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Be Childlike But True to the Truth
by Patricia Backora
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Be Childlike But True to the Truth
Isaiah 5:14; Matt. 7:1-5; 18:1-5; chapter 23; 25:41;
Romans 9:1-2; 14:4; II Cor.11:13-14; Hebrews 6:1-2;
I John 2:27; III John 9-10; Rev. 2:2; 3:9

I have had to dry many tears shed by tender souls who have been hurt by false apostles and other cult leaders. These men who dare to sit in My seat take it upon themselves to delve into the innermost parts of a saint’s soul to judge its contents. To protect their own place in the pecking order, they will quash all dissent, even true workings of My Spirit to enlighten My eternal truth to My Body the Church in the last days. Even if their pet doctrines are unfounded spiritually and very destructive, these wicked religious leaders will exert their weight to crush those who are being directly taught of My Spirit.

Only I am qualified to preside as Judge over the content of a person’s heart. While you are free to judge all words by the light of Scripture, you must never set yourself up as judge over another person’s heart. Spiritual bullies who claim to represent Me in the churches have anointed themselves to be lords over My inheritance. They have even barged into the Holiest Place of all to rob Me of My place as sole intermediary between Me and the sheep of My pasture. False apostles and overlords will glibly say to a timid saint who receives My boldness to step out in faith to move in the gifts: “You know you just made that up. You have no anointing upon you. Go get back in your place!”

Well, who are THEY to dare tell My Spirit who is allowed to receive My anointing and who isn’t? Who are THEY to say that sound Biblical truth is not allowed to be proclaimed by the humbler, meeker members of My Body? If, for example, I want to tell My people to expect My coming at any moment, who is a post-trib cult leader to tell My messenger he or she has no right to utter or write this message, just because others might disagree? I have told My people to remain in an attitude of expectation, because ye know not when your Lord appears to receive you unto yourself.

False apostles feel they have the power of life and death over the sheep of My pasture. When the religious overlord doesn’t like the way the Spirit moves in a member’s life to wake him or her up to the truth, the false apostle will try to get others to ostracize him for being different and cast him out of the group. Whenever one believer gets blessed by a message or testimony shared by another Christian and it doesn’t match the error believed in by the false shepherd, the religious tyrant will rebuke the one saying amen to the truth.

More and more I see My messengers being personally attacked because they dare proclaim the less popular parts of My message. They are accused of being hypocritical, selfish or mean because they preach that there is a literal hell. When did I ever give anyone permission to say hell is not a literal location where unrepentant sinners and backsliders go after death? Why should My people buckle under to social pressure to “tone down” a message which has already been neglected for many decades as being too uncivilized and scary for delicate ears? If your neighbor’s house is on fire you don’t softly whisper to him that his ash tray could possibly be smoking from live cigarette butts. You would holler very loudly to wake him out of his sound slumber to save his life. It would be both evil and irresponsible to downplay the danger your neighbor is in. Denying the reality of hell does not get rid of its awful reality. Souls are in hell today because certain ones caved in to pressure to “preach a more positive message”. But My own Son said more about hell than heaven in the Gospels.

Paul the apostle knew the awful reality of hell. He wept over the hard-heartedness of his countrymen. He even said that if it were possible, he could wish himself accursed from Christ so they could take his place in the Kingdom of God. It is written that hell hath enlarged herself to receive all the wicked dead. If there is no hell to fear, why are these tragic things recorded in My own eternal Word?

My Son proclaimed the terrible reality of a place of punishment prepared for the devil and his angels. A place I had never designed for lost human beings, but who must go there if they will not meet My conditions for entering heaven by receiving My Son as their personal Atonement for sin. When did I ever give anyone permission to deny My warning of sin and its consequences by ditching it altogether as being unacceptable to modern society? When did I ever authorize anyone, high or low, to reinvent unto themselves a softer, gentler version of My message which downplays the demands of My perfect Holiness by denying that I must punish sin as well as reward the righteous?

I have given ALL My people, great and small, permission to proclaim My judgment, as well as the happier message that Jesus loves lost sinners. And for any religious leader to muzzle My messengers in these last days of the harvest by branding them frauds and liars will surely kindle My wrath. Even a little child has My permission to tell a sinner he needs to repent or perish. Eternal judgment is a part of My message many hate and resist, but you cannot be saved unless you first see the awfulness of sin in My sight.

As for these self-appointed cult leaders and spiritual oppressors who set themselves up as judges over the Life of Christ coming forth through the lowlier members of My Body, they are mere pretenders to the highest seat in the universe: My Throne of Judgment. But they have no right to sit in the Judge’s seat, and I shall surely dump them out like rubbish in a reject pile if they refuse to humble themselves before Me in repentance and go back to the foot of the table to claim the lowliest seat. I shall take the same mean measure they used to judge their brethren and use it to judge them by unless they repent.

Blind leaders of the blind are missing the whole point of My Kingdom. Unlike the world, I am not looking for those who prance around with superior, sophisticated airs. Their so-called maturity is a stench in My nostrils because it is only perfumed meanness and haughtiness of heart. I may be forced to severely try such proud people to show them where they really are spiritually. My Son loathed the airs put on by proud religious leaders who thought they’d arrived well ahead of everyone else. They were mature, all right, but mature in being snakes, not in being holy. Wretched reprobates who are in that poor, blind and naked spiritual state ought rather to humble themselves like a dependent babe drawing its life from its parents who care for them. Better to be emptied of your own self-sufficiency so you can receive more of Me. You cannot receive a thing from Me so long as both your hands are full of vanity. Ofttimes immaturity and childlikeness are confused in the perception of overbearing blind leaders of the blind. Rather than it being a shame to be childlike in heart, that is exactly what I demand of My servants. I have said in My Word: Unless you receive Me as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of God.

Kingdomageministry@yahoo.com http://www.kingdomageministry.com

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