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Daisy Chain
by peter paton
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The author Peter Paton is a professional psychic criminal profiler, and published author ,and has various poetry and prose works published in both the UK and the USA .

He has devoted a large part of his life assisting oppressed people on various humanitarian issues, including legal, social, counseling, immigration, and personal issues on a completely free and voluntary basis, depending on his live Christian faith and belief to provide all
the inspiration and sources needed to accomplish his missions of mercy and compassion .

He attributes his high rate of success in alleviating and solving many
cases of social distress and grief, to the transforming and liberating
powers of Golden Belief and Faith, incorporated in this highly
original and pioneering novel "Daisy Chain", which has been written as
a motivational and educational tool, to offer a successful and radical
means of feeing and releasing people from the horrors and soul
destroying afflictions and addictions of modern day society.

Chapter One

In the words of the author Peter Paton, to achieve the impossible, to
attain your goals and objectives, to realize your greatest dreams, all
are possible to anyone who truly believes in themselves, and believes
in the Higher Power, which is the Creator of the Universe.

This ground breaking book is written, to make it possible for anybody,
to miraculously transform their lives for the better in the shortest
possible time. You need only follow the simple and direct route to
success outlined in this book,

Pain, Abuse, Rejection, Addiction, Suicide, Failure, Fear, all these
horrors and more, can be eliminated completely, and replaced with
health, happiness, success, and a new zest for life. Within the
magical pages of "Daisy Chain", you will be liberated from the
isolation of an inferiority complex, shyness, lack of confidence,
blushing, embarrassment, phobias, and other psychologically based
illnesses or conditions.

Break free from the chains of fear, rejection, timidity, and doubt,
and become the person that you have always wished to be. Strive and
achieve your personal goals and aims in life. Attain the heaven of
inner peace and contentment. All this and more will be found inside
this magical book.


Positive Affirmations
Simple and direct positive statements said daily and believed by the
beginner, will bring about amazing and life altering results in your
personal circumstances ....for example:-

Use these simple direct and positive statements every day:

1 I have iron will and nerves of steel.
2 I am extremely confident and self-assured.
3 I am unbeatable.

The above statements constantly repeated and stated on a daily basis
will seep into the subconscious and ingrain itself permanently in the
psyche. Visualize yourself as being equipped with an iron will and
nerves of steel, and believe your new role as a very confident and
assured individual. You will enhance and quicken the miraculous
transformation in your every day life.

The above methods must be accompanied by an absolute and unshakeable
belief in God or a Higher Power. This is absolutely necessary, as we
will always be confronted with situations in our lives, which require
spiritual power and inspiration.
To break through into the miraculous world of accomplishing your
dreams, will require following the simple steps of boldness,
imagination and faith....these three key qualities and virtues are the
foundation building steps of your personal success and growth, and
when used together will give you astounding results and breakthroughs
in all walks of your life, "Think the Impossible and you will achieve
the Impossible" , "Believe in Miracles, and Miracles will Occur",
"Have faith in God, and God will answer your prayers". These are the
vital and crucial ingredients that will uphold you in life, and
deliver unlimited personal rewards when you put them into positive


To further progress on the road to total belief and self awareness, you need to
incorporate the key of flexibility into your growing arsenal of
working tools. Adaptability or flexibility is the instinctive
ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances or events in your
environment and general life.

To successfully and comprehensively react in a winning and beneficial
way is essential for conquering the obstacles, problems or adverse
conditions we are faced with in everyday situations.

A willingness to bend and be flexible is a core value, and an asset in
cultivating the art of total belief and absolute awareness. Being
fluid and formless like water, instills in our subconscious, and
determines a spirit of elusiveness and invincibility.

The psychological and spiritual advantages gained from using this
flexible attitude is immeasurable, and strengthens the beginner's
growing self confidence and belief.

The saying "adapt or die" is the successful person, and will be the
one who is able to solve the on-going problems and distractions which
arise in our daily routines. The person who ignores or fails to attain
these crucial components will be the loser in life.

The clear lesson of adaptability can be symbolized in the following analysis.

Envision an oak tree weighed down with snow in a winter blizzard
scene. Because the oak tree is rigid and inflexible it cannot
withstand the accumulating weight of the fallen snow and eventually, a
branch snaps and breaks. On the other hand, envision a willow tree
being blown and buffeted in a gale. Because the willow tree is supple
and flexible, it bends to and fro in the wind, and survives the storm.

