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From My Heart (A Collection of Poems)
by Stephanie Colan
For Sale
Author requests article critique


Fill my emptiness with your love.
Pick me up when I fall from you.
Encourage me in your arms of love.
Your grace has set me free.

You stretched your arms for me,
And rose to live again.
You give me strength day by day,
To live my life for you.

You watch over me.
Protect and provide for me.
Oh there is nothing I wouldn't do,
Just to be alone with you.
Your grace has set me free.

I reach for you like a child.
Pick me up and hold me in your arms.
I love you with all my heart, Lord.
You are beautiful in every way.


I trust you, but yet I'm scared.
I hear your voice calling out to me clearly.
Do I have what it takes God?
Protect me, for I'm alone in darkness.
I'm giving up my life to go start another;
A drastic change to take.
What if I fail, Father?
Fear or faith?
i can run from fear all of my life,
But faith can destroy all my fears,
And allow me to walk in God's light.
I want to tell the world
What you've done for me.
How you have changed my life,
And set me free.
I was locked up,
But now I just have to tell of you're
Great gift.


Why do they leave me?
Is it something I did wrong?
Why do they hurt me?
Must I cry for so long?
What did I do to deserve this?
How now can I be strong?
I just want to be liked and accepted,
With out having to try.
I want to feel loved and welcomed,
Without them having to lie.
I long to feel no more hurt, no more aches and no more pains,
I long to have no more tears seeping from my veins.
I cry to You day and night to please make it stop,
To clean my tears and my fears with your giant mop.
I cry that You will bring me peace,
And that this nonsense will someday cease.
I am broken, torn and tattered inside,
Please come and be my Guide.
Through this lonely valley I will go,
For my future You alone do know.
Mend me, mold me into something new,
To be pleasing, holy only for You.

Sweet Melody

Your music evades me in the dark.
And lights within me a single spark.
I sense your joy, happiness and pain,
Though I hardly even know your name.

You take me far away from here.
As you gently wipe away my tears.
The world is left far behind,
Soon I am with you entwined.

We sail smoothly through the star lit sky,
And I begin to wonder why.
I wonder why I have never met you before,
And how I could ever want something more?

Night soon begins to turn to day,
The sun is peeking quietly through the rays.
It now is time to part our separate ways,
But for you I will continue to pray.

Tonight I have fallen for you,
Won't you please say that you love me too?

An Answer

I walk away from you,
As thought I was giving up a fight.
I struggle with myself both day and night.
I cannot sleep without you by my side.
I disobey you through and through,
And then I begin to cry.
I am a sinner and that is plain to see.
Somehow You always know what is best from me.
When I may not see your solid way,
You ask me not to look away.
Though I can never repay you for all that you do,
At least I can tell you how much I love you.
Though I am hurting and don't know where to go,
You comfort me and let me know.
"Trust in me and things will change,
I promise you that things will be okay.
And when it gets tough, please turn to me,
I will bring great hope to thee."

In Memory of Chad

Yesterday I lost a friend,
And his life has come to an end.
How could you take him away from us?
I gave you my all, and my trust.
Why couldn't it have been me instead?
But it's not, and now he is dead.
Why, Father, why?
Why does it have to be this way?
I'm hurting so much more than yesterday.
He was so young,
And still had a life to live.
Just to see him again,
Anything I'd give.
To see that smile,
To hear his laugh,
What we wouldn't give for that.
It wasn't his time,
He shouldn't be gone,
But another day will soon dawn.
And in the darkness your voice I hear,
"Tomorrow will be a better day,
Don't you fear."

Love Song

In your eyes there is a peace,
Like a river running ever so deep.
Your love gives me strength when all hope is lost,
For this love your live did cost.
I find true joy in your touch,
And to it I then clutch.
You surround me with surety,
And give hope and security.
I cannot give you presents, gifts or toys,
But with my voice I bring forth a noise.
A pleasing song I give to you,
For this alone is the least I can do.
To lose you I would lose myself,
For you are my soul and my only help.
But there is nothing that can tare us apart.
Not life, not death.
For you are in my heart.
There in my heart you shall stay,
And I will continue to bring you everlasting praise.
Without you I am nothing, just a small spec of sand.
But with you I can do all things by the will of your hand.

