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God's Fairytale
by Andrew Nusz
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Godís Fairytale
ďIf a writer's aim be logical conviction, he must spare no logical pains, not merely to be understood, but to escape being misunderstood; where his object is to move by suggestion, to cause to imagine, then let him assail the soul of his reader as the wind assails an aeolian harp. If there be music in my reader, I would gladly wake it. Let fairytale of mine go for a firefly that now flashes, now is dark, but may flash again. Caught in a hand which does not love its kind, it will turn to an insignificant ugly thing, that can neither flash nor fly.Ē quote from George MacDonald

There is an awe and connection to fairytales, the gothic chapels of England, of imagination, and all that is involved in the world of folktales, the stuff reality and all that is seen around is made of.
Now some people may have already decided Iím a lunatic for even connecting God and myth. But I like how George said it. Paraphrasing him, he said, All true myths have a truth in them as they cannot exist without part of Godís hand being in itís development.

What do I mean by this? And why am I even talking about myths and God? Because for the longest time, Iíve been in awe of the uncommon things in life that make you stop in your tracks and marvel at the creativity that was put into itís final outcome.

In the gothic style chapels I look at the skillfully laid out architecture of the buildings, the add ons that give it the gothic look. We look at stories told in a mythical world and we awe and if weíre really honest, part of us long to be in the best of those stories, in another world where high imagination has created masterpieces of art in our mind.

The question then is raised. A simple one really. Why? Why is it so appealing? What stirs the heart when tales of grand adventures in some distant land are told? Why when looking at architectural masterpieces do we awe over it? I would venture to say more. Why is it that the artistic style of today and the trend is suddenly on fantasy?

I would say itís because weíre longing for that distant land. The mythical land people want to call it. As a Christian though, we are heirs of Godís Kingdom, a Kingdom we can only dream about and wonder in our dreams. God has gifted us as human beings with something no other living thing has. The ability to create with our minds.

Why do I create mythical lands with grand adventures? For me, it has always been a deep longing in my heart to see Godís view, the home Iím so far away from right now. We are aliens in a strange land; one filled with darkness and decay. In the ability to create, God has given us an opportunity to touch a part of home in all that we do here on earth. If we can play music then it only hints at what awaits in Heaven. If we have a love for the outdoors, how much more beautiful is the reality of home?
I titled this article ďGodís FairytaleĒ for a reason. We are only in the shadowlands of reality. It should stir our hearts as children of God to know that we are not home. There should be a deep longing for reality with God. And if we do not have hope in the future...should it not bring fright?

This whole world is but the shadow, a painting, a tale of what the real thing is like. Fantasy is for me touching God on a level I cannot touch otherwise except in the imagination, the place where God has gifted us in just a little piece of His own self; that place where we create.

Doesnít it stir our hearts when we look around and marvel at all that has been done by our own hands? How can this be? It demands an explanation that no single person has. How is it that we are able to create when all other things of this world cannot? Our very bodies demand an explanation. It cries out for a maker! Those who say otherwise are in a world of hate, seeing the world in a perspective of death where the question is, ďif there is a God, why is there so much pain and death? I cannot believe in a God who inflicts pain!Ē

Yet when we say this, we have already told the world we believe in a maker. The very act of crying out in pain is saying that something within our hearts longs for something more that we donít have. Itís the longing God himself placed there.

As I view fantasy and the creative mind, I have to marvel at the world. We are blind to the truth, shut out by the pain that encompasses us all with Satanís lies.

The truth is out there. We are the figment of Godís own imagination; His fairytale. Remember that old song, ďRow Row Your BoatĒ? It says, ďLife is but a dream...Ē How true the words are if you look at it from Godís perspective. Itís His dream, His story, this life of ours is the dream. What comes next is reality in Godís presence.

Why do I love fantasy so much? Because itís Godís gift to me in seeing what truly life is about. We have forgotten the magic of fantasy. Itís Godís magic, His own touch on the dream of life. Itís His story of sorrow, love and ultimate victory.

As we go through life, take a look at the ones you truly love. They are ďrealĒ characters placed in this dream setting called life on earth. Yet they are more. We are reflections of God. Cherish each and everyone. When we see the wrong done, always remember, they do it out of ignorance because they do not see the hope, the bigger picture. Itís our job to educate this world who has turned away from God or do not see His love through Jesus because of the pain of life.

In relationships, it is the ultimate reflection of Godís own love towards us. Cherish and nurture the ones your heart goes out to. Husbands, wives, those to be...always remember the ultimate end to this story weíre placed in. And remember we have been given to each other as gifts and helpers, to intimately understand the things of God as we ourselves pour our hearts, emotions and devotion on the one person God gives us in this dream world. As always, itís a reflection of Jesusís own love and our dependence on Him. What an awesome fairytale this is...
~Andrew Nusz~

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Robert Workman 30 Dec 2002
Andrew, what you said for fantasy can also be said for science fiction, one of my areas of interest. Good article!


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