
AJ: Did I hear that a group is going out of the dome?
Jason Patterson: We're go out for a walk.
AJ: What is there to do?
Jason Patterson: Slide around on the ice some.. ::Laughs::
AJ: I guess it could be fun. How cold is it out there?
Jason Patterson: about -40. It doesn't get too warm around here.
AJ: Oh? So how do you stay warm?
Jason Patterson: Insulator suits.
Meinta: ::walks in the shop:: The suits have oxygen, too.
AJ: I don't think I have one?
Jason Patterson: They have several by most air locks, incase some one needs to go out.
Meinta: We have lots of extra sanitized ones around. We'll find one with a good fit.
AJ: Good.

Jade: ::looks up at them like they are all crazy::
Meinta: ::pulls out plasmagin and types::
Gabrielle: Hey, I want one! I can't stand to be cold!
Meinta: Dad is going to bring a bunch with him in a minute. He's coming by this way for a meeting.
Jade: ::rolls her eyes and continues to sip on her coffee::
Karrina Calloway: Oh great, Meinta. Maybe we'll all get to know each other better.

Jason Patterson: ::Looks over at Jade, wondering what is up, mutters:: At least she likes the coffee.
Meinta: ::orders a big jug of coffee and one of hot chocolate::
Gabrielle: ::Goes over to counter and orders coffee::
Karrina Calloway: I'll take extra whipped cream and marshmallows with my hot chocolate, please.
AJ: :: gets a donut and another cup of tea:: Thank you.

Governor: ::walks in pushing a trundle mounded with bulky suits:: Hey folks! Here's your adventure suits!
Jade: ::shakes her head:: I am trapped on an ice planet with a bunch of weirdoes who want to go sledding in -40 degree weather. Uh-huh. This is what my life has amounted too.
Gabrielle: ::turns around and sees the suits. pays quickly and rushes over::
Meinta: Thanks, Dad. ::starts helping people find one::
Gabrielle: So how do these work? Can I set mine to 80? ::gives a smile to show she is exaggerating::
Meinta: ::laughs:: If you insist!
AJ: ::takes a suit, holds it up to check size::

Jason Patterson: Hi Karrina how are you today... going out with the group for a sled ride.
Karrina Calloway: ::to Jason:: It's been awhile, but I think it'll be fine, provided we don't stay out too long.

Governor: ::pausing by Jade:: Hello young lady. How are you?
Jade: ::arches a brow:: Fine, thank you.
Governor: ::doubtfully:: That's good.

Jason Patterson: I could take the drone rig out.. in case anyone gets too cold.
Meinta: OK, thanks, Jason.
Karrina Calloway: Sounds good. You're always ready for anything, aren't you Jason?
Jason Patterson: No problem... my home on skids.. ::laughs::

Governor: Well, have fun everyone! I've got to get back to work. Stay safe.
Meinta: Thanks, Dad. Bye!
Karrina Calloway: I'll be in tomorrow, Governor. Bye.
Governor: ::to Meinta:: Better put sunglasses on out there. Have fun. ::leaves::
Gabrielle: ::to Meinta:: That's your dad? Where did I miss that?
Meinta: ::laughs:: Yes, the governor is my dad.
Gabrielle: Cool.

Gabrielle: ::holds up discarded suits by A.J. and finds one that fits:: I can't believe I'm going to do this! My mom will never recognize me if I don't cut this out! Who am I? ::laughs::
AJ: Thanks, that looks better. ::puts on suit:: Not too different from military issue clothes.
Karrina Calloway: ::finds a suit in the pile and waits for others::
Gabrielle: ::finds a suit for herself and starts to put it on::
Jason Patterson: ::laughs to self as he watches others getting in to suits :: I live in mine most of the time.
Meinta: ::teasing:: Yeah, and it smells real nice in there.
Karrina Calloway: Jason, you're used to this. Show our guests how it's done.
Jade: ::rolls her eyes:: This is seriously too much to handle ::orders her 3rd venti coffee::
Jason Patterson: You step in it clasps at the ankles then the waist. Slide the arms in and be sure the neck line is snug.

Meinta: Jade, I think this one will fit you.
Jade: ::arches a brow:: Uh huh, sure.
AJ: ::moves around about to get the feel of the suit::
Meinta: ::to AJ:: Getting hot yet?
AJ: ::shakes head:: Nope, I'm fine
Gabrielle: ::having a bit of trouble getting left arm in::
Meinta: ::helps Gabi:: It's a bit tricky.
Gabrielle: Thanks.

Jason Patterson: Meinta, you have a place in mind to go? Or just walking?
Meinta: ::smiles:: Well, I do have some favorite spots...
AJ: ::watches and waits::
Karrina Calloway: ::finishes putting on suit, watching for others to finish::
Meinta: There is a great smooth slope in the Tilmath area.
Karrina Calloway: Everyone needs to turn their in-suit radios on, don't they Jason, so we can communicate?
Jason Patterson: Most of mine are miles from the dome... but we could still be there quickly in the drone... holds a lot of people.
AJ: ::holds helmet::

Jade: ::watches everyone in the suits, amused:: Anybody need to go to the bathroom?
Gabrielle: Oh, shoot! Why didn't you say that BEFORE!
Meinta: Well, now that you mention it. ::laughs::
Jade: ::laughs hysterically::

Meinta: ::few minutes later:: OK, everyone ready?
Jade: ::lights a cigarette, still chuckling to herself at everyone in their suits::
Meinta: Hurry and get yours on, Jade.
Jade: ::arches a brow:: Is that an order?
Meinta: Of course not. This is just a fun trip.
Jade: Fun?
Meinta: But I would love for you to come. ::looks at her pleadingly::
Jade: It's minus 40 degrees out there.
Meinta: That's what the suits are for.
Jade: Uh huh.
Jason Patterson: Only on a warm day Jade. Sometimes it can get as low as -60.
Jade: ::arches a brow:: And who are you?
Jason Patterson: The name is Patterson. ::Extends a hand::
Jade: ::shakes hands:: Uh huh.
Jason Patterson: Survey analysis for the planet.. and you?
Jade: Prisoner trapped against my will.

Jason Patterson: ::: Heads for the airlock to release the door seals::

Gabrielle: Wait!, what if we really do have to go to the bathroom? ::face looks stricken::
Jason Patterson: Donít worry Gabrielle.. the survey drone is made for my living quarters as well.. It has ALL the needs.
Gabrielle: Whew ::looks much relieved and smiles a thanks to Jason::

Meinta: Everyone, set your intercom to # 3 so we can talk. Let's go!
Jade: ::shakes her head in disbelief:: There is no way. Uh uh. Not me.
Meinta: I think you would enjoy it, Jade. ::shrugs:: Well, see ya later.
Jason Patterson: ::Starts motor on the Drone... then pulls out the air lock doors::
Karrina Calloway: Hope this drone moves fast.
Meinta: ::chuckles at everyone waddling around in their new suits::
Jason Patterson: It will get up to 85 mph in the snow..
Meinta: Hop in.
Karrina Calloway: ::watches people struggle into the drone, getting used to the suits:: Maybe not hop.
Jason Patterson: Side door can take 6. So there is plenty of room.
AJ: ::watches out the window::
Gabrielle: Let's go before I lose my nerve!
Jason Patterson: OK folks, it can get bumpy, but the ride is good.

Jason Patterson: Where to Meinta?
Meinta: I'm here. Back in the corner! ::pauses:: Oh, did you say where TO? ::taps her intercom:: You're driving. Go whereever you like.
Jason Patterson: I saw a cave a while back... not too far off.
Meinta: A cave would be cool.

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