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Life Lessons on the Beach
by Joyce Simoneaux
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As I walked along the beach today, I asked the Lord to show me truths in what I saw. I focused on His Spirit, bringing me to a place where I could hear His voice.

He showed me the broken shells lying on the sand among the whole ones. In those, He wanted me to see the broken lives of people I encounter, who are just a shell – hollow and empty. They need something more to fill them and make them whole. They are still seeking something or someone to fulfill their longings and heal their deepest hurts. The broken ones could be found among the whole ones, but He had me look closer.

If I picked up a whole one, I would see that it was not really whole. It would only appear to be whole, but on the inside it was also hollow and empty. Many people put forth an appearance of wholeness and hide their fears, jealousy, anger, bitterness, and many more emotions that keep them from fulfilling their calling.

As the waves washed back out to the gulf, they took layers of unstable sand with them, exposing shells hidden in the sand. If you stepped on some of them, it hurt. Some people keep their need for healing hidden even from themselves. But God’s grace slowly washes away the layers that cover up the area until it is exposed. His grace continues to wash over the area until it is clean (healed).

In my spirit, I saw Him gently blowing on the waters, which sent waves (grace) up onto the shore bringing with them the shells that lie along the beach. His grace brings His broken and hurting children into His house. Some come in with obvious hurts and visible brokenness, but others come in smiling and greeting those around them as though they have not a care in the world. But they hurt equally as much. If I look into their eyes, He said I will see the hollowness that needs filling with His Spirit. We need to love them as He loves us. We must embrace them as He has embraces us. We must show them grace and mercy.

He showed me His mercy in the sun shining down on the shells, making them visible for shell hunters (laborers) to find them. We need to teach them how to take His hand, so He can lead them on the path to true redemption and restoration in their lives. Sometimes, He sends laborers to search for these “shells” to gather in particular ones that are selected by Him to form beautiful works of art (ministers, teachers, prophets, evangelists, and apostles) that will touch hearts and inspire others to see beauty in even the simple things of life.

As I looked at the waves washing up onto the shore, they left behind them a foamy deposit that quickly vanished once it was left on the shore. He showed me that represented our sin that He washes away and erases forever.

As the waves wash back out to the gulf, they take with them shells that were previously left deposited, along with a thin layer of sand. Those represent the people who reject Him and do not believe they need His guidance in their lives. Their spiritual eyes are closed, and soon they are washed out into the world again into the deep, muddy waters of sin with only the constantly shifting sand for a foundation. The strong, dangerous currents of the demonic realm seek to suck them under so deeply that they can never find their way back to Him again. But He sends winds (Holy Spirit) and allows storms (trials) to dredge up as many as are willing in order to bring them back up from the murky waters to return to Him. The waves (His grace) will wash them up onto the shore as many times as necessary, until they finally find a place on the firm foundation of the hard, packed sand (His Word), never to be washed away again.

As I looked at the horizon, I saw that it seemed to end in a wall of clouds, but I knew that it actually had no end that could be seen from where I stood. In this, He showed me that He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end of all creation. Although, my eyes see what appears to be an ending in the natural, I possess knowledge or spiritual eyes to see what could not be seen with the natural eyes. There is a great reward for all those who serve Him in spirit and in truth. For those who wash back out into the gulf (the world) and are carried away by the current of the demonic realm, there is no such reward. For all, there is an eternity waiting, but for only the chosen remnant that clings to the shore (His Word) will that eternity be with Him.

As I relaxed in my chair and focused my thoughts on Him once again, He showed me the wind blowing across my face to be symbolic of His Holy Spirit speaking to me. I focused on the sound of the rushing wind in my ears, and He began to speak to me once again. I opened my spirit up to Him and began to see things with my eyes closed. He gave me a glimpse of the outline of His form as He talked with me. I asked Him to show me His glory, but He only gave me the outline of His form because no one can see the fullness of His glory. His holiness is too much for those in the natural realm. The profile of the face of a man came into my vision. He told me that more closely resembled His form as He walked among men. He reassured me that He will one day reveal more of the secrets, the deeper truths, found in the revelatory realm that He wishes to share with me.

I opened my eyes and looked at the clouds and asked if there was a message in the shapes. I asked if the clouds could be His angels keeping watch over me. His angels are keeping watch over me; however, in the clouds He wanted to show me His covering. He is our covering on our journey in this world. He covers us with His grace and mercy. He covers us with His provision for our lives. I saw breaks in the clouds that looked like holes. In this, He showed me that we will always have areas of our lives that will need work or training as long as we are living in these earthly bodies.

Once I closed my eyes and saw a deep, red color, and I asked Him if that was the blood. He showed me that His children are covered in the blood of His covenant. As the red began to disappear, white specks and swirls began to mingle with it, eventually turning it to a pure white. He told me that His Holy Spirit cleanses us, as we are constantly in a process of changing and purifying our lives if we are willing to focus on Him and develop our inner lives.

As I began to write this journal of what He showed me today, He began to speak to me. This is what I heard Him say:

“I watched each of you as your countenance changed to joy. You all laughed and enjoyed your time together. I laughed with you.

It was a delight to see you trust again. As you fell, you did fall gracefully, because you were in My grace.

It was good to see all of you returning to the simplicity of your youth and laughing with each other. You are all so special to me.

As the dark of night began to descend upon you, I sent the waves closer to each of you, almost touching your feet. My grace will meet you wherever you go.

As the sun set in the west, I was kissing each of you good night, as our special time together was growing to a close for this day.

You thank Me for spending this time with you and for giving you the words that helped you to remember our time together, but I thank you for caring enough to focus on Me.

Let’s spend more and more time together. I know we will both be blessed.”

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Member Comments
Member Date
Beth Muehlhausen 22 Jun 2005
I really enjoyed your imagery here. I find myself similarly looking for lessons in everyday circumstances! Haven't we all become empty, broken shells, perhaps repeatedly? Praise God for his mercy and faithfulness! This is lovely. :-)
Sherry Castelluccio  31 May 2005
As I read this I'm taken away to someplace peaceful and full of love. What a gift you have!
Peggy Yengling 28 May 2005
Dear Joyce, Your 'journal' was wonderful as so many realizations came to life for you - and your readers! I LOVED your comments at the end. Yes, I can hear God speaking in they ways you mentioned. And, the idea that He thanks us for focusing on Him is incredible! You have lifted us up and opened our eyes, once again! With love, Peggy
Sharon McClean 28 May 2005
Joyce this article is beautiful with so much to be gleaned from it. I too have seen that deep red upon closing my eyes with the same thought as it being the blood of christ. Funny you should mention clouds. I am always fascinated by the clouds. They are special, read Job 37:10-16) There are some very interesting things about clouds mentioned there. I love you, Sharon
Gloria Laroza T. 28 May 2005
Isn't it awesome that when we are focused on Our Mighty Creator, we can see and feel His presence in every little work of His hands, we become more aware of blessings that come our way, and even accept every trials with openness knowing He is The Potter, and we are the clay? Joyce, you are given an amazing insight and gift of words that are in no doubt, annointed by the Holy spirit dwelling in you.May everyone who read this piece you shared with us be blessed as well. Love-Gloria
Mitzi Busby 28 May 2005
Joyce, There is so much Truth packed in your observations about the shells. You presented this beautifully and vividly. Thank you for the blessing.


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