My Prayer

Lord, I know that I need to trust in you,
But that is so hard for me to do.
Yes, you know what tomorrow holds,
For this I have many times been told,
But my heart has been shattered, torn and worn.
So how can I trust with a trust I have not?
Or with a trust I have forgot?
Father, you know what I am going through,
Help me please, would you?
So guide me and keep me close to your side.
To your word I will abide.
I long to trust you so much more,
Lord you are the one that I adore.
I need you and love you
My Father, My Lord.

Come to Jesus

Sometimes the world surrounds and the hurt I feel
It pulls me down.
The walls cave in
And I'm stranded once again.
Alone, abandoned and without a friend.
Hurt seeps from my eyes
And there's nowhere left to turn,
But to the sky.
Then nothing comes but hate, anger and shame,
I hear them chanting, calling my name.
And I'm covered in guilt all around,
I am now lying on the cold, hard ground.
My heart is wounded and my body worn.
But overall, my faith has been torn.
"Where are you?"
I cry to the sky.
My voice lingers on,
Yet no reply.
So begin I to loudly proclaim,
"Jesus, save me by your name!
Only you can relight my flame!"
"Child," you answer.
"Have no fear. For I have always
And always will be here.
The world may turn their backs on you,
Just remember, little one, my light will shine through.
I am right beside you forever,
Turn from you I will never.
You'll never have to search too far,
For I know exactly where you are.
Come to me little one,
Let me fill you with the light of the Son.
Let me take you away,
Soon then may you forget the troubles of today.
I will heal you and make you whole.
Never fear, for I am in control.
I love you much more than you will ever know.
Come, come away with me.
I alone hold the key."

Painting God

Has anyone ever tried to paint a picture of God?
And if I asked, would I see many heads nod?
I'm sure that if some have tired,
The canvas remains the purest of whites.
For even all of the radiant colors combined
Could never equal the beauty in which God defines.
If you were to paint a picture of God,
It surely could never be beautiful enough.

Only You

Only you know my deepest of needs.
Every thought, every prayer that I think.
Only you can set me straight.
When fear surrounds me like a pack
Of hungry wolves,
You pick me up and show me love.
You make me see the clear path
You have chosen for me.
Each day when I am surrounded by lust,
I know that in you I shall trust.
You hold my name in the palm of you hand,
And only you know where I stand.

A Simple Prayer

A prayer for today,
A prayer for tomorrow.
A prayer for this second,
A prayer for this hour.
A prayer for new hopes,
A prayer for new love.
A prayer for peace,
So that all hate may cease.
A prayer to live,
A prayer to die.
A prayer for my thoughts,
A prayer for my needs.
A prayer for hurt,
A prayer for healing.
A prayer of sin,
A prayer of greed.
A prayer to lift the
Guilt inside of me.
A prayer for family,
A prayer for friends.
A prayer that this world
May soon end.
A prayer for faith,
A prayer for grace.
A prayer, a wish to
See your face.
I stand in awe,
Of you everlasting love.
A prayer for me,
A prayer for you.
A prayer, a plead
To start a new.

Little Girl

Where did you go?
For only God knows.
Your laughter and charm
Brought me no harm.
You were everything a friend could be,
Your hopes, your dreams
Will someday be,
But my dream is that you
Will come back to me.
That little girl I once knew,
Is somewhere still inside of you.
You make my eyes shine,
Just to know you are mine.
And everyday I still pray,
That you haven't gone too far away.
So sing me a song,
Like you used to do.
And I'll still be here waiting for you.

Message from God

"I will never leave you,
You are every part of me.
I will always love you no
Matter what you may do.
I will relight you flame
When Satan blows it out.
I died to be with you.
So die to the world and
Choose to be with me.
I reach out my hands to you
When you are hurt.
I know exactly the pain
You feel.
I'll be there,
When everyone else leaves.
I love you because you are
My child."

Ready to Give Up

I'm alone and afraid,
Timid and ashamed,
Scared and used,
I feel abused.
I try everyday to live the
Right way,
But somehow I end up
With an empty cup.
I push people away
Each and every day.
I also pushed you aside.
Now I am ashamed,
So I hide.
I'm shy and naive,
Not easily pleased.
I'm afraid and alone,
This you have been shown.
You've asked too much,
That I cannot give.
Please accept me, love me,
This is the only way I can live.

