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Lying in the Name of Jesus
by Phil Naessens
For Sale
Author requests article critique


The International Christian Tennis Association completely removed the statements that I accurately reported in the article ‘Is the International Christian Tennis Association a Christian Ministry?’ immediately after this article was published on www.faithwriters.com. Mr. Scotty Paschal informed me via email on the Wednesday following the publication of my article that his “board of directors thought the new page was a better witnessing tool”.

Board of directors? Two years ago, I contributed to an article titled ICTA: Fact or Fiction that can be found at www.tennis.info/ICTA.asp which details many false claims made by the ICTA and Mr. Paschal, including claiming to then have a board of directors. In that instance, the ICTA completely removed the entire contents of their web site after the articles publication. Trying to bring this organizations dishonesty and ludicrous claims to light hasn’t been easy-but is necessary- as this organization uses lies and a false Christian message to lure adolescents with dreams to a tennis academy that simply isn’t what it’s presented to be.

This new page, titled Defending the Faith-found at http://www.christiantennis.net/-1999990302 isn’t actually defending the faith-just setting up Scotty Paschal’s excuse for his newest string of lies, false claims and foolish statements that were once again exposed and brought to the light!

God has a sense of humor?

This statement opens this new section: “ I love how God works. He takes a totally unqualified, imperfect person and sets him or her to complete His task. For when the task is completed all will know it was only by His grace. That is surely the case for my life. This tennis ministry is alive and well not because of me, but in spite of me. Thank God He has a good sense of humor!" Scotty Paschal, President ICTA Inc.

Thank God He has a good sense of humor? Does Mr. Paschal honestly believe that God is sitting back laughing at the outrageous lies that Paschal has told to grow his ministry? God is very specific that He hates lying (Prov. 6:16-19par) yet Paschal honestly believes that God is happy with this type of behavior. In the same section of scripture, God further states that he hates a ‘false witness who speaks lies’ and Mr. Paschal exhibits this anti-Christian behavior against anyone who dares to question the many claims made by the ICTA (please see http://www.tennis.info/ZPostDisplay.asp). This behavior isn’t an isolated incident but something that’s been going on for several years.

Of the seven things that God finds an abomination, two of them concern lying, yet Mr. Paschal believes that God is enjoying Paschal's behavior-behavior which Gods own Word condemns-yet Paschal believes God condones. Is Paschal calling God a hypocrite? Is he saying that God doesn’t mean what He says? These statements made by Scotty Paschal are blasphemous and heretical and truly show the spiritual immaturity of this man, this organization and if the ICTA truly has a board of directors, their lack of spiritual maturity as well.

Christians aren’t perfect-just forgiven

The web page goes on to further state: This section is about imperfect people being used by God to reach others for Him. Christians are not perfect people, they are people who are forgiven of their sins who choose to live their lives for Christ. There is not one sinless or perfect person who is involved with the ICTA as a staff member or a member volunteer. This section is about exposing our own imperfections as a testimony of His forgiveness and willingness to use us for His will in spite of our many flaws. We pray this section will also offer hope to other imperfect people worldwide. Mathew 16:24,25

Jesus anticipated this very excuse and told us through His Word that we will be able to recognize his disciples by their fruits, or actions (John 15:8par). What we see in the fruits of this self proclaimed Christian is a lifestyle of lying-which is not Christian behavior. Jesus Himself stated that not everyone that calls Him Lord is saved (Matt. 7:21-23par) obviously implying that not everyone who calls himself a Christian actually is. The Bible clearly states that Satan is the father of all lies and that there is no truth in him (John 8:44par) and Paschal’s fruits far more resemble that of a follower of Satan then a true believer in Christ.

The message of Christianity isn’t false-just this messenger’s message. Mr. Paschal once again insults the very God he claims to be living his life for by stating that he’s living for Christ-when his actions tell a different story. It becomes abundantly clear that Mr. Paschal believes that he can make false claims about himself, his ministry and false allegations and accusations about others-ask God to forgive him-if indeed he actually believes in God-and do it all over again! And to top it all off he blames it on imperfection and believes that God finds this behavior “humorous”.

Mr. Paschal goes on to further state that he will be exposing “our own imperfections”. Will they include?

q Claiming to be an ordained minister-yet refusing to give out proof of this ordination.
q Claiming to be a Christian-yet refusing to give out his Christian testimony.
q Refusing to name his place of worship-yet claiming to attend a Baptist church.
q Rachel Snelen claiming to hold an ITF world ranking-yet the ITF says she does not.
q Claiming to own tennis academies worldwide-proven false by Paschal’s own admission.
q Claiming a partnership with the WTA-the WTA denies this.
q The ‘smear’ campaigns the ICTA wages against their detractors-see www.tennis.info.

Oppression because of their faith?

Here are some further statements that the ICTA makes on this same web page:

This section will also offer hope for those imperfect Christian people worldwide under oppression from those who feel they have a right to judge. Whether you have a small tennis ministry like ours, or you are a pastor in atheist China who lives daily in fear for his life, or you are a pro athlete being persecuted for being outspoken about your faith... this section is for you.

Scotty Paschal isn’t being judged by me-or anyone else that I know of-for being a Christian. That’s just what he wants his readers to believe. I followed the Christian procedure for exposing sin with regards to Mr. Paschal (Matt 18). I asked Paschal privately (via email) to validate his many claims-he responded with more lies and veiled threats. I asked him for the name of his pastor-he refused to give me this information. I then went to the ‘church’ in this case a public web site to bring to light this ministries anti-Christian behavior-simply because the ICTA is an Internet based ministry-and he was given the chance to respond in a public forum, which he did, only to his detriment (please see www.tennis.info/ZpostDisplay.asp for how he responded). The ICTA is being exposed for lying about nearly every aspect of their ministry and not being judged-as only God will truly judge them.

