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Two Ordinary People
by Barbara Thompson Young
Not For Sale
Author requests article critique


What if Jesus had not been born over 2000 years ago?
What if he had been born in the year 2000? What are some
of the issues that would arise? How would Joseph and Mary
respond to the news that Mary was to be overshadowed by the
Holy Spirit, and would give birth to the Son of the Living God?

What you’re about to read came to me from the Holy Spirit,
over a three day period. It was originally a "Play", but I
have made changes to put it in story form. The story is not
yet complete, but there is enough to share, and perhaps through
the sharing, inspiration to close up any and all gaps will
come. This version here, does not have all that the Play,
itself has. When you read it, please share with me your thoughts.


formerly "The Spirit Zone"

The year is 2000. As the story opens, the Angel has already spoken to Mary and Joseph and told them the good news...Mary, a Virgin, had been chosen of God to be the mother of His Son.

Mary gave birth to Jesus, just as the angel had said. She and Joe got married. As the story begins, the proud parents have both accepted God’s will as their own. Tonight, in about a half hour, they will take baby Jesus to First Christian to have him dedicated to God.

But first, Mary and Joe will discover the deceitfulness of the
human heart. You see, like any of us, they want the best for
their little baby boy. Those very desires will challenge their
integrity with God; and integrity with God is everything.

See them sitting there on the couch, ooohing and awing over
their little prince? Mary said, “Look at him, Joe! Is he awesome
or what? He’s the most perfect baby I’ve ever seen! And those
eyes! Look at them, Joe! Sometimes I feel like he can look
straight into my heart.”

“I know, Mary,” Joe replyed. “But I wonder, why would God choose
you and me, just two ordinary, hard-working people to raise his only Son?
I mean, Mary, look at us! You work too many hours at a fast-food
joint, and I nearly break my back at construction, just so we can
make a living. Mary, I wonder why God gave this honor to us?”

Mary answered tenderly, “Joe, I think it has something to do with
love. And yes, I think about it all the time. Sometimes when he’s
sleeping I watch him, and a small pain shoots through my heart.
It feels real weird, and troubles me. But then he stretches his tiny
body and yawns, and it all goes away. I’m content, then, just to
be his mother. Do you know what I mean, Joe?”

Joe tried to identify with her mother-heart. “I think I do, Mary.”

“Joe, remember when the angel of the Lord visited me, and then
you, to give us God’s message?’ Joe nodded, as Mary continued,
“I used to question those so-called, ‘angel stories’ until it happened
to us. It’s made a believer out of me!”

“You and me both!” Joe exclaimed. He looked at his watch and asked,
“Isn’t it almost time to leave for his Dedication service?”

“Yes, it is, Joe. The service starts at 7 o’clock. I’d like to get there
a little early, if possible. If we leave now, we’ll have plenty of time
to talk with Pastor Brown.”

Mary and Joe were interrupted by a sharp knock at the door. Joe went to
the window, looked out, and saw a well-known reporter from MSNBC.
Beside him was a camera person, with a camera ready to roll. Joe went
to the door. He opened it and curiously looked at the men. He asked
them, “Can I help you?”

The reporter, sounding formal, said, “Sir, we’re here from MSNBC,
and we’ve heard reports about angels frequenting this family. We’d
like to interview you, and your lovely wife. We would have been here
sooner, but”…

Joe stepped outside and interrupted the reporter. He asked incredulous,
“How in the world did you hear about our angel visitations?’

The reporter smiled and said, “Sir, it’s our job to uncover what’s going
on in the world and share it with out viewers. And make no mistake
about it, angels are a HOT TOPIC these days!’ As the reporter lowered
his voice and stepped forward, he said, “But, Sir, it is that Son of yours
that I really want to discuss.”

Joe began to have a mental picture of where this news could lead, as dollar
signs flashed like neon lights in his head. Coyly, he said, “Actually, Sir,
the wife and I were just leaving for church to have our baby son dedicated.
I’ll have to talk this over with her. Wait right here. I’ll be right back.”

Joe went back into the house where Mary was getting the baby wrapped
up, and making sure the diaper bag had all the necessary items, for an
evening out.

“Who was it, Joe? Let’s go, or we’ll be late for our own son’s dedication.”