Leaving Friends

This year is left in tears.
Tears of joy and tears of sadness.
Hellos may never come again.
Why must this be the end?
I'm scared of the world out there.
Do I have to be brave and face the dare?
I don't want to leave this place,
For every face is a familiar face.
We must now go our separate ways,
Please forgive the frown of my face.
You are my family.
Yes, you are apart of me.
Don't forget me as days go by,
Because good-bye will never really be good-bye.
Your friendship with me is ever true,
But my job is not yet through.
So let us part our ways for now,
But I'll be back someday.

Meant for Me

Nothing I say can change the past.
I cannot bring you back.
But oh how I wish I could turn back the time.
Just to prove to you that you must be mine.
I wish you could only see
What joy you bring to me.

You must be meant for me,
Please say you are mine to keep.
And if we should part our separate ways,
Please say you'll always remember me.
I want to spend my whole life through,
With the one person I love,
And that is you, just you.

I look into your heart,
And find me there.
Please look in mine,
And tell me what you see.
Someone you know or just another girl?
Tell me what I should do now?

We must be meant to be,
Please tell me you are mine to keep.
I'll love you always,
Just never give up.
This love is too much to lose.
And if we are not meant to be,
The say I'll always be
Your first true love.

The Secret Place

I couldn't breathe without you here.
For you surround my deepest of fears.
You carry me far from the world,
And love me without being told.
I need you now more than ever before.
For this love is something I cannot ignore.
There is a secret between us,
And it shines in our eyes.
Where nothing can come between us,
Not secrets, not lies.
As I stand before you,
And look sincerely into your eyes,
I know there is a love,
That only God can define.
I look into the future,
Only seeing you.
You look at me saying,
"I love you."

I Cry

At night, when I'm all alone
I sit and wonder why.
Why did you leave?
When will you return to me?
I miss you, beyond what words can say.
I need you so much more than yesterday.
I'm dying inside.
Bleeding for you.

And so I cry...
I cry and cry.
I cry for you, and I cry for me.
Oh God why must this be?
I cry as I look into the past,
Missing, longing for the love that we had.
As I look into the future,
The future without you,
I cry.

I wish I could see you once more.
Look into your eyes,
Tell you I miss you,
And not to let us die.
I know who you are inside,
Better than you do.
Let me into your heart once more,
And let me heal you.

I cry.
And I cry.
Come back to me
Let me stay with you.
I promise not to hurt you.
I love you.
Oh darling how I love you.
And I cry.

You are the one who knows me,
You are the one to make me whole.
Oh how I need you here with me.
You made me believe in me.
And I cry for the days without you.
I cry for the night I spend alone now.
I cry for the future you could have spent with me.
But you have left me.
And so I cry once more.
My Vow

With all my heart,
With all my soul,
I love you without control.
If I lost you,
I would surely be lost.
For such a love comes with a cost.
Saying good-bye could never be,
For you are the only one for me.
The words you speak I believe,
For you are all I'll ever need.
You see me through,
And continue to keep me true.
How could I ask for anything more?
For you are the one I adore.
You are someone I'll never be.
You are all I've ever dreamed.
When things get tough come to me,
I'll be your strength in time of need.
God has blessed me,
With such amazing love.
Who would have ever known,
You were my angel from above.
Always and forever,
I will love you.
I promise to be faithful and true.
There will be times we want to give up,
But let our love be enough.
The Lord will continue to see us through,
When nothing else will do.
You are a blessing each day to me,
I'm ever grateful to God for Thee.
For all I have to give,
Is this vow,
I give you my heart right here and now.
I'll be here always by your side,
I will be your true and loving bride.
When death comes to keep us apart,
Do not worry I will never be far.
I love you more than you could ever know,
Come and let our new life and love grow.


Lord, today has been so hard.
I was laughed at and mocked.
Why must I face such pain?
It hurts so badly, Father...

My child, I'm sorry you had
To face this today.
Come to me,
I will surround you with love.
I know the pain you are feeling.

God, today my heart was broken
In two.
The only sure thing in my life
Is now gone.
Why must I go through such things?
I just don't understand….

