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Homosexuality Today and the Art of Justifying Sin
by Arthur Daniels Jr.
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The subject of homosexuality has been at the center of heated debate and discussion over the last few years. Some people call it a "sin" and "abnormal," while others feel nothing is wrong with it. In fact, some go so far as to say it is a legitimate lifestyle choice or "orientation" that is even equal to heterosexuality, even to the point of advocating same-sex "marriage" and openly, practicing homosexual ministers in the pulpits of our churches and other places of worship.

In today's society it is commonplace to call people who disagree with homosexuality on Biblical and scientific (biological/psychological) grounds imaginative names like "homophobic" or "anti-gay" or "bigots" or "gay-bashers" or, worst of all (tongue in cheek) "religious right." But name-calling on either side of this debate proves nothing and will not get us anywhere.

This is especially true of the favorite term used, "homophobic," since it is a misnomer of the highest order, being derived from the Latin "homo" for "man," and the Greek "phobos" meaning "fear." Those of us who believe that homosexuality is not part of "God's creative plan" but is a perversion of it do not "fear" a man or humanity. They have a problem with immorality being called moral, and sin being called, in effect, a "righteous," God ordained alternative lifestyle.

Furthermore, it's getting so bad today that people are actually getting fired from their jobs at well-known companies like AllState because of their Judeo-Christian stance against homosexuality (the article at this site http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=44961 should enrage anyone of good conscience). We have become a society that tolerates abnormality and punishes normality in the court of public opinion.

Examining God's Perspective

Many in the homosexual community are willing to admit that God exists and is the Creator. But they seem to be unwilling to admit that this same Creator condemns homosexuality as wrong and an "abomination." Those of us who follow the historic Judeo-Christian ethic believe that God has spoken in history and has ordained this spoken word to be written down. This spoken word now written down we recognize as the Bible. For those of us who take it seriously and believe it to be authoritative for our lives, it is the final court of arbitration in matters of faith and morals.

Therefore, if it can be shown that the Bible condemns homosexuality, it stands to reason that the Creator knows best and we should align our views with His. So does the Bible condemn homosexuality as something to be avoided as sinful and wrong? To read some of the intellectually dishonest sophistry and Scripture twisting in the literature of many homosexuals and their advocates, you might even be led to believe the Bible actually condones it. But before taking a look at the main passages used to support the view that homosexuality is condemned by the God of the Bible, here is what Dennis Prager, a conservative Jewish radio talkshow host and commentator, had to say about the issue:

"Jews or Christians who take the Bible's views on homosexuality seriously are not obligated to prove that they are not fundamentaists or literalists, let alone bigots (though, of course, people have used the Bible to defend bigotry). Rather, those who claim homosexuality is compatible with Judaism or Christianity bear the burden of proof to reconcile this view with their Bible. Given the unambiguous nature of the biblical attitude toward homosexuality, however, such a reconciliation is not possible. All that is possible is to declare: 'I am aware that the Bible condemns homosexuality, and I consider the Bible wrong.' That would be an intellectually honest approach." [taken from Judaism's Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality].

This insightful analysis by Mr. Prager demonstrates that you do not have to be a "Fundamentalist Christian" in order to acknowledge the fact that the Bible indeed condemns homosexuality as it does other sins. Even many honest homosexuals will partially admit this. But many people fail to see that the sin of homosexuality is different from other sins in the sense that it is the only one (to my knowledge) that involves dual wrong, moral and biological. Not only is homosexuality a sin but it also violates God's created order in biological sexuality.

God's Word on Homosexuality

The Bible has declared in several places that homosexuality is wrong and uses the term "abomination." Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1 Kings 14:24 in the Old Testament (OT) condemn homosexuality. Although lesbianism is not specifically mentioned, it must be understood that this is implied due to the fact that the male was the focus in ancient times. Notice how in Genesis 2:24 it is the man (Adam) who leaves mother and father and clings to his wife. Yet it is obvious that the implication is that the wife also leaves father and mother to cling to her husband.

So the lack of direct mention of lesbianism should not make people falsely assume that God is not displeased with the unnatural act of female homosexuality as well.

When we come to the New Testament we find the same kind of thing. Paul in Romans 1:26, 27 condemns homosexuality as being against "nature." Interestingly, though he knew of the OT passages against homosexuality, he decided not to quote them. From nature alone we can see that same-sex couples are wrong, and that's the point I think Paul was trying to make.

We also have the testimony of passages like 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10, which deal with other aspects of homosexual behavior. But the problem today is that many people have undertaken the task of deliberately misinterpreting these passages so that they do not condemn homosexuality.

Twisting the Bible to suite personal preference is nothing new. The cults do it constantly, and now we have specific sinners doing it for obvious reasons. But all the Scripture twisting and distorting in the world will not change the nature of things.

The Biology of Homosexuality

No matter how many Bible passages are distorted to make homosexuality seem acceptable, the fact remains that God did not make same-sex humans with the ability to reproduce from their so-called sex and professed "love." This is telling of itself, for surely God could have given same-sex couples the ability to procreate if He chose to. But the fact that there is a biological ban on these unions proves beyond doubt that God does not approve.

Conclusion: The Christianizing of Sin?

Today we have organizations and websites out there with professing Christians who also claim to be gay and lesbian. We even have "metropolitan" churches specifically for homosexuals (I'm now waiting for the "First Baptist Fornicators and Liars Church of God in Christ").

But in light of what the Bible and biology has to say, does this even make sense? How can one be a "Christian liar" or "Christian fornicator" or "Christian murderer"? What has our society come to when we can go to such extreme lengths to justify our sin and then try to paint a "Christian" face on it? God have mercy on us for falling so far from the truth.

Yes, homosexuals need the love and compassion of Christ that all sinners need. We as Christians should be open to showing this godly love to homosexuals, but this does not mean we must advocate and justify sin in the process. Jesus loved the sinner and hated their sin, and that is the model we should follow. We must never fall into the trap of trying to love the sinner so much that we begin to love the sin itself as well, and even worse, begin to justify it.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Shemariah Yeung 07 Sep 2010
Thank you for your article...Yes, very well-written. Jesus does love the sinners but hate the sin. Please read my articles too, something you may find interesting about. God bless you.
Karen Wilber 12 Apr 2008
This is JUST the article I was looking for today for some apologetic arguments. The idea of a "dual" wrong and a sin against nature in interpreting Romans 1:26-27 is a helpful argument. Thanks for submitting.
chandra mathis 18 Jul 2006
This is outstanding! I would like to see more preachers speak out about this issue. I see more and more Christians becoming two sided just to be people pleasers. I long for those kind of Christians to wake up and realize they must stand for what God says is truth and not be friends with the devil at the same time. God Bless you! Chandra Mathis


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