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by Roberta Kittrell
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Hi! We're so glad we get to meet you. Please let us introduce ourselves.

I am Senorita Linda Lu. Linda means "pretty" in Spanish. I am a chihuahua. I was 4 years old November 17, 2004. God, the Great Creator, made all of me small. I weigh between 4 and 4-1/2 pounds. Mommy-Lu thinks I look something like a very tiny deer. Everyone usually notices my eyes first. God gave me camel-colored fur and big brown eyes. I came to live with Mommy-Lu when I was 8 weeks old. She now calls me her "little big girl."

Hi! I'm Chiquita Maria-Lu. I, too, am a Chihuahua, but different from Senorita. When I was 8 weeks old, I came to live with them. Mommy-Lu calls me her "b-i-g baby girl." In December 2004 I was only one year and 5 months old, but I weigh between 6 and 6-1/2 pounds. Only God could have given me my coloring. One of Mommy-Lu's friends even calls me "Chocolate Drop." I am the color of chocolate except for my eyebrows, feet, chest, and the tip of my tail, which are honey-beige. Everyone remarks about my big ears.

We're so happy for the computer and Internet. It enables us to go to many more places than we could otherwise. We Lu-Lu's do not know how drive a car or a van. But, we really do love going for rides. Also, in a way, we have our own special transportation. Each of us has a bag in which Mommy-Lu and her friends carry us when we visit sick persons in hospitals and nursing homes. We go many other places, have many adventures, and enjoy getting to know people who are new to us and we to them.

### -- Roberta Kittrell - 11/03/2004 -- edited 12/13/2004 -- copy right 2004


One hot, sultry summer day, we went with Mommy-Lu and her friend Miss Caroline to do some errands. The van was air-conditioned, so we were nice and cool. We stopped by to see our friend Daddy-Sam. No, he's not our daddy, but we call him that. His little Fluffy had gone to doggie heaven.

He came out to the van and we all visited. We made sure he got a large amount of nuzzles and licks; that's how we do hugs and kisses. Then he excused himself. When he returned, he brought a beautiful papaya at the stage of perfect ripeness and gave it to Mommy-Lu. She thanked him and laid it on the van floor between the driver and front passenger seats. What is that saying? "Out of sight, out of mind."

A couple days later, we went with Mommy-Lu to visit a friend in West Tampa. Because the friend has a bigger dog that we are, we stayed in the van. Since she wasn't going to be there long, Mommy-Lu kept the air conditioner running for us. The papaya...out of sight, out of mind....

Saturday was a hot, action-packed day. As we were riding about in the van, one of Mommy-Lu's young friends picked up from the van floor what turned out to be the end of a beach towel. He pointed out how wet, gushy, and strange it looked and smelled. Since she was driving, Mommy-Lu could only give it a quick look. By the time we arrived at our destination, she and Daddy Sam had determined that the unknown blob had attacked some articles of clothing Mommy-Lu had left on the floor earlier in the week.

After we got back in the van to go home, they investigated the unknown blob. You guessed it! A ver-r-r-y ripe papaya had been discovered sometime--probably the evening before--by one, or perhaps both, of us Lu Lu's. (Chihuahuas like fruit.) Of course, during all the confusion, we just lay or sat there looking up at them so innocently. We even gave them more licks of love.

The evening's plans had allowed no time for Mommy-Lu to attack the blob. By Sunday afternoon, the blob had spread throughout other items adjacent to it, had found the carpeting on the floor of the van, and was growing gray whiskers and fuzz.

On Monday, Mommy-Lu retrieved the offending papaya blob and disposed of it. Then she took the papaya-ized items in to wash them. It took several washings to get them clean.

Before doing the final wash, it became evident that there were numerous floating and sunken papaya seeds which were too large to go the way of the wash water. How to get them out? Then Mommy-Lu came up with a bright idea....

There she was....bending over into the washer pursuing the floating papaya seeds with a tea strainer in one hand as she used the other to stir up the clear water in the wash tub. During all of this, we Lu-Lu's were perfect pictures of innocent, caring inquiry. Mommy-Lu just laughed and thanked God for knowing how to keep her humble.

### Roberta Kittrell copyright 2004 (revised 11/03/2004)

VICTORY BY NIGHT (Rev. 12/13/2004) (wc: 439)

Shhhhhhhh! There we were...like two baby deer ever on the alert. We looked like statues; the only parts moving were an occasional quiver of a nose, a darting of an eye, an ear going on full alert.

In unison, up we jumped--fully on the run in pursuit. What were we after? That's what Mommy-Lu wondered. She couldn't see anything but us.

But, she knew something was there. We had stopped abruptly, nose immediately to the ground. Radar going at full tilt. Lack of space kept us from going any further. We stood side-by-side in sentinel position--each standing only on three legs. The left front legs were raised, the perfect position of a great hunting dog. Mommy-Lu didn't respond immediately. Puzzled, we looked at her, and let out a chorus of whimpers.

Mommy-Lu gathered up her courage and quietly approached where we were standing. At her command, we stepped aside. There, in the near darkness, she saw it!

What to do? What effective weapon did Mommy-Lu have? She ordered us faithful hunters to stand back and she went looking to see what she had that might work. She didn't have much time. The varmint might have gotten away anytime. Sometime when she was not aware--possibly in her sleep--it might attack. What to use?

