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by David Ian
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Neville: I’d like to thank all attending members of our little think tank here. Former Academia of Justice Kate Alder, the Academia of Theology Carson, Philosophy Baldwin, and Sociology Davis. Myself, Neville Carlisle Acting High Academia for the newly formed but covert discipline of Ultimate Truth presiding. This meeting is now come to order all present and accounted for. Before we welcome our newest guest to our secret group we call “The Phineas Circle” let us take a moment to remember our spiritual patron for this group. Last meeting we resolved to inquire as to any information which may have come down concerning our Subject One. Has anyone heard of the whereabouts or activities of Phineas Galen? (pause) No?

Justice Kate Alder: Not since his recanting at the Court of Inquiry, two years ago. Stripped of instructional credentials, he took his family and moved away. Nothing has been made public since.

Sociology: No news from any of the other cells?

Theology: Reportedly, contact had been made last Spring, but at his request he was not to be approached again, and then he subsequently moved again. This is not confirmed, however, and could be a story planted by those wishing to suppress his memory.

Neville: Well, his memory shall not be suppressed, nor what he stood for, and that’s why we are here. So much for old business. On to new business. Joining our group today is Academia of Astronomy, Constance Heidelmann, she joins us from another cell in order to share some very interesting observations for us to consider within our own discussions. Everyone, please welcome and give your focused attention to Academia Heidelmann.
(General hellos, well wishings, warm greetings)

Astronomy: Thank you. Subject One Phineas Galen sparked a ripple within intellectual circles and caused many of us to rethink our Accepted models in light of that which we previously eschewed from blatant prejudice and preference to the comfort of the easy dogmatism that our Models had become.

Certain members in my field of expertise began to examine our own Origins in light of previously rejected models. A startling parallel faced us between what is commonly accepted as the Big Bang Theory, and what had been chronicled in the beginning of ancient texts as the Creation Story. What is so startling about these parallels, is that this Creation account so closely follows the Big Bang Theory, but without any of the data available that formed the theory.

Theology: Could you outline these parallels for us, Constance?

Astronomy: Certainly. For example, in the Big Bang Theory, we have a chaotic, random free floating of elements in space. Two phenomena exist here, then. Matter and space. Now compare this to the opening passage of the Creation Story: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” In essence, it is saying that God created space, the heavens, and matter, the earth.

Philosophy: But isn’t the earth begun as a singular unit at the start, as opposed to the chaos of elements in the big bang.

Astronomy: Ah. You’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Note the next statement in the Creation story. “And the earth was without form and void…” Now, what condition exists when you have matter that is without a mutable form and amounts to nothing greater than a characterization of being void?”

Sociology: A chaotic randomness of matter throughout space.

Astrology: Which is exactly the beginning state of the Big Bang Theory.

Neville: Interesting.

Astronomy: In the Big Bang Theory, at some undetermined point, gravity eventually drags the elements together that scrunch down into a huge fusion reaction which then, at the “point of ultimate scrunch” explodes into –

Justice Kate Alder: Light!

Theology: “Let there be light…”

Astronomy: Exactly. The important point of that little saying is “let”, the Creator allowing what has been created to follow the nature of a creative process from its genesis.

Philosophy: Could you put that into a little more lay-language.

Astronomy: Of course. The Creator designed a certain chain of events to occur within the nature of creation. It was not an accident of randomness that it would follow, it was ordained within the design. Much of the Creation Story is the Creator saying “Let” and allowing His work to continue on its course. The Creation Story often repeats the following phrase, “God said let such and such happen,” which doesn’t denote specific creation or even interference, but more “Let the natural order of what I have done go to the next step… “

After the fusion of elements into lighter and heavier elements, the scattered matter coalesces from gravity again into other fusion reactions of hydrogen creating starts, our sun, and less volatile masses we know as planets, and etc. The scientist looks only at events and looks for a cause, someone with faith, looks to the Creator and how the design was implemented.

Justice Alder: Someone is looking from on top of the mountain, while another is climbing up.

Theology: One thing, Constance--

Astronomy: Yes?

Theology: Much of the “Let such and such happen” goes on while the planet is populating with animals and such. Can this also be parallels to the Evolution Theory as well?

Astronomy: Much of it is the same in development as the Big Bang Theory, noting first how life came out of the seas first. It is astonishing how this “ancient tale” gives the progression of life development only relatively recently developed from data and models. Man being a bit of a special project in the ancient tale. But you’d probably do better with an answer to that question by bringing in a zoologist and an anthropologist to guest in your circle. It’s a bit out of my reckoning, I’m more of a “heavens and earth” person myself.

Neville: Thank you Constance, that was a provocative overview. We’ll look into your paper in depth and it will be much discussed I assure. The search for Ultimate Truth begs for an open mind and we see some great possibilities. And now we have another trail to follow in Evolution perhaps for our next session.

And now for a special announcement. I have, in my hand, through channels that shall remain ambiguous, a confirmed and authentic communication from our dear Mr. Phineas Galen, Subject One.

(Surprised exclaims all around)

Justice Alder: You’ve been holding out on us, Neville--

Theology: I say! This is great news—

Astronomy: How did you come by--

Neville: Some certain perks in my position that make the rest of the headache worth it all.

Sociology: How is the man?

Philosophy: Do read. Don’t prolong this suspense--

Neville: To the followers of Truth, I bring you welcome. Clarity and Insight be yours in all thoughts and deeds. I count myself as the least among you, since you have stayed upon the path I abandoned previously in fear. While no less seared into my mind this day was the flash of Truth I experienced so long ago, I am struck by It daily now as its familiarity grows past the estranged and into the familiar. And yet, how renewed daily Its wonders I find. For my transgression I have searched Eternity again for answers which were beyond my mortal ability to resolve. And within my searchings I have found something even more fantastic than Truth, as it were merely the tip of the iceberg of something larger and even beyond Eternity itself. To put things geometrically, if Truth were an infinite line, extending in both directions, than the astonishment of my discovery within this Truth was a Grace of Forgiveness for my betrayal, and this, extended as a plane in every direction. And if this were not enough, an Infinite plane extending in all directions, then the source of this Grace was an infinite number of bisecting planes to the first, whose nature is Love. And even beyond this infinity of planes in infinite directions was only the tip again of another Iceberg, this of a Being whose existence is beyond the sum of all Infinities of Space and Time, of Place and Substance, and yet interacts with all these subparts, even to the singlest point that I found myself. And knowing myself as insignificant in the face Infinities within Eternities, when I had found myself before this Being, I discovered not the final madness I feared, but instead a Peace. And in that Peace I can do all things.
I exhort you, then, seekers of Truth, to continue in your ultimate sojourn, to find Truth, and beyond it Grace, and beyond that Love, and not to be content, that you continue until you find the Being, the source of all these. And from there that you dwell Communing, bathed in Truth and Grace and Love, though it be considered madness to the rest of the world.
And it is there, I will see you by and by.
Phineas Galen

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