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Beware of Spiritual Butchers
by Patricia Backora
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Beware of Spiritual Butchers
Shared by Patricia Backora, author of the book:
Tough Love in Christ’s Millennium
Which you can order online from: http:www.publishamerica.com
Matt. 5: 7, 44-45; 9:12; John 8:1-11; Acts Chapter 10; Rom. 2:4; 12:14;
Gal. 3:13; I Cor. 6:17; 13:1-7;II Cor. 5:17; Col. 2:14; II Tim. 1:16-18;
I Pet. 2:20; 4:8

Beware of which pastures you graze in, and I speak especially to those who are geographically cut off from true agape fellowship, those people who must glean what prayer support and edification they can through means other than a sound local church.

Some of those who claim to be “deliverance ministries” are little better than spiritual butchers, the clumsy way they handle hurting, seeking souls. They know much about the fearful penalties cited in the Old Testament for breaking My Law. But they know precious little about My grace and willingness to forgive. Those with plenty of knowledge but no love minister hopelessness and fear to hurting people who seek from Me a word of reassurance, comfort, and hope.

One problem is the way the curse of the Law is held over the head of people whom I have redeemed, who have diligently prayed for and pleaded My Blood over the souls of their loved ones. People being what they are, sometimes these much-prayed-for souls will stray into occult practices despite the warnings and prayers of saints who love them.

If you have received a word of reassurance in your spirit about your son or your daughter or your spouse concerning their salvation, then I will be true to My Word and will be gracious unto them. I see not only their sin but the motive behind it. If a person is deeply troubled, grief-stricken or confused, the enemy will rush in to take advantage of this. This is a different case from when a person hates Me and dabbles in the occult to spite me. Many of the children of Israel tired of Me and of My rule over their lives. So they opted for demonic “gods” who gave them plenty of excitement but made no inconvenient demands on their lives. This led to sorcery, witchcraft, astrology and even to human sacrifice. My punishment upon those apostates was very severe. Even then My goal was to lead the nation of Israel back to Myself by withdrawing My blessings and protection for a time.

If your troubled loved one strays into any occult practice, don’t give up on them. Keep on praying for them. I am able to save them just as assuredly as if the offense was non-occultic in nature, such as as lying, swearing, cheating, adultery or theft. I have even forgiven and restored murderers at various points in history.

Some people have gone to the wrong ministry for prayer for their loved ones. Instead of getting reassurance of My power to save and restore sinners and backsliders, all they have gotten is reassurance that I have already put a terrible curse on their loved one for the offense committed against My Word.

It would be grossly unfair for Me to demand a higher standard of conduct from human beings than I do from Myself. I have commanded My people to bless those who curse them , and pray for people who despitefully use them and persecute them. Why? In order that you might act like the children of your Father Who is in heaven: for I make My sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and I send My rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous. And I have said: Bless those who persecute you. Bless, and curse not. Why, then, should I expect fragile human beings like you to bless hostile brutes who curse you, but you should expect Me to be eager to curse people who stumble in other ways?

I know the frailty of My people, and if people who walk closely with Me can be tempted, why should I not expect that unconverted people and backsliders will be even more apt to sin because of fallen human nature? In many cases the offender has shown vastly more kindness and charity toward the saint praying for them than the saint has received from other believers. And when that lost loved one shows kindness toward you, He is also ministering to My own need. Will I repay evil for good, and bite the hand that feeds Me?

A thousand times, no. Truth spoken without love and carried to extremes can be mingled with unscriptural folklore and mysticism to make it even more sensational. It is then that a so-called “deliverance ministry” strays into harmful error. Whenever unbalanced “deliverance ministers” tell someone that I have already laid a curse upon their erring loved one to several generations, satan feels like popping open the champagne. Not only does this create despair in the heart of the intercessor and makes that saint feel like giving up on the person he’s praying for, it diminishes his faith in My mercy and grace and can even put a distance and coldness between us. Religious deception is satan’s favorite crowbar to pry people apart from an intimate love and trust toward Me.

Love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Time and again I have asked My people to dare to believe that even the very worst sinners could be saved. When I promise one of My children that I will eventually save their loved one, no matter how impossible a case that one seems to be, I ask My child to see that person through eyes of faith, rather than give up on him or her. That is love “believing all things and hoping all things” As for bearing all things and enduring all things, one prime example is the way Peter taught Christian slaves to patiently endure the abuse of cruel masters. Now if I am so patient with belligerent people like that, why wouldn’t I also show compassion toward a person who has been good to you, but has made a bad decision, not out of meanness or malice, but because the enemy sowed seeds of confusion in his mind?

