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Who Called You; And What Are You Called For
by Margery Wolfe
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Who Called You And What Are You Called For

Romans 1:1
Paul a servant of Jesus Christ called to be an Apostle, separated unto the gospel of God is greeting the saints at Rome presenting himself to them and letting them know who called him and what he was called for. He was a servant bonded for Christ. A soldier sold out, on a mission for Christ. His mission to bring all to Christ that would hear, believe and accept him through their obedience to his word.

Paul on his journey always mentioned the need to men and women, boys and girls, Jew and Gentile that they needed salvation. Paul was made an Apostle to the Gentiles. In his work he did not cut slack concerning the things of Christ. He preached and preached Jesus crucified. He didnít cut back, cut down, or deprive Jesus his due in any way. He was strongly motivated to teach Godís people of his gospel and its saving power. He felt obligated and had a strong conviction about what he was doing. Do you know who called you and what you were called for?

Paul taught the gospel, the good news, good tidings of the kingdom of God and of salvation through Christ. He taught faith, your trust, conviction produced by Godís word expressed through love and obedience. He taught of Godís power, from the Greek work dunamis or dynamite, strength and ability. He taught about grace, the favor of God, goodwill, loving kindness, Godís favor toward man, unmerited favor. He taught the righteousness of God, doing what is right in God Ďs sight. God way of making one right with him is declaring one to be not guilty.

Did God call you? Did he tell you what to do? Did he tell you where to go? Did he give you wisdom concerning your purpose? Or do you even know your calling? Is your calling sure? What were you called for?

Do we sit in the walls of the church and let it die or let the souls out there that need to be reached perish? Have we missed our call, our purpose?

Is God being magnified in our lives, he that win souls is wise. Whatís happening to our wisdom? We are talented and gifted but our wisdom dies because we donít use it.

Paul on the Damascus road in Acts chapter nine met God face to face in a personal encounter with God. How many of us can say our first encounter with God through a total knock out, a TKO. God needs to knock some of us out. Paul was converted right there and his life would never be the same. He was then called Saul, a persecutor of the saints in the world with permission from the High Priest to seek them out and bring them bound to Jerusalem. Paul was on a mission and some of us are on the same mission. We use authority given to us by those in authority to seek out those saints that really love God, called, and anointed and keep them bound at home. Itís no different. God help us if God donít blind some of us, in Hell first class weíll lift up our eyes. Some of us, had not the grace of God would still be Hell bound.

Paulís life was in danger many times before he actually eventually lost his life. When God came into Paulís life, converted him, changed his direction, a change came over Paul. Have you been converted, has a change come in your life?

Just as Paul had aggressively sought out the saints to destroy them, he used that same aggression to get them saved so that they may live. God appeared to him, and his eyes came open and his life was never the same. We should not be the same as we were before we except Christ. Our direction is changed. Our speech has changed and we donít talk the same anymore. We donít run the same riotousness we use to, play the same games, tell the same lies or joke anymore. A change has come since Iíve been saved.

I Timothy 1:11, do you know what youíve been called for? According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust youíve been called to reveal to man his sinful, nasty ways, show him the way of repentance, show them Godís salvation from sin, tell them they donít have to live under the curse of death anymore, but they can be blessed of Godís love, his grace and all that he has promised to bless them with. The gospel is talking about the character of God, his salvation and happiness in him as well as all his blessings through his promise. God has committed to us his trust that we would handle his business and that his business would be uppermost in our hearts. Shame on us when we are slothful in his business for what you sow you will reap.

Paul exhorted Timothy, his son in the faith to charge them not to teach anything contrary to sound doctrine according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God. Lead them and guide them in the right way. Timothy was an Evangelist and Paul wanted him to follow the gospel as it is written. Not as we think it should be, but as God gives us for aiding us in doctrine and conduct.

He exhorted Timothy also to live and follow the gospel. As I Corinthians 9:14 say to him that preach of the gospel must also live of the gospel, even as the Lord has ordained. Paul was concerned that God had committed so much to his charge and he put the same trust in Timothy to teach sound doctrine. If itís ever a day, God need to trust us to do what he has called us to do. He has called us unto holiness, so preach holiness. Donít take down. The church not just the world is going after all kinds of worldly fables, lies and deceptions. They have let down the blood stained banner of Christ, saying it donít take all that. Because we donít trust god or each other, we take every Godly matter to ungodly men. God forbid. Paul tells Timothy how that we ought to handle disputes. Donít give heed to fables, and endless genealogies, which minister questions rather than Godly edifying which is in faith do so. He exhorts him to teach love from a pure heart, now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart and a good conscience and of faith unfeigned.

Do you know what you were called for? Is your calling sure?

II Peter 1:10 say wherefore the rather brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if ye do these things you shall never fall in your Christian living. Peter also preached salvation that godly conduct become the people of God, also that there mind and hope on grace should be the center of their focus in their walk, being obedient, conducting themselves in holiness, and fear, and know who their redeemer is. We have to inquire and search diligently to fulfill our calling. We donít know when Jesus is coming again, so we have to diligently seek him everyday like today may be my last day. We donít know where death is or his coming for those who may be caught up, but one thing for sure, you want to be ready and have your work done. You may suffer some things, but hold on. Know your calling is sure, be diligent, stay within your call, and operate your faith in your call. Is your conduct as become holiness or are you living any kind of way, one foot in and the other foot is out. God donít even want you like that, youíll have a better chance of being cold. He say lukewarm heíll spit you out of his mouth. Fear God for the beginning of knowledge is the fear of God. Stay in your calling, serve him with fear for he will judge you and he judges without partiality, either you are or you are not.

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