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Our Dear Mother Earth
by Tesiri Moweta
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Earth began to sneeze like a merry –go –round; again and again. Aaaa………choooo!! aaa……chooo! Aaaaaaaaa……….chhhooooo!!!!!!!!
“Oh no!!! Here we go again” said Mercury”.
“How long are we going to put up with this?” asked Venus.
“Couldn’t you have said excuse me before taking off on your sneezing spree?” Mars asked.
“But what’s the matter Earth? Why do you fall sick sometimes?” Jupiter enquired coming closer to Earth and placing an arm around her.
Earth began to cry. She couldn’t say anything.
“Oh come on now, don’t cry”….said Saturn.
“Yeah, Uranus agreed, you’ll only make yourself feel worse”.
“Here come on, take this, dry your eyes”, Neptune said giving her a cloth. Earth gratefully collected it, dried her eyes and blew her nose out.
“It seems like you’re getting worse by the day, are your moments of relief reducing or increasing?” Pluto asked.
Earth heaved a big sigh and sat down, all the other planets gathered round her awaiting her reply.

“I know you all think I have the best of everything, right?”
“Right!” the rest of the planets replied.
“But you see, even though the Creator of all things made me specially and wonderfully, some of my inhabitants make me sick!!! And I’m really tired of all the commotion they have caused me. Just take a look at my left side Venus”. Venus did. “Oh my! You’re bleeding!” “and that’s not the only problem; I have some sores on my lower right region.”
Jupiter looked at the region Earth talked about. “Ohh!!! The sores are horrible. Earth we’re really sorry about all this. Now why are you sneezing?”
“I’m allergic to death and that’s why I’m sneezing. Too many of my inhabitants are dying and I hate it.”

“But Earth, said Mars “I see all around you, parts of you that are clean and fresh. I can even smell a sweet fragrance oozing from each of those directions.” They are like rays of light wading through a dark place”.

A smile finally broke through Earth’s face.
“Sure right, I have my moments of relief. There are some who are as concerned as me as I am about myself. If I can have these rays all around me, I’ll be the better for it”.

“Can you explain further Earth? I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that you have two different sets of inhabitants; one set brings you pain and the other joy? and that the inhabitants that bring you joy are the rays of light I’m seeing? Oh come off it Earth, don’t we all have our good and bad days?” Asked Neptune.

“But Earth is created with a difference. It is a well known fact that everything in earth was made alive and ready to function. We can’t categorically say the same about the rest of us. If Earth says, this is who I am and this is what I am going through, because of her unique origin and nature, we ought to believe her. Besides, we have seen these things all through the years or have you forgotten how many times Earth was destroyed and rebuilt by the Creator of all things? None of us has had to go through what Earth has been through. I don’t think anyone of us should doubt her”. That was Pluto.

“It’s alright guys; no one has to argue unnecessarily Earth said, besides I’m feeling a lot better speaking with all of you. I suppose I’m glad that I have listening ears all round so I can say what I’ve not been able to say in a very very long time.”
“Tell us Earth let the rest of us know more than we already know” Saturn said.

Earth stood up and started her explanation.
“I’ve been in existence for close to 3…4 … 5 billion years and from my experience over the years, I can clearly tell you some facts. Those who worship believe and serve the Almighty are the rays of light you all see. Those who hate and do not worship the Almighty are my trouble. They are the ones causing me so much pain. They don’t even know how I function and what I need.”
“Is there any hope of things getting better for you; is there a possibility that you can be filled with the rays all around you? Asked Venus.
“Of course there is”, replied Earth “I know there is hope for me. I didn’t use to be this bright but after the Almighty came himself as Jesus, my rays of light increased. And as inhabitants accept this truth one after the other, the rays keep increasing, not just that, as they fellowship more with the Almighty, the light shines even brighter. So, if this set of believers can take the whole of me, you’ll never hear me sneeze, have boils or get sick. You can be sure that all allergic reactions will cease and I’ll shine even brighter than the sun.”

“Eaarth!!!!!!” All the other planets chorused sarcastically.
“I’m serious guys, I’m telling you, I know me more than you know me…. Believe me…”
“Earth…get real! said Jupiter, who can shine brighter than the sun?
“When I’m filled with the Lord’s glory all over, check me out and see if I won’t shine brighter than the sun Earth said with so much confidence. I’m telling you guys…. I know these things I’m talking about……”

“Hey!!!” Cried Venus, “Mars can you see what I’m seeing, one of the rays is becoming brighter. It’s really getting brighter!
“Yes replied Mars. I can see it! Look at another one; it’s getting brighter and brighter.
“Earth, what’s happening to you? I can see some other rays brightening up from my own angle, I can’t believe it, you’re actually getting as bright as the sun” Pluto said.

Earth filled with joy just laughed and said” I told you guys, I told you! they are the ones! Right now, they are performing great works in the name of Jesus. All I need are inhabitants who serve and believe Jesus and before you know it, I’ll be brighter than the sun.”

“Earth, you could be sick tomorrow, are you aware of that?” asked Neptune
“I’m very aware of that dear Neptune but I’m also aware of my transformation as the glory of Jesus covers all around me. Are you aware of that Neptune?”

“Let’s not deceive ourselves guys, Earth looks amazing with the glory all over her.
She is worthy to be admired. The Almighty certainly did a great work placing inhabitants that believe in Jesus in Earth” said Saturn.

Earth became delighted… “do you guys really mean that?”
“Yeah!!!!!!!” they all chorused. “Give it all up for Earth; she’s the greatest, the best, the most…”
“Eaaartthh!!!” the others cried.
“Your light just dimmed” said Mercury.
“What does that mean Earth? asked Mars.
“It’s pretty obvious,” sobbed Earth.
Pluto, feeling Earth’s displeasure quietly said “the inhabitants that believe in Jesus must surely do more”.

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