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The Lion Is Out, And He's Bringing Friends
by Mark Bradley
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The Lion Is Out, And Heís Bringing Friends

Okay, boys and girls. I told you I would have more about your kids. I have been sent into the world of the rant by the Florida State Government, and apparently the lion is not alone seeking whom he may devour. Heís bringing the jackal, the hyena, and the vulture along for the ride. Sit tight. This will not be pretty.
A bill is sitting on the desk of Florida Congressional leaders this week. It has been there for about a year. Why, I donít know. This thing should never have even been allowed to see the light of day. The bill has a three-prong attack on the Christian faith, and, if passed, will set the stage for a full-scale take-over across the land. Letís dissect this frog.
First of all, the bill is called the ďDignity For All Students Act.Ē Catchy name, but not much else. The bill calls for all Christian public school teachers to undergo sensitivity training in dealing with homosexual and trans-sexual students. Iím not kidding. Not all teachers have to go through this training. Just the ones who have professed Christ as savior. If they do not submit to this training, they will be fired. I read the bill. Iíll tell you where in a minute.
Hereís what the boneheads in Tallahassee are thinking. They have created a win-win situation for themselves. If you submit to the training, then what other training can they make you do? Your faith was not strong enough to take a stand on this issue, so they will push the line a little further and see where it stops. If you donít take the class, then they rid themselves of one more Christian in their system. That would be one more person who would not raise a stink about their ďprogressive thinkingĒ style of education. They think it will erase the ďheadacheĒ of having people in their system that want to stand up for the kids in their class who are being pummeled on a daily basis by a system that is killing their spirit to serve God without harassment. The losers will be the students who have no other person to turn to when they need them. You can count on the teen suicide rate going up. You can count on the kids coming to youth groups going down. You can count on drug traffic and uncivil behavior going through the roof. There will be no one with any God-given morals left to stop it five years later if this bill passes.
But wait; thereís more. The second part of this bill would mandate that all CHILDREN in kindergarten be given a similar course in sensitivity training on homosexuals and trans-sexual students. WHAT?! They want to teach six year olds about homosexuals? What are they thinking? They, of course, realize that they would then have to teach them about sex, right? I do not believe they can separate the two.
Let me tell you all a little fact. I have a child in kindergarten. I hear the questions that she raises about telling time on a clock. They expect me to answer her questions about sex after they have given her a load of garbage? I donít think so. Sex is a subject that I think should be reserved for the parents, not the state. Itís also a subject that should not be breached till they are old enough to handle it. Around ten to twelve is the lowest I would go. But the other bad part is they will not only teach them about their soon to be gay classmates, they will tell them that itís natural. Why?
Iíll tell you why. This is another attempt by Satan himself to influence children into thinking that there is no moral standard. If you teach them young that being gay is natural, then when they get older, the standard will be erased. They will have no concept of the fact that being gay is a sin. The standard that God set will be pushed back further by generation that simply doesnít know any better. Whatís worse, if there are a few kids left that have been taught a proper moral set of ethics, they will quickly become the targets of a world that will say they are being old-fashioned, too strict or flat out wrong. Satan is trying to re-write the future by changing the way our kids think. The thought that truth is relative and changes with every generation is absurd; yet that is the education that is being taught in most public schools now. You are your own guide through this world. You donít need anybody else. Let your conscience be your guide. Well, if conscience has been hammered with nothing from the Bible or any knowledge of God, then I would be willing to say that your conscience, no matter how noble, will be controlled by Satan and his demons. There is no other way to put it.
Third, (yes, thereís more) this bill would prohibit any Christian child from sharing his faith with any child that is a homosexual. It doesnít say if the child is a known homosexual. If your child shares his faith with a homosexual, known or otherwise, then your child is in trouble. So, if a child is being approached by a Christian and doesnít want to hear the Gospel, they simply say they are gay and the Christian gets pounded. Do we want this much power in the hands of people that have little understanding of justice? I have kids, and I see their forms of justice. He hit me, so I hit him back. If you use that same mentality in this situation, there will be a lot more expulsions in this state.
Let me see if I have all this now. You take a large portion of teachers out of the public school system that can guide kids through this life and give them some measure of hope and purpose. Them you start kids of at the youngest age you can get them to train them that being gay is natural. And finally, you prevent the few kids you have left that believe in God from spreading the Word to those that need it most. Tell me that Satan isnít alive and well on planet Earth. As if society isnít going down the tubes fast enough, Satan has found some thickheaded pencil pushers in Tallahassee to do his bidding and speed up the process. And they do it without a moments reservation. Sick.
Now, the bill comes off as this feel-good piece of legislation that promises to be about saving the dignity of kids who are being harassed because they are gay. These children are being persecuted by the wacko Christian sect that has no mercy and only seeks to degrade them. And they must be stopped. Lord only knows what would happen if they succeed. The entire gay community might rise up and declare that their rights to be a family are being infringed upon. Better yet, the kids might realize that being gay is not natural and they might even start going to church to learn the truth. Perish the thought.
Look, Iím not really worried about us on this issue. This is something that most of us decided on years ago. We learned that it was Adam and Eve in the garden, not Adam and Steve. If God had wanted homosexuality to be ďnaturalĒ, he would not have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Anyone can read the Bible and see that God has been very clear about his black and white stance on this issue. Except for kids who are too young to read. They donít know the difference yet. Sound like a perfect place to set up camp and lay siege. Their minds are the ones that wouldnít know the stories by heart and would have little defense against a savvy teacher with no morals. Remember, the Christian teachers have either been fired or have been ďtrained.Ē
I told you that I back up whatever I tell you with facts. I said I have read the bill. Go to myflorida.com and read this lunacy for yourself. Look for a guy named Ken Gottlieb. Heís the number one bonehead sponsoring this thing. I donít know what district he is from, but I think we need to find out. Read the bill and tell me what you get out of it. Just remember to take your Pepto with you. It will make you sick.

Mark A. Bradley

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