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The Mount of Jireh
by Tesiri Moweta
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I heard my name. It was loud and clear. I looked back and saw no one. I heard my name again, louder and clearer. I recognized the voice only too well… it was the voice of my beloved Lord.
“I can hear you Lord, but I can’t see you, where are you?”
“Right in front of you! Over here, look up!”

He was so right for right in front of me stood a mountain and there my Lord was, sitting balanced at the peak of the top. I could hardly see Him though; the mountain was so high He looked more like a spec in the dust.
“Come up.” He said.
I looked from the bottom to the top; it was huge, massive, great and really high. We had been through a lot together. We had done so much together, I knew He had the key and answer to everything. I had climbed mountains before at His instruction and didn’t think this one should be any problem. I attempted to climb but I got tired after futile attempts to start off. I couldn’t even take a firm grip at the bottom. I didn’t think I could make the top that way.

I sat down quite discouraged. “How did you get up this mountain?” I asked quietly. I didn’t have to shout. I knew He could hear me. He glided down and sat with me. The mountain I saw Him on disappeared. I looked at Him in surprise.
“Is that not the mount I was supposed to climb? Lord, I failed my test! Please give me a second chance, I pleaded. The Lord looked at me, smiled and began to speak.

“It was no test! This mount is a special mount. It takes skill, discipline and obedience to successfully climb it to the top. It is the mount of financial abilities. From where you are, there at your sitting position, you can create your own mountain and be at the top just like you saw me. Are you ready?”

“Yes sir, I am” I stood up ready for the next move.
“No sit down son, you need to relax to start off” He said.
I sat down looking straight at Him wondering what next He was going to say or do.
“Child, the financial blessings of Abraham was set rolling by a sacrifice, do you know that?”
“Yes Lord I do?”
“Do you also know that the ultimate sacrifice was asking him to sacrifice Isaac and he agreed even though he didn’t eventually sacrifice him?”
“Yes Lord, I know. There’s a giving before a receiving right?”
“Right! But your case is somewhat different…”
“How?” I asked.
“For you, your ultimate sacrifice has already been given on your behalf. That sacrifice is Jesus.” I heard those words and fell flat like a dead man at the feet of my Lord. I kept hearing His words.

“All you have to do now is be thankful for what has been done on your behalf, do that which has been laid down already by your forefather Abraham and declare continually that you are rich and loaded .That’s all.” Sit up child.
I sat up and spoke. “ Lord, Abraham gave you a tenth of all he had, he always gave an offering when he was with you, he was willing and ready to give you anything and even gave you his son Isaac. Lord, you know in my heart that I would love to give you…”
“Shh... don’t speak the wrong words”, He cut me shut. “Start from where you are, right now in your sitting position and give me praise with your lips and from your spirit.”

I began to praise Him and after a while, He opened my eyes to see a field that needed to be cleared. I saw the owner looking helpless. He needed help.
“Go and clear that field and come back to this spot,” He instructed.
I went, helped clear the field and the owner of the field gave me some money and told me to come back later as he had more fields for me to clear. I took the money to the Lord and dropped one- tenth of it as my tithe.
He shook His head. He rejected it. In alarm, I dropped half of it and thought that would make things better. He shook His head again.
“I would have everything” He said. I dropped everything before Him. “That would be your first fruits” He said. “Go back and work on that field again” He instructed.

I went back and worked, this time I did not do as much as I did the first time but got three times the amount I was paid the first time because the owner of the field was very impressed with my work, he told me to come regularly and paid me regularly. I faced the Lord with my wages in total joy and dropped everything at His feet. He smiled.

“I would have a tenth of what you’ve brought and tell you what you’ll use the rest for.”
I dropped the tenth and said “so can I go shopping now?” I brought out the list of things I needed and believed that the money could help me get them.

“No!” I heard. “Think of yourself last in these matters. Go and give to those who are telling my story and preaching my gospel all over the world, think of the needy, remember your family members. Look, help all you have the power to help. Make your giving a lifestyle.” I did all that, received prayers and blessings from lots of people and stood before Him again.

“Start continually speaking, He said. Your seeds must yield fruit. Say to you, “I’m a mega giver therefore I’m loaded”. I started saying as He said, then He said “shout it out with every breathe that’s in you!” I did, not caring who was watching or hearing.

