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Homosexual Activists
by Paul Alden
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“We, the people of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, do establish this Constitution.”

To the Liberal, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is no longer relevant. We have now grown past Him and are no longer in need of His counsel. They are fully persuaded that traditional America is about to fade into oblivion.

However it is Christ that gives us the Liberty and privilege to be a self-ruling society, with the power to live uprightly through Princible, in light of His system of Law, the 10 commandments.

Do you value our history and our God given freedoms? Then don't let mere men strip you of them without a fight.

WAKE UP and recognize that we can no longer hold truth to be self-evident. We need to prove it in court! http://www.aclj.org/cases/Default.aspx this is where we're headed! There is a desperate need for robust debate but were being silenced through our own system of law.

Its time to stop playing fancy man! The USA is the model that the world follows. When we sneeze, the whole world gets a cold and were being heavily scrutinized by those in the world with evil intentions who see a nation divided, here in the states and are capitalizing on our weaknesses. Spending billions of dollars in their own political pursuits to use America against itself as a catalyst for Global change. http://www.watchingamerica.com/index.shtml

Like the New World Constitution created by the United States of Europe . All other religions are tolerated except for orthodox Christianity because it is seen as the principal impediment to a One World theology ( http://www.crossroad.to/text/articles/gorb10-95.html).

The efforts and rhetoric of the Liberal, and the pacifist (consummate diplomats) coincide perfectly with socialist philosophy. They are altogether ignorant of the true concept of Liberty. They represent approximately 27% of Americans (9-22-03). They say that the conservatives are the problem in America today. The fact that we're holding back this grand vision of some sort of all encompassing doctrine that will bring the world together under a new Standard. Unity at all cost, (the false ubiquity of the 60s all over again). http://www.hippy.com/

They want to "move on", ( www.moveon.org ) to a new era but to where? They've got no true direction. Idealists with no real ideas. Tossed to and fro by the winds of public opinion. These are the same people that would vote Hillary Clinton for president, (40% of democrats). We need to be more involved. We need to keep the integrity, and the true meaning and motive of our constitution unclouded.

Unfortunately many Americans think that a more contemporary solution is necessary. Contemporary schoolbooks with a more modern approach, so called "Progressive Leadership" http://www.progressleaders.org/ ,etc. Words such as inspired by God and His design for Liberty, even marriage, are now to be considered...antiquated, pie in the sky, right wing, fanatical hatespeech.

The agenda of homosexual activists, feminists, and all those in agreement with their worldview and political strategy, is to interpolate an altered set of ethics into American life that would make opposition to them impossible, contravening traditional American thought through the system of the court. Forcing us to not only approve of them but to applaude them . With plenty of help from the Associated Press I assure you. http://www.thatliberalmedia.com/archives/cat_associated_press.html.

Incrimentally step-by-step, dissolving our credibility in the public forum labeling us bigoted, shortsighted and homophobic, a word created by the Left to mean someone who gets uneasy around homosexuals because he or she has secret homosexual desires of their own (?!)

However recently my patience hit its limit.

My 10 year old son brought a booklet home that he picked out of his xxxxxx/xxxxxx school library about AIDS. Chapter one begins with a full page picture of a middleschooler who has just opened a condom packet.

The chapter gives some very important information regarding the subject of AIDS but leaves room for explanations that are (vaguely) alluded to in the following chapters that deal mainly with feelings and the sincere hope for a cure. However there are passages and pictures in this little booklet (Library of Social Activism Rosen Publishing Group 1995), that are clearly pro-homosexual in content. http://www.angelfire.com/mt/peaceresources/library.html

The condom issue is one that particularly puzzles me. Where do they get the idea that condoms protect you from disease? The CDC would not completely agree with those assertions. Condoms may protect you from STDs, but they state that the past research may have been based on imperfect data. http://www.cdc.gov/nchstp/od/condom_effectiveness.html#I.

They as medical professionals promote abstinence as the best preventative.

They do briefly mention abstinence in the book.....the key word here is briefly.

Nevertheless, not only do they promote condom use, passing them out to middleschoolers and give explicit details on how to use them, they begin chapter 3 with a picture of a group of homosexual men from the GMHC (Gay Mens Health Crisis ) http://www.gmhc.org/ filling up bags and bags of condoms. Then begin to explain what bisexuals are, what homosexuals are, the fact that they like to becalled gay instead of homosexual. How that many teenagers experiment but that one or two encounters does not signify a sexual orientation, that most young people seldom adopt a homosexual lifestyle anyway etc.

Then they explain sexual transmission through vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, and anal intercourse quote, "In anal intercourse, a man inserts his penis into the rectum (anus) of a man or woman...I could go on, but I am a little disgusted.

I decided to call the school and demand a response! The same day, the princible called me back to get the specifics which upon hearing them was aghast, stating that she wouldnt even want these booklets in a high school, let alone a middle school! She asked me to put the book in a sealed manila envelope and to have my son bring it to her directly. She said that no matter what, even if she had to bring it to the boards attention, it would be addressed.

A few months went by and I asked xxx xxxx, a member of the schoolboard to bring it to the attention of some of his colleagues. He formed a small committee and addressed it. actually took it to the Superintendent. Who after having reviewed the situation stated that there was nothing that he could do, that his hands were tied...????

My children are doing pretty good in school and I'm thankful for the opportunity for them to be there. We are newcomers to the community and love it here, but while we are in the process of restructuring our schools, we can't be complacent.

There are those that are intent on socially reengineering our kids particularly as it pertains to issues of morality and ethics, http://christiananswers.net/q-eden/edn-f001.html the goal that the feminists and homosexuals have to incorporate leftist values into our public schools is being realized! Chiefly driven by the ACLU. www.stoptheaclu.com

B e careful not to be hoodwinked by them , it's all smoke and mirrors. If you ever have any real trouble, go to www.aclj.org.

Is that who we want making decisions regarding what is or isnt allowed in our schools?

In California for instance, mandatory homosexual tolerance classes from k-12 with accompanying literature because the ACLU and the California 9th Circuit are in agreement on most of these issues, in league with each other many times, working hand in hand making way for legal precedence in other states. http://www.cwfa.org/articles/726/CFI/cfreport/index.htm

Thank God for people like Mrs. xxxxxx who understood how to properly interpret things that are self evident without allowing a political bias to interfere with her job!!!!

(Since this article was written a few years ago they've replaced her).

On the back of the book, are the titles from the series. Let me end with these and you be the judge of whether or not they are attempting to indoctrinate.


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