Mr. Paschal also believes that he is suffering oppressive judgment-yet he fails to tell his readers exactly why he feels that he’s being oppressively judged-insinuating it’s because he is outspoken about his faith-which is untrue. Mr. Paschal wants children and young adults to train with him at his Christian tennis academy-yet resents simple questions about this academy, questions like:

q Where is this academy physically located?
q Who are your coaches?
q What are your coaching qualifications?
q Who trains at your tennis academy?
q Where will my child live?

These are basic questions that Paschal refuses to answer-and gets angry and defensive when you ask him these types of questions-and the world needs to know about this. Usually this information is located on a tennis academies web site-just not the ICTA’s web site. What he portrays on the www.christiantennis.net web site isn’t exactly what it is-because if it was-he’d be happy to freely give out information to anyone who asks.

The Apostle John Describes Scotty Paschal

The apostle John gives us a perfect description of Scotty Paschal; "He that says, I know him, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar, and has no truth in him" (1.Jn.2: 4 Para.). Scotty Paschal claims to be a Christian yet doesn’t tell the truth-which God’s Word says He hates-which Paschal claims that God finds humorous! These are facts-facts that are disturbing considering that the ICTA claims to be in existence to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the sport of tennis. These facts are disturbing because the ICTA claims to have a desire to train young tennis players to become Christian tennis missionaries-yet ‘Coach Scotty’ doesn’t tell the truth. This is disturbing because the ICTA wants your son or daughter to come and train with ‘Coach Scotty’ in Palm Coast Florida-either living with him in his house-or what he claims is a Christian host home. Scotty Paschal has been proven to be untruthful in nearly every aspect of his personal, professional and spiritual life-what would lead anyone to believe he’s telling the truth now?

A Ministry Grown by Lies and Deception

If the ministry of the ICTA is indeed alive and well, as Mr. Paschal claims on his web site, can it truly be God blessed, as Paschal also claims it to be on his web site? Can a ministry be blessed when it’s leader has open sin in his life-and who’s idea of repentance is to remove damaging statements that he makes on his web site-only after being caught telling more lies-and repeats the same deception? Most ministries would’ve been severely crippled after being exposed in this way-but the ICTA is alive and well? Can we even believe that the ICTA is an actual Christian ministry-based on a proven liars statements-when his fruits tell us a different story? It’s too bad that the only one who can honestly answer these questions can’t or won’t tell us the truth!

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but are in reality dangerous wolves. By their fruits you shall know them, Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs from thistles? So every good tree produces good fruits; but the corrupt tree produces evil fruits. A good tree cannot produce evil fruits, nor a corrupt tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not produce good fruits is to be cut down and thrown into the fire. Then surely from their fruits you shall know them" (Matt.7: 15-19 KJV).