My devoted servant,
I know what you are facing.
For my heart was also broken
When my Son's arms were spread
Wide on the cross.
He did this for you, all of you.
The pain will soon pass.
Give me your sorrows.
I will cradle you in my arms
And comfort you.

Father, today I can't go on.
Things have gotten too hard.
I want to die.
Take me, just let me die.
It's hopeless.
I'm broken and alone…

Oh my beautiful little girl,
I will make it better.
Trust me.
I will never leave you.
Things may seem awful now,
But I know your future.
I know what you are feeling
Before you have felt it.
Let me work in you.
Surrender your heart to me.
I will make you new.

Oh Jesus, you could never
Forgive me.
I have done things that are
Too horrible for your grace.
I gave myself to someone.
And now you will never
Be able to forgive me.
I have sinned too much.
How could I ever come back to
You after what I have done?
I keep failing you...

Little one,
There is nothing you could ever do
To change the love I have for you.
I gave my life for you
So that you may live.
My grace is extravagant.
No sin is unforgivable when
You come to me, as you do.
I can make you spotless.
I will wash you in my blood,
So that you will be as white as snow.
I forgive you, my child.
Over and over,
I will always forgive you.
I love you.

Dear God,
You have done amazing things
In my life.
I understand now
Why I must endure suffering.
Like a diamond,
I too must go through the fire
To be made into something beautiful.
Continue to shape me.
Let me be pleasing to you.
Thank you for loving me Lord,
When no one else will.
I want to live for you and you
Alone Father.
I surrender everything to you.
And I no longer will look back.
You are my everything.
What more could I want?

I will show you love.
I will shape you in ways you
Could never imagine.
If you fall,
I will catch you with arms
Wide open.
I will never cease to love you.
I will always be with you wherever
You may go.
I will surely guide you with my light.
I know the plans I have for you.
Trust me, and I will make you
Something beautiful.
You are my child
And there's nothing I would
Not do, just to be with you.
I'll love you forever.

Carry Me

Sometimes I feel, like I'm all alone.
And there's nowhere to go.
I'm searching for your love,
For the grace from up above,
Because I don't belong in this world all alone.

And I pray,
God almighty, carry me, away, away.
God almighty, carry me, away, away, from here.
Away from my pain.
Away from my sorrows.

But in a broken world,
Where darkness will surround,
I can be his light,
From this joy that I've found.
And when darkness comes to call,
I know I will not fall.
And if I might go wrong,
I'll leave it up to my God.

And I pray,
God almighty, carry me, away, away.
God almighty, carry me, away, away from here.
Away, from my pain.
Away, from my sorrows.
Away, from here.
Oh away, away.
God Almighty.

Take it Away

Take my burdens to the sea,
Toss them in and let them be.
And if they shall return to me,
Let me not forget who lives inside of me.

Take my cares to the sky,
Toss them up and let them fly.
In the sky, there they'll soar,
And they shall stay forever more.

Take my hurt and lie it down,
Among the cold and rugged ground.
Let it rain, let it pour,
My hurt will drown forever more.

Give me peace,
And let me see,
The love you have given to me.

On My Knees

Take my life Lord,
When I don't have the strength
To give it away to you.
Take my thoughts,
And make them holy devoted to you.
I fall upon your grace,
And I begin to feel your glory
And the mercy of your precious name.
Give me love,
When I am low.
Give me the might
That I may shine only for you.
I want to shine for you oh God,
And live for you everyday.
I kneel before your throne.
Make me humble.
Just to be with me,
You gave everything.
I could never imagine how
Great your love truly is.
Unexplainable you.

Hailey's Song

You are an angel sent from above.
God's precious gift that has come to show me love.
I adore you; I love you beyond what words can say.
I'll hold you close,
Close to my heart.
You have opened my eyes,
And now I can clearly see,
How beautiful this life can truly be.
I'll hold you close to my heart,
And never let you go.
I love you far more than you could ever know.
With every breath I breathe
You shall always be a part of me.
My world is now a better place.
And for once it seems to have no pace.
You've given me a hope I thought I'd never know,
And a light that now burns within my soul.
God has truly blessed my life,
And He has showed me a greater prize.
I miss your smiles and your tears.
Most of all, I miss taking away your fears.
Now my world's a deeper blue.
I long to hold you in my arms,
And protect you from all earthly harm.
You are on my mind most everyday,
I cannot sleep when I'm away.
I'll hold you here, close to my heart,
And never let go,
I will never part.
I love you far more than you will ever know.
I love you little girl,
Please don't you forget,
The time we have had,
And how much that has meant

