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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter four THE INVASION
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Narrator: It is the middle of the night. The people of White Planet are sleeping, some peacefully... some... not so peacefully...

Damian, sleeping deeply from the pain medication, begins to have very vivid dreams, more so than usual...

Damian Raen: ::steps into the hallway outside his room, looks around. no one is in the hall::
Jade: ::floats down the hallway like a ghost:: Hi kid, glad to see you feeling better. ::disappears into her room - passing through the closed door::
Damian Raen: ::watches after her:: Me too.
Karrina Calloway: ::walking halls and sees Damian out of his room:: Are you feeling better today?
Gabrielle::Floats by and shyly turns her head away, tears flooding the hallway::
Damian Raen: ::to Karrina:: Yeah, I'm... I'm doing okay.
Karrina Calloway: I've noticed some strange flashes in the sky.
Damian Raen: ::strides down the hall toward the control room::
Damian Raen:::to Karrina:: What kind of flashes?

AJ:: in control room, wearing full combat gear, camo, K-bar and rifle, walks around, crouched down, doing recon :: Where is that weasel reporter?

Damian Raen: ::steps into the control room::
AJ::now sitting at the computer console in civilian clothes:: Damian, glad to see you up and about. ::turns back to the computer::
Damian Raen: ::to Karrina:: Could you describe them?
Karrina Calloway: Well, it's hard to say. I've never seen the likes of them on WP. It looks like a series of meteors or comets coming into the atmosphere.
Gabrielle::rushes in, out of breath with huge terrified eyes:: Have you seen them?
Damian Raen: Huh....
Karrina Calloway: : Of course, they could be ships...
Gabrielle: The lights, what are they?
Damian Raen: ::a panicked look crosses his face, and he whispers to himself:: not... not those ships...
Jade: ::drifts into the control room - her usual apathetic self::
Damian Raen: ::to Karrina:: They're meteors... Right?
Karrina Calloway: ::to Damian:: Does that bother you?
Damian Raen: ::quickly:: No! Of course not.

AJ::moves to another work station:: Grrr.
Karrina Calloway: : Probably nothing. Maybe we should check the radar.
Damian Raen: ::to AJ:: What's wrong?
AJ: These computers.....
Jade: They look like ships to me.
Damian Raen: ::seems concerned: to Jade:: You saw them?
Jade: Yea, why?
Damian Raen: No reason... it's just...
AJ: It's like they just stopped working.
Damian Raen: ::looking worried:: Like they've been jammed...?
AJ: I keep pushing buttons and nothing happens. Like the power was turned off.
Karrina Calloway: : Are all the electronics down?
Gabrielle::backs away from everyone and stands against wall, eyes still wide::
Damian Raen: ::steps to the window, looking out::
Karrina Calloway: Even our plasmagins?

Narrator: ::the flashes of lightning the upper atmosphere are now very visible::
Jade: Do you need a place to hide, kid?
Damian Raen: ::turns to her:: What? What are you talking about? Why would I?
Jade: Nothing, you just seem a little pale.
Damian Raen: ::his face shows that he is obviously trying to hide something::
AJ: ::observes Damian's thinly veiled fear:: Hold it together, Marine!
Damian Raen: Well, I'm still recovering.
Jade: ::arches a brow::
Karrina Calloway: : It could be some sort of electromagnetic pulse messing up our systems.
Damian Raen: : Could be...
Jade: : OK, kid...
Karrina Calloway: : But what would be emitting that?
AJ::runs from the room::
Jade: ::To Damian:: Cuz I have a place, if you did happen to need it.

Narrator: ::suddenly the ground shudders and the building shakes as a missile explodes in the snow just outside::

Damian Raen: ::cusses::
Karrina Calloway: : Dark craters! What was that?
Damian Raen: : Get out!
Jade: ::totally unphased:: hmm, I would definetly say a ship, and an enemy ship at that.
AJ:: runs back in::
Damian Raen: ::runs toward the door::
Narrator: ::another explosion hits outside::
AJ: We need to find a defendable position and weapons .........
Karrina Calloway: ::scrambles to get everyone together::
Gabrielle::screams again and drops to the floor::
Damian Raen: : Get out of the control room!
Jade: : Or we could just walk outside and let them kill us quickly.
AJ::looks to Karrina:: Guns! now!
Damian Raen: ::strangely calm now:: I know who they are.
Gabrielle::crawling frantically toward door::
AJ::spins to face Damian:: What have you done?!
Damian Raen: : They're knocking out our communications first.
Jade: : ::to AJ:: Leave him alone....he didn't ask to come here, none of us did, we were ordered to, remember?
Damian Raen: Get out of the control room.