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
Member Date
Bob Kraft 09 Mar 2007
Subject: Disclaimer, denial - International Christian Tennis Association Tennis Ministry International (TMI) and Rev. Bob Kraft is not, nor has ever been, associated with International Christian Tennis Association, otherwise known as ICTA. In the past year, the Director of ICTA, Scott Paschal, has sent out emails to the public and posted notices on the Internet stating that ICTA & he have the same purposes as Tennis Ministry International and myself. The ICTA and TMI do not use the same methods or the same purposes. He in some way tries to make it appear that we are in agreement, cooperate or work together. This is in fact, a fabrication. Rev. Bob Kraft Director www.tennisministry.org For additional information as to the reason why, please see: Tennis Ministry International: http://www.tennisministry.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=997 http://www.tennisministry.org/icta1.html Tennis.info (Fact or Fiction): http://www.tennis.info/TWISIICTA.htm ; http://www.tennis.info/TWISIICTA2.htm Sonic Boom Adventures: http://sonicbooms.blogspot.com/ Faithwriters: http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=23753 ; http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=23258 Rick Ross Cult Education Forum: http://forum.rickross.com/viewtopic.php?p=14017
Bob Kraft 09 Mar 2007
Subject: Disclaimer, denial - International Christian Tennis Association (oldest to most recent -March 9,2007- listings) I have been going through my emails and wanted to put this new information up. This will help others to understand the situation more fully on Scott Paschal. Please note that in the near future I will post up the incredible writings of Scott Paschal where he has attacked others who question his claims and or other ministries and even his own students who left him after a brief period of time. The most effective way for others to see the true nature of this organization is to read what they wrote and posted on the Internet. This will be posted at www.tennisministry.org/icta2.html - Pastor Bob Kraft -- August 29, 2002 email Paschal sent to me: I read through your messageboard. I noticed very few people, outside of a core group of 5, actually have ever posted. I did not realize it was so little used. I can possibly help with that. We have thousands and thousands, now...During the next 12 months, you and the general public will learn of ICTAcademies in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. For me to answer specifics for each is outside of my job description...The main difference between you and I is that I am very quiet about my personal work for God...Well, instead of hanging around a top player and bragging about it, we go out and try to share God's word. Bob, I have never taken this much time to write my own mother. That makes me disappointed in myself. I have allowed a child abuser (the mother of the Snelens) and a stranger from China (Bob Kraft) to take 2 hours of my time away from God's work. My time could have been much better spent! I am often contacted by strange people who just want to cause others to hurt or to make themselves seem really important...-SP (note from Bob: Paschal continues to belittle many people that he comes into contact with and especially those who question him.) September 19, 2002 email Paschal sent to me: I'm on tour with a dozen of our WTA players. We're in S. Carolina at a 10K. - SP (note from Bob- what dozen WTA players?) September 27, 2002 email from Rachel Snelen to me: 'He (Scott) is also heavily involved with the USTA High Performance dept. and is teaching them how he has successfully developed so many WTA players and brought them together. He speaks at Churches/high schools/colleges and is writing a book on sports supplements for women on the WTA tour in conjunction with the USTA trainers...I believe God led us to the ICTA. There was a person in our lives who was very bad to us. We have been starved, beaten, sexually molested. It was awful up until God came into the picture. Unfortunately this person is still out there, but fortunately will soon be in jail. I guess I should just tell you this person is our mother...We will have close to 20 girls playing this tournament!! (note from Bob: Scott has never been involved with USTA High Performance or WTA. No records of the mother abusing the children. No one has ever seen 20 ICTA girls in a tournament.) October 4, 2002 email from Rachel Snelen to me: Are you in competition with the ICTA? October 8, 2002 email from Paschal to me: Bob, as I understand it, I will coach more WTA pro players this year than anyone in the world. My credentials speak loudly to those involved in professional tennis... I do not know you Bob. I have never even seen you. What I do know is that you live in China and have married a young Chinese girl... If you want a relationship with me, then I need to see more than a guy showing up to USPTA conventions and claiming a Christian ministry. I do not have to make myself or my businesses available or accountable to yourself or others... I am only accountable to God. Scott (note from Bob: My wife was born in 1968, we have two beautiful children and have been married since 1997. I have never been to a USPTA convention.) October 9, 2002 email from Rachel Snelen to me: The ICTA is involved closely with the 2nd largest church in the USA as well as over 20 churches around the world. I have personally taught tennis for the ICTA at 16 Christian sports camps where we have all enjoyed much fellowship...You seem to feel that Scott is the ICTA. Scott is only the director of the academies. I think you are confused. As for accountability, the ICTA is accountable to over 45,000 persons who are involved in different churches and is promoted within these churches...The ICTA receives threats daily from those not involved in Christianity... The ICTA will have new high performance pro academies in USA, Australia, and in Europe...The ICTA has over 60,000 people that have signed up for our newsletter during the last 2 years. Our USA academy staff and full time players personally attend the 2nd largest church in the country and have a home base with them. When we advertised this fact last year, many enemies from around the world would threaten the church with bomb attacks. After 9/11 tragedy by terrorists, the ICTA board decided to not advertise church homes and academies until the terrorist threats stopped. All death threats have been given to the proper authorities. (note from Bob: what large church is that you are closely involved, a Pastor who can verify this,and where have the 16 camps been? Enemies, is odd!) October 16, 2002 message on our ministry message board: 'I also let you know about how the ICTA is heavily involved with Promise Keepers, yet you only mention how you know of Promise Keepers...I have become very discouraged with your lack of recognition with regards to my coaches and my training academy and it is obvious you are upset because the ICTA is doing well and you were not and quit. And to also let you know, I will personally be going to visit the new ICTAcademy in Europe this year!...How old is your seemingly very young wife who was just pregnant?..I had better stop writing as I have became very disappointed with you...Christian tennis is more than smiling and collecting donations. It is hard work and those of us who are actually doing the work don't appreciate others who only judge like you are doing...ICTA academy I trained at is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. (note from Bob: no one in Dallas/Fort Worth knows of the ICTA Academy and no record of Promise Keepers involvement) November 16, 2002 email from Rachel Snelen to me: Coach Scott is building the ! ICTAEurope ministry right now and has very little time for our mother's attacks...Coach Scott was at the beginning of Promise Keepers and is very influential with them. He also speaks regularly at our local churches. (Mothers attacks, Scott took these girls away from their Mother at 16 years old What are the names of the churches so that others can contact them.) October 26, 2002 email to Bob: Rev Bob Kraft....I just e-mailed with Scott Paschal about four times. He was really nice on most of the messages and a couple of times his messages were pretty strong. I think he only works with really good players and does not reach out to other types of players....