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by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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Life and its purpose is such a complex topic that has varities of approach. In the science world, Life is a term used to summarize the characteristic activities of all organisms; Man inclusive. In medicine, It is a description of absence of death.

There are various definition to this and thus, have different actions and reaction. It is difficult to understand Life, if all consideration about Life is pivoted by common science¡¦s assumption. It is certainly important that we understand the various features, culture and future of Life on this very little sphere as regard the consideration of man the major actor in Life.

While in general term, Life is considered as the general ways of Life with respect to genera occurrences: good or evil, disaster or wonder, disappointment or blessing and mostly with respect to tradition and religion.

some approach this Life with committed hatred because of their background and what definition about Life is forming within such mind.
So if any print his hatred bold about Life or the maker, that's the understanding about Life. Individual definition is determined by the understanding or ignorance
It does not matter whatever meaning we give to Life, justified or not, Life programs gets going to execute the set of instructions given to the wonderful system.
I guess Life is a very powerful programming language that since has kept running and running in the face of so many things to bug it.
If we have to debate much either from the angle of evolution to religion or religion to tradition, it will surely be a fierce context. But in particular, no discussion or argument will be relevant if we cannot fathom the purpose of Life it self.

It will just be too childish to accept that Life bounce out just like that. Even the basic understanding will conveniently negate this. If the theory that holds this does not just emerge, then Life cannot be a product of chance it was purposed! Do not you suppose there was an intension in having male and female, little one growing. Animals in their kinds and plants of various anatomies. Life is a creation of God. Life is God¡¦s.

I think we can imagine how much is going to cost the entire world to plant living in Mars or any other planet; quite an enormous project! We should as well imagine how much resources of time that was invested into cloned creatures: sheep, cat and dog. These dolly, cc cat and snuppy consumed quite much time, money, physical labour and many other quantifiable and non-quantifiable resources to get them presented to the world. By this, I have to appreciate the wisdom and power of the Living God Who created the world by His son Christ, formed man, animals, plants and other wonderful creatures.

With respect to the Life's machine- man, the major actor of Life. Life needs to be interesting if we understand the purpose of man. If indeed he just burgles into the world, then there is no purpose in it, we can therefore agree with that Chinese philosopher and call the creator into the law court to answer for the various activities on earth.

But the whole trouble is with man.

Man is responsible for the creation of many troubles that live on earth. So many calamities are in the ignorance of humanities.
What is the cause of poverty and wealth-and what man chooses to have on earth is not a product of destiny to be poor or wretched was never any body destiny, it is a choiceas well as sometimes, caused!. But I must stage very clear, man have a choice to live in the valley or the mountain, because he is the product of God.

Life with respect to man is a very important topic to treat if man relationship with one another will be healthy and relationship with God will be justified and accepted

Most explanations given to Life, present man as a key figure. The reason for this may not be far fetched from the dominion God gave to His image in the Garden of Eden. Life will be uninteresting if God's image should be removed and their activities isolated. The simple charge God gave to man to keep and dress his environment gave birth to various inventions and provisions. Life is full of so many activities and these are in the possibility of time. Life can be considered from physical perceptive considering man's biological system, which took it source of power from God's breath when He formed him. Apart from this, Life can be considered from spiritual perceptive with respect to man's relationship with God and lastly, the eternal Life, The endless Life after the short lived Life on earth. All these considerations further explain the drive behind the numerous activities in Life of men.

Men's Activities

These activities are classified into physical, spiritual and social activities. There are many professions, delivering services to men. There are many endeavours established in bids for men to keep and dress their environment. These activities are either individually disposed or collectively attended. There are interferences and all men participate one way or the other in these activities. The effectiveness of most activities necessitates groups. Men are social beings, and so work together to carry out some obligations. It should be understood that these activities could be rightly or wrongly disposed. Good or evil, the spiritual constitutions of the actors determine the nature of fruits from the activities.


"And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet.¨ Gen2: 18
Life is so designed, there can never be success in aloneness. The activities of men cannot but be with more than one person.
In men's activities, groups are inevitable. A group comprises of two or more people with common goals, names, origin, language and attributes. The members however may have some differences, but they have common font or common focus. Groups may be geographically or by birth demarcated like countries states, town and families. There are professional and social groups. There could be an internal influence, influence within the group or external influence; groups influence one another. Groups have different visions, resources and prominence. The members in the group have different gifts, abilities and skills. The recognition and proper use determines the position of members within the group and a group in the world at large.


In Life's activities, the sense of survival creates struggles between individuals or groups. Men struggle for power, authority, recognition, Influence, Independence and abundance. These turn Life to series of competitions. These struggles may be internal within the group or external; group against group. These struggles may be healthy i.e. lawful or dangerous, unlawful, this however depends on the spiritual and moral constitution of the competitors.

