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Mysterious Car Chapter 4 Flying in the Car
by Caroline Alderson
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The next morning turned out to be a lovely Saturday, but David had more important matters on his mind. As soon as he got up from sleeping, he promptly went to his sister's room to talk to her. Knocking on her door lightly, he waited.

"Come in." Melissa replied.

"Melissa, I need to talk to you about something important."

"Ok, shoot," she said, brushing her long hair.

"I need to ask you a question about Dark Moon. I need to know if you signed a contract in blood with Dark Moon, saying you would be loyal to him, and that you would stay away from Ghost Car?" David held his breath, waiting for the bomb he was sure was about to go off.

Melissa turned pale. "How did you know about that? Todd and I were alone. Did Todd tell you? Were you spying on me?" Placing her hands on her hips, she was furious.

David tried to explain, "No, I saw you on my computer screen in my car." Then, he realized how that must have sounded, since Melissa knew he didn't have a car. But, it was too late; he'd already said it. How was he going to explain this?

Melissa still with hands on hips, said haughtily, "You don't have a car! So, what are you talking about? Tell me the truth, David, how did you know?"

"Well…" trying to think fast. What was he going to tell her? "It's a long story. I do have this computer in my car." He felt defeated, because he knew he wasn't getting through.

David tried to explain, but Melissa cut him off. "Right, and I have an airplane in the back yard! I don't have time to play these games with you! Show me this so called car. Next, you’re going to tell me it's in the garage, and I know that's not true, or I would have seen it. So would Mom and Dad."

"Uh, well, it is in the garage," David stammered.

"Oh, really!? Show me." Melissa insisted, unconvinced.

"Ok, let's go." David didn't know what was going to happen. David led the way to the garage. Walking up to Ghost Car, He asked hopefully, "Can you see it?"

"See what? I don't see anything. Where is it?" She asked sarcastically.

Speaking under his breath, he said, "Please, Ghost Car, let Melissa see you."

"I see it! I see it! I think… Strange, it kind of looks like a ghost. What is it? I've never seen anything like it before." Melissa walked all around it, checking it out.

Hesitating on telling her it was a Ghost Car, for fear that Melissa would freak out, seeing as how she'd signed a contract with Dark Moon, saying she would stay away from Ghost Car, he said, "Want to go for a ride?" David asked hopefully. He decided he would be using wisdom by holding Ghost Car's true identity from her. Maybe he could keep Dark Moon from finding out what Melissa was doing with Ghost Car.

"Sure, why not." Melissa agreed eagerly.

David touched the car door. Ghost Car opened both car doors at the same time. Melissa slid into the passenger side of the car. She gingerly sat back, acting as though she was wondering what was going to happen next. Ghost Car, of it's own accord, rolled out of the garage and down the driveway. Taking off south, down Moore St. Ghost Car slowly lifted into the air.

Melissa gasped, hanging on as if her life depended on it. "Whoa! What's going on, David?! Are you trying to kill me!? What is this thing!? Get me down! You're scaring me! Let me out, now!'

"Ok, I'll let you down. Just hold on. Ghost Car..."

Melissa looked at him in shock. "What do you think I'm doing!? Of course, I'm holding on."

Slowly, Ghost Car drifted toward the ground, setting down on the street. Jumping out of the car, Melissa ran to the house! Ducking as she ran, she acted a though someone was trying to shoot at her.

`I have a weird sister…' David speculated to himself.

"Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, ho, ho, ho." Zetta the controller, who had attacked David, held his sides as if they would spilt, roaring with glee. "Hee, hee, that was so funny. Ha, ha, did you see that? I put fear in that girl so bad, she'll never get into one of those Ghost Car's again! Ho, ho, ho. This is so great. I couldn't have done better, if I'd tried. Did you see her hightail it out of there? Ha, ha, ha, you'd think she'd seen a ghost. Ha, ho, hee." And with that, he grabbed his sides again, roaring with so much laughter, he could hardly stand himself. "This is great! I don't know when I've had so much fun. Hee, hee, hee."

Ghost Car parked himself in the garage, shrinking down so he would fit among the other things in the garage, including the two cars. Walking into the house, David wondered why Melissa reacted the way she did. He never saw her behave so irrationally in all his seventeen years. What spooked her? As he meditated on what had occurred, the phone rang. His mom answered it.

"David, it's for you."

As David picked up the phone, saying, "hello", he heard a man's voice he had never heard before, say gruffly, "Don't you ever try that again, young man!"

David was shocked. "Try what?" He couldn't figure out what he could have done that was so horrible. As he pondered on what the man was talking about, the voice spoke again.

"Don't be trying to sneak Melissa into Ghost Car, again, or they'll be hell to pay. Dark Moon will be on you like white on rice. You got that, boy?"

The strange man hung up. David felt shaken. `How did Dark Moon know about their short ride in Ghost Car? Can Dark Moon hurt him?’

The next day, as the sun came up, David heard a horn honking. Wondering where the sound was coming from, he got up out of bed and looked out the window. From the two-story window, he saw Ghost Car sitting on the street. Ghost Car beckoned David to come down. Hurriedly, getting dressed, he flew down the stairs, out the door, to see what Ghost Car wanted. He knew it would be interesting, because anytime Ghost Car had something to say it was always intriguing. So, he wasted no time in getting outside to see what was up. Running and jumping into the car, he turned on the computer, to see what Ghost Car had to report.