When God Whispers Your Name

Just listen.
The storm becomes just a gentle breeze.
The cries of babies suddenly cease.
The endless rage of people is just a dream.
Rushing rivers become quiet flowing streams.
The wild fires that once did roar,
Soon become a soothing rain pour.
In the midst of a this bliss,
There remains an echo that exists.
A soft whisper sweeps through the trees.
A whisper that can sets the world at ease.
A whisper so lovely to each ear.
A whisper so simple and yet sincere.
A gentle whisper sweeps through us all
A soothing voice that begins to call.
A frosty touch on one's face.
A peaceful smile and a warm embrace.
The words He speaks are words of love
Murmurs quietly sent from above.
From the Creator who knows every hair on your head,
To the tip of each toe,
And the wrinkles on you forehead.
He knows each thought,
And every word spoken.
For He is one who cannot be broken.
From the day of you birth,
Until your last breath,
He is the one who is with you every step.
He knows you name.
He holds it in His hand.
He is the only one who understands.
He whispers your name,
Just open your heart,
Let him come in.
And let his work start.

In His Time

He knows the pain that we feel,
For He knows the sting of pain is real.
He understands the meaning of hurt,
Because His name is repeatedly cursed.
He knows the evils of sin,
For He has seen man fall again and again.
He alone knows no lies,
But He sees Satan's deceiving disguise.
He knows the meaning of love,
He showed it when He gave His Son.
There's a love that only he can define,
But only in His perfect time.

The storms will rage among us all,
It will tear us down when we are tall.
Prayers that have been prayed so many times before
He understands, for He is Lord.
He knows what lies ahead for us,
He also knows what is best for us.
By His will, He will make a way.
And He will help us not to go astray.
God is slow to anger,
But He is quick to love.
He has placed the stars above.
Trust Him fully with your heart,
And then let the healing start.
God has a plan for you and me,
In His time we will one day see.

Walls of Tragedy

I step out in the world today.
Never knowing what may come my way.
And for all I know, today could be my last.
I do not fear death if it shall come.
For I have a peace that will overcome.
God will be with me throughout all of my days,
And I will sing to Him with ever-lasting praise.
As I take my seat on this never-ending flight,
I close my eyes and begin to feel His light.
His presence fills me with a calmness I cannot describe,
And as I open them I learn we will all soon die.
I leap not for death, but to live forever,
Physical death is nothing, because my spirit will remain.
I ask the man sitting next to me, "Do you believe in God?"
He replies to me, with terror in his eyes,
"Please, don't let me die!"
"You will not die, you can live forever! Accept Jesus in your heart."
"I believe in you, God, and forgive me for I have sinned..."
Were his last and final words.
As I watch him burn away, and I too endure great pain.
And when I turned back to look at his remains,
I see a gold shiny cross and I know that my God has paid the cost.
And as I begin to burn away,
I am taken from the wreckage to a place far away.
An outstretched hand holds mine, and walks with me throughout time.
"You will live with me today in paradise!"God says to me.
And I walk with Him now in eternity.

The Woman Who Had Many Men

They call me a sinful woman,
For that is what I am.
I sell my body every night,
To a different man for his own delights.
I do not know all of their name's,
Yet their haunting presence still remains.
My heart I have continuously given away,
In pieces I have sold it in return for pay.
Now I long to start anew.
I long to be honest, pure and true.
Jesus, I come and weep softly at your feet,
Heal me, hold me,
Turn me not to the street.
My tears wash the rust colored dust,
Like a pool of water drowning my lust.
With my long silky hair I wash up my tears,
As if I am wiping away all those sinful years.
I kiss your feet Jesus as if only to say,
"I love you oh Lord, please hear me pray."
With my finest fragrance I pour over your feet,
I let it coat them like a soft silk sheet.
You alone deserve my praise,
With my meek voice let it raise.
I come to be forgive and to start again,
I will turn no longer into the arms of men.
Father, you are the only one who will behold my heart,
Take it, and then shape it into a piece of art.