With a prayer--after all, one is to do everything in prayer, she picked up a can and tip-toed back to where we faithful hunters were still standing at attention.

Good! She knew the varmint was still there. She pushed down on the nozzle of the can and let it shoot out its contents. It was a hit! She saw and almost heard the varmint drop. She didn't know whether it was dead or just wounded. Would it strike out at her? She picked up the nearest object and crept close to the narrow crack into which the varmint had been herded. The object landed right on top of the varmint.

Mommy-Lu called off her faithful hunters and petted us. After making quite a fuss over our hunting ability, she gave us a delicious treat. The varmint? The hour late, and we no longer felt like being heros. Sleep beckoned all three of us.

A couple of days later, Mommy-Lu and a friend cautiously approached the spot where the incident had occurred. They were thankful there was no bad smell. Hoping that the varmint was dead, then gingerly moved a few things out of the way.... Then they saw the dead varmint......a rat, felled by wasp spray and partially encircled by an empty metal picture frame!

Yes, the Lu-Lu's had done it again!

Roberta Kittrell copyright 2004 - (Rev. 12/13/2004)


We, too, were affected by all the rain and the four hurricanes last summer, Summer 2004. Mommy-Lu called it evacuation; we called it deprivation. Each time a hurricane was coming, we went over to the home of Mommy-Lu's daughter and her husband. Mommy-Lu laid down newspapers all over the garage floor, and then placed our box with pillow and a blanket at one side of the papered area. Near them she put our food and water dishes, some toys, and some doggie treats, Um…I wonder if they have people treats,

Anyway, she left our leashes on us and hooked them into a steel coil which she looped around a dish barrel. Then she left us! No matter how earnestly we whimpered, she wouldn't let us into the house! She was right to do that. We don't have carpeting in our home, so it is hard for us to tell the difference between carpeting and grassy areas.

Okay! It was a whole lot better than being in a dog house outdoors in the rain. And we didn't get all wet or blown away when we had to go to the bathroom. And, Mommy-Lu did come pet us and talk to us often.

But, to add insult to injury, there was a furry critter who is way bigger than Senorita Linda Lu and may even be bigger than me, Chiquita Maria Lu. Mommy-Lu says that the garage belongs to Spanky the C-A-T. She says we ought to be thankful that Spanky is older than us and doesn't let our snarling bother him and that he is gracious enough to share. At least, she doesn't call him "Spanky-Lu."

After the last evacuation, it took Mommy-LU quite a while to recover. From our perspective, our home looked like a sea of Wal-Mart shopping bags--a sea of plastic.

When we first evacuated, Mommy-Lu had just stuffed everything she wanted to take with her into empty shopping bags. As she was unpacking after the first hurricane, she had to pack for the next, and on and on.

We had fun sniffing around every bag and trying to get into anything that smelled good or looked interesting. Mommy-Lu must be getting used to us Lu-Lu's; she didn't let our doing this bother her.

### -- Roberta Kittrell - 11/03/2004 -- edited 12/13/2004 Copyright 2004

Adventure on Wedge Mountain (wc: 331)

Oh-oh! We're in the dog house. No, I don't really mean that we're in a real dog house. We and Mommy-Lu share the big house and nearly everything in it. Sometimes, Mommy-Lu puts up doggy gates to keep us out of some rooms when she isn't in them. Her biggest problem is she never knows just what we are going to do or exactly where she should place the gates….

Now, we're really in trouble. Mommy-Lu had placed a foam wedge on top of her bed at the head. On top of it she had placed her pillows in nice clean pillow cases.

In a few days, Mommy-LU began to notice something funny or strange happening. Today it didn't seem funny to her….

Whenever Mommy-Lu goes away from home and it is too hot for us to be left in our van, we tell her good-by and hop back on the bed and snuggle down. We also do this when she is busy at her computer. She calls it writing. After we've rested, we like to play Princess of the Mountain. The pillows and the wedge make a perfect mountain for us.

Well, each night when Mommy was ready to drop on the bed, she would notice another hole or two in the wedge and maybe a tiny piece or two of foam on the bed.

But this morning… Mommy came in all ready to change the bedding and sweep and straighten up the room. When she picked up the pillows, she noticed pieces of foam everywhere including even on the floor. And the foam wedge? Mommy says that the top side of it looks like a wedge of Swiss cheese--full of holes!!!

Well, I guess we're not really in the dog house. Mommy-Lu just gave us some treats. But she said she's never again going to be too tired to put a case over the wedge!

She knows that, after all, we're the Lu-Lu's!!! contributed by Chiquita Maria Lu

### --- Roberta J. Kittrell --- Edited 12/13/2004--- copyright 2004

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Member Comments
Member Date
Karen Treharne 15 Dec 2004
Have you thought of writing a children's story or series of stories about this a dorable Lu-Lu's? Very enjoyable read dear Roberta - keep up the good work. Karen
Joyce Poet 13 Dec 2004
"Are there human treats?" But of course there are! I just read one of them! What a sweet, loving relationship you Lu-Lu's have with your Mommy-Lu! You must be really proud of her! ;-)


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