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A Story About The Battle Between Love And Wisdom Part 4
by Desert Rose
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Author requests article critique


Now the story continues on..........
This is a story that is best started at the beginning.........in case you haven't read part 1, 2 and 3.

Prince Armor now had the chance to lead another life. Yet there was a part of him that saw that his future of being king, was drifting away. Now his sister was becoming more like a brother. She seemed even less content then ever to help him in any way. In fact it was the prince that always ended up helping his sister, that wasnít really a sister anymore, but more like a brother that he was constantly competing with. The harder he tried to get close to her, the more it seemed like she was trying to get rid of him. In fact, that was exactly what she was trying to do. She was now living only for the kingdom that she always had dreamed of, and she didnít want her brother to have any part of that kingdom. He had his own. Prince Armor was starting to loose all hope of ever having a kingdom of his own. Without the wisdom of his sister to help him, he would never make a good king. Prince Armor had another problem. His love for this world and all the living things in it, was growing stronger every day. He especially loved Shepherd and Beauty and their son that he had lived in. He had never loved anything as much except for his father, the King. The father that would always remain forever the greatest love in his heart. He was even starting to love the hosts more than the princess, the sister that he was starting to not know or understand anymore. Because of his love for this new world, the prince started to be concerned about what his sister was doing to them. She never seemed to be happy with the being she was living in and so she kept leaving for a new one. And the ones she left were changed forever. They seemed to be getting characteristics more like the new person that his sister was becoming.. She was leaving beings and they were becoming as discontent as she was becoming. He was starting to notice a deceit, selfishness, and pride that he had never seen before. These behaviors were even turning to violence. The hosts were beginning to kill each other. He was very confused. How could this be? All the beauty and wisdom that his sister once was, was now something he couldnít even recognize. What had happened? He knew that there was only one thing left to do. He must see his father right away and tell him everything that has happened. He needed his fatherís help and he needed it now, before all this new violence would destroy the world he had come to love. And so Prince Armor left and went to be with his father.

Princess Morus was overjoyed. Prince Armor had left without her even having to manipulate him again. She now had everything she ever wanted. She would find the perfect host to live in and would rule this world.

But something was happening and it was beginning to be different than she had planned. The hosts that she had made prideful, were never content. The were always fighting. They were getting so violent that there would be no controlling them. Even though each host was given love from the prince, the pride in each host seemed to be taking over. All the new hosts were becoming so violent and greedy, that they were always fighting and killing each other. She was losing her kingdom before she had a chance to even enjoy it. It would not be long before the hosts destroyed each other and everything she had worked so hard for. She realized that she needed her brother to return. Her brother could always get the help she needed from their father, the help she needed to keep the world going, until she could come up with a better plan.

Meanwhile, King Armorus and Prince Armor were so happy to be together. It was hard to think of the problems that Prince Armor had left behind, so they didnít at first. They were content to enjoy each other for quite awhile. But it could not be avoided forever. The father saw the grief in his sonís heart and could stand it no longer. What can I do to ease your pain, he asked his son. The prince told his father that he had failed and that he would never be able to rule a kingdom. He also told his father that he had such a great love for the hosts and that his heart would ache for them forever. Then he told his father, that he had failed the hosts that they were living in and with. He had talked his father into allowing his sister and himself to live within these beings and so had ended up destroying the very beings he had grown to love so much. Life had become too much to bear.

King Armorus told his son that he had seen all these things come to pass and that there was still hope. He told the prince that even though his sister had outwitted the prince, she also outwitted herself. He told his son that he could redeem himself if he would return and bear out the burden of the fate of these hosts that were now inhabited by the seeds of the prince and the princess. Because your love is so strong and you have proven yourself faithful to me, I will send a part of me that will remain with you forever and will protect you always. It will give you the wisdom that you have always needed to overcome the pride that your sister has passed onto each host. You will then be able to pass on this wisdom that will never change, to those offspring, that will accept it. Because the host you live in will also have the pride from your sister, you will have a life of battles, but your love is strong and my wisdom will never fail you.

Since you have shown such a great love for these hosts, I have decided to make you their prince. Your sister considers herself their king and she will not give up without a great and terrible fight. Your troubles are now truly beginning. You must give up all hope of your sister helping you rule your kingdom. She will never be content unless she is the king. She will always try and rule over you, but you must never let her. You must persevere.

And so he returned. His sister welcomed him back and told him that it was hard for her when he was away. She hoped that he would never leave again. He remembered that his father had told him that his sister had changed, but he was not ready for this. What was his sister up to now? The princess told her brother that she had made many mistakes and that she knew better now. Together they could make everything right. The prince couldnít believe what he was hearing. He knew that what his father had told him about his sister was the truth. He was going to have more trouble with her than he ever thought. She had become so deceitful, that he no longer could trust anything that she said.

There was also a new problem. There were too many hosts that had turned to violence. And he knew that with all the violence in this world, that they would never last. It would be over before it started. It would not be long before the violent hosts would soon destroy all the good in the world. So he talked to his father that was with him and asked for his help. So the father destroyed all the hosts that were violent and the prince and princess began again.