Prince Charming

As little girls we dress up in fancy clothes,
Cover our faces with makeup and our hair with bows.
We long for the day when we will grow up,
So then we can partake in that big kid stuff.
Our dreams are elaborate, pure and true,
We all long of that day when we say,"I do."
Dreams that Prince Charming will someday come,
And take us far away from our everyday glum.
Little do we know how much our hearts first must ache,
How they will crack and bend and eventually break.
We must endure many disappointments and sorrows,
Sometimes it will feel as if there may not be a tomorrow.
Our tears will pour over our soft cotton pillows,
A sea of tears forming many sea billows.
But we must stay strong and not forget,
We must be joyful and not become upset.
For our Prince we will someday meet,
And He will then make us complete.
Our missing part will fit in our hearts,
And from that day forth, only by death will we part.
With God on our side many obstacles we can overcome,
From fights and arguments to heartache and glum.
In happiness we will soon live,
With the one God has chosen for us to give.

When Love is Born

When I think of him, time suddenly ceases.
Only then does my heart skips a beat.
Then fiery sun and the cold moon crash into
one another.
I taste the soft, silky clouds of heaven
and my body melts into a peaceful serenity.
As if living a dream, I capture each
moment of this bliss,
to find in the end,
I've been taken captive by true love's
first kiss.

Miles Between

Never thought I could love again
in such a way I cannot believe.
You've taught me how to be me,
and you truly have set me free.
Scared to trust in something new,
but I honestly do believe in you.
Carefully reaching out my hand for you,
but I'm still holding back in what I do.
Miles between us but yet we are near.
For distance cannot keep me for you my dear.
I love you,
I know I do.
It will just take some time for us to become two.

Winter Snow

Seasons come and seasons go.
The season I like best brings lots of snow.
Autumn's leaves begin to fall,
To give hint to a winter snow fall.
White marshmallow blankets cover the ground,
Stacking, piling in large heaps and mounds.
Swiftly dancing like crystal ballerinas,
I name them off, one Nicole and one Christina.
The frosty wind begins to nip at my toes,
And at my fingers and at my nose.
Creating crimson circles by the wind's blow,
Appearing like the swirls of a long-stemmed rose.
I cuddle tightly to my soft, wooly coat,
For the harsh, fierce snow gusts down my throat.
As I fight my way into my place,
I grab a fleece blanket which I quickly embrace.
Scurrying to the fireplace to bring soothing heat,
I then creep into the kitchen to snatch myself a sweet.
Sitting close to the leaping flames,
I wonder if I should watch the Olympic Games.

Winter brings great joy to the year,
Proclaiming, announcing that Christmas is here.
Presents are wrapped colorfully with ribbons and bows,
And under bright candle light they then glow.
Children's laughter carries far and wide,
For they all long to know, to see what lies inside.
Cookies are cut and frosted with care,
In the shapes of hearts, bells and reindeer.
Soon the night comes when all is still,
And the ice sickles form along each window sill.
Far in the distance a meek sound is heard,
Could it be Santa, or is that too absurd?
In the dim moonlight I see him, that fat, jolly man,
He comes with toys, presents and a plan.
To make spirits joyful is his quest,
To ensure the impoverished will be blessed.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanks be to God for the house over my head,
For my clothing and shoes and for my warm, cozy bed.
Thanks to God for my family today,
For they help and guide me in every way.
Thanks to God for a mom and a dad,
Parents to watch over us, to be proud and glad.
Thanks be to God for my sight to see,
For living in America and the right to be free.
Thanks to God for my legs to walk,
And for the simple gift to be able to talk.
Thanks to God for the privilege to hear,
To be able to cry and to have fear.
Thanks be to God for the blessing of laughter,
For this alone we all long to chase after.
Thanks to God for food to eat,
For shelter, warmth and to have heat.
Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow,
For the strength, will and the ability to grow.
Thanks to God for friends to love,
To be able to know the Creator above.
Thanks to God for letting me live,
For sending His Son that He would willingly give.
Thanks be to God for loving us all,
For picking us up each time we fall.
Thanks to God who give us grace,
And for giving us His arms for us to embrace.
Thanks to God for a new life,
That we will no longer have to live in strife.
Thanks be to God for giving us hearts,
For shaping and molding us into pieces of art.
Thanks to God for healing each hurt,
For dusting and cleaning each crevice of dirt.
Thanks be to God for this time to share,
To be with family and friends to give this
Thanksgiving Prayer.