Adaptability is a key asset in helping you to accomplish your aims and
objectives in your own life.

CHAPTER THREE Visualization

Visualization is an important part of formulating and focusing on your
dreams and desires. By viewing or picturing your dreams, your
subconscious brings about the decisive movement towards the
achievement of your goals.

The process of visualization brings immediate and beneficial rewards
because the subconscious,(that greater part of the brain that stores
all the memories and information, and experience), can speed up and
enhance your success, by focusing all its energies. When commanding
the conscious to be single minded and utterly determined to reach and
attain its goals and objectives, visualization can transform or
transport you physically into the desired role or picture you seek to
achieve in your dreams or wishes.

"In the seeing is the believing", and the actual viewing or observing
your desired dream, you will, with the regular and daily practice,
increase the process and chances of realizing your goals.

Visualization creates a virtual reality world, in which we can role
play our dreams and become what we wish to be in life, and attain
what we seek, in an active, progressive, and positive manner.
Transforming miraculously our chances of success in life, we condition
our minds to reenact our projected and desired dreams and aspirations,
boldly and optimistically drawing our aims and objectives into clear
focus and perspectives.

Ideally the visualization techniques should be practiced on a daily
basis, clearly picturing yourself in Technicolor, role playing your
stated intentions and desires; the subconscious, which constitutes two
thirds of the human mind and is the controlling force of the mind,
will exclusively and energetically work to accomplish your craved for
dreams and desires.
CHAPTER FOUR Faith in god or Higher Power

It is of vital importance to have an unshakeable belief in God. Based
on my own personal experience, I have reaped countless blessings,
gifts and benefits from having a deep faith and commitment in God.

Having a personal relationship at the deepest level with God is
crucial to developing real faith, trust and ultimately an unbeatable
belief and optimism. I have found from my personal experience that it
is all in this world, there are countless situations which arise in
our lives, and require divine guidance and assistance to provide a
solution, without which we would be undone.

Having a firm and steady belief and trust in a higher power opens the
supernatural channels, that allow us to access the enormous powers and
energies of the universe, allowing us to tap into this "magical power"
which empowers us to overcome overwhelming odds, and solve the most
complex of problems.

My own personal experience can testify to the divine and miraculous
power gained from a profound and deep belief in God. God has answered
all my prayers and dreams positively and affirmatively, and has not
denied me any good thing. I have by the grace of God enjoyed good
health all my life, I live comfortably, and owe no-one a penny. Never
having been material minded at any time, I have always been motivated
and inspired by spiritual and divine matters, which enabled me to rise
above the ordinary and material world to focus and concentrate on the
things that bring permanent and life altering changes and benefits,
which cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

This simple Prayer of Faith can be used to deepen your belief and
commitment to God:

God of mercy and compassion, I love, trust, and honor you in all ways
of my life grant me and my loved ones every miracle, blessing and
bounty in life, and protect us from all evil and danger .Amen

CHAPTER FIVE Persistence

Persistence is the key quality needed to be successful in any
activity. The ability to persist is the primary value in the face of
difficulty. To overcome all odds and obstacles, it is the vital
ingredient, developing the quality of never giving up in testing
situations or circumstances. Incorporate a determined spirit, which
refuses to admit defeat or failure. Adopt a winning mentality with
positive optimistic attitude and you will inspire a person to pursue
their goals and objectives with zeal, until they realize all their

Persistence is a golden quality because it also unlocks the virtue of
patience, which in turn teaches us that every thing comes to him or
her who is prepared to wait. Persistence coupled with patience is a
difficult and strong asset, which can transform a person from being a
natural loser, to a natural winner, bringing into view, and within
touching distance, all our dreams, desires, and aspirations. To strive
for success and happiness you must have a single minded attitude
coupled with determined faith, to set you out from the rest.

Many people in life fail, because they have lacked persistence, the
ability to keep going, when discouragement threatens to set in.
During the California Gold Rush, thousands of gold prospectors rushed
there to stake their claim, and sought to strike it lucky, by finding
the gold nugget that would provide them with life long security.

