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God Is Good
by Lisa Velez
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By: Lisa Velez
June 8 & 11th, 2005

God is so amazingly good. “He knows exactly what we need even before we ask Him.” That’s for sure.
My husband and I had been through money problems before, so we knew we’d eventually get through the most recent troubles. Yet, for all of us, I suppose, whenever we’re in the middle of the tunnel, many times it’s hard to see the light beyond our reach and we feel like we’re drowning in the deep end.
As of the last few months, especially after my accident on March 8th of this year that totaled my car and left me out of work, loosing money for about a week and a half, we fell even more behind.
No matter how many doubts, bad thoughts or days when I just didn’t do the right thing He wanted me to do, God still has proved ever faithful and loving to me and lifts me up out of the murky depths, though I deserve it or not.
Recently I had started telling friends at church about our money issues so that I could request specific prayer from them and they could pass the word.
About two Sundays ago, after am service, I had asked our friend, Anna to pray for us. She said she sure would, but then suddenly asked me to hold her Bible and a bag that she had purchased in the Church gift shop.
About ten seconds later she handed Ramon and I a check, telling us how the Holy Spirit had moved on her to give it to us. I was so amazed, I just broke down and cried, hugging her, right there in front of the church. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could Ramon. I mean the tears just continued rolling down and it was so hard to stop them. I didn’t even open the check to look at the amount. I was just so blessed, as was Ramon at how God was moving in our lives. I didn’t care if the check was written out for $5.00.
As my husband and I walked to the car, I decided to look at the check amount, just to see what we could pay off with the money. The number I saw with my two eyes, or in my case four, was a total miracle, and something Ramon or I never would have expected. The check was for $500 dollars! I was just amazed at the love Jesus has for us and wondered what I’d ever done to deserve it. I thought I’d fall over! With my eyes bugging out of my head, I just stiffened up, while walking with Ramon, giving the Lord thanks and honor for His hand in our situation. And it didn’t end there.
This past Sunday, after morning service, while Ramon was Dj’ing, I went to lunch with our friends, John and Naomi Oyola, and their sweet ten-year-old daughter Stephanie. That day, praise God, I had some money in my pocket and didn’t worry about having a little lunch out as a treat with my friends that I hadn’t seen in so long. Especially since they’re like “rock stars” you gotta have special maneuvers and cat like precision just to catch up with them for a simple, “Hey, how are you?”
During lunch, with the Oyolas being like family with Ramon and I, I decided to talk to them about our “issues” so that they too could pray for us and spread the word for a prayer chain to begin. Then John asked me, “So, how much do you need?” Knowing by that question that he wanted to give me money for some of our bills I replied, “No, I’m not taking money from you.” To which he answered, “Then why are you talking about it?” Oh “Johnny O,” he’s something and he always has an answer. I just wanted to let my friends know what was going on so that they could pray for us, knowing that, “Where two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst.”
So, after our meal and some silly conversation, as is usual when “Lisa .V.” hangs with the “O” family, we got the check and were getting ready to leave. As I started to hand John my money to pay for my meal, he gave me back my money, and paid for my meal along with his family. I was overcome.
On the way back towards the church to get my car in the lot, Naomi asked me if I was in a hurry. Knowing I was just going home to hang and wait for Ramon to get home, lonely, I answered, “No, I’ve got all day.”
Making a stop to their bank on the way to our destination, I hoped John wasn’t doing what I thought he was, getting us money. I didn’t want to take advantage of anyone, especially those friends who mean the world to me and have been there, like “Johnny O” and his crew.
As soon as John got back in to the car, he threw an envelope at me. I said, “You don’t have to do that!” I felt so embarrassed, hoping that I didn’t place my good friends now in to further debt of their own, especially knowing that they’d recently gone through a major flood from torrential rain, I felt hesitant to accept the money and like a really horrible person. Yet, then I remembered what I say to people when I want to bless them and they don’t want to accept. I always tell them that, “When we reject a blessing from someone, it hurts their feelings, and if God wants to bless us, we should just take it.” Not that it’s an easy thing to do, because it isn’t. Trust me, I know.
