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Andy Angel Andrew and the Bear
by carl lynn
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“Help, help!” Andrew was in trouble and Andy His J.A.T. knew that He would be in trouble too. Andy was, as His title implied a Junior Angel in Training, and Andrew the little boy down on Earth was his responsibility, and right now Andrew was in big trouble. Andrew had decided to go fishing the only problem was that the fishing spot He had chosen was also the favorite spot of a huge bear and her cubs. Andrew had gotten to the place by the river first, that was one reason why Andy had not been paying attention. After all Andy figured if Andrew could spend some time fishing, He could spend some time doing His favorite thing too. The only problem was that Andy’s favorite past time was lying on a big, white, puffy cloud day dreaming about becoming a full-feathered gold - wing warrior angel. Andy could spend hours seeing Himself in His glistening, white robe, with those huge golden wings towering above His head holding His shining sword out in front of Him, standing right behind Michael the Archangel, who was Andy’s hero. And right now that daydreaming was the problem.

While Andy had been propped on a huge, soft cloud, the mother bear and her cubs had come out of the nearby woods and made their way to the river, when they got there they find Andrew at their favorite spot. When the mother bear had seem Andrew she let out a low, long growl, which was suppose to frighten the young boy away. The problem was that Andrew, like His J.A.T. was very hard headed and pictured Himself, much the same as did Andy a lot larger figure that He really was. When the mother bear growled instead of running Andrew decided to fight, using His fishing pole as a sword, just as Andy had pictured using His sword to fight Satan and His demons. The bear had disarmed Andrew of His weapon with one swipe of Her giant paw, and then Andrew realized He was not going to win this fight. There was only one thing left for Andrew to do and He did it with all His might!

“Help, help!” the cry came from deep inside Andrew’s small body, the mother bear, who had stood up on Her hind legs when She knocked the skinny pole from the little boy’s hand, now towered several feet above Him. Andrew could see the long, razor sharp claws, and the big teeth of the bear, which was now looking down on His head of bright, red hair. Andrew wondered if the mother bear had changed Her plans for lunch from a catch of fish, to include Him as part of Her family meal. Andrew’s Mother had told Him that God had a guardian Angel watching over Him, Andrew closed His eyes, partly because He always did when He was about to pray, and also because He was not sure He wanted to see what might be coming next. “ God, if you have an angel watching over me, now would be a good time to send Him down to help me, and please hurry, in Jesus name, amen!” The prayer had not left the boy’s mouth, when Andy dove off the cloud and flew towards Andrew and the mother bear, Andy could see the bear ready to strike what would certainly be a life ending blow to the small boy. Because Andy was only a J.A.T. He had no sword, because He was one of God’s angels the bear could not hurt Him, but on the other hand He could not hurt the bear either.

As Andy was heading down towards Andrew and the bear, He had an idea, the question was how could He stop the bear from hurting Andrew, Andy thought He had an answer. In mid-flight Andy turned away from the boy and the bear and started towards the two bear cubs, which were a few feet behind their mother. Andy thought if I can just scare those cubs, perhaps it will distract the mother bear long enough for Andrew to get away. While Andy was speeding towards the cubs, the bear raised one of its huge front paws to strike the tiny human below Her. She had tried to warn the child, but this child’s mother must not have taught Him very well, so now He would have to pay for not being smart enough to leave, when He had the chance. Andrew saw what was coming, He closed His eyes and begin to shake, He felt wet, hot tears rolling down His face He waited for the bear to strike. He wished He had gotten the chance to tell His Mother goodbye, but at least She knew He was going to Heaven to live with Jesus, Andrew was glad He had accepted Christ as His Savior last year at summer camp. Just as the mother bear was about to strike, there was a loud, splashing noise behind her, then she heard her cubs cry, just as she had taught them to do when they were in danger or hurt. The huge bear turned to face the noise and her cubs, she saw something in the water, but could not tell what it was, her cubs were running back towards the woods, they looked wet and scared. Forgetting about the tiny human, that just an instant ago she was going to strike with all her fury, she followed after her cubs to be sure they were safe from the creature she had not been able to make out in the river.

Andy had hit the water going full speed, which being a J.A.T. was really not all that fast, but hard enough to splash wet, cold river water all over the two bear cubs. Because the cubs had not been able to see Him coming, because humans and animals can not see angels unless God allows them too, the sudden splash of water had not only gotten them wet, but scared them too. As Andy was coming up out of the cold, rushing water of the river, He saw the cubs, with their mother close behind running towards the safety of the tall, trees at the edge of the Forrest. Meanwhile Andrew kept waiting for the sound of the bear’s paw swishing through the air, then the powerful blow that would knock Him from this life into the next life. He wondered if Heaven would be as great as His pastor had said it would be He expected to open His eyes and see Jesus standing in front of Him. He waited and waited, no swish, no blow, no pain, Andrew, with His eyes still shut, felt of His body. Yes He was still in one piece, and no He felt no blood, slowly He opened one eye, what He saw, or did not see, the mother bear standing over Him, sent thrills up and down His spine. “ Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.” The words just came out of Andrews’s mouth, He was not sure what had happened but the bear and her cubs were running into the woods. Andrew wasted no time He turned and ran too, the other way, just as fast as His shinny; little legs would carry Him. By this time Andy was setting on a big rock next to the river watching the mother bear as she sniffed and licked her two cubs to be sure they were not hurt, and as Andrew ran towards His home, praising God with every step. Andy was thankful too, thankful that Andrew was safe, that the mother bear and her two cubs were safe, and most of all that He did not have to go back to Heaven and report to Sargent Thunderburst that He had failed in His mission to watch over Andrew. At least not this time, but Andy could not help but wonder about the next time Andrew might need His J.A.T.
To get more information on the adventures of Andy and His friends please contact AChristianWriter at Johnsix29@msn.com.

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