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The Separation
by Nina Phillips
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author: Nina M. Phillips
aka: littlelight


It wasn't long after the new President was elected, that there was rioting in every street nation-wide. He was bringing in a New Era for world peace, and prosperity for all. The people had heard the news. Every one in every nation, city, and state were to receive a mark in this way: in their right hand or in their foreheads; or take the number of his name; or his name.

'His name', was the former President that initiated and gave the go ahead on the mark because of "A War on Terrorism." A bill passed by congress, the senate, and in agreement with the democratic governments global. He had felt it necessary to make a decision that would effect the entire world, yet had not realized that so many would be un-faithful to their own lives. In refusing to take his mark, they wouldn't be able to survive in their homeland, travel in security or otherwise around the globe.

However, if this mission was accomplished, it would be for the benefit of all people in all walks and areas of their lives in the United World of democracy and freedom. Most of all peace for everyone would be assured in their own homelands.

"Even though, all the rulers, governments and even various major religious rulers and religions had united in agreement and support, for goodness sakes! This was a good thing, a righteous thing!" the new President attempted to justify his own thoughts.

Suddenly, it seemed the world had gone mad like a rabid animal turned loose. The armed guard and reserves had to be called out to put a stop to the fighting in streets. The neighbors were fighting each other, brother's and sisters, mothers and daughters! Bombs and buildings, were exploding all over the country in acts of terrorism--and civilians took to arming themselves, in refusal to take a mark that showed the world was United against the stand on terrorism.

Now, it seemed as though all the world had exploded in terror and terrorism, only against the governments everywhere and this new global law. So these events were similar to the 4th of July displays of fireworks, but this was not holiday fun and games.

Sure, they were angry about the other laws, but learned to accept them. They had paid dearly when they crossed over the line. Justice was always served.

"But this was different" he thought, in the stillness of the shallow palette of his office. He concluded to himself, "that it was those blasted Bible thumpers! Forever protesting, antagonistic people, who had egged this one on."

"Law breakers! That's what they are! They should have prayed this one out first!" he chuckled, as he exclaimed aloud.
"Surely, they have to realize, they don't have a shot at standing against the governmental rule with it's intelligence and military back-up."

"Well, it doesn't matter right now. Justice will be served regardless of these fools, that's for certain. Our law is the law, and will not be broken at any cost. Send out the troops and helicopters to search surrounding areas for immigrants. Search all the houses for indigents, and for any of those that have not taken the mark and bring them in" and he added authoritatively, "by force if necessary!"
"We'll just see about that!" stated the newest President.

And so that day many were afraid, their hearts were full of fear and failed them, trembling because of the things which were coming upon the world.

To be con't.
7 years prior:

Christopher Carlton had been awakened suddenly from his dreaming by an angel. He didn't know if this was real or still a dream. This wasn't the first time in his young life that he had seen these types of visions or warnings. He was sure it wouldn't be his last.

The angel called his name, "Chris" and again loudly, "Chris, get up, it's time to take up the sword."
Chris at once, sat up bolt right in his bed, looking around the small bedroom for signs of any angel like the one that he had seen standing at the foot of his bed in the dream.

Savannah Harriston was called a prophetess. Having heard the word of the Lord in regards to the ministry confirmed in the year **** , and in the month of Sept. She also had the opportunity to often be alone with the Lord Jesus. Traveling the open road seemed like a second nature to her, as well as speaking to many as the Lord sent her. Just she and her Lord Jesus crossing the countries.

Often, lately she had the dreams of helicopter's and military planes. Some type of military force that she couldn't thoroughly recognize. The bright lights of searches going on throughout the old neighborhood, where she had been brought up, had been the setting for some dreams. "Even in familiar places," she thought as she mulled over them in her mind.

In the dreams the military were well armed, and pulling entire families from their homes. They were forcefully grouped together, and surrounded by these men attired as though for war. They were spitting out threats, and calling out orders. Sometimes these simple civilians were shot where they stood or in attempts of escape.

There were some that seemed to have escaped, that were watching the variety of scenes intently. Savannah was one of those that were merely spectating, as these horrendous dreams unfolded. The people were angry, they were crying, some screaming, including the children. Some family members pleading for others, and some docile and quizzically conformed. Most were afraid and all were wondering what was really going on? What is going to happen to them next?

The visions Savannah had, the Lord had spoken to her of ministry, some were leading and guiding. Many times she received teaching as the Lord spoke often to her in his own still small voice. One dream in particular stood out to her as she brought it to her recollection. It was one that was tied into and was bound with the dreams she had been having of late.

She had been standing in the midst of an awesomely bright yellow wheat field beside an old wooden cart. The sun was shining, and there was a peaceful breeze that blew across her ruddy face, and through her brown hair, glowing from the sunlight. It was such a beautiful day, and joy filled her as she stood in this place. And somewhere in the immense acreage of the wheat field, she heard the laborers scythes as they went "ca-swish", "ca-swish" through the tall and readied wheat.

She saw no one at anytime, but the sound seemed to be getting closer as they worked fervently, in only a moment throughout the entire field. The sun had began to set, and the gorgeous day also coming quickly to a close. It was now evening and the sun had gently fallen low. A mere dimness of light remained, and all that she saw, was the last portion of the wheat being reaped by invisible hands holding scythe's circling the air. Though there were it seemed, a multitude, they were in unison as one. And their work was done.

Revelation 14:16-20
Savannah associated visions and dreams with scripture that she fastened in her heart. This included the separation of the wheat from the tares of the world. Thrust in your sickle, and reap: for the harvest is now ripe. She felt that the Lord was confirming that he would come quickly after a unique separation period coming upon the world.

Through the faith, humbleness, submission of her meek and quiet spirit, and in the Lord's will she would take part in an end time revival, even through much tribulation. The Lord preparing the harvest. There wouldn't be any straddling of the fence.

She was so excited actually, to know that the bridegroom is coming for his bride that has made themselves ready. How awesome a day that will be! The greatest wedding ever!

To be con't.
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e-mail: littlelight_littlelight@yahoo.com

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