As I kept singing and dancing in the Spirit repeatedly saying “I’m a mega giver, therefore I’m loaded”, right there, where I was, different people from everywhere brought money of different currencies and placed them at my feet till it became a heap.
The Lord said to me, “increase your giving and continue speaking” I obeyed and even more people, people I didn’t know kept bringing more money for me.

The Lord then placed His hand on my head and breathed on me. I fell like a dead man for a while. When I opened my eyes, the Lord was standing in front of me. He said to me to stand up. I did and I screamed for my heart failed me. I saw myself standing on a mountain of money as high as Mount Everest comprising of different currencies. Somehow the heap had increased and the currencies multiplied. I looked in awe and wonder. I was really amazed.

The Lord said to me “you will give account of all this money, I have taught you how to use it and treat it. You can never lack because you are loaded. This is what it means to be loaded. You can never be poor or broke in your life. So I say again, use the money wisely, for you shall give account of it when it is time”.

“Knock, knock, knock… knock, knock, knock…knock, knock, knock…!”
I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and abruptly shouted “I’m loaded!”
“Knock, knock, knock… I heard the knock at my door again. I went to the door of my one-room apartment and opened the door. My heart skipped as I faced the landlord. My rent was overdue.

“Ok, Mr. Loaded, I heard you quite alright, are you ready and loaded to pay my rent?”
I summoned up courage and said “I will pay you your money by next week and that’s final, it’s about time I even leave this horrible place for you…”
“No problem, you can leave if you want, all I want is my money!” He shouted and stormed out of the yard.

I sat on my rickety bed. Put my hands on my head and said “so where do I start from?”
I heard the words from deep inside me “start from the beginning. Find out what God did after Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice. Find out now.”

I knew it was the voice of God’ Spirit speaking to me. I picked my bible and searched through till I found out in Genesis 22: 14. Abraham named the mountain, the Lord will provide, and it is said till this day, on the mountain of the Lord, it will be provided. It became the mount of Jireh after the sacrifice, for He is Jehovah Jireh.

I saw the scripture and remembered the experience I had with the Lord. Tears ran down my cheeks. I shouted for joy, it dawned on me that I saw myself on the mount of Jireh.
The Spirit said to me “you have been placed on the mount of Jireh as the Lord Himself as shown you, at each step you take, He will surely provide.” I believed Him, I believed God. I have faith in Him.

Few years later I was driving my Prado Jeep to church when I saw someone very familiar. I looked closely, it was my landlord. I stopped my car and said hello. He didn’t recognize me at first but when he did, he almost passed out. He looked at me speechless.

“Can I give you a ride?” I asked “where are you headed?”
“How...? When ? … Is this really you?” He was dazed.
“Very simple. Come in sir, it all began in church. I’m going there now, will you come with me?”
“Let’s go! Is it not church? Ah! I and God are not enemies at all, let’s just go!” I laughed. I remembered how he persecuted and made fun of me when I stayed in his one- room apartment.

God has placed me on His Mountain of financial increase because I’m connected to the Abrahamic covenant and I have given my whole life to serve Him as a sacrifice.

If you’re a Christian, tap into this wholesome, exciting and amazing truth for God has placed you also on the Mount of Jireh. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a slum, under the bridge or in an aged one – room apartment.

There’s more to you than meets the eye.
Where you are now is not the full stop to your prosperity for God has given you all things that pertain unto life and godliness and blessed you with every spiritual blessing.

He has placed you already on the mount of Jireh, all you have to do is simply trust and obey all His instructions and watch your mountain grow as high as mount Everest with you relaxing right there on the top in divine peace and bliss.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Michael Chu 11 Jan 2005
Your story is both succinct and truthful. It reflects my recent grasp of God's financial system. God doesn't need our money; the earth is the Lord's. What He treasures is our heart, whether we would trust and obey Him enough to make a sacrifice when tells us to do so. Jehovah-jireh (The-Lord-Will-Provide) is the place where we "put our foot down and trust God for a miracle". Praise God that we can have many more Jehovah-jirehs in our walk with the Lord. As Malachi 3:10 says, "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."
Barbie Jones 11 Jan 2005
Tesiri, What a beautiful revelation. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.
Sharon McClean 10 Jan 2005
Dear Tesiri, I shed tears of joy while reading your article. I too am connected to the Abrahamic covenant, and yes it surely does take the sacrifice of one's whole life, but WHAT A BLESSING! Thank you for sharing. In His love, Sharon


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