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Criminals of the World Relax
by Mark Bradley
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Criminals Of The World; Relax?

I am assuming that I have everyoneís attention with a title like that. Yes, I am telling the gangsters, drug-dealers, hit men, terrorists, scam artists, thieves, and all those that conspire with such people to take it easy. You guys can relax, do your deeds and never mind the law. They are not able to do anything about what you do.
Does the law know where the bad guys are? Most of the time, they have 24 hour surveillance on these guys and know when the go to the bathroom. Can they catch them and throw them behind bars? Without a doubt they could. But thatís when the problem begins.
Thanks largely to some real idiots with way too much power, the criminals of this world have been given more rights than those that obey the law. Yes, I said more. They get to break the law, cause injury or death to those victims they find, and not even do any jail time for the deed. What they do, as far as jail time, is a mere inconvenience to them. They donít punish these dirt bags anymore. They coddle them and tell them they have no right to be locked up like an animal. They give them the best lawyers possible, and then find technicalities to let them go. Theyíre back on the street in no time. Having a record even promotes their business and provides reputation.
Meanwhile, the victim becomes the accused. They are made to feel as if they had a hand in their own suffering. They are stripped of their rights, dignity, and justice. They have to go on living in the same neighborhood, knowing that the man that should be behind bars is out free to walk the streets, while the citizen is locked behind their door too afraid to leave. You tell me whoís the one in prison.
For far too long, we have given away the rights of the innocent and walked on eggshells to not offend the guilty. Thanks largely to loose interpretations of the law, we are forced to deal with problems that simply grow, when we ought to be able to get a handle on them. Crime is on the rise in most parts of this country, and it shows no signs of even slowing down. Until now.
I have a plan. Itís a bit radical for this day and age, but I think it might just work. All you Liberal whacko sit down, because I am the one that you havenít gotten to with your crap. Your heart may not be able to handle the stress that I am about to put on it. Letís actually enforce the laws that we have, and start carrying out the sentences that are handed out. Next, we take away the country club atmosphere of jails and prisons and make them places you would not want to go.
A bit out there I know, but an idea nonetheless. Yes, enforce the laws we have. That means that when our police arrest someone for a crime, they donít hit the streets in 4 hours ready to eliminate the witnesses. That means that when criminals are arrested, they actually go to jail to do time. And yes, that means when a dog is sentenced to fry in the chair for killing 12 people with an axe, he actually fries in the freakiní chair. May he live forever in the next life, but heís got to go in this one.
Right now people are going nuts everywhere. I have actually suggested that we take away the rights of criminals. How could I be so cold? I once saw where the death penalty was being contested, and the person was trying to tell me how I needed to see an execution. I needed to watch them spit and gasp and fry and then make up my mind. Iíve got news for you; Iíd bring popcorn. Iíve got a better idea; you go watch the pain that was inflicted on the victim. You go and explain that the justice system isnít going to provide justice for the crime that was committed. You tell them that their law abiding days and rights donít mean anything compared to a killer or rapist. You do that, and then come back and cry about someone that knew that penalty and found a loophole out of the chair.
The rights and freedoms of the people that obey the law should be the first priority of any so-called justice system. Go tell a mother that the man that raped and killed her 12-year-old daughter is going to be out of jail in six months because of a technicality. Tell the children of a slain father that daddyís death was just another statistic. Tell the husband of a dead wife that the killer gets to have the protection of the ACLU while he is under investigation. Go do that. Then whine about how inmates are ill-treated. Then cry about the rights of those that committed crimes and donít get cable TV.
Iím so angry right now that smoke is piling off my bald head. Iíll tell you what rightís to give these sub human pieces of filth. You rape a child, you have the right to rot in jail. You steal a car, you have the right to do twenty years in jail, not a minute less. You commit murder, you have the right to be hanged from the courthouse lawn or fry in the electric chair. You commit a crime; you have the right to answer for the crime committed.
You donít get a choice. You donít get twenty appeals. You donít get live like youíre on vacation or eat better than kids at school. You have the right to be locked up and stay there till you have paid your debt to society. And if that debt requires you to die, so be it.
People have this big issue about how the death penalty is barbaric and civilized society should never stoop that low. Bull. Thatís what they want you to think. The only problem I have with the death penalty is that it isnít used enough. Can anyone tell me why Charles Manson is still alive? Why did it take twenty years to fry Ted Bundy? I guarantee you will cut the number of people on death row by half if you actually use the chair for what it was intended. Guys that commit crimes might actually have to think about the consequences of doing time, and I mean stuff like busting rocks and digging ditches, before they kill, rape, and steal.
Deterrents are no good if they are not used. They are nothing more than empty threats. Well that is unacceptable in civilized society. How do you intend to keep law and order without actually enforcing the law? You canít. Itís this bad now, but it will be worse in ten years. And it will keep getting worse unless something is done about it, and I mean soon.
What do we do, as citizens? We vote out the scumbag Liberals that make a case for the slimy end of the gene pool. We vote in those that believe that we can uphold the law as it was written, and that means judges, too. We support our law enforcement officers, who are busting their rear ends and getting told that their efforts are wasted. We get active in neighborhood watch programs, and we stay alert. We keep up with the news in the area, and know who is out and about. And then, we prepare for it to get worse.
Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better. There will be the sudden rash of Liberal politics that says that what we are doing is unconstitutional and that itís not working. But by being unmovable, and believing in the goal, we can make a difference. Will it ever go away? Unfortunately, no. There will always be crime. I was born at night, but not last night. But it doesnít have to be like this. We can make it better. Iím angry about this. Maybe you should be, too.

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