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Blowing The Top Again?
by Shirley Williams
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Just recently, we have been alerted by the news media that Mt. St Helens is threatening to “blow it’s top” again. The last time was in 1986. I have heard from some other prophetic voices that the Holy Spirit had given them dreams and visions in the late 90’s of future volcanic eruptions that was coming. I was given a vision in September 2003 of what an aftermath of a volcanic eruption would look like. It was not unlike what I had seen of Mt. St. Helens eruptive aftermath in 1980.

While, I am sharing this vision and comments about it with you, understand that I’m in NO way saying that another volcano eruption is coming for sure. Yes, it has looked like it from the news reports but only God knows the true outcome. My prayer is that God will send an angel to put, as it were, a “snuffer” over the top of it and smother it out. We use snuffers over burning candles in the natural when we want to put out their flaming activity. Therefore, I have no problem believing that in the spiritual realm, God can have an angel to do the same thing to any active volcano anywhere in the world. May God’s perfect will be done above any other will, in Jesus name.

In my prayer time, I was shown a vision that was quite disturbing.

I was sitting alone in what looked like a movie theater. I was in the middle section and about the third row from the front. Directly in front of me, I saw two screens. The top screen was scrolling upward and I could only see a little less than a quarter of the bottom of it. I couldn’t see what had been on the first screen before it scrolled up and out of sight.

At the same time that the first screen scrolled out of sight, the second screen was scrolling up into my view. To begin with this screen was blank and I had no idea what I was about to see, if anything. Then, my attention was drawn to the right hand side of the screen to see some writing there. I saw very clearly and without a shadow of a doubt the year “2004.” This was all I saw.

After I saw the year 2004 written on the second screen, it was obvious then that the first screen that had been scrolling out of sight was the year 2003. I looked at the blank screen again and as I watched, a picture began to emerge. Actually, it began, as it were; to download from the top much like a picture will download on the Internet. When the process was complete, I sat there wondering about what I was seeing. Everything about this picture was gray. The sky was gray. The land was gray---everything was gray.

As I continued to view the picture, it looked like a war zone when the battle is over and the gray smoke of fired weapons is still hovering in the air. I saw no signs of life, either people or animals at all. There was nothing green anywhere. Just ashen grayness. I saw one lone slender tree to the right of the picture. Its limbs were broken off (what there was) close to the trunk. It had no leaves on it and I said out loud, “That tree looks like its been charred (burned). It looks charred”

Looking at this devastating picture of ruin, I said, “Lord, everything looks so gray. It’s just like ash.” After I said this about ‘ash’ a second time , immediately the volcano eruption at Mt. Saint Helens that took place so many years before came to mind. I had not thought about this particular incident in many years.

“Father God, what does this mean?” I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing meant that Mt. Saint Helens was going to erupt again in 2004 or what. It looked as if this is what was going to happen but I still couldn‘t be absolutely sure. Only God knew that. As I waited before the Lord, I heard the words, “Nuclear” and “Mass destruction.”

I also heard this, “Mt. Saint Helens had been a sign, but the Church had missed it.” Had we missed God’s extended grace and mercy to repent of gross sin in America? It was possible that if Mt. St.Helens were to erupt again, the surrounding area could appear as if it had been hit to the degree of a ‘nuclear’ blast that would leave ‘mass destruction.’ Again, only God knows for sure.

If this vision is truly from God as a warning to repent and get out ducks in a row, as it were, then we, the Church, are being given a serious prayer assignment. No doubt about it, we are at war both in the natural and in the spiritual realm, but when the Church awakens and gets in agreement with God, THEN goes to war being led by the Spirit, we’re going to win. The war is won in the spirit realm first then it manifests in the natural. Whether we’re facing another terrorist attack in America or not, still, this is true for all times.

Is God telling America once again that, “If My people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land” Personally, I believe He is, and in light of that, we as a Nation, and we especially of the Church of Jesus Christ, we need to get on our faces before God and truly repent of our “wicked ways.”(II Chronicles 7:14). We haven’t honestly done that yet, except for little pockets of God’s people scattered here and there who have cried out in intercession from sincere repentent hearts.

We want God to heal our land but it’s not going to happen by “wishful thinking,” or hoping things will turn out all right. It’s only going to happen by doing what II Chronicles 7:14 says and we corporately repent from sincere hearts that are not full of self-righteous pride but are full of honest remorse for standing back in compromise while our Nation of America has gradually slid down hill into depravity (Romans 1:18-32).

The Church is responsible to be a light in the world not blend into the darkness around it with diffused (compromised, contaminated) light. We, the Church, those of us who dare call ourselves Christ-ain’s, have failed to stand in righteousness, purity and holiness before God and before the people of this Nation and the world to raise the moral standards that Christ Jesus set before us to follow. We’ve tolerated the very sins God condems and we’ve allowed them to run rampant in the Church, almost as much as it has out in the world.

We’re told to “Come OUT of the world” and not think, speak and act like the world. We’re called to make a distinction between the world and the Church. We are told to be LIGHT in darkness---therein you have distinction. Now days, in some circles, you can hardly tell the difference between a saved person and an unsaved person. They look alike---(the Christan looking like the world), they speak much the same, and they act much the same way. What kind of witness are we if we’re not being the “peculiar” (set apart) people of Light and Salt that God called us to be? Our wattage seems to be on low power and in many cases, it seems we’ve lost our savor as salt in the earth.

Oh, I know, some people would be of the opinion that I’m speaking too harshly by what I’m saying. I understand why they would think so because all mankind are “truth suppresser’s” (Romans 19-21) and all truth when it comes to each of us seems harsh. Why? Because of pride, thus, the saying, “it goes against the grain.” Or, it “rubs you the wrong way.” The basic meaning is, you become pridefully “offended” at the truth and the one bringing the truth, whether God is speaking it directly to us or through one of His chosen vessel’s.

That brings me back to II Chronicles 7:14 whereby I want to encourage the Church , every truly born again, blood-washed, forgiven of sins, Christian, to stir yourself and stir others in your circles of influence to get together to pray, fast and repent before God of personal and national sins that God may move mightily in our behalf and truly bring a healing to our land that we all desparately desire to see.

God does not hate America! God loves America and it’s people, but He does hate the sin that has been allowed to have free reign. Let us be so very thankful because God has so abundantly blessed America, and He still has good plans for America and it’s people. Therefore, let us all heed His immediate call to II Chronicles 7:14 and seriously act on it with praise and thankful hearts for His love and mercy.

May we all arise, get up and be about the task at hand that God may show mercy and bring restoration instead of judgment. God is love and He always wants to show mercy instead of judgment but it takes the Church working with Him in agreement being, “willing and obedient” to repent of sin if we want to “eat the good of the land.”

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams

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Member Comments
Member Date
Lucian Thompson 22 Oct 2004
God is speaking to those who have ears to hear. He called us to be Watchmen and we have failed to sound the alarm, for the most part. Thanks for the blast. Keep it up!
Barbara Thompson Young 09 Oct 2004
Shirley, this is a good article. I invite you to read a couple of mine.."Don't Bend Or Bow", and "Hear The Word Of The Lord." I do believe the Lord is speaking, for His Word says He does nothing unless He reveals it to the prophets. We just need to be on his static-free channel by getting away from the distractions of the world so we can clearly hear what He is saying. Keep listening, and keep writing!


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