Joe was feeling as greedy as a cat ready to pounce on a little mouse. “Mary,
there’s a reporter out there from MSNBC! He wants to interview us
concerning our visitations, and the birth of our son!” Joe hoped she would
agree to the interview. “What do you want me to tell him, Mary?”

Mary exclaimed, “MSNBC? The MSNBC? Did you tell them absolutely

Joe sheepishly replied, “Yes I did, Mary! I certainly did! But, Mary,
this could be the chance of a lifetime! Think of it, Mary. You and
me, and little baby Jesus on world-wide television! Couldn’t you call
the church and tell them we have a little emergency, here? Couldn’t
you reschedule the dedication?”

Mary was furious. “Joe! I can’t believe what I’m hearing you say!”

Joe knew it was going to be a hard sell, so he said, “Mary, we will
always have our son, but how many times will we have the opportunity
to become famous? Think of it, Mary! Someone will want to do a
movie of the week; there’ll be book deals, and talk shows! Mary,
we could wind up on OPRAH! Look at what this could mean for our
son. He’d never want for anything. We could give him a college
education, and secure his destiny.” Joe let this sink in, then asked,
“Shall I let them come in, Mary? It’s up to you, honey. We can
head for the church, or head for fame. What’ll I tell him, Mary?
It’s up to you!”

Mary began to cry, and screamed at Joe, “How could you want to take
something so personal and sacred, and share it with the entire world?
Not to mention receiving financial gain for it!” Mary paused, then
asked, “Come to think of it, how did MSNBC find us? Besides you,
I’ve never shared my visitation with another soul!”

“I don’t know, Mary,” Joe said disgustedly, “Maybe they were led by
a star! But, Mary”…

Mary interrupted Joe, “I expect you to go back out there and get rid
of that man, so we can go to our son’s dedication!”

Joe, feeling rather humiliated, went to the door and told the reporter,
“Sorry, buddy, it’s a no-go. You better go follow another star.” As
Joe turned to go back inside, the reporter from MSNBC grabbed
Joe by the arm and said,

“Look, Fellow, we didn’t come all these miles to be rejected! We have
a responsibility to our viewers….world-wide, I remind you>”

Joe pulled away and said, “Look, I understand how you feel. I want
this deal as much as you do!” He added, “I’ll tell you what! Give me
your business card, and after our son’s dedication at First Christian,
tonight, I’ll do my best to change his mother’s mind. If I’m successful,
I’ll give you a call.”

The reporter, who was not used to being rejected, promised, “Whether
you call or not, understand this: You haven’t seen the last of me!” He
and the camera person walked off into the night.

Joe went back inside to face Mary. She had unexpected compassion
for her husband. She put her hand on his shoulder and consoled him,
“Joe, my poor Joe! For a moment, I could see it too. Not the famous
part, mind you. It was the “securing our son’s destiny” that almost
caused me to give in.”

Joe yelled, "I could call him back!”

Mary told Joe, “It’s a good thing you married a level-headed woman!”
Then more seriously, “Joe, this thing that has happened to us is too
private to even share it with our family and close friends, let alone, the
entire world! We’ll keep it to ourselves, and when we think little Jesus
is mature enough to understand, we’ll share it all with him. He is the
reason for it, isn’t he?”

Joe smiled, as he hugged his wife, and told her, “Come on, Mary!
Let’s head for the church!”

Copyright 1995 © Barbara Thompson-Young

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Member Comments
Member Date
Joyce Poet 22 Dec 2004
This certainly makes you stop and think about some of the things Mary and Joseph must have gone through and why God, in His infinite wisdom, chose 2000+ years ago for the birth of our Messiah. Nicely written to help us relate to those whose lives were so personally touched by His birth. What would we do? How would we handle that kind of responsibility? And now... 2000 years later... we DO have that responsibility. How do we handle the fact that a LIGHT has been given to us? We ought to let it shine, for no hope of personal gain, but "that the world might be saved through Him." Powerful, thought provoking, timeless piece of art!
William Mae 22 Dec 2004
Thats a wonderful point of view on the birth of Jesus. God had his reasons for choosing the time he chose. Perhaps we will only know when given the chance to ask him what those reasons were. I liked the way you wrote the story. Thanks for the comments you leave on my poetry. I really appreciate it very much. I hope you have a great holiday season. william mae


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