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The Wonders of God C1 P3 Be Ready
by Caroline Alderson
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Chapter 1 Be Ready Part 3

Tanix Kashington – non-Christian- doesn’t think he needs God - 25 years old
Leo Kashington – non-Christian - 17 years old
Laura Kashington – 15 years old – non-Christian

Tanix swung into the bank vault from above. Grabbing bags of money, he tied them together and then wrapped the rope around them, and looked up. “Okay, Leo, pull them up.” He talked in low tones so no one would hear them. Opening the drawers, he found jewels. Pulling the velvet bag apart at the top, Tanix dumped the contents into it, and then drew the cord on it to close the bag, and stuffed it inside his vest. Once the bags were pulled up above, Tanix saw the rope tossed back down to him. Binding the rope around his waist, he waited as Leo hauled him topside. Grabbing the money, Tanix and his little brother, Leo, ran with the bags of money to the waiting van. The wind was still strong, although the hurricane seemed to be about over now.

Fighting the wind, the guys managed to toss the money into the back of the van. Running to the front, and jumping in, Tanix said, “Drive, Laura, drive!”

Laura, the youngest Kashington in the family, drove the van to their hide out in the country. Tanix, hers and Leo’s oldest brother was 25. When their parents died, he was only 18, and he insisted on taking care of his younger brother and sister. Tanix had raised them for the last 7 years. Laura was now 15. Leo was 17. Turning a sharp corner, Laura almost spun out on the dirt road that led to their parents cabin in Southernwoods. Southernwoods lay near the Southernwoods Lake near the town of Pirates Cove. Rumor had it that the cabin had belonged to pirates a long time ago. Laura knew that wasn’t true, since the cabin was only 50 years old. But, the kids in town enjoyed the rumor, and joking about it at school.

There was this one girl who kept trying to tell her about Jesus, but Laura had more fun things to do than get religious. She kept telling her that Jesus was coming back to get his people. Whatever that means. It was a bunch of hokey to her.
Driving up to the cabin, Laura turned off the motor and looked at the guys.

“Yeah, we made it!” Leo jumped out of the van and ran to the back, opening it up. Helping Tanix, they unloaded the goods, and carrying them inside the cabin. Tossing them onto the table, they inspected what they had. The hurricane had almost upset their plans, but in the end it had helped them. While all the bank people were running home for fear of the hurricane, the Kashingtons were robbing the vault.

Tanix grinned and pulled out cans of soda, tossing one to Leo, and then one to Laura. He himself popped open a beer. “We took in some good loot! Not as much as a large town, but hey…we did good!”

“Aren’t they going to suspect one of the town folk did it cos of the hurricane,” asked Leo?

Tanix sat back in his chair at the kitchen table, and leaned back placing his boots on the table. He saw his sister giving him a “don’t do that” look, but grinned and ignored it. “So what if they do? They have no way of knowing it was the Kashington gang.” About that time, Tanix leaned back too far, and over he went, his feet flying over his head, and landing on his bum on the floor. “OWWW!”

Giggling at the spectacle her brother was making, she took a drink of her soda pop, and shook her head at Tanix.

Leo almost laughed too, but held it back at his brother’s look that clearly said, “this isn’t funny!”

“There was something slick on the floor, “ Tanix said, as he picked himself up, and righted the chair, and then plopped back into it, being more careful this time.

“Riiight,” Laura giggled softly, and drowned out her words sipping her drink.

Turning on the television, Leo said, “Hey you guys, come look at this! Something weird’s going on.”

“What is it??” Tanix walked into the living room, sitting on the arm of the couch. Laura tossed herself on the floor in front of the television.

A female reporter looked shook as she held a microphone. “It’s been reported that millions of people have just…disappeared. They are saying UFOs have invaded Earth and abducted all these people.” Videos of pictures were showing cars suddenly pulling off to the side of the road and stopping, with no drivers.

“Man, that’s freaky… How could cars do that with no one in them??” Leo stared dubiously at the TV.

Laura piped up. “This is probably just a movie Leo turned on. It’s not a real report. Come on! Get real you guys!”

Tanix and Leo looked at each other.

Tanix jumped up. “Let’s go to Pirates Cove and see if anyone disappeared from there. If everything is okay, we’ll know this is all fiction.”

“Okay,” the two siblings agreed.

The wind was still blowing when the Kashingtons made their way back to the van.

Driving into town, things were eerie. Up and down the road, from time to time they saw a car halfway in the road and half way on the shoulder. They couldn’t all have parked like that if it was engine trouble. Tanix stopped at the 8th car. He had to check this out. Stepping out of the van, he walked up the car. Opening the door, he looked and saw a shirt, jeans, socks and shoes where the driver had been. “What in the world?? This fool took all his clothes off before getting out of the car! Even his socks and shoes!! What kind of nut does such a dumb thing?!” Looking down, Tanix picked up a watch that had fallen almost between the bucket seat. The guy took off his watch too?? “This is too weird.”

“Let’s get out of here. This is giving me the creeps. Let’s go check out the café.” Laura said, climbing back into the van.

Arriving at the café, the gang walked in. There were several sets of clothes left behind in chairs, and some on the floor like they had been walking when they sudden weren’t there anymore. Strolling over to the counter, Tanix said, “What’s going on.”

The lady at the counter said, “I don’t know. It’s crazy. They just disappeared all at once. I saw some of them, and they just went “poof! I don’t’ know where they went. It was like a magic act or something. First they were there, and then…they weren’t.”

Tanix looked at Leo and Laura.

Laura stopped in her tracks. “Oh noo! That girl was right!!”


“She was right! Jesus came and took all these people, just like she said he would!!”

“Whatttts? What are you talking about? Have you gone looney, sis??” Tanix rolled his eyes, thinking the UFO theory made a whole lot more sense.

Slapping her brother on the arm, Laura said, “I’m serious!! Jesus took them! This girl told me that Jesus was going to take his own. I thought she was just some religious nut. But, how else are you going to explain this??”

“Well, not that!! Laura, that’s just plain crazy!” Tanix thought his sister had completely lost it. God taking back his own. What in sam hill was she talking about??

Leo pondered on it and then said, “It makes much more sense it was UFO’s. The air force has been suspecting aliens are out there for some time. Maybe they really did invade.”

“And take millions of people all over the world like the news said?? Just like that??” Laura rolled her eyes incredulously. “No alien in any science fiction novel EVER did anything that high tech.”

Copyright © 2005 Faith in Christ – Caroline Alderson

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