These words appeared on the monitor. *I have given you all power and authority to conquer Dark Moon and all his evil forces. But, you have to study how to use your power. Actually, it's not your power at all that wins over Dark Moon, but you utilize; you borrow my power, and exercise my power over Dark Moon, and over all of his hooligans. You will have to study my ways, to see what is acceptable in the way of using my power, and what is not allowed."

* There's one other thing you will have to do for me, to protect yourself from Dark Moon, and give you the right to use my power. You have to sign my contract giving your loyalty to me, promising not to reveal any of my secrets to Dark Moon, or any of his cronies. If you do this, I can protect you from Dark Moon, and those working for him, giving you power over him, and help you to rescue your sister from the contract she made with Dark Moon. The contract she signed with Dark Moon can be easily broken, because he got her illegally. He made her promise to stay away from Ghost Car's when she didn't know what a Ghost Car was. Therefore, she was deceived into signing his contract. So, she can get out of it, with our help.*

David took it all in. He didn't fully understand all that Ghost Car just revealed to him on the computer. He did understand enough of the meaning to make a decision, of whether or not to sign the contract. Thinking about it, he then decided that Ghost Car could be trusted with his life. He agreed to sign the contract with Ghost Car. Unlike with Dark Moon, he wasn't required to sign in blood. Ghost Car's computer drew up the contract, putting it out through the printer on board. Reading it, David then signed it: David Sutherland.

The computer showed David the program that contained the secret ways of Ghost Car. The computer said, on screen: *Even if the wrong person were to get a hold of my program, it wouldn't do them any good, as the program is in code. Only I can decode the meaning of the program, for whomever I choose. This program called: River of Life. It contains all of my secret ways. When you ask me, I will reveal anything you want to know about the program. You won't be able to understand it with your mind, on your own. I have to reveal it to you. The program that will reveal it to you is called: Revealed Knowledge. This is special knowledge that I give to my friends. You are my friend, if you obey, and follow all my ways. My ways are very easy, and won't oppress you.*

That night, something startled David out of his sleep. He didn't know what had woke him up, but he felt funny. It felt as though something wasn't quite right. `What is it?' He kept searching his mind to see what could have woke him up, but nothing came to him. Unexpectedly, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like that creepy looking egg, again. 'Oh, no! What's going on?' He knew he didn't want that thing touching him again. Remembering the last visit he had from that ugly looking monster, it had tried to suck his mind out of him. It had seemed like a cloud of darkness had descended on his mind. Not being able to see what was happening, he could feel it. Then, he remembered Ghost Car, how he had come up the stairs and rescued him, chasing that thing out of his house. Remembering it went out of the room screaming, as it ran down the stairs, on its short, squatty legs. He wondered how Ghost Car did that? How did he get up those stairs?

Now, to deal with what's going on right now. Calling out, David said, "Ghost Car, help!"

Immediately, Ghost Car appeared at David's doorway. The monster turned around, staring at Ghost Car. "Oh, no, not again! You're not scaring me away, this time, Ghost Car! I've got my orders from Dark Moon If I don't do this, I'll be in big trouble with the boss. So, go away and quit scaring me. I'm not budging! Go away!"

Ghost Car responded, "No way, Zetta! You have to go, now!"

"Ye Gads! Ok, ok, I'm going! You don't have to get so rough! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Screaming, he flew down the stairs.

"What did you do to him? I didn't see you do anything. Why did he get so scared?" David sat on the bed with his mouth hanging open, totally flabbergasted.

Ghost Car explained, "Oh, I just sent him a cloud of terror across his mind. Works every time."

David sat up scratching his head. "It sure did. That's pretty weird though. You're an interesting car, if that's what you are. How do I know your not undercover or something? Maybe you’re not a car at all. I wonder…"

When morning came, David rose up out of bed and began getting ready for school as usual. As he move toward the stairs, seeing Melissa, he attempted talking to her, but she just brushed him aside, and went down stairs.

David came down the stairs in a rush going after her. "What's wrong with you, Melissa? We used to get alone so well, until you got involved with Todd and his computer game, Dark Moon. Since then, you've changed so much. It's like you’re not the same person anymore. Don't you want to try out Ghost Car again? He's so much fun. And you don't have to sign over your life, in your own blood, or any kind of blood for that matter. You know that isn't right that you should have to do that." Too late, he remembered he wasn't going to mention the name of his car or say he. But, he thought, there's nothing he can do about it now. What's done is done. He waited for the bomb to drop.

Melissa looked at him. "What did you call your car?"

"Uh, Ghost Car." David felt worried. How would Melissa react? He knew what her contract with Dark Moon said. Maybe she forgot. Please…

"Ghost Car… I've heard that name before. Is it bad?"

Surprised, David looked at her, wondering what she was thinking. "No, it's not bad. It's great! Want to try the car again? I'll take you to school."

"Ok, great," Melissa agreed.

Again, David was surprised that Melissa was willing, just like that, with no disagreements, to go with him in Ghost Car. Finishing their breakfast, they walked out to the garage where Ghost Car sat, and slid in. This time, Melissa didn't seem so frightened. She was more aware of what she was doing, David thought.

Lurking in the shadows stood a mysterious man. He surrounded himself with a shroud of darkness. He seemed to delight himself with the darkness. "I thought I warned that boy not to be taking Melissa in that horrible Ghost Car! He's going to wish he had listened to me, when I called him on the phone! I'll make him sorry he ever messed with me!" Then he disappeared in a cloud of smoke…

~to be continued~
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copyright © 2000 Caroline Alderson

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