The successful prospectors were the ones who showed persistence and
passion, and ultimately outfought and outlasted their rivals. Chasing
your dreams with a religious fervor, focused and primed solely on your
objective is the true recipe for success and fulfillment in life,
leaving nothing to chance. With a game plan for achievement, which is
based on steel determination and persistence, is a cast iron guarantee
for realizing your desires and dreams.

Persistence with a capital P is fundamental and vital to being an out
and out winner in life.

CHAPTER SIX Commitment

I can testify to the awesome and miraculous powers of self belief
connected to a deep belief in God or a higher power. A divine
combination of positive thinking and personal commitment to God,
granted me the motivation and endurance to survive one of the darkest
spells of my life.

The Golden Power of Belief has enabled me to withstand and overcome
successfully various traumas and problems throughout my life. The
Golden Power of Belief, real belief, ingrained passionately and
persistently into the subconscious, unlocks wondrous and uplifting
hidden forces, that provide the great situations, and opens the
gateway to success, achievement, and inner peace in your life.

Personal commitment to changing your life for the better, and seizing
your chances and opportunities by adapting an all winning belief in
yourself and God creates a vibrant, healthy and optimistic outlook,
that never takes no for an answer. You must doggedly pursue your
dreams with great faith, and create an encouraging atmosphere and
fertile ground for miracles to happen.

We must always keep in the front of our minds, our wishes and desires
excluding all else. Picture and visualize yourselves being
successful, having attained all your targets and objectives. By
consciously focusing on your dreams and aspirations, you bring into
play important factors which have a great bearing on your prospects of
achievement. Original ideas and inspirational thoughts flow from this
"state of grace" which we will put into operation, one glorious step
at a time, in our new triumphant way of life.

CHAPTER SEVEN Articles of Faith

As Jesus Christ said "Faith moves mountains", that is a piece of faith
that I can Testify to again and again in my own personal life. Jesus
was talking metaphorically with the reference to the mountains;
however the awesome and miraculous power of faith is utterly amazing.
Faith applied in the form of personal one to one prayer with Almighty
God can and does produce sensational results.

I could list hundreds of major and minor miracles that have been
granted to others through personal prayer to a higher power, but will
refer the reader to a few choice miracles that have resulted from
prayers with God.

A close family relative was extremely depressed with suicidal
tendencies, through divine intervention, his life was saved and he was
transformed into a healthy positive individual with a renewed zest for
life, and is now successfully completing a higher education, with a
steady girlfriend in his life.

A friend, who desperately needed urgent prayer to sell a truck and
motorcycle to raise cash to purchase a new house. Divine intervention
through prayer led the friend to sell both his truck and bike, with
the added bonus of securing the house of his dreams.

One of the author's sons received an all expense paid trip to Texas,
USA from the U.K., through the intervention of divine assistance. And
finally to conclude on several occasions had my own life saved in
extreme circumstances, as a result of heavenly intervention.

One simple method of achieving instant divine intervention is
illustrated by the method of "spot prayer", a short instant prayer
sent out in moments of crisis, which I have used to great effect, to
get the desired result. The "sleeper prayer" is a long lasting delayed
prayer, which in turn manifests itself in the form of continual and
positive answers and solutions being given to a person or persons in
need of a longtime solution. This can be symbolized by the sowing of a
new lawn with grass seed, the first blade of grass appearing above the
surface, is the first positive sign of a "sleeper prayer" being
answered and we must keep our "spiritual radar" attuned in unison with
God, to receive and detect the fruits and rewards, of personal daily
communication with our creator.

Simple Spot Prayers of Faith which are very effective in times of
stress or trouble:

1. Almighty God I sense your holy presence with me
2 .I believe I am always divinely guided
3. I believe God will always make a way, where there is no way.

Simple Sleeper Prayers of Faith are equally effective for longer
lasting delayed results:



This book addresses and confronts head on the modern curse and crisis
of suicide. I have always held the strong belief that suicide is
satanic and a form of temporary damaging possession that destabilizes
an individual, by stripping them of all hope, sense and logic, and
placing within them utter despair.

This theory is based on true life contact with family and relatives of
suicide victims. The common denominator observed, was the sudden and
inexplicable withdrawal of the victim from having normal and healthy
contact and relations with family, friends and workmates for no
apparent reason which to me indicates the hostile and detrimental
influence of a dark force. Similarly the sudden suicides of healthy,
happy, and successful people, seemingly at the peak of their powers
with everything to live for, again suggests to me, a form of demonic
and satanic possession.

