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Some Songs
by Frederick Kwesi Great Agboletey
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Frederick Kwesi Great Agboletey
Glasgow, Scotland

Some songs

Some songs surge momentís motion
Rousing emotions extempore
Bringing forth things hidden deep in obscure subconscious
A sudden over swarming of overwhelming feelings
Flooding memoryís stream
With unrelenting waves of powerful remembrance-

Remembrance is of a pleasant nature
Memories are often tinged with an edge of sadness
A thing lost and forever appreciated through dewy mist, albeit vaguely,
Hazy recollections in periphery of mindís eye
Until certain songs find rendition when blurry, shifty images crystallise
Shaping, taking forms of sharp edged clarity-

Sturdiest of minds,
Suddenly, are overcome by momentary imposition,
Borne into some distal past
Surfing boisterous waves of memories mighty surges
When some songs are rendered-

Deep emotions surge on tempestuous surf of timeís waves
Brimming to edge of un-anticipating mind
In pressing lucidity of its clarity
Misty insight is undeniably clear in its coagulation
When some songs are played
Some songs play havoc with unwary sensibility of unwary senses-

These songs,
In prescient present
Sailing in from a past shrouded in ancient mist
Hitherto, deeply buried
Suddenly welling to surging fore
Like clear waters welling from dark depths of times wells-

Suddenly swelling, brimming over unrehearsed top
Spilling over memories well worn edges
When some songs impress their presence, ever so powerfully,
Through dark channels of otherwise well shuttered emotional zones
Poorly mapped and infrequently accessed
Suddenly, cracks open in memories old walls on a song-

Events, happenstance, faded incidents in life's drama
colligated in formative darkness of lost memories
Surging forth with sudden intensity of emotions lost and found
Uncontrollably imposing their presence in a moment of undefended weakness
When memory tunes into lost canals of forgotten streams
Songs in light of present evoking dim past-

Memoryís ship sailing on streams of time
Billowing sails filled full out on melodious harmony
Sailing into port
On lonely shores of quaint beauty
Of some romantic tropical coast
Far removed from bustle of home ports-

Uncontrollable emotions well up
Salty tang of bitter sweet foreign sea waters splashing of origins old
To fill rims of eyes
With waters of resounding past,
Impounding memories, making deep impressions
Under sudden impression of momentary happenstance
Justly, unjustifiably, memories pressing demand, requesting to be acknowledged-

When loosened trigger of souls-lock
Is subtly unloosened and dislodged senses go berserk
In a quiet irreverent manner
Without first seeking permission of mind's owner
Pushing to fore with that gentler force
That accomplishes its purpose before being acknowledged-

This gentle melody
Painting in gentle strokes emotions vibrant paintings
Idyllic water colours in light strokes
With feather strokes being layered
Till form emerges from wan unconscious
Songs of song, setting ablaze these former things-

Images of subdued senses awakening
Evoked with ever such gentleness
From forgotten grey zones of denuded memories,
Locked far away in some unknown regions of
Uncharted mind, buoyed gently to fore
Till very eyes of soul well with waters of memories springs sprightly-

Gently to top it is borne,
Over time tempered edges of awareness
A gentle albeit powerful surging forth
Of some long forgotten depths of sorrows,
Perhaps ecstasies of joy so painfully jarring responsive heart aches
As happens when some songs are rendered-

It is as though time itself collapses on itself
In a moment of sudden memory imposition
In a sudden tremor so violent
In its intensity that very walls of locked memories
Are like match sticks in hurricane of emotion thus triggered
Cast aside that past and present are mirrored in a scintillating moment-

Teary eyes, in quivering motions of emotions aroused on sly
Suddenly, dropping awareness of times past, forced to fore,
Mind shaken into an awareness far too deep to deny or ignore
So deep it cannot be denied;
Some songs rouse unwary soul
Others shake dazed man within; this song brings tears to my eyes-

Some songs become a background
Upon which memory
Paints its finest art of deepest expression, impressing
A sublime background
Against which vivid colours are diffused and filtered
Into sharpest images that even eyes cannot but brim at,
Colours of agitated soul splattered with deliberate intricacies of colours emerging-

Some songs are like subtle evoking, revoking wands of time
Conjuring out of seeming nothingness exquisite things that were not there,
Suddenly made so obvious they evoke uncontrollably strongest emotions
Such songs are akin to wafting breeze soft perfume
Lingering through passing years of lost love
Caught on grasping edge of a sudden breeze in some late afternoon's resplendent sunset-

Musty perfumes of suffusing scents
Of a lover loved so deeply
Churning groaning heart with effervescent fervour
A moving of deepest nature of that most sensitive essence of perceptive gentle soul
That even in hardest of hearts, coldest hearts
Causes a momentarily warming that softens
Melting icy edge of ancient glaciers layered-

In furnace of blazing workshop
that Memory is, a giant belabours, bellows deep in dark places
Mighty hammer working steel of emotionsí fired
Silent patterns trickle a soothing dispersion
That absentmindedly take form and give expression of some lost past
Often softening inner tempo a beat down
Heated up, softened and re-formed; a memory-

Songs of timeless adoration
Sad songs of sweetness heavy
Awakening slumbering mind
Rousing benign soul unprepared and ravaging it with an instantaneous grip
Of unfathomable things so deeply buried they are forgotten
Awoken on strings of passing muse-

On beguiling innocence of passing melody, floating-

So is this song, that was sung
That brought tears of joy and sighs of sorrow
On sudden recall of a time and a place
Long lost
In soggy mists of passing years
Locked away in quiet, dark cellars of forgotten places of mindís inaccessible parts-

In bygone time when autumn painted brown and golden a joyous earth
When yellowing rays of sun set in soul
Sang overture to departing day
In a far away place, when my soul distanced itself from wary flesh
Until I was borne away
through weightlessness of dissolved reality into worlds within, beyond-

My frail emotions ripping
Through clanging discordance of irritating barriers
That in collapsing led back
to a place of both deepest sadness
And sweet cloying happiness
Memories carried on subtle, soft breeze of a song-

Thus, was distant past mirrored in present
Suddenly, opening doors
That, before moment of happenstance
Remained firmly closed,
Opened now, at this latter time
A surge of memory, a swelling of waves upon waves of memory's pastel, images emerging-

Overwhelming emotions so strong
Only perceived when firm barriers of
Holding those ancient portals of consoled mind shut
Suddenly, are thrown of their rusted hinges;
This song, an anointing balm of soothing music
Firmly, albeit gently priming open a deep sense of something barely discerned-

Only appreciated when grip of
Consciousness' hold is gently but firmly loosened
Loosing its grip in unawareness of momentary slip
When firm control of awareness
is gently, yet firmly unfolded
Thus has passing melody made its presence felt, ever so strongly-

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Member Comments
Member Date
Debra L. McKeen Sparks 23 Jan 2004
Tu me fais frissoner ..... indeed!
Jay Cookingham 09 Jan 2003
WOW! I loved this part..."Memoryís ship sailing on the streams of time Billowing sails on the melodious harmony Sailing into port On lonely shores of quaint beauty Like some romantic tropical coast Far removed from the bustle of home ports-" Thanks for sharing! - Jay Cookingham


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