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Once She Was
by Kathleen Shelton
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Once She Was

The little boy was walking with his father when he spotted the woman as she darted behind shelter. Paranoia, mixed with panic and fear emitted from her so strongly that it penetrated the air with its’ unmistakable scent. Although her tattered remnants drooped about her, it was apparent that at one time, she had been arrayed in the finest. Once, she had been corpulent and healthy: now, she was emaciated. At one time, she had been admired, respected and even envied by many for her beauty, power and strength. Now she was despised and mocked. “Is she dying?’ the boy questioned his father. With his eyes full of sorrow and clouded with tears, the father could only nod his head mournfully in response. “What happened to her?’ asked the boy.

The father sat down upon the parched, water starved ground and patted for the boy to sit next to him. Quietly, they both looked out over the land, both, lost in their own private thoughts. Finally, the father spoke. “It’s a long story my child.”

“As a babe, her heart unpolluted and virtuous, she left her mother and family in order to be able to serve and worship Yahweh in sovereignty. She loved our God with all her heart, soul and mind, and wanted nothing more than to be able to express her devotion to Him. She bravely sailed unchartered waters to go to a new, foreign and undeveloped land. Because of her righteousness, Yahweh himself, placed a hedge of protection around her and crowned her with His favor. He would nurture her and sustain her throughout each and every difficulty and hardship that she may encounter. Like King David, she was embedded in Yahs heart because of her love for Him. Although imperfect, and prone to mistakes and sin, she was also full of repentance upon realizing her sin. Yes, she was a special lady.

Her freedom was hard fought for, for her mother and family didn’t want to release her completely. Many of her children died in this fight. Yahweh provided for her once more, opening the hearts of others far away to come to her aid. She triumphed and began to build her home on the principle and constitution of freedom and liberty for all mankind.

Her family quickly grew and began to spread about the lands. However, they remained united to one another. But, then division came when her children began to buy and sell others as slaves. Yah gently reached into the hearts and minds of those that would listen to his voice and revealed to them the wrongfulness of this act. So, her children went to war against one another. Brother against brother and father against son, they fought. But even then, she cried out to Him, for His Will to be done and her heart remained pure to Him. Even though many died in the battlefields, Yah kept her family together. After the war, they struggled, but, they preserved and she grew strong.

She erred in her growth. Others native to their lands, already inhabited her lands and she began to kill them and/or remove them. Her treatment of the natives was cruel and brutal. But, still her heart remained pure. So, Yah through His Holy Spirit was able to open her eyes to the wrongfulness of her actions and she cried out for forgiveness and repented.

She became magnificence; there were no words to adequately describe her beauty. Yahweh clothed her with the stars of the heavens, covered her with the blood of Yahshuas Cross and she remained spotless in His sight. Yahshua strengthened her, empowering her to do all things. As Deborah of the old days, Yahweh blessed her above all women, exalting her above all people. Milk and honey abundantly flowed from her veins. Her virtue, strength and power became renowned in all the lands and nations.

Other children began to flow to her lands and she welcomed them with open arms and opportunities. Each was adopted into her family. She flourished and grew. What a wondrous mother she was. Her family grew so immense that she had to put others in charge. She gave to her children the freedom to elect those who would govern and rule over them.

Slowly, she began to distance herself from her Creator and Father. Jezebel herself came into her family and as she had persuaded Ahab to turn his back on Yah and build pagan temples to Baal, she convinced our lady to do the same in the name of religious freedom. The priests who claimed to teach the way of Yahweh didn’t know or even care to know Him. Her leaders became corrupt and rebelled against Yah. Even her prophets gave messages from Baal and worshipped false gods, committing spiritual adultery. She even begin to sacrifice her own children to the false gods, slaughtering many yet still unborn in her womb. Like Ahab, she compromised and became willing to allow and support a syncretistic religion in an attempt to appease both those that worshipped Yahweh, the true God and those who worshipped Baal. As Eve was deceived by the snake, her children were deceived and began to eat the fruit of death.

Once she loudly and proclaimed that she trusted in God, but, she began to eliminate Him from public view in order to appease her children, natural and adopted. She allowed His name to be removed from teachings, holidays, and public display, all the while, allowing the pagan celebrations and teachings to remain. She even veered from teaching the truth from the Bible of how Yahweh created her world and mankind and began to teach false doctrines of evolution. Her children, once well versed in Yahshuas prayer to Yah were no longer allowed to be taught His Prayer or even allowed to pray in public. Slowly but surely, she began to remove all objects of worship and association to Yahweh from open sight.

Diverse division grew among her family. Unity was replaced by singleness and instead of striving to please Yahweh; her children now strove to appease only themselves. Their hearts hardened, even towards each other, so that they no-longer reached out to help those in need, choosing to turn their backs on their own and/or jeering at the less fortunate and needy, including their own immediate families. Her children that knew and served Yahweh grew faint and weak. They began to bend under the corruption, afraid to speak up for His Holiness. Their voices became silent, nil.

Weakened by diversity and no longer hedged by her righteousness, she became the target of scorn. Those that once sought refuge and sanctuary in her, sought to destroy her. In the name of Baal, Jezebel once again caused destruction, sending her armies in to destroy and kill her prophets. Her children became paranoid under the attacks and gave up even more freedom in order for protection from their mother. They no longer trusted in Yahweh. Although they cried unto Him, they didn’t repent or turn away from their wicked ways and worship of false gods. Their cries went unheeded. Now, you see her as she is today.”

“Father, must she die?” asked the boy. “Isn’t there someway that she can be healed?”

The father answered, “Only if she repents and returns back to Yahweh”

Kathleen Ann Shelton

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Sarah Balk Bond 22 Sep 2004
I have chill bumps from head to toe! I never thought of it that way. Beautiful job!


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