Karrina Calloway: ::runs to weapons cache:: This is crazy! WP has no enemies!
AJ: Well Karrina, someone's knocking on the door really loudly, then.
Narrator: ::another missile::
Damian Raen: Get out of the control room!
Karrina Calloway: ::to AJ:: Well, you don't have to get sarcastic. This is an emergency!
Gabrielle: Not for this! All I came to do was observe, not die!
Damian Raen: They aren't after you.
AJ:: grabs a gun, tosses it to Damian:: Here
Jade: :: grabs a heavy-duty automatic pistol::
Damian Raen: ::thinking out loud:: Meinta's rocks...
Karrina Calloway: : We must defend ourselves! Everyone.
AJ::grabs a weapon for herself and a spare::
Jade: ::tosses Gabrielle a gun::
Gabrielle::catches it and takes off the safety::
Jade: ::puts a knife in her boot::
Karrina Calloway: ::stuffs grenades into pockets::

Narrator: ::another explosion::

Damian Raen: ::steps out into the hallway, pulling two submachine guns from inside his jacket:: These are mine.
Jade: ::arches a brow at Damian:: Well, at least you came prepared.

AJ:: to Karrina:: Where is the safest location?
AJ: Preferably high with no back access?
Karrina Calloway: : We could go to another dome through the passageway.
Damian Raen: : Let's get somewhere!
Jade: : Um, high? I was thinking underground...
AJ::K-bar in its sheath::
AJ: High -better to see them coming...
Karrina Calloway: : There's a tunnel going to the planetarium.
AJ: I guess underground is best way to go.... ::shudders::
Damian Raen: : Sounds good ::brandishing the guns:: Lead on.
Karrina Calloway: : Let's move. Follow me.
AJ: I'll take up the rear -go move, move, MOVE!

Narrator: The group heads down a corridor.

Gabrielle:I think I saw an observation deck in the planetarium. That's up high, but I donít know how guarded it is.

Narrator: ::another explosion. something shatters in the control room behind them ::

Karrina Calloway: ::weaves way to heavy metal door, unlocks it, and heads down stairs::
Gabrielle::another scream::
AJ: Gabrielle - Good - we'll keep that in mind for later.....
Gabrielle::smiles a weak smile, proud to finally be of some use::
AJ:: looks back and lets off some cover fire, just to be safe....::
Karrina Calloway: : Hurry, we'll lock it again behind us.
Damian Raen: : They won't have landed yet.
AJ:: sees something big through the smoke::
Jade: : Thereís a cold storage shelter underground below the greenhouse.
Damian Raen: : Not until they've firebombed the comm system.

Narrator: Large armor-wearing men search the rubble in the comm room while the small group finds it's way into a safe -for now - room and seal the door.....

AJ:: counts heads, then puts her ear to the door, hears muffled explosions on the other side::
Gabrielle::presses her self close to the wall, squatting down with eyes squeezed shut, lips silently moving::
Jade: ::sits calmly on the floor cross-legged and cocks her pistol::
AJ::looks at Damian:: You know more than you're telling us, marine.
Karrina Calloway: : Anyone have an idea of what we should do now? I'm no soldier.
AJ: We hold our position, and defend ourselves.
Gabrielle:I'm not cut out for this. I don't think I can do this.
AJ: Hold it together, think of your daughter - focus on her.
Gabrielle::bites lip, puts a look of determination on her face as she holds her gun close. nods to AJ:: Right
Jade: ::aims her gun at an imaginary target - pretends to pull the trigger::
Damian Raen: ::sizing up the room, guns in hand::
Karrina Calloway: : Jade, you're so smug. You tell us how to be the hero.
Jade: : Me? My idea was to go out and meet them head on and get blown to smithereens.
AJ::looks back to Damian:: So, fill us in, we need intelligence ......
Damian Raen: ::eyes her:: What makes you think I know anything?
AJ: Experience..... spill it! I know fear when I see it....
Damian Raen: : Meinta's rocks...
AJ: Explain?
Damian Raen: : We can't let them find Meinta's rocks.
Karrina Calloway: Rocks?
Damian Raen: : These people are here for me.
Damian Raen: : I didn't think they'd trace me this far.
Jade: ::arches a brow:: And why didn't you tell me this when I asked if you needed a place to hide?
Damian Raen: ::to Jade:: Can it.

Narrator: ::explosions getting louder, vibrating through the floor::

Karrina Calloway: : What've you done?
Jade: : Where are they? I am not afraid to die--I will go get them.
Damian Raen: : Fine. Do that.
Gabrielle::squeezes eyes shut again, knuckles white as she clutches her gun::
Jade: : Well, tell me where they are?

Narrator :: rhythmic banging can be heard down the hallway::

Jade: : And the rocks would be...where?
Damian Raen: : I don't know. Meinta knows...
Jade: ::rolls her eyes:: Do you at least have a guess?