The prince lived with the constant battle of trying to convince the hosts, that life is better when lived under the boundaries of love and to stay in these boundaries, one must seek out the King. But the princess had different thoughts. She was always trying to figure a way to trick the hosts into believing that the only good in this world is what you can get now, because once you die, your life is over. The prince had seen what destruction could come about if wisdom ever ruled and he wasnít about to let that happen again to the beings he loved so dearly. So the battle continued on and on. The princess with her cunning and deceit, kept the hosts filled with pride and the prince kept the hosts filled with love. But the one thing they could never fully overcome, was the will of the hosts. The battle of wit against love seemed like it would never end. And when things seemed lost again, the prince would always call upon his father that was with him and he would always help him out. And when the father helped, things were good for awhile. Pride was kept under control and love prevailed.

How long could this go on? I donít know. It seemed endless. In fact it was starting to seem endless to the hosts themselves. They were starting to see a pattern but they couldnít quite figure out what was happening. It seemed that when all was lost and they cried out for help, that help always seemed to come. Maybe if they cried out for help more often, then things would finally change.

The princess was also noticing that when things got bad, then her brother would call to their father and he would come and help. She realized that she needed to add more confusion into the hosts lives, so that they wouldnít need the help of their father. If the King kept helping, she knew that the hosts would start to figure out that there was someone great helping them out. The hosts must never find out about their father the King or they would never allow her to rule over them. She would never gain control over this kingdom. She realized that the hosts must be made to rely upon anyone or anything else but their father, the King. She would put to use every trick she knew. She knew well how to disguise pride for love, how to buy their loyalty with great objects of beauty, magic tricks and many kinds of pleasures. She also knew that the love in them could also be easily tricked, as she had tricked her brother so many times before. She had also become a master of instilling great pain and fear, and knew which hosts would do anything to avoid such pain and to even avoid death. She must convince them that love cannot exist without pride and good feelings without pain. It doesnít matter if they overcome their pride and pain, just so they donít learn to call for the help of the King, their father.

She was also faced with something she had thought she would dread. She was now coming in contact with her father again. But now that she had changed so much, she had fooled even herself into thinking that she had become wiser than her father and that if she could gain his sympathy, she could even outwit him into getting things that she desired. He had all the power and maybe she could trick him into sharing some of that power with her. It was a power that she desperately needed. She had never been able to rule over her brother, even though she was able to rule over so many of the hosts. It was getting easier and easier to get them to choose pride over love. Even though the hosts had strong wills, she was quickly learning their many weaknesses and exactly how to use these weaknesses against them. Without wisdom her brother constantly struggled. But then he would call on the King, their father and the power of his wisdom and love would destroy everything she had worked so hard for. This was a battle that she didnít anticipate, but it was making her more determined. She finally turned from all the wisdom that was ever in her. She had changed forever. Her wisdom was completely transformed into a cunningness and pride that could never be healed.

Prince Amor was also starting to realize that his sister was changed into something completely different. She was only getting worse and worse. She was getting more and more deceitful and her tricks were causing more and more pain to the ones he loved. If she was allowed to continue, all would be lost again. The only hope he had was the help he received from his father. He would never be able to rule a kingdom without the strength of his father, the King. So he asked his father to come and be there always. Prince Amor had finally realized that he would never be content or complete unless he was ruling under the leadership of his father. Because the King loved his son so much, and knew that this was the way that things were always meant to be, he told his son that it was time. You will have your final battle with your sister. You will finally show yourself to the hosts and you will prove yourself more worthy than her. You will show them that they can have the strength of your father, the King, when they choose you. You will prove to them once and for all, that when we rule over them, that they will have the freedom that they have always dreamed of. They can finally live in peace and harmony forever.

But the prince had one last concern. What about my sister? And the father told his son that his sister had died a long time ago. There is nothing left of her, so there is nothing left of her to love or to hold on to. It was always her choice. She was wise enough to know what she was giving up.
You gave up the idea of being the ruler, even though it was always yours to have. She would never give up the idea of ruling, even though it was never hers to have. And therefore you will co-rule with me for an eternity. Your sister could have co-ruled with you for an eternity, but she would never be content as you are, to rule under someone else.

Now you will go and reveal yourself and me to the hosts. I have chosen for you a host that your sister will be unable to live in. Without pride to interfere with our great love and my pure wisdom you will be able to prove yourself worthy to all of those that will listen to you. Those who are willing to follow our rule, will return with you. Those who arenít, will remain with your sister and will have their own fate. And what happened before, when you left and took your love with you, will happen again. But as you could not force your sister to be ruled by you, either can you force them to come either. Because like your sister, if they were forced to go, they would all die of unhappiness.

And so the King and his son collected all the subjects willing to serve the great and wonderful King Amorus and his son, Prince Amor and they all returned to the kingdom of King Amorustus. And of course, they all lived happily ever after.

As for the ones that stayed with the princess, that also is another story. One that is too sad to tell.

Moral of this story: Love is the greatest of all and never changes, but it still is not complete without wisdom. Wisdom is only safe in the heart and mind of God. So nurture the Love that God has given you and then get the wisdom and understanding you need, from God Himself. In this, way Godís Peace and Harmony will remain forever and death will no longer reign over you.

And so you have another story.... and like all stories you must decide for yourself what is means to you or if it means anything at all.

To be continued with scripture to ponder . Critiques of this story and suggestions for scripture would be very welcome.....................

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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Joyce Poet 08 Apr 2005
Sister, your story is most excellently written and gives the heart much to consider. Many, many scriptures came to mind from the beginning of your series, all the way to the end. Very well done.


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