The methods and principles of faith and positive thinking provide a
trail blazing and revolutionary way of eradicating this evil scourge
of suicide which is claiming the lives of thousands of people around
the world, and is growing like a cancer in our midst. One thing for
sure, the modern forms of treatment for the prevention of suicide have
failed. Medication and counseling, address none of these treatments,
and none address the core. The root or core issue is, in my
considered analysis, a dark satanic possession of the intended
victim's mind, heart and soul, which can only be released or exorcised
by the power of prayer, grace and faith, religiously reinforced by the
regular application of positive and optimistic techniques and

The combined treatment of positive motivational methods joined with
the faith inducing techniques, are in this writers considerations, a
pioneering and completely successful way of treating suicide, and its
co-habitants, depression and anxiety.

CHAPTER NINE Drive out the effects of Child Abuse

The highly original and novel methods of self improvement and self
liberation can be successfully used to treat and cure sufferers of
child abuse, in all its forms sexual, physical, or psychological. The
victims of abuse are left tainted and emotionally damaged throughout
their adult lives.

This writer freed and liberated himself from the bondage of child
abuse by adopting the miraculous healing powers of belief, faith and a
positive attitude. Only through the divine and healing effects
administered by the grace of Almighty God can we achieve liberation
from the shackles and chains of abuse. Child abuse leaves an stubborn
mark on the subconscious, the major and key part of our brain – one
third, conscious, two thirds subconscious, the lingering effects of
which can stunt and impair our ability to lead a normal and adjusted,
grown-up life, and in many cases prevent us from forming and having
healthy, mature and happy personal relationships.

In more extreme cases abuses cause severe depression, anxiety, or
psychological disorders, which in turn can lead to suicide. To free
oneself from the clutches and despair of child abuse, we need the
liberating power of giving grace, merged with adopting a positive and
optimistic attitude.

The simple faith method of daily reciting these key bible statements –

1. With God all things are possible.
2. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
3. I am with you always even unto the end of time.

Key passages of spiritual goodness and grace feed into the
subconscious on a daily basis, nourish the soul, and releases divine
energy as we connect with the higher power, which in a short period of
time produces utterly amazing and miraculous changes in our outlook
and attitude, which then transforms our lives for the better, and
evicts the deep rooted satanic possession.

CHAPTER 10 Summary of Methods and Principles.

I have compiled this revolutionary and original motivational book, to
liberate and free people from the bondage of dark and satanic forces
which range from suicide, child abuse, psychological disorders,
addictions, phobias and other emotional and spiritual conditions,
which adversely and detrimentally impede and impair an individual's
normal daily life, and even lead to the tragic loss of life through
dark and malevolent forces which invade and take over the
subconscious, sapping and draining the will to live and directly
causing victims of this satanic possession of the mind, to end their
own lives. The author advocates the primary principle of personal

This Prayer to God is a simple and short form of a prayer of faith
and allows release to God:
Lord Jesus Christ I accept you as my Savior and Redeemer, free me from
my bondage of child abuse (or whatever condition).

Key bible passages recited on a daily basis, reinforce and consolidate
the original prayer of faith and release, unlocking the divine healing
and powers of heaven.

Daily affirmations of optimism and positive statements:

1 I have iron will and nerves of steel.
2 I am extremely confident and self-assured.
3 I am unbeatable.

These positive statements serve to create and build a strong and
adaptable character and personality. The glorious technique of
visualization in tremendous color and dynamic ties the preceding
methods together by projecting our perfect dream and aspiration in our
conscious mind, deep down and embedded into the subconscious: which
sets about achieving our objective with enthusiasm and strength.

These life transforming principles are tried and tested successfully.
I can testify and vouch for the life altering beneficial effect of the
Golden Power of Belief.

Chapter 11

This chapter is devoted to the victims and sufferers of Child Abuse,
and is included as a therapeutic and educational tool to be used as a
spiritual means of release and liberation from the bondage of the long
term accrued psychological damage.