Narrator: ::angry voices heard ::

Damian Raen: : The rocks were in the Research Dome.
AJ::moves back to the door:: They are getting closer.....
Jade: : Thank you.
Jade: : :gets up, hand on the door.:: If I am not back in 10 minutes....don't come looking for me. I will be dead.
Damian Raen: ::standing up and striding toward the door:: They're here for me...
Jade: : Um, kid, I think we all figured that part out.
Damian Raen: ::To Jade :: Find the rocks!
Jade: ::opens door and leaves, bolting it behind her::

AJ::to Damian:: Well, they won't get you if we can help it.
Damian Raen: : They'll kill you too.
AJ: I've had others try and fail.
Damian Raen: ::to AJ:: Great. These ones won't. I know them.
AJ: Give us some more to go on, weaknesses?
Damian Raen: ::shrugs:: I don't know them THAT well..

Jade: ::runs through corridors, up several flights of stairs, gun outstretched in front of her. enters the research dome - weird intergalactic bad guy is holding a bunch of pink rocks. Jade raises the gun:: Hey creep, didn't your mother ever teach you not to touch stuff that doesnít belong to you?

Damian Raen: ::to Karrina:: Is there a way for the citizens to get off planet?
Karrina Calloway: :: to Damian:: Yes, we have a small fleet of speeders.
Damian Raen: : Okay. Get the people out.

Narrator: In the research room, the bad guy reaches for a super-hyped mega space gun.
Jade: ::pulls the trigger, blows him away, grabs the pink rocks::

Narrator: ::more voices getting closer to their hideout::
Damian Raen: : I'll stay here and hold them off while the rest of you get out.
AJ::nods:: Let's move then.... ::leads the two out of the room::
Karrina Calloway: ::calls on the rest to follow her to the docking bay::
Jade: ::enters. pretends she's not breathless from running or high from the kill :: The rocks are safe!

Damian Raen: ::pulls open the door and disappears into the hall::
AJ::falls to the rear behind the group::
Narrator: Shots fly past them.
Damian Raen: ::steps out in front of the approaching attackers:: Hey again.
AJ: Stay low to the ground and zig zag!
Damian Raen: ::pulls both triggers, guns begin spitting bullets::
AJ::fires back over her shoulder::
Jade: ::stands next to Damian shooting bad guys:: I could get used to this, kid.
Damian Raen: Good. Do so -- fast.

Narrator: The attackers duck into doorways in the wake of Damian's attack.
Damian Raen: ::keeps firing::
Narrator: Down the hall, one of the attackers steps out and fires a volley.

AJ: Karrina - get the others to safety, we'll hold them off....
Jade: ::strides down the hall, shooting bad guys in the hallways::
Damian Raen: ::ducks around a corner::
AJ::takes a shot in the shoulder and falls around the corner behind Damian::
Damian Raen: : How is it?
Karrina Calloway: ::to Gabrielle and AJ:: Let's wait for the others here until we can all get out.
Damian Raen: ::shouts to Karrina:: Get Meinta and the others!
AJ::shakes head, wincing:: Go, get everyone out you can.
Damian Raen: ::steps out of cover, firing::
Gabrielle:Wait where? They're shooting at us! Let's get out of here!
Karrina Calloway: : But I can't get back to the infirmary!

Damian Raen: ::notices an enemy on the floor, taking aim at Jade::
AJ: Find a way...... ::shoots more::
Jade: ::is out of bullets, grabs her knife from her boot and throws it at a oncoming bad guy, it stabs him in the chest, but not before a stream of bullets hits her::
Damian Raen: Jade! ::runs across the hall::
AJ::Sees one drop::
AJ: One down.... unknown to go....
Damian Raen: ::takes a bullet to the leg: collapse as another bullet hits his arm:: Jade!

Karrina Calloway: ::pulls Gabrielle towards an ice rover and they get in, driving toward infirmary::
Gabrielle: The nurses used a special entrance. I think there is a series of secret hallways, let's find them!
Karrina Calloway: ::drives up to infirmary back door and hauls Meinta and Jason out::

AJ ::one weapon runs out and throws the gun down the hall, grabs her last weapon and the K-bar and stands her ground:: Hoo YAHH!!! ::Fires into the oncoming enemy::

Damian Raen: Jade...
Jade: ::gasping for breath and spitting up blood:: Kid, the rocks, I put them....
Damian Raen: Jade, it's my fault.
Narrator: ::quick footsteps can be heard running down the hall toward Damian and Jade::
Damian Raen: ::rolls over onto his back, facing the oncoming group::
Damian Raen: : Eat this! ::lets loose with both guns. three more bullets dig into his chest:: Uhhhhh....
Jade: ::writes out an encrypted message in her own blood of the location of the rocks - and dies::
Damian Raen: This is all my fault!

Narrator: In the infirmary, Damian bolts up from the bed, awake, clutching his arm, his shirt soaked with perspiration.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Amy Michelle Wiley  20 Oct 2005
That was SO FUNNY!!! You guys are great. And did I mention that you are nuts?
Lauren Bombardier 20 Oct 2005
It makes much more sense now...well, as much as it could! LOL Well done, guys!


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