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The Scream of the Babe
by Oscar E V Fernando
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The Scream of the Babe

At Christmas it is that we celebrate the formation of God in the womb of Mary. Human beings were born into a new life in the spirit with this flesh and blood lovingly cradled in her womb. She also ensured that the babe is given warmth in the manger. On cannot think of any anguish in the face of this babe whilst in this womb. Such is the love and protection that a mother has to bestow on the offspring and ironically perhaps God intended the coming of His son to happen this way out of million other ways possible to the omniscient and omnipotent God. All this is good for us to contemplate and pray with meditation and be complacent with peace at Christmas. What is said here is not intended to steal the joy out of this Christmas, but to step aside for a while, so that we could understand the true meaning of this event.

Was it seeking peace within only, that God the son came into this world and taught with his personal example? His revolutionary behavior taught us more that just self righteousness, self complacency and all that is of self and peace inside. He often retreated within but then again he went out into that society with more force and power. He was a force to reckon with-a force among the people living at his time-the children-the teachers- the traders- the tax collectors-fishermen-revolutionaries like Paul-of the anguish of people at the death of dear ones-plight of a neighbor lying on the road after an accident-the prostitute he had a lot of compassion for- the audacity to tell the leaders of the time to cast that first stone. In other words he was interested in people and their problems-not just peace within. Jesus was not ‘just a plum pudding.’ How much are we interested in our brother born and yet unborn? How much do we contemplate all these within and then go out with added force?

A scream is an utter piercing cry expressing terror or pain whether silent or loud. It is human to ward off pain or death with screams and running for dear life. This becomes tragic if the drama is witnessed by one’s parents, brother or sister.

We witnessed such behavior of a twelve week old human being who under normal circumstances would be seen cradling with love in the mother’s womb. An instrument was used to break the sac in which the child was cradled in. At this stage we saw this innocent creature instinctively or intelligently moving away from the instrument- ‘running for dear life’. Another instrument was used to tear up each organ of the body from the toes upwards whilst this little human was struggling and perhaps screaming.

All this was done when the brain was still functioning as it may be difficult to get to the head before the other parts are done away with. Finally a larger instrument that can expand enough to hold the head firmly was used to crush the skull whilst we saw the child’s mouth opening out for that last cry of despair-please-please keep off-let me live. The almost smiling and peaceful face we saw earlier took on a look of writhing pain whilst this demonic ritual was performed.

This is abortion. Was this why Christ showed all that anguish and pain on the cross at Calvary? Was this why he was born a babe? Was this why he was pierced with that spike till blood and then water gushed forth?

Subsequent to this video of shear strangulation, worse came on when we saw the collection of the remnants with the fluid of the sac that held the little infant child gushing out and being dumped into a container full of little skulls, bones and ribs. The very doctors both men and women and nurses who earlier performed these sordid deeds over mothers and who now resent having performed these rituals, related and showed the videos thus described. They all erred and were bold enough to confess and make recompense. Perhaps both the ‘perpetrators’ and the ‘victims’ would feel they have erred. Would they be consoled to know that to err is human and that to forgive is divine? We all make mistakes-but what is great is to own it and be sorry for it. That is all that God would want.

We heard speakers talking of rights of women to cradle or not to cradle that human being. We heard them talking of the rights of the father to end the life that he brought into being with that mother. Could we say that creating a life is the same as producing a car? We heard about the right of the state to ensure that population is reduced so that the best could be given to those lucky ones allowed to be born free into this world, whilst sanctioning murder for those others.

We heard very little about the reciprocal duties of these respective bodies. We do realize however that every right implies a duty by another. This is so by nature even if not by religion. True it is that the two human beings must have the right to enjoy that pleasure. True it is also, that these two human beings have a duty by the being that was a result of that pleasure. No pleasure without the accompanying pain, one could well say here.

Women’s rights must be dealt with and legislated without any delay. But should it be merged with the ‘right’ to abort, if it were in fact a right seen without that reciprocal duty. Could not abortion be divorced from any Bill of Rights for women and taken up separately as abortion is a vast subject for discourse.

Talking of duty one could imagine the disastrous consequences if that duty were to be neglected by this duo, if and when that fetus was allowed to grow into an adult human being. Negligence of duty will be a matter for courts to decide perhaps with heavy penalties to the two. It becomes so because, what they produced was a life that had in born fundamental rights and not just an inanimate object. What difference would it make if this crime, of whatever degree murder, was known only to the two of them and the person who executed it.

We did see the mental and the physical aberrations of the perpetrators and the victims of this murder of the innocents. We were treated to a story by the local presenter of the videos, of A, B and C in a drama of abortion. A and B fell ‘in love’ and B conceived. A insisted on abortion and B had to succumb. Due to mental trauma of B they got ‘out of love’ and then A fell ‘in love’ with C who was told by B what happened to her. C then refused to fall ‘in love’ with this murderer. This is the trauma followed by an abortion, medically termed post traumatic stress/depression.

The presenter of the video then explained to us that the heart beat of the human being in the womb is felt eighteen days after conception, and that most mothers do not even suspect that they may be pregnant at this stage of the child’s life. Whether at twelve weeks or earlier therefore a murder is a murder. Who knows perhaps with more advances in technology the scream will no more be silent. Perhaps it will only be a little hum of despair that will be heard from an eighteen day old innocent infant!

When there appears to be sufficient food to go around in the world but not distributed due to lack of human endeavor one wonders who really gains by these wanton murders. Who benefits or will benefit from this likely human organ trafficking in the near future? Many are the foundations that fund abortions. Why? What about funding proper sex education based on chastity and such other debates based on the good of marriage and family vs promiscuity education based on ‘safety’? What about teaching restraint and moderation in seeking pleasure using the natural rhythm on birth control? Perhaps these questions will open out to interests on stem-cell research and cloning, subjects of- further advancement of science! But;

This is what an American, Dr Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize winner had to say in his book ‘Man the Unknown’ published in 1935. “The mind is hidden within the living matter, completely neglected by physiologists and economists, almost unnoticed by physicians. And yet it is the most colossal power of this world. This is the missing link that has created chaos in the-developed-world” This was stated in 1935 by a man from this very developed world, and today we see that chaotic world all around us.

Listening to the daily bulletin of news on BBC and CNN alone we know the extent of the chaos. Perhaps we may live to see more of the chaos with those twins of ours in the near future roaming the globe searching for our ‘souls’ with probable human cloning. These we see and hear. But;

The extents to which research has been done on the ‘mind hidden within the living matter’ since 1935 and the present day chaos with all the scientific advancement made by the ‘developed’ world, is for the experts to scream out on comment. Let it be loud and clear- and not silent, so that we will know for sure before we are lead to probable further commercializing of human organ trafficking!

The credit for the videos goes to Mrs Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network in London. The names of the films were the "The Silent Scream", and "The Brutal Truth". All opinions expressed in the article are mine.

Oscar E V Fernando
Email; oscarev@sltnet.lk
15th November 2004

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