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TheAdventures of Kit and Kat 5
by Dianna Barnhart
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Rebecca!,Momma said looking amazed
into the face of
Joshua's mother standing there
on her front porch,
whom she has not seen since
Joshua's funeral...
How,what are you doing here?
Momma asked

I,well my car just had a flat,
and I do not have my
cellphone with me,so I thought
I walk up to the nearest
house,and knock on the door,and
ask politely if I could
use the phone to call my road
service..I..I had no idea
this was where you lived faith..
really....I'll just
leave now...Rebecca replied...

You can use my phone Rebecca,
if you want to...Momma saids..
Momma,Momma,is that grandmother
back yet? yells Kit as she runs
towardMomma at the front door...
Before Momma
could reply,Kit was there by
her side looking at Rebecca
whom Kit never met..Oh,Hi,I am
Kit..well that is short
for Keturah,the name my daddy
chose for me...Kit saids..

Oh my goodness! This is Joshua's
child? Oh she looks so
much like him with her black hair,
and bright blue eyes!
Oh Faith I did not know you and
Joshua had a child! My
goodness,she is precious! And
Joshua named her Keturah..
Keturah Rose was my mother's name...
He loved his grandmother too.
Rebecca replied...

Kit,this lady here,is your
daddy's momma,your grandmother...
Oh wow! Thank You Jesus,I
always wanted two living
grandmothers! All my friends
have two grandmothers...
Wow! I have wondered where
my other grandmother was...
And now you're here! replied Kit...
And then kit runs to her
grandmother and gives her a hug,
without seeing the warning
look her mother gave her....

I,well dear its nice to meet
you too...replied Rebecca,
taken back at Kit's quickness,
and her love for her,
a stranger...Can you stay and
visit for awhile
grandmother Rebecca? asks Kit
Well,I would like to
stay and get to know you
better Kit...but,I..Rebecca
takes a big breath...I was on
the my way to the hospital,
for your grandpa Jacob is
in intensive care unit
right now..and then this flat
tire,and then I forgot
my cellphone...and then
faith,and you kit..
Oh God! Rebecca starts to cry...

Oh Rebecca! Let me take you to the
hospital right now..Please...
I want to help...Momma
said as she went to get her
purse and coat.Well, if
you're sure its no bother
to you faith....
Rebecca replied
trying to control her tears,and
her emotions...Its no bother
for me at all, Rebecca...Kit get
your coat too...You're
coming too since your other
grandmother is not back
yet...Momma saids...So they all
get into the car,and
start off for the hospital
10 miles away...

Grandmother Rebecca,I am
praying for
Grandpa Jacob right now too,
that Jesus will heal and help
him right now...saids Kit.
Oh, thank you Kit..Rebecca
replies distractedly...

Faith,I am not sure you
know the whole story of what
happened between Jacob
and Joshua....
Rebecca saids hesitantly,
But I want you to know
that I have always loved
my son..
Can you understand the choice
I had to make back then?
It was awful! I hope you never
have to make that kind of choice..
between your husband or your son,
when you love both dearly...
I, I know you
must think me awful,maybe
hate me..Rebecca sighs...

Rebecca lets talk about this
later, I do not think its right
time right now...Momma replied,
looking meaningfully at Kit....
Oh of course you're right
I am sorry..I am not thinking
right...Rebecca saids
looking down at her hands.

Kit why are you so quiet
back there? Momma saids
to change the subject....
I am praying for Grandpa
Jacob Momma,
and listening to what
Jesus is telling me too,
Kit replied...

Does she mean that God is
talking to her? asked Rebecca...
Yes Rebecca that is what
she means..Momma said...
Oh my,Kit your daddy when he
was about your age,would come
and tell me what God had told
him,and it came to be too..
I was just so amazed...and
now you,have this same
gift....Rebecca saids.

Grandmother Rebecca,
God does talk to
all His children,all we got to
do is listen...Kit replies...
How precious!
Your daddy said the same thing
to me so long ago now...
Rebecca replies...looking
out the window....

What is God saying honey?
Momma asked...
Well He saids Grandpa Jacob
is going to
have a dream,and in that dream,
God going to meet Him there...
And Grandmother Rebecca
God saids to you,that He loves
you still, He understands
your mother's heart that yearns
for her son...And He saids
my daddy waiting for you,
waiting for you to keep your
promise to him that you said
in your heart at my daddy's
funeral.I do not understand
all this,but that is what
God said...Kit replied....

Oh my God! How does she
know about that promise
I made?
Rebecca cries out...
Because God showed it to
her Rebecca,Momma saids.
I will keep my promise today,
I vow before God and you
if Jacob lives to see
another day...Rebecca saids..

Grandmother Rebecca,Jesus
is healing Grandpa Jacob
right now,even as we are on
our way to him.And God is
telling him in that dream,
what he must do,and
and after he receives Jesus
as his Savior..Grandpa Jacob
will go back to his synague...
your church,and tell them
about Jesus too,but they
will kick him out from being
a rabbi there.But God saids,
don't worry about that..
God has plans for Grandpa Jacob,
and for you Grandmother
Rebecca...saids Kit...