A Small Babe

Wrapped in swaddling clothes you came,
Born of a virgin, just a small babe.
Drawing near towards the earth,
You came to bring peace to the hurt.
The mission of God only you knew,
For our sins you would pay the due.
You became one of us to help us see,
Just how much love we truly need.

My Longing

Lord, what I long for is more of you.
For you are all I need.
I yearn to be closer,
And to fall on my knees before you.
Father, I am yours.

Lord, what I want is intimacy.
To feel your touch upon my heart.
I give you my heart,
Make me into something beautiful.
Father, take me.

Lord, what I hope for is grace.
Grace abundant to pour over my sin.
I confess my sinful ways,
Wash me white as snow.
Father, forgive me.

Lord, what I need is you and you alone.
I cannot survive without you.
I want you by my side,
Please guide me everyday.
Father, you are my shepherd.

How to Love a Girl:

Tell her you think she's nice and sweet. Give her kisses on her check. Hug her and squeeze her until she's blue. Cuddle her close and whisper, "I love you." Call her late at night to say hello. Give her presents wrapped with bows. Walk with her in the park. Hold her hand when it becomes dark. By her flowers when she's feeling sad. Tell her jokes and make her laugh. When she yells at you because you've done something wrong, kiss up and sing her a song. Be there when her loved ones pass away. Comfort her and tell her it will be okay. Support her in whatever she does. Kiss her, hug her, and give her lots of love. Tell her she's your world. Tell her that she's your girl. Respect her, please her, and try not to tease her. Take her to dinner and let her pay. Hold hands before eating and take time to pray. Read her stories and write her songs. When she's being silly, play along. Be a kid and just have fun. Go with her to the beach and soak up the sun. Slow dance with her and hold her close. Be kind and polite when you meet her folks. Tenderly sweep her off her feet. Take time to listen to her every heart beat. Kiss her softly in the rain. Buy her the most expensive champagne. Send flowers to her work. Just to say you've been a jerk. Make her cds with all of your songs. Let her know to whom she belongs. Take her to scary movies and let her squeeze your hand. Listen to her thoughts and try to understand. Let her fall asleep wrapped in your arms. Protect her from all possible harm. Tell her she looks beautiful in your eyes. Tell her all of your secrets but never lies. Write her letters expressing your love. Write that she must be sent from above. Hold back her hair when she's feeling ill. Rub her back until she is still. Say that you love her for no reason at all. Try not to make fun of her for not being tall. Leave notes on her pillow tied together with a rose. Cover her up when the cold wind blows. Love her for who she is inside. Tell her you want to be by her side. Don't leave her when times get tough. Stick it out and let your love be enough. Watch her quietly when she sleeps. Ask her if she's yours for keeps. Show her you love her in all ways. Let the words be just a mere phrase. Kiss her on the forehead when you say goodbye. Give her your shoulder if she needs to cry. Above all, be true to her and her alone. Let the love within you two be shown.

This Christmas

This Christmas, Lord, I pray for peace,
In a world where wars seem to never cease.
I ask that there would be no more pain,
That hurting hearts would find rest again.
I pray for the ones who have no home,
That you would bring them shelter from the snow.
I wish that the lost would come to you,
For you alone can make us new.
The world needs to feel you touch,
To feel wanted, accepted and above all loved.
Lord we are sinners who need grace,
Heal us, forgive us, grant us your embrace.
I pray for the children who feel no love,
Give them strength and guidance from above.
This Christmas, Lord, all we ask for is you,
We want you to come and reveal the truth.
Let the lost be found this Christmas day,
Let the angels in heaven gladly proclaim.
Lord you are the reason for our holiday cheer,
Let us not forget that throughout the year.
This Christmas, Lord, there is but one thing I ask,
That you would come and bring us back.