Conversations with a Golden Angel is a joint collaborative work with
fellow writer Amelia Amy Peterson of Author's Den , in which we seek
by the Grace of God to instill renewed hope and faith in the innocent
victims of this terrible abuse of young children .


Conversation with a Golden Angel.....
Collaboration by Peter Paton and Amelia Amy Peterson

Copyright Peter Paton 2004

GA = Golden Angel

A lesson in Child Abuse based on a true story.

I wondered why..... my parents brought me and my older sister to this
strange place, so far from home,... home sweet home, and oh so
different, and oh so strange, to the Paradise I'd known ...... ..This
Ugly House of Stone.
GA (Children see in the now, I view the questioning, as...where are we?)

At three years old, my world revolved around the warm and reassuring
glow of Mum and Dad, those loving faces and all embracing arms, that
made me feel so safe and warm, and wanted!.
GA (The child knows only immediate need of familiar security.)

But why bring us to this unfamiliar and imposing place Mum, and who
are these other little children Dad, playing in this House of
Darkness, and where are their Guardian Angels?
GA (Fear sets in, the house of darkness is frightening, a child is
unable to comprehend the adult level of reason.)

Then I recall, through the searing pain and tears of bittersweet
memory, the agonizing sight filtering through a big bay window, of Mum
and Dad slipping quietly and softly away, pausing briefly to wave
adieu, as my tender heart burst asunder, at this brutal disengagement
of love and security. Why ? Oh Why ?, and I have never understood..
Why we're we abandoned in our distress?
GA (Seeing family comfort walk away, uncomprehending, sensing...is
this punishment?, have I been bad? Questioning the self because these
frightening feelings are all around. What was safe and secure of mom
and dad no longer exists.. Everything is unfamiliar, uncomfortable,
insecurity sets in.)

The searing recall of burning anguish and endless tears follow my
footsteps to this day, a tainted and twisted tapestry deep within my
subconscious, haunting the atoms and molecules of my being, and
granting me no rest or consolation.
GA (Rescuing the self requires forgiveness to everything
involved…parents, place, self, others. Reassurance... you are not to

Why did God cast us in this Abyss titled Children's Home, and who tore
the umbilical Cord of Love from my grasp, and cast this Child Adrift.
GA (God, gets blamed for everything, because it is everything. Leading
one to a higher self and learning to overcome the challenges placed
upon it.)

Who formed the embodiment of Evil titled Matron, and what bewitching
brew did she consume?
GA (The evil dark angel, I label her such, because she fulfills her
torturing role, to set up the opportunity for you to rise to your
higher self, though it may take years.. to find a way to forgive her.)

Oh King of Terror, Morning Star..who fell from Grace .. Thou Art
Responsible!!, for who else would separate Love and its Consequence .
GA (Blame, this time labeled King of Terror, the devil, the dark lord
– the child thinks a good god could never let a child suffer in such a
way, it must be Satan himself unleashed.)

When will this torturous mirror be shattered? and release be poured in
golden libation !!
GA (When the child is consciously able to release and forgive, his
torture shall be dissolved)

This child remembers, remembers the dormitory of Hell, and it's
Legions of Little Angels
within this House of Dread.
GA (Memories can bring much pain, re-living them, the mind following
no rule of physical space, travels back to the space of this child's
agony still very much alive and suffering.)

Why did eyes so young and tender, have to witness such brute
distemper, and how did no one hear or answer our wounded cries, amidst
this labyrinth of Sin.
GA (Cries were heard beyond this world, the higher self ready, to heal
the child, when the child is ready to receive it.)

My God, My God why didst thou forsake me in these days of old, and why
must little children suffer to come unto thee?
GA (Yes, blaming God is a normal reaction. Children and adult alike
expect and insist on instant miracles to fix suffering, they do not
understand the miracle they are presented)

But out of the Dark, a Light did Shine, and Deliverance burst asunder
the Chains of Hell
GA (Faith, and hope, a self's need for wholeness ready to release past
pain and heal. A soul's growth leaps to embrace a higher

GA: These precious children I watched in sadness, for their suffering
was deep. Seeing through their child's eyes, this dark, unknown, and
frightening place, overshadowed by the matron appearing like evil, a
dark angel, making their lives feel like hell where love had long
since disappeared. They are unaware of my presence, as I watch over
them. In their hearts I feel such innocent splendor and see them lost
in these dark walls. I hug them often, I whisper of hope, and send
them dreams, encouraging them to find the faith within. God has not
forsaken them. Love has not forsaken them. It is there, has always
been there, waiting to be discovered.

