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by Joan Morrone
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Mind Control is not a modern day man’s invention. Everyone, it seems, wants to control our minds. Someone with a strong mind and a definite set of ideas tries to convince others (especially those with a weaker mind) that his way is the only right way. It’s even more relevant today. There are evil-minded people in the world today who try (and often succeed) to control every phase of our lives.

They are in the government tearing away at everything that honest God-fearing people would like to keep intact. They are breaking up the true family function, killing the babies, teaching our children all sorts of lies in the schools. Teach them young and they will never yield to the “old-fashioned way. They will become the New Agers; fit to belong to the New World Order, one world government and one world church. Through “fun” games, movies, T.V., books and even schools, they will easily fall into the clutches of the devil’s servants.

More and more occult ideas are boldly being implanted in our children’s minds through all the media. There are more and more T.V. “comedies” and movies about “cute” young witches and vampire slayers; kids with extra ordinary powers. It would take too long to tell how sick I get just thinking about how our kid’s minds are being snatched away from them. Parents aren’t even being aware of what is happening to their children. It’s like a science fiction movie coming to life. And it’s going to get worse. It’s preparing the world to accept the anti-christ after God’s people are taken away in the rapture. Wake up parents and all concerned Christians. Grab the children and hold tight before it’s too late. We can be excited and happy to be gone from this sick world but we would like for our children to be among us.

We think we are in control of our own minds, but are we? As soon as we are born, beginning with our parents, many others have begun to shape the way we think, whether good or bad. Take a quick look back on your own young life. With an open mind, think of those who had a great impact on your present life. Were their teachings positive or negative? If negative, how did you ever learn the difference? What influenced your radical change of thinking? Or is it still the same as it was then? Were the teachings godly or ungodly. You can live a “good” life as seen by worldly eyes but is not necessarily from God. Were those most predominent in your life sensible or of a ridiculous nature?

How did your parents get along with each other? Was there fighting and arguing all the time so you learned to do the same? Did you experience love in your home by your parents? Were you taught the love of God or only about His punishment? Kids like to repeat swear words or vulgar words they hear. They don’t know it is wrong until someone tells them. Would God punish them in their ignorance? Kids almost all go through that stage, but how you handle it, is how a child learns to think. Think of your brothers and sisters and playmates. Your mind picks up on what they were taught. You can get very confused. My Mom said this but her Mom said that. Who do you believe? Your Mom wouldn’t lie or would she? You may not realize it but you are talking to yourself trying to reason things out.

You go to school. What impressions do your teachers give you? It’s not just their verbal teachings but their own personal attitudes. It’s not the actual learning of “things” but overall ideas. My sister is four years younger than I. We were discussing some things that happened in our child hood. Even though we “knew” of certain things, we each saw a different view of the same situation. I don’t exactly remember being told these things but somehow they were impressed in my mind that it was how it happened. Memory is strange.

I was quite amazed when I sat in on my daughter’s classroom in the 50’s. Out of one simple story, I learned hidden meanings and details that I would never have thought about. I learned by memorizing but wasn’t taught “HOW” to think. I had to accept for fact what I was told. It seems it is going back to that but in the derogatory way; brainwashing with ungodly ideas. My daughter’s class was taught to think for themselves and voice their opinions. We were not allowed to have an opinion. At least that’s how I saw it. Well, actually having eight years in a Catholic School, we were only allowed to have the Catholic School’s opinion. No individual thinking. My daughter’s school was a public school. My mother, most likely, was taught the same way. She carried it into being a mother. She accused me of always arguing with her. Just lately, I realized I was only trying to form my opinion whether right or wrong. I really wanted to know what was what. I did always have a curious mind. Kids today are taught to say what they think but somehow not to be careful before they speak. Someone may get hurt. Do any of you older readers remember “kids should be seen and not heard”? It went from one extreme to another.

