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by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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(Extract from the wisdom of the ants)The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walks in darkness” Ecc.2:14.

Opportunities are mostly used and coded in various forms. However, it simply means, provisions for life by which men choose and fulfill their portions in accordance with the capability of their potentials and abilities. These provisions are seriously misconstrued and well converted to wastes every moment by vast majority of people. The greatest problem in life is not lack of money and materials or scarcity of food or unemployment. It is simply the inability to recognise so many free opportunities abounding around us. Most success books claimed that opportunities walk in disguise but my consolation is that despite this, many are still able to tap these free, common but appeared scarce “provisions.” Of God called “Opportunities”

Napoleon Hills said in his book “opportunity has a shy habit of slipping in by the back door and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat”. In his book 17 keys to success, he said, “opportunity is every where, but it is fleet of foot. Even if you have the vision to recognize it. Without a fast decision in your part, it will be gone”
Mike Murdock said, “Greatness is usually camouflaged” there are different comments about these provisions.
Opportunities are not as difficult as we think, we only have not employed wisdom as rightly said by King Solomon that “the wise man’s eyes are in his head: but the fool walks in darkness”. Friend, this is the problem: Many of us do have our eyes kept in the pocket or hand bags, and we just want opportunities to suddenly appear, like a proud monster, so visible with an inscription or public announcement. Some other times, we want to recognize them by colours or images, while most of the time, we rank them equal with the concept of longitude and latitude, so imaginary!

You cannot recognize opportunity by the quantity of money, position and background. Yet, there are free opportunities and they are so common and visible, we are only veiled by ignorance. Opportunities are avenues to achieve your dreams, fulfil your purpose in life; to be just all what God has designed you to be. They are media favourable enough for you to discover, develop and display God’s purpose

No matter how unkind you think life has treated you, there are opportunities very close to you to lead you out of the mess; I mean free opportunities but which you recognize them? If you cannot, then forget attaining great height, success and accomplishment. However, if you can discover them and can wisely convert them I congratulate you. The greatest of hell incarnate cannot deter your enviable success and progress

There are many free opportunities, you do not need to pay money for any one of them neither do you need to see some one in the UN or white house before you can have them possessed. You do not need to write application or meet a consultant before you have access to this, yet they are free but we do not see them as opportunity. If you must know their values, consider if they are absent, then you will appreciate these free opportunities. I love you to consider these free opportunities: God in existence, life , talent, special abilities and time , relative who do love you, friends willing to go anywhere with you and many others. What about the needs in your environment, what about a conscious mind? There are many free opportunities friends!
Consider, if there is no God in existence, how would our world have been? What could have been your last hope when someone threatens you with his spiritual or political power; money, position? And you know, that man may just thrust you to the grave. Here you are, you do not have the money to hire the best lawyer or protest a great case that can make you heard! What will be your last hope! Consider, if you have no life, all you are anticipating would have died in the grave with you! Do not you think so? The Bible say for a living dog is better than a dead man. Having life, gives you hope! And do you remember or know what Roman 5:5 says “ Now hope does not disappoints..” if you have a life, then you have a living Hope! Consider, if you have to spend money to get breath, the same way you get your grocery items, would you have had enough to live in this life. It is a free opportunity God has given every one.

I am of the opinion, that God has not left any man with absolute Zero. It does not matter what your background is, nor all you have passed through in life, there is some thing you have, that make you in the hand of God. There is a very little unrecognised oil in your cruise that God can breathe on, that will sustain you a million times on earth. I believe that, there is a rod you are holding, that God can always make great. There is a talent and ability you have not recognized that can spoil you in life. It is a free opportunity God has endowed you with and you can always rise from any corridor or prison to the palace. You can, Just like David Ingles has rightly put in His song. “It’s in your hand, you hold a miracle Though not much to you Turn it to Him and he’ll make it what you want to be A miracle, is in your hand” Consider, if “time” is sold out to every one, what do you have to pay for this essential gift of life.

If we were to be paying money to get time allocated to us, I am very sure, some will only be able to afford just few seconds every day or every week or every month. However, God has not allowed things that way. Else, the rich and the great in the world would have make life grievously difficult but God has given time in the same counting to the poor and rich, popular and remote dwellers, president and peasant; all in the same counting. The supply of time is generously made available and it is distributed by the mercy of God. By the provision of time, every man is placed on the same platform. “ Then you can become whatever you spend your time for “ you can sell all of your time.

You can sell few, and commit the remaining on developing your spiritual life, career, and profession. You can spend the time digging deep into the treasure of God; no one in that top will hinder you. You will become what you use your time for. If for nothing reasonable, surely you may be tagged based on what your time is used for. TIME IS A LOAN! It is a free seed you can sow, then go expect result The opportunity of time.

To be successful in life you must have to recognise time as opportunity until then, you may not make meaningful advancement in life

“ A wise man heart discern time and judgment ECc. 8:6 the psalmist said “ so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom psalm 90:12 “ Lord, make, e to know mine end, and the measure of my days what it is that I may know how frail I am psalm 39:4

If you cannot count your days, then you cannot have a drive and without which you cannot be diligent .The secret of the ants ‘ drive and wisdom is the ability to read time and weather. There is nothing a man who has no value for time on earth can achieve! Let him be the strongest, most intelligent and richest, he would soon come to abject poverty! Time is wound round each individual life’s pulley it must be pulled out. Unfortunately, some are entangled by it while some had pulled it out, laid it down and closely given a close network to make safe bridge, future’s refuge. Other opportunities are like wax coated on the rope of time. Men’s wisdom and virtues that have recognition for time will melt them.

As many people that may be ignorant of the potential of time cannot be rewarded with her blessing. “ Time is your most precious assets if used rightly it is like money in the bank so said sir Fred catherwood
Time is a gift most men on earth are quite using wrongly. That is the more reason we have more little men than great men. Ants are the only creatures that are justified of the usage of time

Until we see the opportunity in time, we will never appreciate God’s provision for life. The allocation of time is ever 24 hours every day. Once you have life, no matter your language, country, and background your education and your position, you are entitled to the same

Friend, do you still have some one who love you? Please recognise this, it is an opportunities. The love of your relatives is opportunities if you know how to use them well. If you can obtain trust from any one, it is an opportunity, use it. Audience is an opportunity. Some other people’s experiences in life are opportunities good books and counsellors are opportunities. There are many free opportunities all around us. Good friends are great asset in life; there are many free opportunities around us. And by all these, we may become just any thing we want to become. If you can not use all these well, even if you are made the governor of central bank of Nigeria, or the whole white house or Aso rock be willed to you or to you is the treasure of the whole Africa or the world, you will live to have the worst record of a great waster, because you had not even learned to recognise free opportunities around you. It is certain that whosoever can use free opportunities well, will create other opportunities. Opportunities have the ability to multiply and opportunity have shelf life!

Let me conclude thus
Disability is simply the impotency in thinking and organization. A truly disable person is the one who have many of these opportunities around him/her and cannot recognise, utilise and multiply them for the fulfilment of the purpose that God has created him/her for. .
One of the greatest disasters in life is not disability, in fact disabilities are not disasters, but the disabilities of your abilities makes you a living dead individual. The potential within you is elastic. Man is capable of being stretched. Your inherent potential is capable of producing several abilities; each ability is capable of greatness on their own.

You can commence your journey anywhere in life, if you have learned how to recognise and use these free opportunities around you your background cannot hinder you. I congratulate you; surely, we will meet at the top!

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