- Dick November 20, 2002 posting to our ministry message board: 'Because I am post this mesage a kraft, am I he? Kraft is bad man. all please be aware. Go from this site. Hurry. I know him. He confused now. go.'...I knew something was very strange about Bob Kraft. Kraft has lived off of ICTA. Without ICTA, Kraft would have nothing to talk about.I have many questions for Kraft. He refuses to answer them. Let us all please be aware this man...He comes to USA and raises money...I see Kraft as a man who uses the Christian nature of the USA for his own gain. I have read though this board carefully. I DO NOT TRUST BOB KRAFT. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I will watch his Satanboard here more closely...There has been almost no one else in the last year but ICTA members trying to support tennisministry. (note bob: from Paschal IP computer address and another personal attack on me) November 22, 2002 for Paschals email newsletter: It's our very own messageboard! Built for you and monitored 24 hrs a day 7 days a week! Post news about your church. Post thoughts and ideas! To protect our ICTA kids, we do not allow email address to be left. ICTA and ICTAcademies International! will announce a partnership with two top ATP players in January, 2003! You will be amazed at who have become ICTA supporters. These players have offered to work with ICTAcademies International! in training our top young ATP and WTA players. (note from Bob: Would that message board get a lot of good questions that needed to be answered, but no message board. What top pro players are training your kids?) November 29, 2002 email from Rachel Snelen to me: Coach Scott is visiting Florida on Dec. 4-6 to interview different tennis facilities who have asked to host our first ICTAcademy Florida! (where is/was the ICTA academy?) December 3, 2002 email from Paschal to me: Our messageboard will not be used any longer to defend ICTA or to say anything negative about another person or organization...Mrs. Snelen is a danger to her children, ICTA has provided safety for them. Mrs. Snelen follows them all over the country. She has sent me death threats....I have been very busy preparing for tournaments and ICTAcademies, plus growing the ICTA ministry in Greece, Italy, Australia, USA, Taiwan as well as a partnership with two top ATP players. (note from Bob: the message board was never put up and the website has been used to attack many ministries and Christians since this time) February 16, 2003 email to me: I believe that the 'ICTA' is seriously undermining and bringing into disrepute truly concerned and genuine organizations like your own and needs to be widely and publicly condemned. - Jeff February 18, 2003 email from Paschal to another person: We would like to explore trading links from both of our websites to each other. ICTA currently receives many hits from around the world. If you would like, we could work with your company to advance your website through our existing international network. Blessings, ICTA (note from Bob: Paschal often uses his website hits as incentive for others to give hi money or advertising.) February 20, 2003 email sent to another person: We are a group of people who operate the ICTA...To make a short story even longer, when ICTA went Internet ICTA was swamped with attacks from many non Christian countries. Our email was hacked, website attacked, we had stalkers following our coaches and players! It was rough. Well, we got tired of it and turned to our computer geeks to develop a security system. Their/our new developing security software is used with/on us...Every email, the t.i website...all is available to us... like milk. Everything that occurred in the last 9 months has been recorded, documented, evaluated. Our computer players actually can do most anything. Notice how we IP college/library/pub. You do not. No firewall can stop a tidal wave, J. We like you. No hard feelings on our end. We see what you see and will continue to do so until our project is completed. And thanks for opening this email and for each log on and web posting. Fresh tracks in the snow. (explains why my computer was infected with spyware by ICTA as I searched Google on April 10, 2006) February 27, 2003 email to me: ...I should feel blessed by God for having the courage to take a stand but seeing guys like you and Jeff and Arseni get blasted and slandered makes me feel nauseous... I also noticed how they seem to "stalk" you because it seems that every time you post anywhere a response from them follows immediately. - Phil (note from Bob: Paschal has attacked Phil for many years on the Internet) March 1, 2003 Paschal webstite posting: Most recently in our sport of tennis, Venus and Serena Williams have shared their belief in God while winning the Australian Open singles and doubles titles. Both ladies believe they are on this earth to lead others to Christ. We would like to thank both Venus and Serena Williams for their hard work in promoting Christianity. We would like to thank Leyton Hewwitt and Kim Clisters for promoting their Christianity to the public through the sport of tennis...Pete Sampras, who publicly states his devotion to his relationship with his wife Bridgette and with Jesus! (note from Bob: Venus and Serena have publicly stated they are Jehovah Witnesses and the others I have never seen a public statement on he or his family relationship with Jesus or Leyton or Kim spiritual life.) March 14, 2003 Paschal website posting: "Provides a Christian tennis ministry in over 100 countries around the world. ICTAcademy trains WTA and ATP professional players who then travel the world as ICTA Christian missionaries. Parent and coach ministries, and a great prayer board for all to post their prayers. Founded by tennis great Scott Paschal.' (note from Bob: Tennis great says it all about Scott Paschal) March 16, 2003 Paschal newsletter: Our ICTA website will be 1 year old soon...My favorite new thing on the website is the GotLife link near the top of the frontpage!...Yesterday, I contacted my friend Randy about developing a Christian tennis ministry for Diabetes. He sent me a donation for making a donation to help fight diabetes. (note from Bob: A history of getting donations from others) March 