Anyway, like I said I couldn’t believe how wonderful God was being to Ramon and me. I mean, I know He is wonderful. He always has been, is now and forever will be, but why to us? There are so many “poor” people out there that need so much more. Yet God, in His infinite wisdom, again was choosing me. ME! That’s one of the many reasons why He’s GOD and I’m not, because I don’t get what He sees in me, honestly! And furthermore I couldn’t understand why these people, my sweet, fun-loving friends of mine, loved us that much, to put themselves on the line and their own bills or savings just to help us, who’d just made some ridiculous mistakes along the way. Maybe it’s because through our blessing, we can then go forward and tell others about the tremendous love of Christ and bring them in to His Kingdom all for His glory, which when I think about it sounds right, and makes sense too. Thank you, Lord!
Now on the way back to get my car in the church parking lot, for real this time, John asked me if the $400 in the envelope was enough to pay for our phone, that was disconnected for lack of enough money, and to buy some food, which we’d had trouble affording for some weeks prior. I almost chocked on my answer just thinking about $400 dollars? I hadn’t even looked in the envelope! Again, I couldn’t believe it! Another miracle, in a set of two weeks, Oh Lord, “How Great Thou Art!”
Totaling the two weeks together, God had reigned down $900 dollars to help His two careless children get back on the road to recovery.
I told John that we would pay him back somehow in time. But, John just said, “No, you won’t. It’s a gift.” What to say, what to say, when one is at a loss for all words? I just told him that I’d save “payback” for Christmas and buy them, as well as Anna, who had also blessed us the week before, something beautiful to say “Thank You” in a special way. They had already told Ramon and I that they love us in return in ways we would have never dreamed. We only pray that God will bless Anna, John and his family in even bigger ways, which I know He will since He’s incredible enough to do it, and then some.
Recently, Ramon had voiced a wish, saying: “I wish someone would just hand us some money and not ask us to pay it back!” Well, the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for, it just might happen!” Well, Amen and All right. I can take that! We both can. Ramon’s words just bounced from his vocal chords and right up to the Heavens, where J.C. Himself caught them and made them fly in to the hearts of those he chose to befriend and love us in His name.
God is so good, if I’ve said it once just let me say it again. God is so good!
Today, June 11th, the day after my husband’s and my tenth wedding anniversary, my parents and sister surprised us with a gift. My Mom handed me a small gift bag with two cards in it. I felt bad opening them without my husband since he was off dj’ing a pool party somewhere, but oh well, why should he have all the fun?
So, there I was, opening up our anniversary cards. When I got to the second one, I never imagined that for the third time in three weeks, God, once again was going to let us know just how much he loved us and “had our back.” I mean, knowing my parents, I thought maybe they slipped a twenty in there or something, but I never thought they’d “hit the nail right on the head” for our need. For what I opened at that moment was exactly what we needed at that particular moment.
As I opened the card I felt something hard inside. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There in front of me lay an A & P gift card for $165 dollars!
This week, we were going to be very strapped with money. We didn’t even know how we were going to buy food again.
I just don’t know how anyone could say that God does not exist. I mean, miracles are real and they happen every day. If this had only happened once to Ramon and I, I’d expect someone to say, “Oh that’s just a coincidence.” But, it happened, not once, not twice, but three times, and in a row! Now that’s God, world! Eat your hearts out! I know we can this week. Thank you, Father, again and again and again for always supplying our needs. We couldn’t thank or praise You enough.
Again, here I am “Speechless,” and for those who know me that alone is a miracle! (Laugh-Laugh, I know who you are.)
But, I’ll just leave it at this, trust in God, for there’s never a time that He’s not strong enough to carry the burdens we hold, even when we feel we don’t deserve them, because He can see something in us that others or ourselves can never see. And maybe, that’s all we have to know. God is God. Period. And He knows what He’s doing, even though, we as mere humans feel we don’t deserve anything. For if that were true, His blood would have been shed for nothing. And we all know how that story goes.

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Member Comments
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Virginia Gorg 08 Feb 2006
This sounds like a diary entry, which is an interesting way to write. I would suggest white space between paragraphs - it's difficult to read all run together. Also watch spelling - "reigned down" should be "rained down". I like this approach, though, and the reminder that God is good and always faithful to us.


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