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The Professor
by Greg Hintz
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The Professor

Scene: Ernie is walking down the hallway with his schoolbooks. He has his football jersey on and is giving high fives to some of the other kids because they won their football game last Friday.

Ernie: (pantomiming a ‘high five’) Thanks man! It was an awesome game, wasn’t it? (With head turned half back talking to someone who just passed him) Yeah, now we are in first place… (Ernie bumps into Professor Schriver) Oh, I’m sorry Professor Schriver, I wasn’t watching where I was going.

Prof: (Picking up his papers) Oh, that’s OK. Mistakes happen. You played a great game last weekend.

Ernie: Thanks, you know, God really helped me. I wasn’t even supposed to be playing because of an injury I got last…

Prof: (Interrupting) Wait a minute Ernie. Are you trying to tell me that God helped you play football? That’s ridiculous; God doesn’t care about football, or anything else like that. The only reason you were able to play last Friday was because you made the decision to do it and you did it. You are the only one who guides your destiny.

Ernie: What do you mean I am the only one who guides my destiny?

Prof: The decisions that you make determine your destiny. God doesn’t play any part in it. If you want to play football, you do that. If you want to go to school, you do that. Whatever you put your mind to, you will do. The power comes from the human mind. Apply it and you can do anything. Well, I have to go. Hey, good luck next week, I’ll be rooting you on. And remember, the power truly lies between your ears. Your mind determines your destiny.

Ernie: (Spoken with confusion as if one of his core values had just been tested) Oh… All right… Well… I guess I will see you later… Thanks… Thanks for talking to me… (The professor walks away. Ernie begins to speak to himself.) My mind? I did make up in my mind that I was going to play last week. You know, that really makes sense. Why would God care about me playing football? Why would he care about that injury? He is much too busy to care about those little things. I must have all the power in my mind, like Professor Schriver said. I wonder what the Bible Study Group will think about this. I can’t wait to ask them tonight. (looking at his watch) Oh, it’s almost noon. I’m going to be late for Chemistry. (Ernie runs back stage to class)

Preaching: How much does God really care about in your life? Does He have time to care about the little things in your life? How much of a role does God actually play in your life? Matthew 10:29-31, Proverbs 16:25

Scene: A Bible Study Group in the college cafeteria. Seated already is the Leader, Chris, with another member. As the lights come on them, they are quietly talking with the Bible open on their laps. Sporadically, the members begin to come and greet Chris and the other members. They make a half moon with the chairs that are facing the audience.

Ernie: (Walking up with great excitement) Hey guys, how are you doing today. (Shaking everyone’s hand and giving Chris a hug)

Group: Good! Great!

Desi: (Talking in her valley girl voice) Ernie! You are just like so totally awesome! Like the way you like jumped up and like totally caught that ball for the touchdown. You were just like a… well like this guy I once saw on the discovery channel. He like totally invented like these shoes which had these like big springs on them. And like whenever he wanted to do something like pick an apple off a tree or like jump over his dog he would like just hit this little button and the next thing you know…

Ernie: (cutting off Desi in mid sentence) Yeah, I think I saw that episode. You really don’t need to get into the details.

Chris: All right, are you guys ready to get started?

Group: (Taking their seats) Yeah. I’ve been looking forward to this all week.

Chris: Well, we all want to congratulate Chris on the great game this past Friday. (Group claps and cheers) That was an awesome game winning touchdown. I want you to know that we were all praying for you to do good that night.

Ernie: It’s funny you should say that. I had a conversation today that really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I ran into Professor Schriver in the hallway today and we were talking about how God had helped me with my injury and playing last week.

Chris: Yeah

Ernie: He started to explain how God doesn’t really care about things like football or even me playing. When he said that, I started to think and it really made sense. Come on now, think about how busy God has to be with world peace and starvation in Africa. Do you really think that He is going to concern Himself with me winning a football game? I do not think so!

Chris: Actually, you may be surprised about this but yes, God does care even about those little things in our life and He reassures us of this in the Bible. Why doesn’t everybody open up their Bibles to Matthew 10:29 and let’s read through verse 31. Frankie, will you read this for me?

Frank: Sure, I will read it. Hey, why is this written in red?

Chris: Oh, in some Bibles all of Jesus’ words are written in red. These verses actually came out of Jesus mouth.

Frank: Oh, that’s interesting. OK. Let’s start… “Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Chris: Thanks Frankie. Now let’s look at this verse in the context. Jesus is talking to His disciples and He wants them to see that each one of them are very valuable to the Father. He uses a comparison to a sparrow. Sparrows were very cheap in the eyes of man, but still God knew whenever anything happened to one of them. How much important then, are you guys. (Directing his attention in the direction of Ernie) Ernie, if God knows when something happens to a small bird, how much more is He going to know about someone who is His child? It even said that the hairs on your head are numbered. If He knows something as miniscule as the hairs on your head, how much more is he going to know about those things which are important to you? Ernie, God knew about your football game. In fact, He was there helping you to win it. He gave you the strength to play and the ability to win.

Ernie: You know what, for some reason I already knew that. I knew that God had given me strength, healed my injury and enabled me to win that game. But when Professor Schriver started telling me all of those things, they just made so much sense. I felt like I had to believe them. It was so logical.

Chris: But Ernie, it is only when you know what the Word of God says that you are able to make correct decisions. There are all kinds of different thoughts and ideas about why we exist. There are thousands of different beliefs on how we get strength to carry on. But the Bible says that there is but one way and that way is through Jesus Christ. All of our wisdom must be filtered through Jesus Christ. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:25, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” We can never trust in our own wisdom, but in the wisdom of God.

Ernie: Wow that makes a lot of sense Chris, but what about Professor Schriver? It doesn’t seem that he understands this truth. Can we pray for him? Can we pray that God would touch his life and give him this wisdom also?

Chris: Definitely! Ernie, God may even use you. Come on guys, let’s pray for Professor Schriver right now… (Group gets into a circle, bows their heads and lights fade out)

G.P. Hintz

2005 Copyright G.P. Hintz

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