When You Love Someone

There once was a boy in love with a girl,
However the girl became very confused.
She did indeed love this boy,
But needed to find her own peace of mind.
The girl traveled the world,
In search for diamonds, ribbons and pearls.
She thought there must be another greater than he,
Another boy that could make her happy.
As she searched and searched nothing she did find,
But heartache and misery from mankind.
She then become every so blue,
And no longer knew what to do.
Her heart told her to go back to her love,
To go back and give him kisses and hugs.
She knew that this is what she did want,
But how could he love her still, she thought.
"I've done so much wrong and hurt him so deep.
How could this love we once had, he still keep?"
She packed up her things and got on a plane.
She could not wait to get back home again.
She ran up the driveway and into her house.
She was even wearing his favorite blouse.
Yelling his name she ran in a hurry,
She tore up the stairs in furry.
Her heart beat faster as she approached their room,
Suddenly she heard a noisy boom.
She peered in the doorway to see him there,
She ran to him and said a prayer.
He opened his arms to receive her embrace.
He held her close and kissed her face.
"I'm sorry my love, I was so wrong.
I'm sorry it took me this long."
"I knew you would come back someday to me,
I knew you would so I did not worry you see."
There they stayed wrapped in each other's arms.
He loved her and kept her safe from all harm.
And that is how love always goes.
One doesn't and one always knows.
When you love someone let them go.
And they will come back to you so and so.

Starting Again

Back in your arms I feel so complete
I listen carefully to every heart beat.
Taking each breath I breathe you in.
I feel your love deep within.
We have been apart far too long,
But now we are back where we belong.

I hope this love I feel is true.
My hope is to be only with you.
Let's make it work this time.
Promise that you will stay mine.
Many struggles we may endure,
Let our love be the cure.


How can one gaze at a painted sunset,
And not stare at the beauty You have created.

How can one feel the gentle breeze on their face,
And not breathe in the presence of You.

How can one stand on a sandy shore
Where they watch the waves crash,
And not hear Your powerful voice.

How can one see the season's change before them,
The colors lighting up the world around us,
And not stop to think who the Creator is.

How can one climb to a peak of a mountain,
To see beyond the horizon,
And not be amazed as to who rules the world.

How can one witness two people united in marriage,
And not be curious as to who gives the gift of love.

How can one hear a baby's laugh,
And not wonder who has given it life.

How can one let a loved one go,
And not wonder to where they are going,
And who will take care of them.

How can one see the hurting around them,
The suffering and pain among us,
And not pray to the One who heals.

How can one read about the torturing and anguish
Of the Savior on the cross,
And not believe that we are loved.

How can one look around them,
Seeing greed, pride and injustice,
And not know how much we are in
Need of You.


One of God's greatest gifts was giving us mothers.
Someone to cuddle, to snuggle, and to smother.
Mothers sacrifice everything, including the world,
Just to give it back to their little boys and girls.
In their wombs we travel so long,
To end up right where we belong.
And when we come into this big scaring place,
Mothers comfort us with their embrace.
They cuddle us close and take away our fears,
They whisper softly, "I love you, my dear."
A mother's touch is like none other,
Why would one want another?
It's a gentle embrace
Or a warm kiss on the face.
A mother's love is truly divine,
It is created by such a great design.
How she loves her child more than herself,
She loves her own more than everything else.


I am so blessed that God above has given me such a wonderful family.
It makes my heart quite content to know that no matter what I do or where this life takes me; my family will love me unconditionally.
It is great comfort to know that my family would drop everything
to help me in a time of need.
Just to know that their embrace is abundant,
and their love will never cease.
I am proud to be apart of my family.
I would not trade them for money, riches, or the world.
I am ever grateful that they showed me the love that God has for me.
When I was young I remember the examples they laid out before me;
And I am glad that I followed in their footsteps.
Words could never describe the way my heart fills with joy
when any of them are around.
I take in the times of laughter that we all share,
and hope that we will all laugh many more times together.
I take in the times of struggle and sadness
when we all depend on one another.
I see the strength among us to get through and God’s arms lifting us up.
Through the laughter and through the tears
my family will remain united by love.
I love my family more than anything else in this world.
No one can steal away that love that is engraved within my heart.
Everyday I thank God for sending me such loving and caring
people to watch over me and to love me in this lonely world.
I am forever blessed because of my family.

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God has given you a gift. I do encourage you to take each one and put on a separate page. Or maybe put just two or three on a page. Just a thought! God bless you as you continue writing for Him!
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Stephanie, Welcome to FaithWriters. I enjoyed reading your work. Keep writing.


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