There are conflicting opposite and the drives for most actions are as a result of consciousness of these conflicting opposites: success or failure, profit or loss, gain or pain, day or night, Life or death, good or evil and God or Devil. Man's ignorance or wisdom determines the prominence of these drives. Every man on earth have will. Man¡¦s will is an opportunity to take decision. Man¡¦s will, and decisions in Life are greatly affected by his focus.


To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven¨.

The activities in Life are in stages. There are many involvement that naturally will exclude kids and little children. There may be a journey to make, business to start a group to form and a goal to achieve. Before starting some things in Life, there are knowledge and skills to acquire; there is always conception period. Between the starting point and reward are many stages. All anticipations have stages; these are reflected in such words like beginning, middle and end and they are common demarcations for stages, events, endeavours and activities.

God created all things to compliment one another. No man can be successful in the state of aloneness;you will definitely need others. In men's activities, there are relationships; there are leaders- followers- parents, children and friends. -Friend relationship. Also, there is always a generational link. There is no isolation in Life. Leaders and parent have responsibility to plan, organise, co-ordinate and take decision. However, group members are subjected to the consequences of these actions and decisions.

Like in a relay race, the success or failure, gain or pain, problems or provisions are passed on to the subsequent generation of leaders and children. There is no provision for isolation, to be successful, you need to be in relationship and to be a failure, and you do likewise. Iron sharpens iron. Iron can break iron. Parents, leaders' and friends' actions could be a function of what you are going to be with time and opportunities¡¦ provisions.


Life is inseparable from time. Time is very important in men's activities. By time, works are allocated in their grades. The performance/efficiency of any one is measured by the use of time. Profit, loss and rewards are measure of what our time is invested on. Time is a loan for everyone in Life to trade with, when paid back, your reward is what you are left with. There is time for everything. Time is one of the greatest opportunities we have in Life. Time is a great asset in Life.

Men's Limitation

No wonder, God says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

In various activities in the duration of Life, man is limited in many senses. Man's ignorance in Life is responsible for many unpalatable experiences. Some things we may know quite well, some we can perceive, but many things are to us mysteries. We are limited, so likewise designed to live for a while on the surface of this earth, our constant attachment to the source of wisdom is ever made available for those who may.

Consequence and Solution
"Whatsoever a man sows shall he also reap Gal 6:7"
Every activity in Life is consequential because they either mar or make. To look at Life from physical perception is inadequate to talk about the causes and solutions to man's problems. Life is spiritual as well as eternal. Birth is an automatic start in journey into eternity. Man¡¦s Life does not casually terminate on earth. It is a high degree of ignorance to reject this. Men who had liased with wisdom will see beyond man¡¦s years on earth. Therefore, essence of living on earth is more than fun. Storms will blow and you have a long journey to make in all endeavours; many things to start, crowns to contest for, knowledge to acquire and eternal peace to seek.

Life can be very empty, hopeless and sad. So likewise, Life can be hopeful depending on who your captain is in the voyage of Life, your guidance in the journey of Life, and the rule by which you compete in the games of Life. What resources you have in the market of Life and whose wisdom you have access to determines who you are and the value of your asset.

The saviour of Life (Christ) is the captain who understands the nature of storms. He understands all journeys, have law of Life for victory and success. He is gain to those who have him. He is the wisdom of God.

Life s a fold that is complex
Which may not yield to learned reflex.
Life is a plain book¡¦s pages
Which cover ones age
¡¥Life¡¦s a riddle you can't boast off
Neither is so cheap, a prince can toast off .
Life is like sleeping and waking:
A night into morning
To sleep after
And, wake some other time.

It will be all stumbling
If you have no sure leading.
It will be all failure
If you have no Godly knowledge
It will be all sorrow
If you have no-good counselor
And, it will be all disgrace
If you will have no good mentor.

I don't care how long I live. Over this I have no control, but I„h do care about what kind of Life I live, and I can control this. I may not live but another five minutes but it will be five minutes definitely on my terms. George Jackson.