Then comes college, jobs, marriage and raising kids. What do you carry over from your upbringing? Do you stick to what your parents left you with plus a few extra ideas you picked up from others? Your mind is pretty well formed. Your mind is busy with more imaginary conversations with others. What else is your mind busy with? How am I going to pay the bills? Will I get laid off? What am I going to cook for dinner? What runs through your mind constantly? Does God control your mind or do you let the devil let it run out of control? Your mind is not really your own. It belongs to the one whom you allow to control your thinking and actions. We must have faith in God that He can and will handle all situations no matter how impossible they may seem. We have to quit thinking so much on our problems. As “they” say, we make mountains out of molehills.

It is really a sin of unbelief to always worry about things that may never happen. That is the devil’s job to keep our minds in an uproar. It can even affect our mental and physical health. If and when we do get a problem, we have to learn to rest in the assurance that God will take care of it if we let Him.

The devil is getting more and more power in controlling our children’s minds but only if we don’t do anything about it. More concerned Christian parents are having home schooling. It’s not only to protect their minds from false teachings but also their lives from danger in the schools. They still have plenty of other things to battle with. We have to keep praying and act when we can.

I Corinthians 2:16 says we have to train our minds to think like Jesus “But we have the mind of Christ.”
Philippians 4:6-8 “Be careful for nothing but in everything in prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ…..” The rest of it tells you what to think on. We can still have peace in this crazy mixed up world in spite of what is going on around us. We can still keep on praying for our children even if they are in the clutches of the devil’s helpers. God can deliver them safely for us. Younger people are getting more involved in Christian ministries, doing God’s will. I have 3 little great-grand babies. I have put them in God’s hands. One was just born July 18th. (Since I originally wrote this, I got 3 more great grandbabies. The other two are only a little over two; not twins. The one boys favorite book is the story about Jesus. He tells me Jesus loves him. I gave him his first Bible story book. When I get a chance I will read it to his brother; let him know the name of Jesus early and reverently. Do they have a chance to develop right thinking?

The devil likes to keep us confused, doubtful and afraid. He wants us to lose our peace and joy. He likes to sneak the old negative thought patterns back into our minds but we can be winners of it all. Isaiah 26:3 “you will keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Lord, give us the wisdom to fight this mind control battle.

Since I originally wrote this, Mind Controllers are getting worse. All kinds of evil things are being pounded into children’s minds in school. No longer are they taught to think for themselves since my daughter was in school. She is 50 now and there are so many changes that were once never thought of.

There is no truth any more. It is relevant as to the situation that is around you. It can be changed to suit your own little whims. Kids are taught, it is O.K. to have sex as long as you use condoms passed out free in the classroom. It’s O.K. to be homosexual---that is your sex preference. The big lie---“They are born that way.”
Read all of Romans 1:21-32. especially 24-27. “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanliness through the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.” How much more explicit can that be? Same sex marriages and allowed to adopt babies to teach them their evil ways?
It’s O.K. to get an abortion. The mother has this choice; the baby doesn’t have a choice or a chance to live.

I was in a Yarn ‘N Darn store. There was a section with embroidery thread. You could pick out your own items. Above the rack was a sign “God sees everything!” A little girl sneered and said: “God doesn’t know anything.” Where did that idea come from? Did her parents teach her that or did she learn it in school.

Evolution is taught in school. No one is allowed to speak about creation. Prayers or Bible Study isn’t allowed in school. Yet witchcraft is taught. I did volunteer work in a library. A teenage girl asked me where the books on witchcraft were.

I think you are beginning to get the picture. Many minds, even some Christians, are being controlled by evil forces. They don’t even believe the Bible---any version---is without error. I went to a Bible study in the Lutheran Church. I would quote from my King James Bible. No matter what I said, they didn’t believe it. The Bible was written by men yet they quoted from some modern man’s commentary. They took his word over God’s WORD. The preacher came in. I questioned him about a certain scripture. He quoted from the Bible but on leaving said he believed everyone would be saved. When the preacher who was supposed to be preaching God’s truth, contradicted himself, I knew I had to leave that environment.

All cults and false teachers use mind control. The more of God’s precepts that can be forbidden in this country and the world, the more the devil and his workers can control minds. The New Agers are doing their work well. That is enough for now. I’ll let it sink in. May God be allowed to open minds and let them take His own Words for the only truth there is.

God bless you while you let God control your thinking instead of depraved men (and women).

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