I watch the matron deemed as evil, lost herself, she had never
forgiven her own dark past. She drowns herself with alcohol, trying to
drown her pain. Underpaid, unloved herself, resentful of her position
to care for children, she despises them as filthy creatures. "She is
evil personified, everything frightening to a child. She does her job
without consciousness. Her fright injects into these future minds.
Within she is eternally damned for her Satanic assaults on these
little flowers of Christ...These Heavenly Cherubs and Water Babies of
the Mother of God. She plays her role with demonic perfection...The
children unaware.. of the blessing existing within this dark angel.

Almighty God has spread his wings of Mercy and Justice, and these
little innocent children are forever ensconced under his Divine
Protection." Suffer the Little Children to come unto Me"

Unto these little Flowers of Christ is granted a Holy Dispensation and
Blessing for Eternity. For they are shown the way, graced and blessed
by forgiveness and understanding, within the realm of god's higher

God is not mocked nor scorned, and every evil and wicked deed
committed by the Agents of Darkness and Lucifer, The Morning Star,
will be requited at God's Hand, which lives within the self.

Chapter 12

This chapter is devoted to addressing the modern day scourge of
Suicide, and again is a joint collaboration with my great friend and
fellow writer Amelia Amy Peterson of Author's Den, and again is a
therapeutic and educational tool for readers and authorities to use
with confidence and faith to tackle the escalating and alarming crisis
of modern day suicide, and the residual effects left behind on the
victim's families and friends.


Joint Collaboration between Peter Paton & Amelia Amy Peterson
Poem / Article

The following poem depicts the silent anguish and desperate despair a
being experiences while under the influence of satanic forces, leaving
them vulnerable to irrational behavior.

author Amelia Amy Peterson

Paranoia strikes deep into the dark of mind
whispers haunt of worried doubts
What ifs and mistrust like dirty secrets
that overrun with shame and guilt
Silent tears no one sees
behind facade of mystery
Where torture aches of damned decree
enshrouds a cape of blackness
Despair overwhelms any spark of life
for who, would really care
Prayers and pleas said on your knees
lost into the blackness
You're only thought that last remains
to reach for the pills, the bottle, the gun
Whatever means to create it undone
and escape the world as you know it
The devil gleams and collects the soul
scheming, one less light… in the world

Article on the modern day epidemic and crisis of suicide

The author Peter Paton has written this humanitarian article based on
his own experiences and contacts with families of tragic suicide
cases, to address the growing scourge of suicide in today's modern


It is my considered belief that suicide is the manifestation of dark
and satanic forces that temporarily possess a troubled and despairing

This theory is based on the inexplicable and irrational nature of
suicide cases, where no tangible motive or cause can be established or
determined as the root cause of suicide.

The principal form of attack being in my opinion, the creation of a
dark personal vacuum in the victim's mind, heart and soul.

Stripping the victim of all self esteem, hope and inner peace, leaving
them susceptible and vulnerable to the evil suggestion and influence
of suicide, as the only exit from their seemingly hopeless and
despairing set of circumstances.


The author has had personal contact with the families of suicide
victims, and has noted and observed common denominators in such tragic
and devastating cases.

The common denominators being the victims are withdrawn, depressed,
lonely, and with little or no lines of communication anymore with
their friends and families, or the outside world.

Conversely in some cases, the victims are outgoing, seemingly
successful and contented people, who without warning, or evidential
reason, suddenly decide to take their own lives, another pointer to a
malign force being active and influential in these irrational cases of
suicide .

The author believes this modern day epidemic of suicide cases has to
be urgently addressed by the relevant authorities around the world,
and has to be treated as a form of psychiatric possession or
instability, initiated by external malign forcers or influences.

The establishment of a global suicide watch grid and network, with
specially trained counselors, offering a radical, confidential
treatment and advice program is absolutely crucial, with a
concentrated focus and emphasis on the spiritual and psychological
elimination of the dark and malign forces that are in my opinion
instigating the epidemic and crisis of modern day suicide.

