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The Liberal Top 20!
by Kevin Cook
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The Liberal Top 20

1. Drug addicts can’t help it that their addicted, so lets give them free needles so they can keep shooting up, hopefully they won’t contract the HIV virus that was passed over too them from our homosexual crowd.

2. Socialist Democrats are pushing for a one world government, run by a dictator from the European Union, along with this one world government will be a new global money system, and a special tattoo that every global citizen will receive on the back of their hand, or their forehead, or else.

3. Liberal Socialists want to legalize the use of drugs like marijuana, crack, and meth, so that those who use these drugs to get high, won’t have to feel bad about their habit anymore, and won’t have to worry about those nasty drug cops bothering them while they are shooting up, or dealing them to little kids at the school playground.

4. When liberals say “We support the Troops”, what we really mean is bring those child killing nazi’s home so we can spit on them just like we did when our soldiers came home from Vietnam. If they gain control of Congress and the Whitehouse again, they will cut military spending down to almost nothing, and give that money to homosexual groups, and the ACLU, so they can continue their war of Christianity.

5. Liberal Elitists believe that all American women must have absolute access to abortion clinics at all times, and nothing must stand in the way of their socialist plan to continue the genocide against the unborn. They Just keep telling the public that it is the right of the woman to do as they please with her own body, They keep talking and don’t let the public realize that a woman’s body actually belongs to God, not her.

6. Liberals continue to stomp out all references to God, and Christianity in this nation if we are to gain total control over society so we can do things our way. We must continue to fund and support the homosexual war on traditional marriage, and the family unit while we continue to tell the public that we are all about freedom, liberty, equality.

7. If people think that military morale, and combat pay is bad now, just wait till John Kerry, or another communist takes it all away, and funnels the money to his pals that helped get them elected.

8. Oral sex is indeed sex unless your name is Bill Clinton, then you tell bald face lies to the American people telling them “I never had sex with that Miss. Lewinsky”.

9. Lord only know Liberals must do everything to keep the Bible, and Christianity out of the public schools. How else are they supposed to hand out free condoms, teach the kids how to masturbate, and fill their heads with the lies of Evolution.

10. The way Liberals fight terrorism is to give comfort and aid to our enemies in hopes that they will stop blowing us up, “Can’t we all just get along?” Then they turn around and blame it on America!

11. To the liberal socialist, HMO’s and Insurance companies are all evil, they want to regulate them out of business, and institute our plan for socialized medicine. They will take much more of the tax payers money, and use it to create big government insurance programs that will only cover the folks they want it to cover, and of course their friends in the labor unions.

12. Liberals seek to take away the right of the American people to choose their own doctor, and hospitals, while they tell doctors how much money they are allowed to make. After all, People are too stupid to make their own decisions, liberals think that they must make the decisions for all of us.

13. If liberals can keep passing new laws based on the junk science of global warming, pretty soon the average American will be arrested for farting on a ozone action day.

14. If the Democrats had been in power, they would have invited Sadam over here, and handed him the keys to the country. They agree with his policy on killing defenseless people for the heck of it, after all, they have supported abortion on demand since 1973.

15. The far-left freaks just keep on claiming that “Bush lied, people died” even though the American military has gone out of it’s way to avoid civilian casualties. That is because they have the best high tech military in the world next to nothing, but they can’t admit that publicly because it would expose them for the frauds that they are.

16. Liberals must keep fighting to pass special laws that limit the free speech of millions of Americans, while they allow their gay friends to commit hate crimes against those who do not approve, nor accept their gay lifestyle.

17. Liberals want to create smoke screens as always, to get the attention off of Hillary Clinton and her assorted money making scams( Cow, White Water, etc.) by talking about stupid things like George Bush’s driving record.

18. Liberals continue to deny the rights of the individual voters, and of the individual States in order to succeed in their mission for total dominance over mainstream America. They think that we will learn to do it their way, or it will be the highway!

19. Liberals want to keep the attention on what George Bush did in the 80’s, never mind that Bill Clinton smoked dope, and John Kerry committed treason when he protested against his own country.

20. Liberals reserve the right to do business with any nation on the face of the earth, even if it is ruled by terrorists, and communists. After all, they are their brothers, and our comrades. Birds of a feather, flock together, and so do commies!

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