  • Life is very rich, You will see all kind of wonders and miracle with Life. in Life, but the beauty of the eternity is far unimaginable. Plans goals and dream are made valuable, reachable and realizable with Life. The opportunity of Life is the best hope any one may have. Every thing is possible to him in this Life that have Life.
  • Never write a man with Life off. Do not ignore a man with Life. Though he come from the deepest valley or trench, don't be surprised, you may see him in the highest mountain. Never attempt to.
  • Life is a prime opportunity. Life with health is better than riches that are acquired by dead souls. Life is a great hopeful opportunity.
  • A man with Life have all the profit of the earth to explore for his exploit. Except if he is ignorant of these privileges!
  • All categories of men on earth have provision for their needs in the profit of the earth. The sustenance of man has been kept from the beginning in the earth. No matter the increase in population, the profit of the earth is enough to meet every need. It may sound odd to the economist; but it is God's truth. Should we say it s the increase in population that engendered wars, brought famine into the shore of many nations or brought calamities and poverty upon the many citizen of the world. There is much to the ignorance or man. Wars and strives are born from hatred and prejudices that is reigning in many lands and places. Famine and poverty can be traced to the inability to recognise and use opportunities. There are various resources, how well do nation recognise these and use them. God had given power to explore the world, Keep and dress, how well we now do this will determine the wealth of any nation. Study well, nation with relative consideration for research work, may be beggars for many generation. God has created an instinct in man that tends to seek for solution for the varieties of problems. The need and search for solution had led to much invention that many nations can patent.
  • Let us not blame the nature or God over the poverty of anyone or nation, let us look right inward into our concept about Life, attitude to diligence, understanding in using resources around us and wisdom to handle varieties of spiritual and economical problems.
  • The earth is charged to render service of provision to man's needs if explored rightly. What is our attitude to the resource of Time, potential, gift talent and the presence of God?
  • "And out of the ground made the lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, the tree of Life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil¡¨.
    Gen. 2:9."
  • Life to a group of people, like Paul's experience is like a ship on the ocean; subjected to sailor's and nature¡¦s control. The ship of Life could be of geographical locations: continents, countries, districts, states and towns. At another time, represent group of people: ethnic, race, class, organisation and family. These are the ships on a very large sea of Life. The calmness on the sea is the peaceful situation, but when the storms blow across these seas, they give perturbation of state, these are problems or disasters, which degrees on the occupant of these ships may differ, however, the rich also cries.

  • These storms may be let loose from leaders' foolish actions, enacted laws, adopted policies and principles. These may also result into rebellion and the ship boils. Some other times, it may have been caused by the wicked activities of men: Achan¡¦s sin troubled the whole Israel, Ahab and Jezebel brought lots of displeasure to his country. David let loose God's judgement on innocent citizen and Jonah¡¦s act of disobedience brought losses and threat to the ignorant occupant of the ship. There are so many catastrophes, which originates from man¡¦s activities and labours.
  • One beautiful things about Life is that Life is in stages, you do not have to live it once, you begin just as innocent child, mild in understanding and handling a couple of thing. Less conscious of serious issues and challenging situations, then gradually there is a transition into a critical stage where you start ¡Vup the thought of becoming somebody; a little sense of independence begin to set in, some intricate issues begin to come to realisation, although still confused about so many issues of Life, but you are already forming and image. Very many of what you will start forming and there after, your molten will and desire start solidifying. your major habits start developing that is the stage were adult hood set in, a personality is forming or is and formed. The identity that he may carry for the rest of his Life.
  • Every stage in human development have their opportunities and the provision of Life. The use boasts the strength of coming days. Generally is ineffective in the continuity of Life.
  • Life is full of activities and these are full of numerous struggles for prices and reward. It could be one man to one competition; struggling for a prize, desiring to enter into the palace of success. As a group, family, nation or organisation we struggle with others for a common trophy or recognition financial rewards and fulfillment. Some other time, we may pair up for a common course.
  • In the games of Life, there are rules and regulations for success, peace, promotion, healthy living and victory. Every team or competitor that loves all these must keep her conduct within the provision of the law. ¡§Whoso keeps the law is a wise son but he that is a companion of riotous shame his father¡¨.
  • our gifts, talents, abilities, acquired skills and knowledge are what we present in the market of Life. These goods can be good and gracious or bad and evil. However, no man has everything. But nobody is with absolute nothing God, has so designed it that way. Every one has something to present in the market of Life. it may be one talent or many , no one is with absolute nothing.. This Life is likened to a big and busy market where transaction is made.
  • "A man¡¦s gift makes way for him¡" Take not,e No one pays you for unused gift. A man's gift that is worked on and developed will make way for him. You are blessed by the skill with which you use your gift. If you fail to work to development of your gift you will be as well as useless as a dead giant in the grave. Work to develop your gift.
  • what a perfect wisdom that is displayed upon the creation of men and creatures on earth. Varieties are made into man to show forth a wonderful wisdom of God. You will surely hate the world that is composed of only one single item, a man with stereotype obligation. Diversity of abilities and gifts were deliberately designed into Life. And these all together make the Life the wonder it is.
  • As there is natural, there is the spiritual. These are demarcated by great gulf of mystery. Light is demarcated from darkness and night from day. Often time, the manifestation of any event in the natural is a concluded issue in the realm of spiritual. Light¡¦s realm cannot accommodate all possibilities in the darkness. The point of agreement between wickedness and righteousness is not possible, if, that point is something else called falsehood. Life is more spiritual than physical.
    I do not have to prove Christ by science and myth. He is real. The saviour of Life had to face all men are facing. He was born like every little child by an espoused Virgin Mary. He developed like every little baby sharing the ordeal of humanity. Our first parent violated the rules of Life; consequence of violation was on them. We were born into the same trouble and graduated in them. Christ shared the peril of violation of our parents and graduated into them and finally attained the trouble-hood .The penalty. He must screen mercy and hang his hand to bring down consistently the hands of wrath . He must deliver us. But He was the only qualified and acceptable sacrifice and a better and supreme mediator, who has no substitute. He is the solution to every endeavour on the surface of the earth; the only way, truth and Life.

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