Copyright by Peter Paton 2004

Chapter 13

The Will To Live

Collaboration between Peter Paton and Amelia Amy Peterson on the
subject of Depression and other related Psychological Disorders

When Darkness and Paralysis encroach
Stifling and imprisoning the mind and soul
The Will To Live is sapped with oppressive inertia
And extinguished by the Perpetual Twilight
Of Depression and Anxiety

No hope of escape is contemplated or devised
In this Cage of Gloom
Four walls of agony
Strung high with Anguish and Melancholy
Surround and Encircle
The despairing child within

Two Halves that no longer make a Whole
Yin and Yang, Out of Sync
Soft and Hard, in Bitter Rebellion
The World has closed in on you
The Pitcher is shattered
And The Golden Cord is Broken

Everything happens for a purpose
everything is guided by some cosmic design
So you think the world is falling
it's only raining inside your mind

Heartbreak the torture that rips you apart
you question your motives and every talk
what ifs and why nots fill your thoughts
and you can't see beyond the moment

Take a deep breath and first say a prayer
almighty god "what is this for"
release the why me's and be open to receive
god sometimes answers in your dreams

Pick up a book, uplift yourself
you are not the only one to suffer
Don't read about pain, read about hope
allow your mind to be guided by above

You have a choice within yourself
always the divine right to choose
You can wallow in pain and suffer still
or you can acknowledge there is always something more

Copyright by Peter Paton & Amelia Amy Peterson 2004

Chapter 14 Adapt

This final chapter is based on the absolute necessity for flexibility
and adaptability in life, to be able to overcome all problems and
obstacles in life, and achieve personal success and inner peace in

Adapt Or Die
Article By Peter Paton

Adapt or Die__The Secrets of Personal Success

The Principal. pre-requisite for survival in this world, is the
ability to adapt to changing circumstances and times in our world.

Rule 1 . One must be like the Chameleon, and have the innate ability
and disguise to blend into a changing environment, and go unnoticed in
our surroundings, to be able to survive and thrive in the world.

Rule 2. One must be able to adapt to changing circumstances in an ever
changing and evolving world, to achieve success and personal happiness
in life.

Rule 3. One must develop thick skin, akin to a Rhinoceros, to be
impervious to the stinging insults and barbs of enemies and foes.

Rule 4 , One must have total belief in their own self, nerves of steel
and an iron will, to accomplish their aims and objectives in life.

Rule 5. One must have total belief in a Higher Power who guides higher Destiny.

These Principles can be symbolized as a windy winter scene of two
trees, one an Oak tree laden with snow, which because it cannot yield
to the ever increasing weight of the snow, suddenly loses a branch due
to the pressure.

The other tree a Willow is able to bend in the howling gale, because
it is supple and flexible, and therefore survives the trauma of the

Summed up one must be like the Willow Tree to survive and flourish in
life, fluid and flexible, with the ability to adapt to changing
circumstances and events. Adapt or Die


This self motivational book will have been of miraculous value and
worth if it saves one life that was hanging in the balance, or rescues
one person from the depths of despair and anguish, each individual
human life is precious and unique in the eyes of God the Creator, and
everyone born into this world has a divine purpose and role to fulfill
in their journey and sojourn in life.

The dark forces of satanic evil and influence are countered and
conquered by following and adhering to the principles and methods laid
out in this direct and simple book, which has been painstakingly and
passionately written by the author for the benefit of mankind and

The author's prayer and wish is that the reader will find self
knowledge and salvation through the incorporation of the easy to
follow and learn steps outlined in this book, and will go on to lead
happy, contented, and satisfying lives, attaining all their goals and
objectives, and being able to make a worthwhile contribution to the
well being and welfare of their fellow man and world, as the title of
the book suggests "Daisy Chain", and that each reader passes on this
veritable goldmine of knowledge and inspiration to their family and
friends, creating a global daisy chain that will bring light, love,
and comfort into their individual lives, and the world in whole .

The author wishes to thank Amelia Amy Peterson, his great friend and
fellow writer for her valuable insight and contribution to this
inspirational book, and most of all to Almighty God for divine
guidance and inspiration in making this mission and project a success.

The author Peter Paton resides in Los Angeles , California , and can be
contacted by e mailing him at ppaton@btconnect.com and he will be
happy to respond to all enquiries on the subject matter of this book.

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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