Oh,oh my God! How can this be?
Jacob does not beleive in
this Jesus...Rebecca asked..
Rebecca,you know that
God works His wonders in
mysterious ways we do not
understand...I do know that
you and Jacob really love God...
But you need to accept His Son
Jesus into your heart too,as
your Lord and Savior..
May this be the day you keep
your word to Joshua...Momma
saids.Then Momma stops the
car in the hospital parking
lot,and suddenly
she is singing in tongues...

Rebecca looks at Momma amazed,
Faith I did not know
you knew Hebrew...You are
singing in Hebrew,praising
God for healing my Jacob,and
keeping His Word to my son.
Rebecca saids...

Rebecca,Momma saids,
I do not know
Hebrew..that was not me speaking,
but the Holy Spirit of God speaking
thru me...Momma replied as they
walked toward the hospital's entrance.....

That is so amazing
to me...Rebecca replies...
They go up to the ICU unit
where Jacob is...As they
approach Jacob's room,
a nurse runs out saying...
he's back,
doctor he is back!! Then 2
doctors rush in Jacob's room to
see what is going on now...

Oh Faith,I am scared! Rebecca
replies,taking Faith's hand in hers.....
Rebecca its going to be alright,just
believe...Momma saids.Finally
the doctors and nurses let
just Rebecca into Jacob's room.

Oh Jacob my dearest! Rebecca saids...
taking her husband's hand in hers.
Rebecca my love I am going to
be alright now.The doctors
told me that my heart stopped,
due to the heart attack I had...
and that they were trying desperately
for 4 minutes to get a heartbeat again.
But during this time Rebecca,I had a dream
or vision,and this One named Jesus
spoke to me..yes the same Man
our Joshua spoke to us of...
Rebecca I now know He is real..
He is the Son of God our son spoke of...
I told him I felt so ashamed that I had
pushed him and our son away from me...
Oh my Rebecca can you ever forgive me
for causing you such pain in the
choice I made you make?
I am so sorry..Jacob cries...

My Jacob I love you,and I
promised today that if God
would spare you,and keep you
alive to see another day..that
I would keep my promise I made
to our son in my heart at his funeral..
and that is to receive this Jesus
into my heart and life as my
Lord and Savior...I forgive
you Jacob because I
love you...saids Rebecca...

Let us ask together that this
Jesus,who is the Son of
God..come into our hearts
right now Rebecca..replied Jacob.
Oh Holy God,You know I love You,
and I now,and my wife Rebecca speaking
to You too,welcome your Son into our
hearts and lifes today,believing He died
for us,and rose again on the
3rd day..and that His Blood washes away
all our sins...we know we are sinners,
and we repent,and we receive your
Son into our lifes right now.And now
we thank You Lord for receiving us
into Your Kingdom...And use us
Lord,and guide us as to what to do..
Thank You Jesus...Amen
saids Jacob and Rebecca...

Oh my Jacob I have not known
such joy and
peace since the day our
Joshua died.! Rebecca replied.
Yes my love,I know...He has
given us this joy and His
Peace today...And Rebecca,in
my dream or vision,He let me
see for a moment our Joshua.
He is fine and happy there.
Oh Rebecca it was so awesome,
and I'll never forget this.
saids Jacob...

Oh Jacob wait til you meet Joshua's child,
our granddaughter! Joshua named
her keturah,but she goes by Kit.
Jacob as we were driving here kit saids
that you were going to have a dream,
and that in this dream God..
Jesus would meet you,and tell
you what to do...And so it
has happened...Rebecca replies.

Yes it is so...I want to meet that child
right now,is she here? Jacob asked...
Yes she,and faith are here...
I will see if they will
let her in here Jacob...A few minutes
go by,and Rebecca walks back in
the room with Kit....

Hello Keturah,
I am your Grandpa Jacob,
won't you come closer so I can
see you better? Jacob saids....
Kit slowly goes over to his bed,
and takes his big hand in her
small hand,and saids,Hello
Grandpa Jacob,
I knew God would make you
all well again...and that He
would tell you what you
needed to do.Now you can get
to know me and my cat
named Kat too...replies Kit....

Well,now Keturah I love cats.
And I would like to come and
visit you,if that is ok with
your mother...
when I get out of here..
Jacob saids...
My Jacob,faith welcomes us
both into
her house...saids Rebeeca as
she walks back into the
room with Faith...

Yes,I do Jacob,as soon as you want
to come to visit..You are both
welcome in my house....
Momma saids...

Oh my dear Faith,I
never thought I would
hear those words from you,
after the way I treated you
and Joshua can you please
forgive me? I was wrong...
Jacob saids....
Yes I forgive you Jacob,
I forgive you both...
We got alot of catching up to
do,when you get out of here...
Momma saids...

Yes we do...Rebecca saids.

Momma Momma!?
Who is that standing over there?
In the doorway...Kit asked...
and everyone turns their heads to
see who she meant...
And they all heard...Him speak...

I am the Captain of the Lord's hosts.

written by
Dianna Barnhart

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