16, 2003 email from David Paschal to me: 'I am trying to verify if he has a legitimate ministry or he is running a scam. I have been told it is all fabricated and that he is living off his two star players. The mother of the two girls contacted me and stated in her email that You guys had some trouble with him also. I have not talked to him for over a year, but I am still worried about him. - David (note from Bob: David Paschal, Scott's brother) March 27, 2003 email to me: 'I emailed Scotts brother David 2 weeks ago. He said that Scott lies all the time. He also says that he loves his brother but knows what he is dealing with and has had no contact wit Scott in over a year. He also says that Scott is not married, not wealthy and lives in the same apartment with 2 of his young, female players. I read the post and well, he was very sarcastic towards me and that tells me that "Rev. Paschal" is not worth saving or responding too. I'm now very glad that I wrote that article about his "ministry". I contacted the Christian Research Institute and I believe that they will also be doing an article about ICTA because I believe, and have believed that ICTA is a cult. - Phil April 10, 2003 email from Paschal to me: Tennis.info and its owner Jeff D are something I completely support. Jeff is a good man. A solid man and there are few like him. I have seen he and his wife work very hard. I will soon be in a position to welcome Jeff to come and see just what it is ICTA tries to do to promote Christianity through sports, but more importantly, I want to earn Jeff's respect and trust...Instead, when you called and left two voice messages, I did not want to have much to do with you...I see you have changed the name of your ministry to be much like ours. I see where you have copied a few of our ideas, also...I can see where you might possibly fall again. That would be a shame. This is where I am concerned. I want the best for you. How can I help? I have a feeling Jeff and I will be friends for a very long time even if we disagree with each other. (note from Bob: I have never called Scott Paschal on the telephone and only emailed twice to ask him to verify his claims. To this date he has not verified his claims He attacks Jeff on the Internet and his website.) April 11, 2003 email from Paschal to me: I asked Scott to rebuild the tennis courts and they would be HIS for ten years. No donation- a business opportunity for him. I wanted a Christian person and found some very honest, good Christian people to fix the courts and I feel blessed...I will be more than happy to introduce you to what we do. I will need to first have your willingness to not provide the information, people, contacts I share with you to others, then I will willingly spend time with you! - Phil (note from Bob: Scott has attacked Phil on his website and the Internet ; Secrecy in what Paschal does?) July 23, 2003 email from Paschal to me: Our new tennis facility is tremendous...Our sister facility will be in Mexico and is also stunning. (note from Bob: where are these facilities and contacts?) August 5, 2003 email from Paschal to me: I am the General Manager of one of the Player's Tennis Club...My Christian tennis academy is here. (note from Bob: This club in Palm Coast Florida said he was a court cleaner, club maintaence and fired) August 17, 2003 email from Paschal to me: I'm here if you need support. (note from Bob: I have never asked him for help and have only asked him to verify his claims both past and present) March 31, 2004: magazine article in Charisma stating that Scott Paschal left his 100,00 a year tennis job as General Manger for ICTA ministry. (note from Bob: Paschal has had a few Christian magizines write articles and Scott always use the same claims which are false) September 4, 2004 Paschal newsletter: For example, we purchased a $10,000 booth next to the Grandstand at the Nasdaq 100 Open, brought in over 4 dozen volunteers, and spent 3 weeks reaching the well over 250,000 tournament attendees for Christ...The International Christian Tennis Association is a not for profit, 501 (c)(3), organization with a governing board of directors. (note from Bob: they do raise money from uninformed donors to pay for these booths and the website lists no governing board of directors and never has.) November 11, 2004 from ICTA website: We are the world's only legitimate Christian ministry for the sport of tennis, registered as a non profit and having a governing board of directors, proclaiming Christ to the world. (Note from Bob: how about www.tennisministry.org or Athletes in Action or Fellowship of Christian Athletes or a host of others. No listing of a governing board on the website. A non-profit was set to received and encourage donations for sure, as that is the intent) November 15, 2004 from ICTA website: During the next 10 weeks, ICTA President Scotty Paschal, our ICTA staff, and our Christian Tennis Academy students and their parents plan to travel on mission trips to: Australia: Melbourne, Sidney, and Brisbane. USA: California, Hawaii, Las Vegas. Europe: Rome and Milan, Italy; Paris, France; Luxembourg, Germany; Athens, Mt. Olympus, and Thesseloniki, Greece. New Zealand: Auckland and Christchurch. Please keep our needs and safety in your prayers. (note from Bob: no one has ever seem Scotty or his staff at the listed locations and he has quietly removed these from his website) -- March 5, 2005 email sent from Scott to another person: 'the second one (picture) is of an 11 year old Russian orphan named anna i am in the process of adopting. anna is a top 10 russian player in her age group and a very special young lady.' (note from Bob: Did you notice how Got Life ministry logo which was so predominantly displayed on their website the past two years, was suddenly removed. Got Life tried to raise money to support the distribution of tracts with Scott. They asked supporters to come up with $100,000USD for this purpose. I contacted a friend of mine April 21, 2006 who leads a large Southern Baptist ministry and he personally knew the leader of Got Life, who is a Pastor of a First Baptist Church in Texas. I am not sure what transpired there, but it seems like Got Life, which seems to be a credible ministry is no longer being used on the website to establish credibly for Scott Paschal or Christian Tennis Association.) --March 6, 2006: Scott Paschal now lists on his website that he is a member of First Baptist Church in Palm Coast. I had one phone conversation and exchanged emails with the Senior Pastor of this church, Pastor Dennis Littleton. His comments were that he did know Scott Paschal well and that he did attend there at times. But that he could not recommend him or Scott's ministry. Scott has mentioned on this website that at least two of his students put their heads on his shoulders during church and they call him 'Father". -- February 14, 2006 on ICTA website: "Steve is my adopted dad!" says ICTA tennis academy full time student. (Note from Bob: photo shows teenage girl sitting on ICTA supporters lap named Steve) -- March 7, 2006 email sent to me: I could understand by (my daughter's) opinion and by her experience in this academy - its very far from Christian ministry .And I give Thanks to God for to help (my daughter) to see truth about this ministry . We could pray about all this persons and children, for