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Satan's Last Stand
by Patricia Backora
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Satan’s Last Stand
Prophecy shared by Patricia Backora, author of Tough Love in Christ’s Millennium

Psalms 91:8; II Thessalonians 1:7-10; 2:3-12; Revelation 20:1-3 and 7-10

I speak a word of comfort to all My people who have grown weary and disheartened by the assaults of satan. Your adversary is destined to suffer infinitely more and infinitely longer than you have had to.
This foul being of darkness owes a debt so vast in magnitude that all the wealth in the universe could never begin to satisfy it. He was first to contaminate My perfect creation by introducing sin into it. He has filled the earth with lust, violence, perversion, sickness, disease, witchcraft, and blasphemies of every sort. He has enslaved and oppressed the multitudes. He has bound the weary down with heavy burdens, and robbed them of the joy of living. He has mocked the sufferings of my saints, and hoped that the scars of their life traumas would perpetuate in their hearts for all eternity, “like a gift that keeps on giving”. He has shattered the bodies and souls of innocent little children. He has crushed the poor beneath the heel of the rich. He has blasphemed all three Persons of the Godhead and incited sinners to trample My Holy Name in the mud. He murdered My innocent, Holy Son on the Cross.
When My dear Son appears in glory with all His resurrected saints, the devil will even try to blast Him out of the sky by firing nuclear missiles at him. But satan will be unable to harm My glorified ones upon whom death has no more power.
When My Son returns to rule this renegade planet, the Antichrist, along with his cohort the False Prophet, will be cast into a vast lake burning with fire and sulphur. The archangel Michael will corner satan like a rat and bind him hand and foot with a chain of light. This act alone will cause agony to this infernal entity who shrinks from the Light and loves darkness. As he is hurled into the abyss to await his Final Judgment, a defiant satan will scream curses at My servant Michael.
For 1000 years satan will languish in the nether blackness of his foul prison. Unremorseful and steaming with rage, he will plot against Me, and devise strategy to regain his lost dominion and reestablish his grip on the souls of mortal men. He will yet hope to topple Me from My Throne by raising up an army as vast as the sand of the sea in number.
Throughout the 1000-year Reign of My Son, righteousness and peace will prevail. Mankind will inhabit a Paradise Earth, and be free of the fears which now dog his steps in this present age. Life on earth will be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience instead of a vale of tears. Wages will be just and prices will be fair. People will have ample leisure time to enjoy their families, their homes and their friends. No demons will be present to tempt My subjects to sin against Me or their neighbors. Occasional breaches of My Law will result from deliberate, premeditated choice, and swift punishment will follow. Violent crime will be a thing of the past. I will prevent ethnic groups from rekindling old hatreds and building weapons of mass destruction. People will walk the streets unafraid, even at night. Predatory animals will become docile. The forces of nature will then be harnessed for mankind’s benefit, rather than his detriment.
Although mortals will retain vestiges of their Adamic sin nature until their final glorification, there will be a much more prevalent hunger to learn My ways than there is now. Today unbelievers set the trends in society and it is the righteous who are thought to be strange. In My Kingdom, it will be the sinner who will feel like the odd one out. If sin is committed during that time, no one will be able to blame the environment, for I will have restored the glory of Eden to earth. No one will ever be excessively or unjustly punished by My perfect Government. My people will receive love, not oppression, from My co-rulers. Heavy taxation and government waste will be a thing of the past. All of nature will rejoice in its liberation from the curse of sin. The earth will enjoy a long-awaited sabbath of rest from the presence of satan, the wicked one. As he cools his heels in his holding pen, satan will fume over the fact that I am reversing his ruination of Planet Earth.
At the conclusion of My Millennial Reign, the devil will be briefly released to test the loyalty of mortal humans who have never before had to endure his temptations to sin. He will go from one end of earth to the other, inciting My subjects to rebel and establish their own form of government. He did a similar thing ages ago, when as the exalted cherub Lucifer, he persuaded one-third of My angels to follow him in rebellion against Me. These angels were stripped of the Beauty of Holiness and became demons. Lucifer “the Light Bearer” became satan “the Adversary”. Now the devil detests the True Light, although he often disguises himself as an agent of light to trick careless saints into doing evil.
When the Final Rebellion occurs, some of My mortal subjects will cast in their lot with satan and choose to rebel against My loving Reign. They will rise up against Christ the Blessed Redeemer, Who will, even then, bear the marks of crucifixion in His hands and feet. The unholiness and unthankfulness of these rebels will be made manifest to every created being. All the universe shall know that man’s 6000-year rule was unjust and sinful, but My 1000-year Reign was loving and righteous, and that putting down that wicked rebellion was the only just thing I could have done. I am determined that sin and its consequences shall be eradicated once and for all. I cannot co-exist with sin, and I will not allow its contagion to spread to other parts of My universe.
The devil and his vast army will surround Jerusalem, My capital City, and the camp of the saints round about Me. But before satan can land his first blow, I will rain down fire upon all his followers and destroy them all. Even then satan will not have learned that I am not fazed by large numbers. The Presence of the Lord, not a huge army, is the secret of victory.
At that moment, satan will be forced to concede defeat. Utterly incapable of repentance, he will hope to at least mollify My just wrath against him, and mitigate the severity of his sentence.
The devil, who tormented others so viciously, will lose his bravado when he catches sight of his richly deserved reward. All other fires, even the heat of the sun, are as ice compared to the Lake of Fire. It is hot enough to instantly vaporize all matter and dissolve the very elements of nature. It is a place of excruciating torment originally prepared for Lucifer and his fallen angels. A place of perpetual remembrance of sin, a place of regret, and a place where all hope is forever extinguished in the leaping flames of eternal judgment.
Desperate not to spend eternity in the Ultimate Trash Incinerator, satan will grovel and writhe like the snake his is, pleading for an alternative sentence, even resorting to tears to try to soften Me up. He will even have the temerity to appeal to My merciful nature. When he finally realizes that I cannot be swayed from My perfect justice, he will plead with Me to immediately annihilate him out of existence, rather than subject him to never-ending agony.
But he will be reminded that he himself showed no mercy. He slandered the Spirit of My precious Son Who went about doing good. He martyred My saints in the most excruciating, degrading ways. He incited others to reject Me and to commit the most monstrous wickedness throughout the long centuries. He will be forced to admit that no mercy is due him, and none shall be extended to him. He will be consigned to the flames of eternal hell, where his friends the Antichrist and False Prophet were confined at the beginning of My 1000-year Reign.
If all earth’s grains of sand were counted one by one, then eternity would just barely have begun. No end in sight, ever, to the torments of the enemy. No end to his well-deserved punishment.
The author of all meanness, murder and cruelty, the original oppressor, blasphemer, and brutal bully. He himself will be at the receiving end of bullying for all eternity, as those fallen angels and men he deceived will abuse and curse him for tricking them into sharing his fate in the Lake of Fire.

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