I didn’t consign Cornelius to hell because he had been a heathen Roman who believed in many Gods before he sought the true God of Israel. Even when he was still unconverted, Cornelius’ many acts of charity arose before My Throne in heaven as a sweet savor of delight. I went out of My way to make a means to save that man, and he responded to me in faith. And when Paul evangelized the Gentiles and many of them came to Christ, Paul did not say to those new converts: “Fine and well you’re saved, but now God must lay a 160-year curse upon you for your earlier sorcery and divination! If he had, Christ Himself would have shared in that long curse, because when you come to Christ in repentant faith, you become one spirit with Christ the Lord. And if I can see your loved one’s salvation from afar off, why would I lay such a terrible curse upon someone who is destined to be made one spirit with My own dear Son?

From My own perspective in eternity, I can see the entire length of the train track of time, even the end of it, all at the same time. But you dwell in the dimension of time. Unless I anoint your eyes to see as I do, all you can see is the point in time where you stand now. Because I dwell in eternity I can see from afar off the outcome of a situation. I am able to give you bedrock-solid reassurance about specific promises you have received from Me, for I have already witnessed the fulfillment of them all. I have already seen the eventual salvation of that person you’re praying for through eternal eyes of faith, and that is why you can see in this way also.

Religious extremists make the Law My master, not the other way around. If I choose to be gracious and defer judgment as an act of My grace, who in heaven or earth can stop Me? The law demanded that a woman taken in adultery be stoned to death. But what did Jesus do when self-righteous men (who harbored hidden sins of their own) asked Him what should be done about her? He forgave the woman and said: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone at her.

Christ has redeemed My people from the curse of the Law and nailed the Handwriting of ordinances that was against you to His Cross. Included in your deliverance is redemption from every curse which comes from breaking the laws against divination, witchcraft, sorcery, or mediums. By faith your slate is wiped clean. By faith you are made a new creature in Christ Jesus. Old things are passed away, and all things are become new.

Jesus knew demons were out there. But He also knew Who the demons were afraid of. He ate with publicans and sinners. Christ did not cloister Himself to hide from their demons. Instead, He reached out to heal those people spiritually just like He reached out to lepers to heal them. And if any demons were present, Jesus had the power to cast them out. Christ’s critics asked Him: Why do you eat with such people? And He said: They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. The Good Shepherd did not go out to curse sinners and backsliders but to gather them into His fold.

What about sins still unrepented-of by weak souls who don’t know any better, especially people who are not deliberately defying Me in an attitude of hardened rebellion and malice? Indeed, you must personally repent and trust in the Blood of Christ to have your sins removed as far as east is from west. In this case, you can’t remove the cat mess out of the house till the cat repents of making it. But you can cover his mess over with cat litter until he does repent, and fervent love covers a multitude of sins. Before the coming of the Savior to make atonement for sin, the ancient patriarchs would offer up sacrifices to plead with Me for mercy for their erring loved ones. They intreated Me to cover those sins and not look upon them, that their loved ones might be granted space to finally repent. And I heard their entreaties, for I am gracious. I did not immediately punish the wicked Jezebel of Revelation with sickness and death, or immediately afflict her followers. Rather, I gave her extra space to repent. Jezebel didn’t repent and had to suffer the consequences. But who will tell Me, the Creator of all flesh, that I have no right to be gracious toward saint and sinner alike?

It is My goodness which leads men to repentance. Don’t give up, whatever the sin your loved ones have committed. Keep bringing them before My Throne of Grace in prayer and I will surely hear you on their behalf.

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
Member Date
Sheila Lockhart 06 Jun 2005
Thank you for exposing the enemy. I can relate to the "Spiritual Butchers". I have been a victim of their attack, but thank God for the victory and for His love and grace. See my article, "Out of The Darkness and Into The Light." God bless you!
Sharon McClean 18 May 2005
I truly enjoyed this article Patricia! ("It is My goodness which leads men to repentance. Don’t give up, whatever the sin your loved ones have committed. Keep bringing them before My Throne of Grace in prayer and I will surely hear you on their behalf.") (Eph.2:7-that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of HIS GRACE in HIS KINDNESS toward us in Christ Jesus.) Yes, we must not give up on them! Blessings, Sharon


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