their parents. - mother, of player who attended ICTA -- March 8, 2006 email sent to me: 'I am so confused about this man Paschal? what is the real deal with him? The entire thing is so overwhelming. What a fraud. - Teli -- March 15, 2006 email sent to me: We have never been contacted by the organization you are referring to nor do they have any involvement at the Bausch & Lomb Championships. - Assistant Tournament Director Bausch & Lomb Championships (note from Bob: They ICTA website listed that they had a booth at this tournament) -- March 20, 2006 from ICTA website: All tuition is donation based. When you train at the ICTAcademy you are supporting the Christian missions of the ICTA. Donations for training allow for a 47% tax deduction for tax paying Americans...Price for the week is $950 US with full room and board with 3 meals per day. Non boarding students rates are $750 per week US. A refundable deposit of $500 is required. Boarding Students Payment Plan: Full Year: $Enrollment Deposit $2,500 Yearly Tuition $32,725 Non-Boarding Students: Yearly Tuition $20,825 Other Fees: 75 / $100 Private lesson rate/hourly $1,000 Required deposit into the student personal expense account. Monthly replenishment of the opening balance is required $750 Training fee for ICTA students enrolling in ICTA Intensive Weekly Camps over holiday weeks or during summer camp (discounted from standard rate of $950) Airport Shuttle$80 Daytona Beach International airport $100 Jacksonville International airport $130 Orlando International Airport $50 Surcharge fee for short notice of arrival/or departure (less than 24 hours) $75 Surcharge to accompany the child and wait at gate terminal. No refund is provided during the school year for students taking time off to participate in tournaments, vacations, visits home, or any other activity. No refund is provided to students getting injured during the school year. The Enrollment Deposit is non-refundable. Applicants and their parents should understand that ICTA reserves the right, at any time, to expel an athlete / student that contravenes with the overall quality and integrity of the program. Please note carefully that all donation fee payments to ICTA are non-refundable under any circumstances. (note from Bob: Does coming to a so-called tennis training and then receiving a deduction seem right or legal?) -- March 22, 06 email sent to me: 'i indeed did stop by this booth..was interested because they were selling David Nassar shirts..could you give me more information on your ministry. I am just a fan but want to support who I feel has the heart for this ministry..thanks Gina (note from Bob: Nassar continually is mentioned in Paschals writings and has refused to respond to questions) --March 23, 2006 email sent to me: Reverend, I am so deeply grateful for your message today about the ICTA. This organization has been on my Bookmarks link for years in the hope that I might eventually get enough money to send my daughter to camp there. In fact, I emailed a question about some religious concerns vis a vis my teenage daughter to them and their reply was simply to encourage me to send her while they think over my question. It was an odd reply, I thought. And the real answer years later has still not been received. But they are very convincing. I trust you over all else Reverend and I am shocked that I could have been misled this way. It would have been awful to send my daughter there. We spent several days with J.V. ( a pro player) and her mother 2 years ago, as you know. And I was so moved by their ... I don't know what the word would be. We attended church with them one morning and I had a wonderful time. Their coach Christian was also unforgettable. I was convinced that a Christian tennis camp would be perfect for my daughter. And I found the ICTA website. So I cannot thank you enough for your red alert. I was dreaming that at least once I might be able to send my Holly to their loving hands. - Cathy --March 23, 2006 email sent to me: Reverend Kraft, I just finished reading on ICTA's website "J.V. (Note from Bob: a pro player)" story and my stomach is in knots. These people are obscene. I see they use your name as well, AND Christian's name, AND they mention Julia's poor mother. Her mother spoke virtually know English, as you must know. She clearly adores her daughter. Well, I don't want to ramble, I just cannot believe that Julia slid into their clutches... and now is going to be slandered on the Internet. Surely there are legal measures one could take. They are despicable. - Cathy --March 24, 2006 from ICTA website: The coaches see below who will guide your development at the academy and on the circuit are current pro tour tennis coaches...You will travel to pro tournaments with him and/or your team and have the opportunity to hit with other pro players Scotty coaches and/or advises. One very interesting aspect of our training is our ability to work with many fine coaches from around the world, either at home or on tour. Coaches who are dedicated to the game and who strive for improvement. (the names of the current pro tour tennis coaches or that Scott coaches or advises and there rankings?) --March 24, 2006 from ICTA website: Players travel from Russia, South America, Norway, Canada, USA, Japan, and New Zealand specifically for the opportunity to train with us. Interesting note: ICTA fulltime staff members Rach and Mel have a goal to earn their WTA singles and doubles rankings this year while competing on the ITF pro circuits in the USA, Europe and S. America! The truly special part of this is both ladies began training at the ICTAcademy as beginners who were at the lowest level of US juniors just a short 5 years ago! (note from Bob: players can not be found who admit to working with Scott Paschal from the countries he mentions; The Snelen twins moved out of their family home at the age of 16 years old to live with Scott Paschal who was unmarried and over thirty years old, they were highly ranked juniors in the state of Texas at that time.) --March 24, 2006 from ICTA website: The International Christian Tennis Association was originally established in the mid 1970's in Dallas, Texas. In the early 1980's, Scott Paschal was given the blessing of developing the ICTA. Now in 2004, 30 years after the International Christian Tennis Association was first launched, the ICTA stands poised to reach over 2,000,000 per year worldwide! ...As the only legitimate Christian tennis sports ministry in the world, the ICTA is literally changing the sport of tennis...During 2005 and 2006, the ICTA has a goal to build an entire Christian tennis community complete with 24 condos surrounding a 40 court tennis complex...With 20 clay courts, 14 hard courts, 2 grass courts, 3 indoor courts, and 1 stadium court which will seat 10,000...the International Christian Tennis Academy will become one of the finest tennis resorts in the USA and will completely change the landscape of tennis worldwide. This new resort will become a beacon of light in the darkness! This tennis resort will have a sports missionary training center, a home school center, a full service fitness facility, an Olympic sized pool, shower facilities, and a full service pro shop! (note from Bob- we can find no one who formerly lead ICTA or even knows of ICTA before 2002 and this was only on an Internet website. -- March 29, 2006 sent to me: Bob, Thank you so much for the advisory and the very informative information on your web site. Some time ago I almost made a small donation to this group (ICTA) after stumbling on it while web surfing; but didn't since I wasn't sure about the “ministry”. It behooves all of us to be most discerning in today’s world and go before the Lord with everything we do. Continuing to pray for you and your family; may the Lord continue to bless your wonderful ministry, - Ken -- April 7, 2006 email sent to churches from Paschal: My name is Scott Paschal. I am the founder and current president of the International Christian Tennis Association, which has a membership base in over 1400 cities and 44 countries. I am a member of First Baptist church of Palm Coast, Florida. My pastor's name is Dr.Dennis Littleton...I also coach J.V (name without by Bob), a top pro player. This ministry reaches hundreds of thousands for christ each year and all staff are volunteer. We are an irs registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. I write to you today with very serious concerns about Bob Kraft... both his history with me, and, more importantly, his recent behavior while a chaplain on the tennis tour. Very serious allegations concerning Bob Kraft's behavior have reached me from both top players and coaches who have had personal interaction with Kraft. My understanding is Bob Kraft has partnered with your church and you officially endorse any and all behavior of bob kraft, while also taking in donations for him. As Bob Kraft has absolutely no training whatsoever in pastoral counseling, nor does he have a chaplain certification from an accredited organization, nor has he obtained a degree of any type from an accredited seminary... and now, combined with all of this and more, very serious alegations of his behavior have arisen, i feel the need to contact you. Please understand Bob Kraft is legally liable for all advice/counseling he gives. I understand God can call anyone at anytime to do His work, and a "degree" or "certification" does not guarantee, but i have seen a potentially dangerous pattern of behavior from bob kraft over the last 8 years, and now others are seeing it as well. As the International Christian Tennis Association is the main "voice" for Christ in the sport of tennis worldwide, i delved into these distrubing concerns and am forming a committee to study his odd and potentially dangerous behavior. i am also providing complete counseling for those he has mentally and spiritually harmed. My questions to you are: 1. how well do you know bob kraft? 2. are you concerned if he has harmed people? 3. are you concerned if his behavior is leading players and coaches AWAY from christ? 4. are you willing to be held legally liable for his actions? I can be reached at your convenience. this is a difficult email for me to write to you, yet i know it is needed. - God bless, scott paschal (note from Bob: I am an ordained Minister from a recognized church which is clearly listed on our website. This is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate church Pastors and I put his up so that others can see how Paschal operates as he has used this method with others.) -- April 10, 2006 email send to me by Scott Paschal while I was on the Internet search engine Google researching Paschal: 'bob, it's getting wierd having you google things such as scott paschal child and rachel snelen abuse. if you want to know if i adopted the girl from russia, just call. do you really have so little to do?...your games will only make you look bad in the end...if it comes down to it, i will respond in a different way. we can work together or we can fight. only one way will glorify christ. s' (note from Bob: I immediately did a virus/spy software search on my computer and upgraded my firewall) -- April 12, 2006 email sent to me by US Sports Ministry Leader: I was contacted by Scott and he asked to work with us in the future. In my response, I asked him if he knew about you and your work, but he has not responded. Blessings, Rodger -- April 14, 2006 email sent to me: "There was no cooperation on a Pro Team Concept.'- Paul Campo (Scott lists on his website that ICTA developed a Pro Team Concept with Paul Campo) -- April 21, 2006 my phone call with International Sports Ministry Leader: Scott Paschal lists on his website that the International Sports Coalition lists ICTA as one of the top 50 sport ministries in the world. (note from Bob: This sports leader tells me ISC does not have such a list and has never heard of Scott Paschal or ICTA and will be contacting him to remove this claim from the website.) -- April 22, 2006 email sent to me: 'Thank you. You are correct about this guy have had dealings with him in the past.'- USPTA - USPTR Tennis Director in Palm Coast Florida, Grand Haven Village Center -- August 9, 2006 email (excerpts) sent to me: Hi Bob, ... My concerns are about the ICTA and founder, Scott Paschal. I found his website and called and inquired if he had weekly summer tennis camp and he did. The website sounded so good and he seemed so concerned and told me all about the academy....My son, went down a week ago. I couldn't believe the things he told me when he got back, very disappointing. There was no academy, just a house, Scott and the two supposedly pro. tennis girls, Melody and Rachel and 2 guys and one other boy from Mexico just arriving for camp as was finishing. There are no tennis courts, they had to go to the local high school courts or a nearby park courts. my son, who is 19, would never have gone if he knew these things. We paid for a week of tennis lessons and basically all he did was hit balls against a wall all week and play mini tennis with a sponge ball. he was allowed to hit with Rachel two times in 7 days, and Scott hit with him for about 10 mins. My son was so frustrated, and mad. He remained respectful, but confronted Scott several times, stating that he had come down specially to improve his game. Scott kept telling him he was not ready. My son kept saying I am ready, I play tennis 5 days a week for 2-3 hrs. a day! You haven't even seen me play, so how can you say I'm not ready? Scott replied, no you don't play tennis like that, you just chase balls mostly?? My son was so disappointed. Scott constantly talked about God, but my son said, he really didn't care what they said about God, because Scott's behavior and attitude did not match his talk. I don't know what recourse I have. I want to confront Scott, but I want to get some facts straight first. I feel the website greatly misrepresents the academy...Also I was very upset that he told me my son would be staying in international student housing. That didn't exist either. He stayed in Scott's house with the young ladies and other boys. Could you help me with what info. you have and how I can go about researching this. I would like my money back, though I don't think I will see it, but I feel so concerned about other young people going there under false pretense. Also can you tell me about yourself, your relationship to Jesus Christ, your Christian training and tennis background and what lead you to research Scott. I see on some blogs, he attacks you, did you know him before? Do you think there are legal avenues to follow to expose this academy? Thanks, Janice -- August 21, 2006 email sent to me from a International sports ministry leader: I was on ICTA website tonight and ran across Scott's blog. It was really disturbing. I'm not sure who 'the enemies' he is referring to are - includes names Jeff, Bob and Phil. (notes from Bob: Jeff Davies, Bob Kraft and Phil Naessens, all who have questioned his claims) -- January 7, 2007 email to me: Perhaps this isn't the place to ask but we are trying to find a Christian environment for our daughter to develop her tennis skills(perhaps a summer experience?)She is a champ level player with a passion for tennis as well as seeking God's will in her life.Can you offer any suggestions? We had been seeing info about an organization which seems to have a questionable reputation -the international Christian tennis association.Any help would be greatly appreciated. ( Note from bob: I recommended two camps in the US: Smith/Sterns Tennis Academy in Hilton Head,. SC and Complete Player Institute in Delray Beach, FL.) -- February 17, 2007 Scott Paschal has a booth at the Memphis Pro tournament. Right next to the USTA booth. He is stating to others that he has been a minister for eight years. A reputable Christian sports ministry asked to also set up a booth and no reply was received from the tournament. (note from Bob: Paschal is taking the place of credible sport ministries that desire to have a booth.) -- March 5, 2007: Email from one church in Indian Wells, California outlining that they have stopped working with Scott Paschal based upon reading these blogs on the Internet. They have asked him to respond to some of their concerns and he has not. March 7, 2007: Scott Paschal is set up a booth at Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, CA. He is either sharing a booth with the USTA Southern California. The Director of this division of the USTA has been contacted with references to these blogs and on site contacts. -- March 8, 2007: At least two WTA people are involved trying to get Scott off the premises of the Indian Wells, California tournament, Pan Pacific Open -- March 8, 2007 email to me from former USPTA president: With some persuading he (Paschal) took the students comments off his website and that is the only time I have even heard about him. -- March 9, 2007 email sent to me: Rev. Kraft, Is your e-mail meant as a notice to the media for our information only, or do you wish this to be in print? Best wishes, Publisher-Editor, Florida Tennis magazine. (In response to a disclaimer notice that I sent out to our email database of 36,000+ and my prayer that a media story develops exposing Paschal) -- March 9, 2007, I just spoke by telephone with the Director of Athletes in Action - Tennis. She mentions that AIA does not work with Scott Paschal or the Christian Tennis Association. Scott Paschal has recently blogged on his website that he has a working relationship with AIA. She has had several phone calls asking about him from others. She mentions that he does not have a good report from others, tells this to others and she has also read his materials on his website (since removed) that shows his true character.
Scott Paschal 08 Mar 2005
The web site www.tennis.info is owned by an atheist named Jeff Davies. This man supports Mr. Naessens by allowing him free roam to write anything he wishes without reprocussions or responsibility. Interesting, huh? The following quote from the summer of 2003 will shed more light on Mr. Naessen's manipulative darkness...My name is Mrs. Joy Snelen, I am the Mother of Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen. What I CAN verify as absolute fact is that Melody and Rachel are enthusiastic associates of Scott Paschal in the ICTA and are pursuing worthy goals they established years ago----to be the best they can be in tennis careers as a testimony of God's greatness, light and love. Scott Paschal is their mentor and friend and that is the extent of their relationship. As their Mother, I can also state absolutely as fact that I am extremely happy for them and admire them as they sacrificially strive towards building an enriching and rewarding life of service to others--and, I am very proud of their notable achievements and competitive and determined spirit in the midst of seemingly insurmountable difficulties." For more information on this published quote and on the manipulative writings/activities of Mr. Naessens...http://www.christiantennis.net/-1999998367/-1999945773.htm. Mrs. Snelen was once my enemy. She lied about and slandered me. I continued to pray for her. She turned her life from her lies and now is pursuing a better life. As you can further see, Mr. Naessens is a master manipulator of information. His articles are only attacks on our international sports ministry. He is accountable to no one...
Phil Naessens 08 Mar 2005
Why do you continually attack me with suggestions and innuendo? If what you’re saying about me is true-why not publicly expose me with verifiable evidence? Better yet, why don’t you just PROVE that this article is wrong publicly with evidence instead of your usual suggestions and innuendo? That would give you instant credibility, wouldn’t it? Maybe what I should do is place the email you sent to my ‘business partner’ in an article, along with some of your more ‘colorful’ quotes you’ve publicly made on your behalf? Dear fellow writers, A really good read is located at www.tennis.info/ICTA.asp. Please be sure to read all the updates to this amazing story. After you’ve finished this, go to www.tennis.info/ZpostDisplay.asp and see how this “Gospel based ministry” attempts to deflect the truth with wild stories and accusations. This is how the ICTA witnesses to the tennis world! Investigation pending? That’s ICTA speak for not true but believe it anyway. Scotty Paschal tried to do the same things to the mother of two of his players who has accused him of brainwashing and sexually abusing her twin daughters when they were only 16 years old. Scotty accused her publicly of being an abusive mother who “will do jail time” in an effort to scare her from exposing him. Of course, the woman never was charged with anything-and neither will I. That’s the real story, Mr. Paschal.
Scott Paschal 06 Mar 2005
There is, of course, another side to this story! Contact www.Christiantennis.net at any time. The International Christian Tennis Association will be happy to inform you of the many facts conveniently left our by Mr. Phil Naessens "Christian" article! For instance, did you know Mr. Naessens was refused employment by ICTA in 2002? Did you know Mr. Phil Naessens business partner attempted to internet money fraud in 2002 against the ICTA. Phil Naessens business partner pretended to be a woman who was starting a Christian internet site! This person was actually a man in his 50's! He attempted to scam ICTA for $2000. Did you know there is a criminal investigation pending against Mr. Phil Naessens for his threats of physical violence against myself and against our female tennis academy students? These threats by this "Christian" are recorded on our ICTA answering service. If the ICTA is guilty of anything, it is guilty of protecting its staff and Christian tennis academy students from the antics of hostile, angry, and potentially dangerous men like Phil Naessens.


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